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Owen Edition

BY [email protected]

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Authors note.

I am sorry that this chapter took so long to be released. My work schedule was a little crazy this week and had little time for anything else. Many of you sent me emails asking if I was ok and letting me know how much you were missing new chapters. Please be patient with me, I am just like you and want to know what happens next.

As always, a big heart filled thank you to “R” my editor and friend.  

I am a little ADD so it is hard for me to sit down and write. I will not do it if I do not get feedback. Nifty give us an outlet to write things that we cannot talk about in the real world, so donate fty/donate.html  and be sure to give the authors feedback on what you think after you read their stories..



Chapter 20

Things get back to normal


I spent the rest of the week in the medical center recovering. I was never lonely though. During the day I had teachers coming to see me with schoolwork. It was kinda cool though, because unlike when I was sick in my old school where homework was sent home with my brother and with no instruction, here the teachers came to me. In my old school I didn”t need any help with my schoolwork because it was so easy. The classes here are harder so the teacher would spend fifteen to twenty minutes with me making sure I understood. I guess there was a schedule because I never had two at the same time.

At lunch time Mrs. Walters would come in and have lunch with me. Because the Walters were treating me like a son, I wanted to call them mom and dad, but I already have a mom and dad. Then it hit me, when I was at their house for the weekend I noticed that Mr. Walters had a collection of really old movies. I asked him if we could watch one and he said, “Sure, but they are very old, and I am not sure you would enjoy them.” I asked him to pick one that he liked, and he chose a move called Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town. It was from like the fifty”s but is was so funny. So when they both came to see me one night after dinner I asked them…

“I was wondering if I could ask you guys something?”

Mrs. Walters grabbed my hand and said, “Of course you can. You can ask us anything.”

“Well… You guys are kinda like my parents. You have been with me through all of this.” I said pointing down to my crotch. “I miss my parents and my brother every day but even with all of my friends I still feel kinda lonely. This week you have been with me all the time and you did offer to be my temporary family…”

Mr. Walters said, “Come on boy spit it out.”

“Well, I was wondering if I could call you Ma and Pa?”

I held my breath waiting for an answer, when Mr. Walters said, “Absolutely not.” My heart sank. Then he said, “Sorry Brian, there is no way I am letting you call me Ma. It would not be appropriate.”

Mrs. Walters said, “I agree, I don”t want you calling me Pa either.”

I felt like crying when it hit me. I looked up at them and they had stern looks on their faces. I just started laughing. Mr. Walters asked, “What is so funny young man?”

“You are.” Pointing to Mr. Walters I said, “You”re not Ma silly, you”re Pa.” Then pointing to Mrs. Walters I said, “And you”re Ma, not Pa.”

I continued to laugh which really hurt, but I could not stop. They looked at each other and smiled. Mr. Walters said, “Oh, that”s different. Yeah, I am good with that.”

Mrs. Walters said, “Yeah that makes more sense, I am good with that as well.”

Laughing they both leaned in and gave me a hug and a kiss. I really felt a true sense of love for the first time since my family left. This of course got me crying.

Every evening at dinner time Owen, Tyler, Timmy, and Tristen would come into medical with their dinner in boxes. We would all sit at the table and talk about the day and what was going on. I missed my classes and the time I got to spend with all the guys. I really missed my appointments.

One evening when Dr. Jacobs was checking my crotch I asked, “Doctor, when can I start having appointments again?”

He smiled, “What do you miss the most Brian? Sucking cock or getting mounted?”

“Both I guess. Getting mounted just started feeling really good and I even had an orgasm last time. As for sucking cock, I like the way a cock feels in my mouth. The flavor and the texture of a cock are awesome, and the cum is so yummy.”

“Well Brian, I think you need a little more healing time before your cunt will be open for business. However, you mouth is fine and if you would like me to have you included in the schedule for sucking only, I will do that.”

I was really getting excited, “You mean it doc, that would be so fantastic.”

“I have not been serviced by you since your exam. Would you like to service me now?”

“Yes please.”

