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It was a warm spring day on the Peninsula. I wasn’t used to the weather yet; the humidity was getting to me as I had just moved my kids and myself back to the Bay Area. While it wasn’t into three digits, the heat along with the humidity was killing me. My sons were feeling it too. I was trying to find something that would make them happy and at the same time cool them off some. Hell, who am I kidding, I wanted to cool down also.

I called my sister to see if she wanted to maybe go to one of the state parks. I thought that being in a redwood forest would be nice and at least a little cooler. As she had two sons also I believed it would be a good way for the cousins to have fun and for the adults to relax a bit. Kelly agreed with me and said she would meet us up there at one o’clock. Great. Outside, kids burning off energy, and an afternoon with breezes.

I packed up a cooler for me and the boys and headed out to the park. While it is only about 15 miles away, it took some time to get there going over peaks on a two-lane road with everybody else who had the same idea. We soon arrived and set down our stuff to await my sister and her boys.

Not twenty minutes had passed and my sister and her family arrived. While greeting everyone and making sure that the kids had water, I heard a familiar voice chirp up.

“Well, you made it!” Fran announced as she and her children joined our group.

I was shocked. I had seen Fran a couple times earlier in the year. Seen would be a gross understatement. We’d met the day I was burying my mother and ended up in each other’s arms and each other’s privates twice in two days. This woman had a firm hold on my imagination and my sex drive. Hell, we’d fucked each other in the entry to my house without even getting the door closed! I had to leave just after that to finish my enlistment and to move my family back. I had intended to call her in the next couple of days to see if she wanted to maybe go to dinner but I guess that plan was out the window.

Fran saw my face and just started laughing. “Your sister called me and invited me and my kids along.” she stated.

We all had a laugh at my expense and proceeded to set up a picnic under the canopy of the trees. Needless to say, the second a blanket hit the ground, all the kids took off like a heard of banshees to go explore the woods.

The adults sat and relaxed while sipping water and soft drinks. Gossip was exchanged and some playful bantering as everyone enjoyed to coolness of the forest. After an hour I felt the need to explore and see the forest.

As I got up and announced that I would be back in about an hour my sister chimed in “Why don’t you take Fran with you? It’s better hiking with company and we can watch the kids after they exhaust themselves.”

Before I could even mutter a response Fran was at my side grabbing my arm to drag me into the forest. We walked along a path, enjoying the sight and smells that only you can find in the redwoods. My mind was relaxing with the atmosphere when Fran finally spoke up and exclaimed “Christ! I’m sweating to death here”

“Oh, don’t be a baby, it’s not too hot here; it’s only in the eighties.” I said in full parent voice.

“Easy for you, you’re a guy! You can just take off your shirt if you start to sweat! I can’t and I have to wear a bra too!” she retorted.

I could hear her being a little pissed. While she had on only a t-shirt and cotton shorts it had started to cling to her as she perspired. I enjoyed her perspiring. The shirt was clinging just enough to give a nice view of her breasts. While not huge, the were perfect to me in her b cup bra and I had fond memories of nibbling and sucking on them only a few months ago.

“Well, then take it off; I won’t mind! Besides, halkalı escort I’ve seen them before and there is no one else around.”

Fran blushed immediately. I could see the conflict in her head as she weighed the relief from the heat versus being semi-nude in public. It was quite attractive as a matter of fact; that look of innocent embarrassment. She and I had already had sex on two occasions but I could see her bashfulness shine through. I knew she hadn’t had much experience with sex before and definitely was raised in a very prude household. Taking matters into my own hands, I stepped behind Fran and swiftly pulled her t-shirt over her head and off her body. She quickly moved her hands to cover her bra and started to crouch down. I couldn’t help myself; I started to laugh.

“What’s so funny?! Why are you laughing at me??” she said, tears forming in her eyes.

My heart melted right there. To see tears on her face, in her gold and brown eyes, made me swiftly go over and hold her close.

“I’m sorry. It was just the way you tried to make yourself invisible from eyes when there is no one within a mile of us now. I didn’t mean to hurt you and I never will.” I told her as I wiped the water away from her face. I leaned down and gently kissed her soft lips, drinking in the smell and touch of her as we embraced.

