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Freshman Year Roommate, Part 17

Everyone is over 18 years of age

That first summer in the apartment was a wonderful time. We really got settled in and had a nice home life as we moved into sophomore year. (We even got blinds for the windows!)

As we continued our classes in the months ahead, we also expanded our circle of friends, and the apartment let us hold get-togethers, parties, and even poker games with some of John’s ROTC buddies (by the way, they pronounced ROTC “rot-see.”). I sometimes joined in the games, and I felt like I became the ROTC mascot. Even Frank and Steve, not exactly my favorites, once showed up for a poker night. Apparently, our low-stakes poker games were getting to be a big social event in their group, and my noble boyfriend offered them a chance to join in and save face over their previous Neanderthal behavior with us. Well, to be fair, Frank never was too horrible, but I wouldn’t have shed a tear if I never saw Steve again.

Still, he was well behaved and even polite to me. I’d told John in advance that I’d throw his ass out if any of his macho shit surfaced in my own home, but John assured me he’d be fine, and he was. John was on track for a career in engineering, but maybe he really was destined to be a great mediator or diplomat!

Something about being off campus had us exploring the city more and bringing along our friends when we could. I had joined the campus LGBT group freshman year but wasn’t all that active. Starting in sophomore year, I got more involved and made new friends there. I think a couple of the members, both theater kids, were interested in me, but I told them I had a boyfriend. They asked me to bring him around, and I said I’d try sometime. And John had friends, both from ROTC and his engineering peers.

We liked our friends and wanted each other to know them better. So we started finding ways to try to make that happen. It could be a little weird at times, but we did everything above board and were tight enough with our respective groups that they put up with it. Better yet, in time, some of them got to be friends themselves. That made for interesting times when the beer starting flowing with some of the theater kids and the ROTC guys together in our home. I’m not saying any straight military boys necessarily went home with any gay theater kids–at least as far as I ever knew–but I definitely saw some semi-inebriated coziness on the couch some nights. Someone might even write a sitcom around the poker game on one side of our living room while a musical was on the TV at the other end.

Our trips to some of the local parks were great, too. On a nice, sunny day, we’d take a blanket and a picnic basket–yes, I actually got us an old-style picnic basket–and ask some of our friends along and go lay on the grass. One of our favorite places has a nice lake, and we’d just lay by it and enjoy the view, chatting with our friends. Sometimes, some of the local kids would come through, and I was waiting for someone to say something, since John and I pretty clearly were together, but nothing ever went wrong, so I can’t share some dramatic moment from the park trips.

Best of all, the fresh air only seemed to enhance what we already had. One day in the park, we were lounging on our blanket on the grass when I felt his breath on my ear and heard him whisper, “Maybe I should bring you back here one night and fuck your pretty ass right here on the grass!”

I turned to him and said, “Such a romantic!” and gave him a quick kiss. “Plus, I’m sure a public lewdness arrest would do wonders for your standing as an Army officer.”

“You’re such a buzzkill!” he chuckled.

“Not to worry, General. I’ll make it up to you later, sir!”

He bent towards me far enough to smack my ass, and then he went back to just lying there, relaxing. But I admit, I loved when he got so horny that I knew I’d be getting some the moment the apartment door closed behind us!

We had a few friends with us, so when we got done in the park, we didn’t rush home. We stopped at a cute little shop nearby to look at some tchotchkes (roughly translated, that’s Yiddish for cute shit we didn’t need). We didn’t buy anything, but it was a fun stop. Then we all grabbed a bite to eat at a coffeeshop several blocks from campus. None of us needed to be spending the extra money, but it wasn’t too expensive and we enjoyed it.

When we got back home, we waved hi to Phoebe through the glass front of her office. She waved and smiled at us. Then we got in the elevator and were making out as soon as the door closed. John’s tongue was practically down my throat, and our hands were all over each other. There was just so much we could do in the short time before the elevator reached the seventh floor. As soon as it opened, we practically ran down the hall to our place. Sure enough, as soon as the door was closed behind us, John was all over me. Wow, he was horny today! It really must have been all that fresh air!

We wound up on the floor in the bahis siteleri entry hallway, making out for I-don’t-know-how-long. At one point, when we broke our kiss long enough for me to say something, I said, “Hey, beautiful, want to go get comfortable in bed, or did you want to make our children here on the floor?”

