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This is the first story that I have written in the first person narrative for Literotica.

And that is because this is the first story that is absolutely true and without embellishment, as it comes directly out of my own sex life.

Besides the names, nothing, and I do mean absolutely nothing else has been changed. I obtained permission from all parties involved to put it down in words.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy occasionally reliving it, on those days where wistful daydreams dance upon the distant horizons of my spank bank skies.


I sat across the table from my best friend from high school, Arielle, and her charming husband Dean.

All through school Arielle and I had been inseparable. We’d met during our freshman orientation and hit it off immediately. She had attended a different middle school than I, but we had loads in common and it became very quickly clear how amazingly we were going to get along. Unfortunately for me, there was a very solid friend-zone vibe straight from the beginning, and like many guys before me in the history of the world, sometimes you sacrifice the intensity of a crush in order to develop an amazing friendship.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t always have a thing for her…but the trade-off of the friendship had been well worth the sacrifice of the fantasy.

Now here we were in our mid 20’s, and talking about all of the adult things we’d been up to in the 7 years since graduation. I was working at a publishing company in New York City. Arielle was in her second year of marriage to Dean, whom she’d met in medical school. He was just beginning his residency while she’d recently been hired on as a nurse at a nearby hospital. It was a hectic life, but they seemed to be happy and doing well.

I’d driven down to visit them where they lived in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania earlier that Friday after receiving a surprise call from Arielle the previous week asking if I was free. It had been six months since I’d last seen her and she brought up the idea of me coming down to stay for the weekend. I jumped at the chance.

After packing up a duffle for the weekend and throwing my mountain bike into the back of the SUV I made the three-hour drive down to their condo.

Arielle had rushed out to meet me when I got there and wrapped me up in one of her marvelously tight hugs. Some things never changed.

Now here we were, a couple of hours later sitting around their dinner table laughing at old stories and catching up on new ones. There was an empty wine bottle, six beer bottles, and some shot glasses that painted a fairly clear story of just how our night had gone so far.

Arielle had somehow grown even sexier as she had gotten older. She didn’t peak in high school…she just kept, well, peaking. She was like a lava flow building a mountain from underwater. Somehow she just seemed to keep growing into something even more impressive as time went by.

It would be hard to describe in perfect majesty just how hot Arielle was. Hyperbole might seem abundant in the undertaking, but, alas, I must make it very clear to you just what this ball of fire looked like before I continue on with this chronicling. It is crucial that you understand this going in, so that you can fully realize the power she so easily wielded.

Her skin looked liked she slept overnight in a soaking tub full of vanilla-bean lotion. She had blonde hair that she wore layered at a medium-short length, with curls that seemed to jump up and kiss her neck and cheeks like desperate fingers. She had Liv Tyler blue eyes and dimples on her cheeks that seemed more like they were painted on by a pastoral master. When she smiled her soft creamy skin seemed to glow—it was the type of smile that was suggestive, as if she was always up to something. She always seemed to be wearing some strange summer-olive tan, even in the dead of winter. Her freckles charted star formations across her shoulders and neck and softly across her cheeks though less pronounced. Her lips were almost effortlessly naughty…like if she smiled at you in a bar you might go a little week in one knee as if a friend had pushed the back of your locked leg during the middle of a pool shot.

I’d seen men walk into things numerous times as they walked past her in public. I’d seen teachers in class lose their train of thought when she walked in wearing a skirt that was shorter than standardized testing.

Her body curved like Aphrodite. She had these C-Cup breasts that always seem to be lifting out of whatever shirt she was wearing as if they filled with some sort of heavenly helium. She was always wearing some sort of bracelet or necklace that seemed to hang off of her body like dripping water. Her legs were flawless—shea-buttered and curving into perfectly-adorable muscles that angled in all the right places. And her butt…ummfff. This was a butt.