The Doctor had me sit on the edge of the bed. He then released his cock and brought it to my face. I have seen a lot of cocks since I have been here, but this was the first, but not the last, intact one I had sucked. I pulled his cock and balls to one side and stuck my nose right into his crotch and started breathing in. I just love the way a man smells there. I then started licking his balls, remembering that he liked it done in a certain order. Once I was done with his balls I peeled the skin back over the head and started licking all around the glans. The pre was pouring out and I sucked up every bit of it. Sitting like this was hurting a lot, but I was not about to stop now.

I guess the Doctor knew how much this must be hurting me because he had me stop, “Brian, lets change the position. I want you to lay back with your head hanging over the other side of the bed… Very good.”

Once my head was where he wanted it, I felt the bed move as he adjusted the height. Laying with my legs hanging over one side and my head hanging over the other helped ease the pain a lot. Once in position he put his cock back in my mouth and started moving it in and out. It was going down my throat every time he pushed it back in. This went on for a while with him going slow one minute and then fast. I felt his cock getting harder and knew it was time. A few seconds later and he was giving me his cum. He pulled back so just the head was in my mouth and I swallowed. I could feel him slowing down so I saved the last jet of the sweet tasting man cum in my mouth. I swirled it around in my mouth until he told me to swallow what I have in my mouth and clean his cock.

I guess he let my teachers know that I could suck cock, but my cunt was off limits. I would sit with my teacher and go over schoolwork and when we were finished he would present me with his cock to suck. I sucked everyone to completion. They each had a distinct flavor, not just their cum but their cocks as well.

I had to stay in the medical center until Friday. I was getting released just after dinner. I was so excited I was going with Ma and Pa for the weekend. Timmy came into my room and asked, “Are you ready to go?”

“Go where?”

“Home goofball, where else?”

“I am going with Ma and Pa this weekend.”

“Who the heck are Ma and Pa?”

“Mr. and Mrs. Walters, they said I could call them that.”

“Oh, ok but they won”t be picking you up till eight. Do you really want to sit in here till then?”

“No I guess not, but don”t you think I should wait until the Doctor and Nurse get back from dinner?”

“Heck no, lets blow this pop stand.”

“What does that mean?”

“My grandpa told me that is was a saying in the 1950″s when the kids hangout was around the local drug store, which used to have what they called a soda fountain. So the saying was, “Let”s blow this pop stand” that meant let”s leave this no-longer-interesting place, and Brian, this place is no longer interesting.” He giggled.

I looked at the clothes Timmy brought. He brought my favorite t-shirt. Written on it is, “I have multiple personality disorder and we all think you”re an idiot.” He also brought my basketball shorts, some socks, and my tennis shoes. I was able to pull on my shorts and t-shirt, but there was no way for me to put on my shoes and socks. I guess Timmy saw the issue and helped me by pulling on my socks and my shoes; even tying them for me.

We left the medical center and headed back to the house. Once we got inside I pulled off my shirt but knew I would not have the energy to deal with my shoes and socks again. I decided to break the rules and go upstairs while still wearing my shorts, shoes, and socks. Timmy looked at me, “Aren”t you taking off the rest?”

“No, I don”t want anyone to see me with this stupid bandage on.”

“They”re going to see you sooner or later.”

“The Doctor said that it could come off Sunday.”

“Ok, whatever.”

We took the elevator up to the third floor. As I walked up to my room the guys I passed patted me on the back saying things like “I am glad you are ok brother” or “We were worried about you brother, glad you”re back.” To think that just a little over a month ago I was so lonely with no friends and only my family to talk to. Now I have friends and a whole house full of guys who care about me. I miss my family but am happy afyon escort to be here.

I walked into my room to see Tyler and Owen there. “I screamed OWEN! You are one of us now!!!”

I went and wrapped him in a hug and started kissing him. He pushed me off, “Hey nutbag I just saw you this afternoon.”

“Yeah, but now I get to see my two best friends all the time. Sorry, I got excited.”