He laughed, stood and held his hand out to help me up. Such a gentleman!

I went to clean up before we got in bed. I quickly jumped in the shower, and as I was showering, he stuck his head in. Sadly, he wasn’t joining me. “Hon,” he said, “I remembered that I can’t spend all afternoon making love. I have that ROTC exercise I have to report for.”

I was very disappointed. “Fuck, that sucks.” He looked hurt. I said, “No, I get it. Don’t be upset. Go get ready, if you have to. We can have some fun tonight. This isn’t an overnight thing, is it?”

“No, just a few hours.”


So he popped back out of the bathroom, and I finished my shower.

When I got out there, he’d changed into his fatigues and had a bunch of other gear nearby that had to go with him. He used to leave more in a locker on campus, but these days, he was bringing a lot of it home. It just made more sense. And I had to admit… fuck, he made a hot looking soldier!

Okay, okay, you’re rolling your eyes, knowing I’d say he made a hot looking librarian or beautician or whatever he did. But really, the uniform on that body! It didn’t even fit snugly–the fatigues were more built for comfort and utility–but he made them look hot.

When I laid eyes on him, dressed in the fatigues he needed to wear for this ROTC exercise, I outright growled at him. “Damn, soldier, are you sure you don’t want to get some exercise here first?” And in my naked condition, my admiration was quite visible.

He checked the time and said, “I don’t have time to make love to you properly.”

“And who said I needed you to make love to me ‘properly’? How about you just take me and make me your cumdump, because you need to empty those big balls.”

As I finished saying that, I could see his dick pushing out the front of his fatigue pants.

“Yeah,” I said, staring at that huge bulge, “we can’t send you over there looking like that. People will talk!”

He smiled, came over and pushed me onto the bed. He kissed me, but I said, “I thought you were going to show me what a powerful soldier you are and take charge! None of this lovey nonsense. Just fuck my guts out!”

He quickly got into this roleplay, threw the cap he wore with all of this aside and shrugged off his jacket. I scooted to the edge of the bed, hanging my legs off the side. He came over, undid his belt and quickly pushed down his pants and underwear.

“Oh, fuck, yes baby!” came from my mouth without thought, just looking at this man in front of me, pants around his knees and a tight green Army t-shirt stretched across that chest. He lifted my legs, and as I was helping keep them up in the air myself, I handed him a bottle of lube. “Don’t waste time, soldier. You need to cum in me and then go report for duty!”

The look on his face was pure lust, and I loved it!

He lubed his dick and started rubbing that big thing on my hole, pressing the head into me, gently at first. Then I said, “Come on, give it to me!” and he pushed harder. I felt my hole stretching around him as he pushed. Time was, he would have torn me apart if he’d started so fast, but I was used to my man now, so I just needed a minute to adjust, and then… holy fuck, okay, it still was big, but there was just a twinge of pain as he slid into me. All he heard from me, though, was a deep moan, as I reached down to grab his ass as he buried his length in me.

“Yes, fuck my hole! Give it to me!” And he did, first making sure he had his entire length buried in me, and then pulling back to long-stroke my hole and churn my insides hard! He made sure my guts were the home for his cock, slamming hard into me. My moans aside, the slap-slap-slap of this powerful man working up a load to fill me was unmistakable.

“Fuck, I love you, Jess! We’re made for this!”

“Yes, my stud, give me that big dick!”

I loved how he looked. I had the best view in the world, looking up between my legs at that gorgeous face as it registered the pleasure of my inner flesh squeezing and sucking his length as he moved. I was grabbing for his ass but wound up digging into his sides. I was grabbing so hard as I moaned in pleasure that I’m glad I didn’t draw blood! “Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh John, yes! Deeper! Give me every inch!” If we’d still had that old bed, it would have collapsed from the power he was throwing into every thrust, like he was testing the strength of this one!

Oh, fuck, this was amazing! And then he literally cried out, “ahhhh!” and I felt him give a last, deep thrust and his dick seemed to swell even bigger and start flooding my guts with big spurts of his semen that I could feel with every shot. After about six shots in me, he started moving slowly canlı bahis siteleri again, spending about a minute churning his load in me. Then he slowly slid out, and said “thank you, babe! But you didn’t cum. Want me to suck you off?” I said, “No, I don’t want you rushed to get there. You can make it up to me later.”