She had a butt that would turn celibate priests AND devoted nuns into immediately bahis firmaları unstoppable carnivores of the flesh if they were ever given the opportunity to actually do anything to it. In high school she’d been the shortest girl on the Varsity volleyball team, but that didn’t seem to matter. She was tenacious…and I’d gone to many of her games to cheer her on. Also, if I’m being entirely honest, her ass in a pair of tight volleyball shorts was, I’m quite certain, as close to the Garden of Eden as anyone has ever been.

I’d watched all through school as her first lucky crushes and boyfriend’s had experienced her magnificent wonders of her first sexual exploration with a quiet jealousy. None of them had ever really stood out enough. She grew bored easily of the men she played with and moved on to the next.

She had a body sort of like Camila Mendes from Riverdale, and the same lascivious facial expressions that made you think she was always up to no good, but with the blonde hair and blue eyes that allowed her to actually get away with whatever iniquities she was chasing.

Dean had been the first guy who’d been able to handle her pedigree. He was chiseled from a similar form of demigod DNA to Arielle and I knew from the first moment I met him and started hearing all of the stories of their collegiate adventures that he might actually have what it took to keep up with the firecracker that was my best friend.

She was stupidly intelligent, wickedly hilarious, and her body was an art-piece of a billion chasing groans…but Dean had been up to the task.

And now they these two stupidly sexy people were married and probably had all sorts of stupidly sexy sex in what I could only assume was a room full of as many mirrors as they could afford to buy.

Dean had gotten up to fetch more drinks and a pack of playing cards as I stared across the table at my decadently beautiful friend.

She was simply dressed. A pair of tight blue jeans and a blue tank top that hung just low enough to show off a light pink bra that hugged her juicy breasts and held them perfectly aloft.

The house was nice and toasty thanks to a fire that Dean had gotten going earlier in the night.

When he returned to the table with three Scotch and sodas he handed the deck of cards over to me so I could shuffle. The table wasn’t quite a full rectangle but it wasn’t quite a square either. We sat towards one end with Arielle directly across from me while Dean sat the side so that his blatantly naughty wife wouldn’t able to steal any glances at his cards.

We played Poker and Go-Fish and other similar mindless games as the mood required.

We were all fairly drunk by now and our conversations dipped and weaved into all sorts of topics.

“So John, you’re a successful good-looking guy in the city and you’re single…so tell us, are you taking home a different woman every single night to your apartment?” Dean asked, as Arielle smiled across the table at me.

I laughed at that. “I’d love to tell you that I have some sort of David E. Kelley imagined game, but that’s not quite the case.”

“Oh come on now Johnny, you’re being coy…I’ve known you for a long time, you do quite well for yourself in the bedroom.” Arielle said, and when she said this, I felt something brush against my leg beneath the table. I thought it may have been an accident, until I felt it again. Arielle’s foot was lightly placed against the inside of my right leg as she caressed my calf. I caught her eye and she raised the slyest eyebrow at me from across the table.

“Well, I’m not going to say I’ve been living like a Mormon…but I’m also not hosting the Romanesque-style orgies that every guy in their mid-20’s would probably like to be.

We all laughed at that.

“Hey! Don’t knock Mormon girls…one of the best blowjobs I ever got was from a Mormon girl!” Dean said, and his eyes seemed to get distant for a second.

“It’s a good thing you said ‘One of’ right there,” Arielle playfully admonished her husband. She swatted at his hand of cards but even as she did this I felt her foot travel further up my leg so that is was resting on the edge of my chair next to my thigh. I scooted my chair in of course.

“What about you Johnny? What’s the best blowjob you ever got?” Arielle asked as she looked across the table at me and curled her toes along the inside of my leg. I was a little in shock…Arielle had never flirted like this with me before…and her husband was sitting right next to us at the table. The alcohol must’ve had her feeling very daring.

“Mmm, Cindy Thompson…Senior year, we were looking for some place to fool around so we ended up on the stairs of our high school theater catwalk and ditched our last class of the day. I remember us having to be super quiet because there was a class of kids on the stage working on their spring show.”