We looked over to see Timmy laughing so hard he fell down. “What”s so funny? I asked.

Still laughing “He called you nutbag.”

“So, he always calls me nutbag, what about it?”

He looked at us wiping tears from his eyes, “Don”t you get it? You got no nuts or a bag” He said laughing again.

I am not sure whether we were laughing about what Owen said, or Timmy laughing so hard at it. All I know is we were all laughing now.

I fell on my bed in a ball. Tyler was the first one to notice. “Brian, are you ok?” He said as he rushed to me.

I was breathing hard through my clinched teeth. It took me a minute before I could answer him. “I am ok, laughing that hard hurts like you can”t believe. If I didn”t know better I would have thought I got kicked in the nuts.”

“Then I guess it is time to calm down.” Tyler said.

Timmy said, “It will take a bit to recover. I was younger than you, but I remember feeling my nuts for about a month after they came off.”

Owen said, “Well all I can say is that I am so happy that you are out of that prison now. Why are you wearing clothes? I thought it was against the rules up here.”

Tyler said, “It is, what gives Brian?”

“I”m sorry Tyler, but it took all of my energy to get dressed and I didn”t want to have to do it again. Besides, I have this big bandage between my legs and don”t want everyone staring at it.”

Tyler said, “I guess it will be ok this time, but it can”t happen again.”

“It won”t I promise. I hate wearing them and can”t wait till I get to the ranch and get them off.”

Looking confused Owen said, “I was at the ranch last weekend with Dr. Butler, but we wore clothes the whole time.”

“That”s because you were not a Crossman yet, now you are. When you cross into the ranch tonight, you can strip while in the car if you want to.” Tyler told Owen.

“Are you going with Dr. Butler again?” I asked.

“No, but you have to promise you won”t get mad at me.”

“Why would I get mad at you?”

“Because Mr. and Mrs. Walters asked me to come to their place with you?”

Owen looked worried. I paced back and forth trying to look mad. When I looked at Owen, he looked like he was going to cry. “Owen, I have to tell you…” I let a smile cross my face, “How happy I am that I get to spend the weekend with you again. Did you really think that I would be mad?”

“Well, I figured you would want alone time with them and would be mad that I horned in.”

“You are such a bonehead. Man I love you, you”re my brother and I love spending time with you and Timmy.”

“So you are not mad?” Owen asked with a big smile on his face.

“Heck no. Maybe we can go four wheeling.”

“That would be so cool.”

“Sorry guys I gotta go, it is six and my dad is probably already waiting for me at the gate. Maybe I will see you at the movie this weekend.” Said Timmy.

“What movie?”

“Ask the Walters, I have to go.” We all hugged and kissed goodbye and Timmy was gone.

Tyler was next, “I have to jet too guys, I have a date tonight. Brian, I have packed your bag over there and Owen, you have everything you need. Make sure you guys take your backpacks because I know for a fact both of you have homework. Also, Brian since you have clothes on, I think you should be downstairs.”

“Ok Tyler we will go down with you.” We all left the room and got into the elevator. When we got to the first floor Tyler got dressed, we kissed, and hugged Tyler goodbye and he was off.

We were just about to head outside when Aaron called out, “Brian over here.”

I looked around and saw him sitting with a few other boys at the far end of the big table. Owen and I walked up to him and I gave him a hug. “Hi Aaron, I am not sure if you know Owen, but he is a Crossman now.”

“I have seen you around the school, but I did not know you were a Crossman.”

“I wasn”t till just a little bit ago. Tyler, Timmy, and Tristen helped me move out of Ashton House tonight before dinner. Now I am finally and official Cboy.” He said with a smile as big as Texas.

“Welcome to the family.” Aaron said. “This is Dusty, Joey, and my real brother Jacob.” Introducing the other boys with him. I know that Dusty and Joey are both eight years old, and I think Jacob is twelve. “we were just going to play some UNO until our parents get here. You guys want to play?”

I looked at Owen and he was nodding his head. “Sure, for a little while. I have never played it before though, so you will have to teach me.”