He smiled at me, the ruddiness in his cheeks from the sexual exertions making him look even hotter than usual, if such a thing were possible. “Deal,” he said, and he zipped back up, just stuffing his dick into his shorts and pulling up his pants.

“Go get ’em, soldier!” and I gave him a kiss before he grabbed his stuff and headed for the door.

By the way, as much as calling him “soldier” was part of our playfulness at times, the idea of him being in the Army scared the shit out of me. I wanted to know that he always was safe. The idea that he could be deployed anywhere and get shot at was a thought I tried not to dwell on. I knew he’d keep his commitment, a commitment that pre-dated me being part of his life, but I really didn’t like it, even if I respected his honoring it and serving.

As he went to his ROTC thing, I did some reading and threw together a sandwich. If you’re thinking, “and went to clean up?” as part of this, no. I liked the feeling of soreness and his load planted deep in me. If I could keep it there forever, I would.

A few hours later, John returned. He looked pretty worn out and grimy. Honestly, my plan for his return was something like, throw him over the side of the bed, pull down his pants and do to him what he did to me before he left, but… “Whoa, you’re a grimy mess, soldier.” I sniffed. “And really need a shower. Jeez!”

He gave a tired laugh. “Nice to see you, too!”

“I can love you without loving the smell coming off you right now.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll go hit the shower.”

I did give him a kiss, however, and said, “Want me to take this stuff down to the wash while you get cleaned up?”

“Yes, please.”

So John stripped everything off, and I gathered all of it up to take to the laundry room in the basement. When I got down there, Phoebe was there. “I saw him come back. You’re sweet to get that all cleaned up for him.”

“Least I can do!”

She smiled. “By the way, thank you!”

I was puzzled. “For what?”

She smiled and said, “For forgetting about the camera in the elevator when you two came back earlier today!”

Oh, fuck, she could see us making out. How did we forget that? I knew I was turning red, but she said, “Oh, just go with it. You brightened an old lady’s day!”

I smiled. And then she added, “Hey, when my husband and I were newlyweds, I never could sit down. I get it!”

I knew I was turning red then. “Feebs (her nickname), you truly have me at a loss for words.” With that, she laughed a huge, raspy laugh and wished me a good night, heading out the door.

Heading back upstairs, I heard the shower running as I walked through the apartment. And I smiled at the sound.

I started stripping off my clothes as I walked towards the bathroom. Getting there, I stuck my head into the shower. He seemed to just be standing there under a spray of hot water. I said, “Not getting much done?”

He just shook his head. “Sore,” he groaned. As in, whatever they’d made my boy do, he was sore and trying to work out the knots with a nice, hot spray. Of course, I didn’t hesitate to get in with him, but this wasn’t about sex. At least, not right then. “Here, lean forward,” and I angled the water so it would keep good heat hitting between his shoulders. I started rubbing the muscles just inside his shoulder blades, then down the length of his back. Then I worked back up to the tops of his shoulders (trapezius muscles?) and up into his neck. As I rubbed, I felt the tightness in… well, I don’t know what they’re called. Like, the back corners of his neck? This poor boy was a worn out, knotty mess. The temptation to work back down and massage his ass was huge, but that felt too self-serving in a time when my man needed my help.

As I worked up and down his back, he was moaning, but more with a sound of relief than the types of moans I usually got from him. I asked, “What did they do to my man?”

He turned his head back, gave me a sweet, gentle kiss, and said, “Sprints, squats, lifting challenges, an obstacle course, rope climbs, and other fun stuff.” I kissed him again and said, “Didn’t they see how gorgeously built my man already is?”

He laughed. “I don’t think that’s how they look at it.”

“Turn back around, silly. Let me keep working on you.”

He said, “How about we dry off and go lie down?”

“Ooh, John in bed. Never a bad idea!”

“I don’t think I’m going to be lots of fun tonight, hon. I’m sorry.”

“Not a problem. Our life is about a lot more than sex.”

Suddenly, he got this concerned look, and he put the back of his hand against my forehead. “You’re not angling for sex? Are you okay? You’re not feeling chills or canlı bahis anything, are you?”

“Stop it, you smartass!”

And he laughed. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you uninterested in sex since the days when you were trying to hide how much you wanted me.” And he laughed again.

I smacked his ass. He yelled, “Help! I’m being abused!”