“Mmmmm, I remember that story! You had a dumb smile on your face for a week straight after that. It kaçak iddaa was like she sucked the sadness out of you or something!” They all laughed again.

“For the rest of my life I will always associate some over-acting sophomore yelling out ‘Stellllaaa!’ in the background while Cindy took a whole mouthful of my cum.” I said to them as we all cracked up at that image, and now I felt Arielle’s foot push even closer towards my crotch. I was starting to get hard from her teasing. She smiled at me again from across the table.

“So what made it such a good blowjob? The actual blowjob or the setting?” Dean asked as he took a sip from his cocktail.

I was finding it hard to focus on my next poker move, the topic of conversation, and Arielle’s unusually skilled foot-play.

“The…combo of the two I think. Also, Cindy was just obnoxiously hot.” I thought out loud.

“Yeah, Cindy was definitely our school’s token hot Asian girl. She had the glasses and everything. You never knew if she was a super goody two-shoes or a totally ravenous slut, that’s what was so hot about her—the mystique. Also, let’s be real, she had total blowjob lips.” Arielle helped to paint the picture.

“It was legitimately like her teeth disappeared during the blowjob…I was so impressed because I know she had teeth…but I’m not sure I felt them one time while she sucked me. I didn’t last long.” I thought back to the blowjob and my cock was now definitely hard.

“I dunno…I sort of like a little teeth during a blowjob…it’s kind of hot when the girl lightly bites you or runs her teeth along your shaft…there’s a danger in the act then…more of a controlling sort of blowjob.” Dean added.

“Well boys I sure I’m glad that everyone at the table now knows my blowjob technique.” Arielle smiled at them both.

“What about you?” I asked her across the table. “Best experience of being eaten out?” The conversation had now firmly turned to sex and all three of us were enjoying the mental stimulation the topic typically provided.

“Hmmm, that’s a good question.” She said, and as she her eyes drifted away in thought, I felt her foot push against the very inside of my thigh right next to my crotch. My hardness was a mere centimeters away from where she was meandering her movements.

“As much as I love you babe, I’d have to say my absolute best cunnilingus was from my friend Jo during my first college Spring Break trip.”

My eyes went wide in shock. Dean cocked an eyebrow at Arielle.

“Who’s Jo? You never told me about that guy and I’m pretty sure I know the story of all the guys you’ve fucked.” He asked.

“Oh, well then I think you’re really going to be in for a surprise my friend,” I said to him even as I stared dumbly across at Arielle who sat there like a mischievous little minx, “Jo isn’t a guy.”

Dean looked from me and then back to his tawdry wife who had a huge grin on her face.

“Nooooo!” He said, but he was clearly enthralled.

“Jo was what you might refer to as a little college experimentation.” Arielle explained, as both of us looked at her with wide-eyed wonder.

“I remember meeting her a couple of times…you guys did always seem super cozy with each other.” I said, thinking back on her briefly intense friendship with the girl she had met right out of high school. It all made so much sense now.

“Yeah, we’d started out as super-close friends…and then we were drunk together at Spring Break and both of us wanted to take a shower and the water felt really good and soon we were making out and then we were doing more than making out and then she had pushed me up against the wall and she kissed down my body and she sucked me right there in the spray of the water and I came harder than I’ve ever cum from being eaten out before.” As Arielle finished her story she looked around the table to find a dropped-jaw convention was apparently in town. We were both in happy delirium from this story.

“Damn…that’s hot.” Dean said. He wasn’t a poet. But what more needed to be said?

“So is that the only girl you’ve done anything with, Ari?” I asked her, suddenly curious if she’d hidden anything else from me. We’d always shared such an open book with each other about our sex lives.

Arielle looked over to Dean immediately and Dean turned a little red.

“Well…no.” She said, but there wasn’t any embarrassment from her in the statement. “Dean and I have definitely allowed ourselves to have some, let’s say, sexual adventures together.” She said, and now I felt her foot move firmly against my crotch. She rubbed my hard-on as we spoke now and I was going crazy. My sexy friend from high school was coming on to me right in front of her husband and he had no idea. I scooted my chair in even more.