Owen said, “It is easy, I will teach you how. Maybe we can even play this weekend.”

It took about ten minutes to learn the game and once we started playing we had so much fun. We lost track of time because the phone on the wall rang and startled us. Jacob went to answer it and when he hung up he said, “Brian, your Ma is here, and so is our mom Aaron.

We got up and hugged and kissed the other boys goodbye. Jacob even kissed me with tongue. It was kind of hot. We all got dressed and as we were leaving the building I heard the phone ring again.

“I can”t wait for you to see this Jeep it is so cool.”

Owen smiled, “I am so looking forward to it after all the talking you did about it.”

When we got to the gate I saw Ma and Pa waiting there. “I am sorry it took us so long. We were playing a game and lost track of time. We really planned on being here waiting for you.”

Pa said, “It is ok Brian, that is why the phone is here. It is a little chilly tonight and there is no reason for you to sit out here waiting. We Just pick up the phone and push the button for Crossman House, let you know we are here, and you come out.”

Owen and I hugged them both and started walking to the parking lot. “I can”t wait to see the look on Owen”s face when he sees the Jeep.”

“Then you are going to have to wait a little longer, because we didn”t bring the Jeep.” Ma said.

“Why not I love the Jeep?” I said in more of a whine then I meant to.

“Because you just had surgery young man. The Jeep is too rough a ride for you right now. I also don”t appreciate the whining Brian.” Ma said in a stern voice.

“I am sorry, I will try not to do it again.”

We stopped in front of a Hyundai Santa Fe. It was a nice car, but not the jeep. Pa asked, “Did you guys eat dinner?” We both said we did. “So, I guess you are too full to stop for ice cream then.”

Owen and I made it clear through begging that we were not that full and ice cream was a good idea. Smiling I said, “Pa, you know I have been trapped in medical for almost a whole week now and ice cream sure would make me feel better.”

Owen kicked in, “And I am a new Crossman, ice cream sure would be a great way to celebrate it. Don”t you think?” Looking at them with his big blue puppy dog eyes.

“Well, you both make good points. Ice cream it is, load up and put your seat belts on.

We went to this cool ice cream parlor a few miles from the school. Ma and Pa got cones while Owen and I each got a banana split. By the time we left, Owen and I were both stuffed. When we got to the entrance to the ranch and Pa put in his code to open the gate, Owen and I were both about out of gas. We pulled up to the house, grabbed our bags, and headed into the house.

Pa walked in first while Ma and I took a seat on the bench and started stripping off. Owen looked at us very confused. I realized why and told him, “Since we are women and kids, we are not allowed to wear clothes in the house. In fact, we are not allowed to wear clothes on the ranch.”

“But Mr. Walters wore clothes into the house.”

“Yes, but he is a man and they can do that.” I already had my shirt off and asked, “Owen, can you please help me with my shoes and socks?”

“Sure.” He got down on his knees and helped me remove my shoes and socks. Then he stood up and stripped off his clothes.

When the three of us were done we grabbed our clothes and our bags and headed in. “Ok boys, go into your room and unpack.”

I looked at her and asked, “Our room?”

She smiled and said, “Remember the guest room that you didn”t use last time you were here?”

“Yes Mam.”

“That room now belongs to you boys.”

I smiled and led Owen down the hall to the guestroom. I opened the door and almost fell over. The room that last weekend had a queen bed and just basic furniture that you would have in a room you hardly ever used, now it was not that. This room was painted a light blue, with bunkbeds, a big TV with a game console, and two desks with laptops on them. What started me crying, was the pictures on the dresser. They were copies of the pictures I have in my room at school, the ones of my mom, dad, and Donny.

Owen asked me what was wrong and when I pointed at the dresser, he started crying to. On the dresser were pictures of his dad and sister.

Ma agrı escort and Pa came in the room and wrapped us in hugs and gave us kisses. Pa said, “Boys, I don”t know how long it will be before you are reunited with your families, but until then please consider this your home.”