God, I loved this silly man. With that, I reached around and shut the water. Then we wrapped each other in towels, dried off the best we could, and headed out to the bedroom.

We got in bed, and John groaned. Poor boy! He’d had plenty of workouts with ROTC, but this seemed like it was an extreme one. I said, “Hey, don’t let me forget to go move your stuff to the dryer.”

“If I’m awake to remind you!”

We cuddled up together. I started rubbing his shoulders again. He groaned a bit, in a way that sounded both like relief from the massage and fatigue at the same time. I said quietly, “If you want to sleep, then sleep, hon. You had a long day.” He nodded a little. “Can you keep rubbing a bit?”

Of course, I kept going. I wanted him to be more comfortable. Then a thought occurred to me and I chuckled a little. He turned his head a bit. Oh, my poor baby looked so tired. He asked, “What are you chuckling about?”

“I was just thinking back to the start of freshman year. This guy they made me room with. Big, strapping, pussy-chasing, straightboy horndog, and I was very afraid to admit it at the time, but I probably would have cum if I’d just gotten to massage him like I’m doing to you right now. And now, here we are, and this is the tamest thing we’ve done for as long as I can remember.”

He smiled. “That boy you’re talking about got very lucky, you know. And I don’t think he was ever meant to play with girls anyhow.”

“Oh, give him credit. He did okay with girls. I witnessed him getting a girl off just by fucking. I hear lots of guys can’t do that.”

“Maybe, but that wasn’t his true calling. He found his prince, and that’s who he was meant to be with.”

I smiled again. Oh, this man. “Hey, shouldn’t you rest, hon?”

He yawned and stretched a little. “I suppose I should.”

“And I should go put your stuff in the dryer. I’ll be back in a few!”

So I left him there, and I headed out to go move the laundry. Exciting, I know! When I got back, he was out cold. So I curled up against him and let him sleep. Even in his sleep, he felt me there and made the cutest little noise as he pushed against me. I stayed like that for a bit. Then as he shifted in his sleep, I tried to move without disturbing him and turned to grab something to read.

After enough time had passed, I went down and grabbed his stuff. When I got back upstairs, I just tossed all of it on a chair (it was Army fatigues–no need to be too neat!), shut out the lights and crawled back into bed.

John’s sleep seemed a bit off, but we didn’t have to be up early the next day, so it was okay. The next morning, I got up first, and I put on some coffee. (See how grown up we were by now? I could make coffee!)

I sat at our little table by the kitchen, sipping coffee and reading. I eventually heard him stir, and he wandered over, giving me a quick peck and grabbing a mug. I asked, “Feel any better, hon?”

“Still pretty sore, but I’ll be fine. Some stretching will help. That and some Advil.”

I made us some eggs, and he dug in. That and a second cup of coffee seemed to perk him up, although he’d be stretching and groaning for the rest of the day. It was another nice day, so I asked if he’d like to go for a walk. We did that, combining the walk with stops on campus. He had to touch base on an engineering project he was working on for a class, and I had some work to do in the library. John told me he’d meet me back at the library when he was done, and I told him what floor I’d be on.

A few hours later, as I sat, engrossed in my work, I heard, “Wow, new in town, hot stuff?”

Not missing my chance, I said, “Is that line why you sometimes couldn’t close the deal with girls?”

“Owww!” and he grabbed his chest like I’d mortally wounded him.

He always could make me smile.

“Hi, hon,” and he kissed me. “You about ready?”

“Almost. Can you give me a few minutes more?”

“Sure. But…”


“I’m never on this level. Where’s the bathroom?”

“Oh, sure. I’ll show you.”

So I took him over to the nearest one, a single person/any gender one not far away.

He said, “Oh, you know, I did know this is here.”

“Then why…”

And he grabbed me, as he flung open the door, pulled me inside and locked it.

“John! What are you doing?”

“I owe you from last night.”

“I really wasn’t keeping track, hon.”

“Okay, fine. I want your dick in my mouth, and I don’t want to wait!”

Sotto voce, I said, “John, this is a bathroom!”

He looked around. “It’s clean! Now, come over here!”

He sat on the toilet and started undoing my pants.

I said, “Oh, this is so romantic!”

“Don’t you want to be able to remember when you got off in the library? Isn’t that some kind of college tradition?”

“I think you’re supposed to do it in the stacks, if you want to be properly daring.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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