As my face moved back from hers she asked “Are you sure? You will protect me? The only men I’ve been with have hurt me and just discarded me like I was a used toy. I’ve never had a man who would protect me.”

As she looked into my eyes I said “You have my word. Lets just take this one small step at a time. I’ll just take this.” My hands moved behind her to release her bra.

“Let me show you that you can trust me. Show me your trust.” I said as I backed away from her, bra in hand.

Fran just stood there, trembling a little, blushing, staring into my eyes. Slowly she moved her arms to her sides, allowing the dappled light from the forest to highlight the rise and fall of her breasts. Her nipples, released from the trap of her bra, immediately hardened, standing out proudly from her areolas. The look of this woman, standing in the sunlight in a forest, with nothing more than a pair of shorts and hiking boots, was stunning. Her brown hair, falling in ringlets to her shoulders, set off against the alabaster of her skin, was a breathtaking sight. The look of innocence and trepidation mixed to an almost erotic sight of temptation.

Her breathing increased a bit. I could see the thrill in being naked outside of her bedroom was starting to excite her. I watched her slightly trembling as she looked into my eyes, my very soul. Slowly she moved her hands to her shorts, slowly unbuttoning them, moving them and her panties off her hips, to let them fall down to the forest floor. She stood there, a Venus embodied, in just a pair of worn hiking boots.

We stood there, looking into each other’s eyes. It was almost as if a bond formed; her ability to allow herself to lose inhibition in the absolute trust that I would protect her. I could see the excitement of her being naked to the world overcome her fears. Her hands moved slightly to her pussy. It was already engorged with excitement as her fingers started to rub her folds and clit. Her fingers on her right hand played with her clit as her left moved inside her pussy, rubbing it and penetrating her sex.

“You’ll protect me; never let anyone harm me?” She asked, slightly breathless.

“No one will ever do anything you don’t want them to do as long as I breathe.” I said, feeling the tightness in my groin as I watched this woman take the first steps towards her sexual liberation. “Any taksim escort thing you want to do, I’ll help you. Any fantasy you have, I’ll help you. I’ll never force you to do anything that you don’t want to do yourself?

Her fingers sped up, moving in and out of her pussy. I could see the visible wetness of her excitement on the first three fingers of her left hand as she fucked herself in front of me. Her fingers were inside of her to the third knuckle as she worked herself up to her first orgasm. It came quickly, proceeded by a muffled gasp, as she came to her own touch in front of me. Her body spasmed as wave after wave radiated out from her pussy to her body. Fran fell to her knees as the pleasure overwhelmed her muscles. As her orgasm subsided, she curled up on her side in a pool of light, her eyes rolled back into her head.

I stood and just watched. It was the most erotic sight I had ever had. This somewhat reserved woman had allowed herself to be nude in public and then had masturbated in front of me while staring directly into my eyes. I vowed to myself not to lose this woman who could trust me so.

After a few minutes, I helped Fran to her feet. She made no move to retrieve her clothing. She left them on the forest floor as if it didn’t exist. As I saw that she was not trying to pick it up, I gathered it all in one arm and reached out my hand to her.

“Shall we finish our hike?” I asked, as though there was nothing wrong with being naked here.

She looked at me in the eyes and said “Yes, please, this is so much better with the breeze cooling me off.”

As we moved through the forest we held hands. On the occasion where the trail was only wide enough for one, I let her move in front, helping her over slight rises and helping me by allowing my hands to move to her back and ass to assist. Watching that ass was just the topping on the cake. It was perfect; small enough not to be fat but full enough that it didn’t look like a boys. A few times I just kept my hand there as we walked side by side. Fran seemed to enjoy it and I admit I did.

Twenty minutes later, about a mile and a half into the forest, we came upon a creek. The sounds of our approach must have been muted by the water flowing over rocks. As we crested the bank Fran stopped in her tracks.