Owen looked up and wiped away his tears. “Does that mean I get to call you Ma and Pa too?”

I started laughing, “Just remember he is Pa and she is Ma. They get all kinds of huffy if you get them backwards.”

Pa asked, “Are you ok with that Brian?”

“Of course, he is my adopted brother after all.”

Ma said, “I don”t understand.”

Owen said, “Well my Pa is locked up and I never get to see or talk to him. Brian told me that I am now his adopted brother and his mom, dad, and Donny said I was too.”

Mr. Walters said, “Well then Ma and Pa it is.”

“Can we watch the Kettles movie again?”

“Sure, tomorrow. Right now I want you,” Pointing at me, “laying on that bed with your legs spread so I can get that bandage off before your shower.”

I did as I was told. She removed the bandage, and everyone just stared. “Is it that bad?” I asked all worried.

Owen just looked at me, “Brian, this is the first time I have seen you without a bandage on. It”s… amazing. Except for a little swelling and redness it looks like you never had any balls.”

Pa smiled and asked, “Owen you ready to have yours removed?”

Owen held up his hands and said, “No thank you. I like the way Timmy and Brian look, but they didn”t have a choice in the matter. I think I would like to keep my balls thank you very much.”

Everyone started laughing and Ma told us to go get in the shower. When we came out Ma and Pa were already lying in bed. Ma held out her arms for Owen and he ran to her and looked so happy in her arms. I guess since he never really had a mom that loves him, this was a big deal.

As for me I went to the other side of the bed and got on my knees. Pa turned and sat on the edge so that I was now between his legs. I pulled his cock and balls to one side and buried my nose in his crotch and started breathing in his scent. It is funny how a smell can make me feel so good. I could also hear Ma explaining to Owen what I was doing and why I was doing it.

I started licking his balls and enjoying the taste and feel of them as I sucked one and then the other into my mouth. I knew I was doing something right because Pa was as hard as a rock, moaning, and pre was pouring from his cock. I let go of the balls and started licking up all the pre before licking his cock from base to tip and then back again. After a few minutes of that I could tell he was getting close and took the head in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the glans and felt the pre increase. I kept doing it till I felt his cock get harder and knew he was close. Then it happened. I felt my mouth filling up with that wonderful and flavorful cum. I swallowed the first few jets, then when I felt him slow I held what was left in my mouth and pulled off his cock.

“Owen, why don”t you come over here and clean me off.”

Owen jumped off the bed and slid to his knees in front of Pa and licked his cock clean as well as squeezing any leftover cum from his cock.

I tapped Owen on his shoulder and when he turned I planted a kiss on his mouth. When he felt my tongue on his lips he opened his mouth. I pressed my lips tight against his and shared the cum I had left in my mouth with him. We passed it back and forth until it was gone.

“That was very hot boys.” Ma said, “Now come and kiss me good night.” We both kissed her which turned out to be with tongue. I was not surprised by it, but I could see it caught Owen a little off guard, but only for a second.

We headed to our room, “That was so cool. You got to do that all last weekend?”

“Yeah, but he mounted me some too.”

Shocked, “You mean he put that big cock in your cunt?”

“Sure, it gives me such tingles. Have you ever had the tingles before?”

“Oh yeah, my dad used to give them to me all the time when he licked me butt, I mean my cunt. I also got them when the Doctor did something inside me.”

“I remember that alright. That was my first time.”

Ma and Pa came in and Pa said, “Ok boys, we have a big day tomorrow so let”s get into bed.”

We both started to crawl into the bottom bunk and Ma said, “Sorry boys not this weekend. We can”t take the chance of Brian getting kicked by accident.”

Owen got out of the bed, “I will go up top. I always wanted to sleep on a top bunk. I remember watching a show called the Brady Bunch and I was always so jealous of Bobby sleeping on the top bunk.”

We both got tucked in and tongue kisses before the lights were shut off and we were out.

I am not sure why I was up at five thirty in the morning on a weekend, but I was. I got up went to the bathroom and when I came back into the room my brother was sitting on the edge of his bed stretching. If I were into guys my age I would be all over him. He is so hot I wish I looked half as good as he does. “What are you looking at?” He whispered.

“You. You know you are like one of the best-looking guys at the school. Sometimes I wonder why…”

“Why what?”


“It”s not nothing, why what?”

“You and Timmy are good looking, smart, with great personalities. I guess sometimes I wonder why you guys are friends with me.”

He jumped down off the bed and slugged me really hard in the arm. He then walked out of the room and across the hall to the bathroom. When he came back he saw me still rubbing my arm and said in a mad tone, “Are you through being stupid yet?”

“What”s the big deal hitting me like that?”

“I hoped that it might knock some sense into you. Do you think that Timmy and I care that you”re fat and ten time smarter than us? Is that how little you think about us, about yourself?”

“Let”s face it Owen I am happy to call you a friend and brother, but the fact is that if Kyle had never existed you would not be my friend.”

“You”re right, because if Kyle had never been born then I would still be a lonely kid in Ashton House that was already thinking about killing himself. Kyle was a jerk and hurt me all the time, but he put me in your path, and I am thankful for that. For someone so smart you are really stupid.”

He grabbed his backpack picked a desk, sat down, and started doing homework. I came up behind him and wrapped my arms around him and kissed his cheek, and said, “I am sorry. You”re right, I can be stupid sometimes. I guess I am still learning what friendship is, it”s all new to me.”

“Shut up and do your homework so that we don”t have to worry about it later.”

It took us about forty-five minutes to finish all the homework we both had. We even ran some lines from the play. At seven o”clock I said, “Let”s go get Pa off, I mean up.”

“Fine but I get to do it this time.”

“Ok, I will take care of his golden water after you”re done.”

“You mean you are going to drink his pee? All of it?”

“Sure, unless you want some.” I said smiling.

“I am not sure I could do it. I almost puked at dinner last night, and that was just a cup.”

“It was tough at first, but I knew I wanted to be a Crossman and that is part of it. By the end of the first week it didn”t bother me anymore.”

We went into Ma and Pa”s room and to his side of the bed. I touched his shoulder and said, “Pa… Hey Pa?”

He woke with a start and said, “Boys, what”s wrong?”

“Nothing”s wrong Pa, it”s seven and we wanted to get the day started. Owen is going to take care of that.” I said giggling and pointing to the tent in the sheets.

“Yeah Pa, it”s my turn.” Owen said with his chest stuck out and a hard on himself.

“I will take care of the golden water when he is done.”

“You sure you want to do this Owen? You don”t have to.”

“I know I don”t, but it”s my turn and you can”t just push me aside because you think Brian is better looking than me, that would not be fair.” He said waiting for me to hit him in the arm, I didn”t though.

“You are right, it would not be fair to you, no matter how cute he is.” He pulled the blankets off and sat on the edge of the bed. Owen wasted no time dropping to his knees and moving Pa”s cock and balls to one side so he could breathe in his scent.”

I looked up and Ma was watching the whole thing and smiling. I jumped onto the bed and crawled over to give Ma a good morning hug and kiss. I remembered how much Tyler”s mom liked her nipples sucked so I moved down and started sucking Ma”s nipples. It didn”t really do anything for me, but I could tell that she liked it and that made me happy.

I heard Pa starting to moan and looked over to see Owen going to town on his cock. A moment later I could see Owen struggling to swallow all of Pa”s cum. He got it all and Pa had to push him off when his cock got too sensitive. “You did a very good job Owen.”

Owen stood up smiling from ear to ear. He leaned in and gave Pa a big hug, “Thanks Pa, that was delicious.” He said smacking his lips.

I jumped up and said, “My turn.”

“Not quite yet, I need a minute to catch my breath.”

I dropped to my knees in front of him and waited. akdere escort A few minutes later he said, “Ok Brian, your turn.”