Twenty yards downstream, on a little natural beach, two women were engaged in oral sex. Right there for all the world to see. Both of them were in their middle twenties, a blonde and a brunette. By the sounds of the moaning, they both were good at using their tongues and were enjoying being licked. After a few seconds, I tore my eyes off that sight to look at Fran. I thought she would be panicking standing there nude in view of two women having sex. As I looked down at her face, I could see she was mesmerized. Her eyes were locked on in fascination. As she watched, her nipples hardened even more and her hands reflexively move to her pussy. In the course of five seconds, her clit blossomed to the touch of her hands and fluids ran down the inside of her thighs.

Fran became aware of my looking at her and started to blush as she looked at me. Her hands kept touching herself while she looked up at me, almost as if asking if it was okay. I looked at her and nodded. She looked back at the women and her hands sped up as she watched sex live for the first time in her life.

I sat down on the crest and pulled Fran down into my lap. As she relaxed back into me, I whispered into her ear “Is it that it’s women?”

She never broke her gaze away as she plunged her fingers in and out of herself. She slowly nodded all the while barely whimpering. I could tell her orgasm was not far away.

“Is it that its in public?”

Her fingers şişli escort moved faster. The sounds of the movement with the lubrication increased as she became wetter and wetter.

As I looked back towards the women on the beach, I saw now that the brunette had taken over and was holding the blondes face to her pussy with both hands. Her eyes though we not on her partner eating her; they had moved to look at Fran. This woman, this absolute stranger to both of us, was having her pussy licked and fingered while she watched Fran fuck herself. I could tell Fran had seen this also as her body tightened up more. Her excitement level was starting to peak as she saw that she was masturbating in front of a complete stranger. Fran was almost pushing her entire hand in her pussy she was so excited.

I watched the brunette pull the blonde off of her and say something quietly and she gestured in our direction. The blonde rolled onto her left side and joined her partner in watching Fran get herself off.

I whispered into Frans ear “They’re both watching you. Watching you fuck yourself. They know you were doing this because they turned you on. Can you feel them watching? Would you like it if they came over her and helped you? Licked you? Fucked you?”

That last word did it. Fran’s body went rigid as her eyes rolled up. An animal screamed erupted from her throat as she came, wave after wave, I felt her muscles spasm up and down her body as I held her close.

“That’s right, let it go. Free yourself. Ride your wave” I said while holding her.

I felt the juices of her pussy fall on my calf as she continued to cum. She finally went limp after about two minutes.

I held Fran, slowly rocking her back and forth, and watched the two young women get up and make their way over to us. They stood there silently, arms around each other’s waists, as Fran slowly came back to us.

“I’m Krissy. This is Michele.” said the brunette.

Fran sat there, speechless, blushing, trying to cover herself.

“Hi Krissy. This is Fran. I’m Jon. I think you just fulfilled a fantasy of hers. Thank you.” I said.

“Fran, that was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. If you ever want to join us, me and Michele would love to have you if just for one night.” Krissy said.

I could see the look of lust in her eyes and feel parts of Fran start to respond. Krissy pulled out a card from the fanny pack she had carried over. It was her business card.

“Please call me if you want because we certainly want you.” she said as she handed it to Fran.

Both of them turned and made their way over to the other side of the creek, glancing back a few times to stare at Frans’ naked body, and over a raise to drop out of sight, still nude. I watched Fran watch them. A subtle hint of predator in her eyes.

“Why don’t we head back to the picnic now. Our families are waiting and I don’t think your pussy can take anymore.” I said, helping Fran to her feet. We grabbed her clothes where I had dropped them

Fran started to shake things out and was about to step into her panties when I asked “Was that something you had fantasized about? Being with another woman?? Or was it being naked in front of others that excited you so much?”

As she worked her legs back into her clothes, she sounded almost embarrassed when she said “Both I think. I’ve never really done anything besides normal sex. You know, missionary??!! Your fingers in me in my laundry room was the first time anyone else had fucked me with their hand. That orgasm in your doorway was the first time I ever came while on top. I don’t know what excites me because I’ve never been exposed to anything.”

“Well, I will help you if you want. I will let you find what you desire. I will protect you all the time. If you let me.” I said as she put on her shirt.

Fran raised herself up on her toes and kissed me passionately. “I will” she said. “Let’s go find our families and later Ill make this up to you.”

We turned back towards the picnic area and walked back in silence, hand in hand.

To Be Continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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