I took his cock head into my mouth, wrapped my lips around his glans, put my thumbs on his piss tube, and waited. I didn”t have to wait long as I felt the first jet of fresh warm pee fill my mouth. I only used a little pressure to slow down the flow so I would not spill any. After what felt like two minutes, but I am sure were only forty seconds or so, he finally finished. I licked around the head to make sure I didn”t miss anything.

I stood up and saw Owen looking at me with total surprise on his face. “I can”t believe you drank the whole thing. I have seen my dad”s morning pee and he would go forever.”

“No big deal.” I said. Then looking at Ma I asked, “What”s for breakfast?” Everyone laughed and I said, “What? A fat boys got to eat ya know.”

Pa said, “Well boys, I think we are going to Waffle House for breakfast, and then we have some clothes shopping to do.”

“You getting a new suit or something?” I asked.

“No Brian, the clothes are for you guys.”

Owen asked, “Why, we don”t need no clothes.”

“I know you don”t think you need “any” clothes Owen, but if you guys are spending weekends here, then why do you want to keep lugging suitcases back and forth? You don”t need many clothes here on the ranch, but sometimes we may want to go to other places. Plus, it can get cold here at night and you need something to wear.”

Ma checked out my crotch, saying that it was up to me if I wanted it rebandaged or not. I chose to have it bandaged because I was going to have to wear pants and I worried about the pants rubbing it. Ma put a new bandage on then sent Owen and I to get dressed.

We went to the Waffle House and had a wonderful breakfast, then it was off to the local Walmart. Owen and I each got two pairs of jeans and some dress pants and we had to try on everything so Ma could make sure they fit right. She is almost as bad to go clothes shopping with as my mom. We both also got shirts, some that were dressy for going to nice places. Then we got socks, sweat pants, shorts, and Ma let us each chose these hoodies with football team logos on them.

Owen got one with a New York Jets logo on it. Pa said that it was a misprint because the Jets home field is in New Jersey so they must be the New Jersey Jets. We laughed mostly for Pa, because neither one of us knew what he was talking about. I ended up with a Denver Broncos hoodie, not because I liked the team, I just liked the logo.

After we walked the mall for a while we got lunch at McDonalds. Pa asked if we wanted to, we could catch a movie. We got to see the Black Panther which was really cool. Pa let Owen and I share a bucket of popcorn and we each got our own soda.

It was a little after three when we got back to the house. Owen and I sat on the cotch and watched a Ma & Pa Kettle movie, we laughed through the whole thing. About five Ma told us to take everything out of one or our backpacks and put our sweats, hoodies, and some socks into it. Pa said we were going over to Bill”s house again for dinner and a movie. I chose not to wear the bandage for this.

We were headed out to the garage when I started begging, “Pa, can we please take the jeep? It is not all that far, and I will be ok, I promise.”

“Fine if you think you can do it, but I don”t want to hear any complaining about the ride being too rough. Climb on in and buckle up.”

We did as we were told. The jeep had the soft top on, but since I didn”t know how hard it would be to take it off I kept my mouth shut. The ride over only took about five minutes and yes, it did hurt a little.

We got to Bill”s house and spent some time walking around and talking to some of the guys from school. Owen and I were in a conversation with Bill, Joey, Timmy, and Aaron when Owen said, “Excuse me guys, but I really need to talk to Brian real quick.”

“Can”t it wait a little bit I want to hear how this story ends.” Referring to a story Joey was telling about a trip to Colorado.

“No it can”t wait I really need to talk to you now.”

“Ok.” Looking at the other guys I said, “We”ll be right back.” I followed Owen over to this picnic table and sat down. “What is so dang important that it could not have waited?”

“Look over there.” He said pointing to a boy sitting on the stage rubbing the cock of a man who was in a conversation with Mr. Fletcher one of the teachers whose cock was being sucked by another boy.

“What about it? If you are going to go crazy over every boy holding a man”s cock, we will have to commit you before the day is out.”

“No, it”s not that. The boy… That”s Jackson.”

“I guess I don”t know him. What about him?”

“Jackson is not a Cboy. He is a regular and he lives in Ashton House.”

“No way, a regular would not be here.”

“I am telling you, come with me.” He stood up and walked right over to the boy. “Hi Jackson, how”s it going?”

Looking surprised, “Owen, what are you doing here?”

“I was just going to ask you the same question.”

“Well, this is my stepdad.” He said pointing to the man whose cock he was holding. “He and my mom just got married last weekend. After about six months he wanted to ask my mom to marry him, but before he did he explained about being a Crossman and what is meant for me and her. Then he stayed away till my mom and I made our decision. We knew we loved him, and he loved us, so we knew that we wanted to be a family.”

I was amazed by what I was hearing. There must be so much love in that family for a woman to allow herself and her son to become involved in the Crossman culture. “That is so cool, I am so happy for you and your mom.” I said.

“I think we are the lucky ones to have found him. I never knew my bio-dad, and Hank… I mean dad has been there for me and my mom one hundred percent. I love him so much.”

I looked at his dad and saw him and Mr. Fletcher wiping a tear from their eyes. He reached down picked Jackson up and hugged him and kissed him all over his face. Just then an attractive woman came over, naked like the rest of the women and children and asked with a smile on her face, “What”s going on here?”

Jackson”s dad said, “Just when I think I can”t love this brat any more than I do, he says something that makes me cry.”

Jackson pulls back looking his dad in the eyes and asked, “Who are you calling a brat old man?”

With that his dad says, “Old man is it?” He started tickling him until Jackson begs him to stop.

Sitting back on the stage trying to catch his breath Jackson asks, “Hey, what are you doing here Owen?”

Owen went on to tell Jackson all about how he came to be a Crossman and then asks, “So are you going to move to Crossman house?”

“I don”t really want to. I like my roommates and my friends. If dad says I have to then I will, but so far he has not told me I have to.” Jackson leaned over his dads lap and started sucking his cock. His mom just watch with a smile on her face.

I went back over and resumed my conversation with Bill, Joey, Timmy, and Aaron. I guess it was about fifteen minutes later that I realized that I had not seen Owen in a little while. I took off looking for him, and almost missed him. When I turned to see a little butt under a table in front of a man who was looking very happy. You may ask how I knew it was Owen”s little butt. Well Owen has a birthmark that almost looks like a small lightning bolt on the top part of his right butt cheek. I decided not to bother him and went looking for a cock of my own to suck.

When the dinner bell rang, Owen found me in line, and we joined Ma and Pa at a table. Owen said, “I am kind of full after swallowing the loads of three men.”

“Wow, I only got two so far.”

We ate dinner and it was starting to get cold. We noticed that most people were putting something on. Pa said, “Boys, I want you to go to the Jeep and get your backpack and both of the other bags in the back. Owen do not let your brother lift anything. We will meet you over there by that tree.”

“Yes Sir.” We both said and headed over to the Jeep. We got all the bags and found Ma and Pa where they said they would be. Ma pulled out our sweatpants, our hoodies, and our socks. She told us to get dressed. We started to fuss about it, but the look Pa gave us shut us up, and we got dressed.

Ma put out some blankets for us to sit on and then one to cover up with. It was already dark out so when all the lights went out it was pitch black. That is when the movie started on a screen behind the stage. It was an old movie called True Grit. It was pretty good. We were about halfway through the movie when we heard Pa”s phone vibrate.

“Yes this is he.” Pa whispered. We need about twenty minutes.” After listening he hung up the phone and whispered into Ma”s ear. “Ok boys, as quietly as possible, grab everything and head to the Jeep.”

“Is everything ok?” I asked.

“Yes, but we have to get back to the house right away, let”s go.”

We all go up staying as low as possible until we got out of everyone”s way. I was really worried and not sure why. When I tried to ask what was wrong, they just told me that they would explain it later.

When we got back to the house, Pa ran inside. Owen and I started to strip, and Ma stopped us. “Guys just stay dressed and wait in the living room please.”

I could tell that Owen was just as worried about whatever was going on and I was.


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