I looked over to Dean as she said this. “Oh really?” and I gave him the tallest of my inquisitive eyebrows as a beckoning.

“Yeah, Arielle and I have decided that we quite enjoy having a very…I kaçak bahis guess you could say kinky marriage.” I smiled widely at that admission.

“Well you guys can’t just stop there…what does that mean exactly?” We’d stopped playing cards now. I was too distracted by the conversation and the footjob that was acting as literal subtext to our subtext.

“Dean and I have started bringing other people into our bedroom.” Arielle said plainly, as her foot slowly rubbed along the outline of my cock through my pants. She took a sip from her drink as she gave me an amused smile.

“Whoa…so like…you guys have had threesomes?” I asked, and my mind immediately went to it’s dirtiest of corners as I imagined my friend in all sorts of variables.

“And foursomes,” Dean added.

“And moresomes, actually,” Arielle chimed in again.

“Wow…holy fuck…that’s amazing. Wait, so, how many is in a moresome exactly?”

“A moresome, I’d say, based on what we’ve experienced, is more than five, but…less than fifteen. I’d have to consult the sextionary to make sure I’m using the proper terminology.” Dean was so inviting in the way he spoke about sex—so comfortable. I could see why Arielle fell in love so easily.

The man was a specimen. He was 6’2 and had some of his mother’s Spanish features. He was muscular but not in the grossly overcompensating sort of way. Both of his arms were covered in tattoos, some nautical, some nature. His hair had that sort of well-behaved coif that told you how well put together he was, and his face carried a slight shadow of untrimmed hair that was always perfectly moisturized.

“Sooooo…does this technically make you guys swingers?” I asked them honestly. It was a fun conversation. I had so many questions and we were all so drunk that the inhibitions had been left firmly tucked away in the coatroom.

“We encounter that word a lot…we hate it. But in the most accurate sense of the definition, yes.” Dean said.

“I prefer to think of us sluts or just sexually adventurous for that matter…especially because when I hear the word ‘swinger’ I instantly think about a cruise ship full of older married couples that are trying to make up for all the good sex they never allowed themselves to have when they were younger…or even worse, to save the dwindling flames of their marriages with last ditch Hail Mary’s into uncharted territories of kink.” Arielle said it as if it had become her mission statement.

“So how did this happen for you guys? I mean, don’t get me wrong…I think it’s fucking awesome…but, like, was it an accident? I’ve never actually talked to anyone who did this before…also, I can’t believe you’ve never told me this!” I chided Arielle from across the table as I felt her foot continued to rub along my cock. She bit her lip as she felt my size at full ocean-ready mast.

“Well, sort of yeah…the first threesome we had was towards the end of college with my roommate Bailey. We all got drunk one night on my tiny couch while we were watching HBO and some real sex show ended up coming on after Game of Thrones ended and before we knew what had happened Bailey and I were both kneeling in front of Dean and sharing his cock between our kisses.

“Also known as one of the greatest nights of my life.” Dean added to that. Arielle seemed to squirm in her seat as she told that story. The air in the house, whether from the fire or from the story of past flames, was decidedly heavy.

“So that was your first threesome,” I said, pressing them further. “But you’ve had foursomes? And moresomes?” I couldn’t help but laugh when I said it…it was such a silly term.

“We’ve hooked up with some other couples that we’ve met through some dating apps.”Arielle said as she stared at me with a lusty sort of gaze while she spoke. Dean had leaned in a little as the details poured out. We were all still drinking out cocktails as the night settled into seediness.

“Yes…as it turns out, Arielle and I both love watching each other fuck other people. It’s sort of almost a game now for us. Leaving jealousy out of those moments as we pleasure each other’s minds from the sheer completion of different fantasies.” Dean spoke with such smooth baritone about their sex life that I felt like I could listen to him narrate all my favorite books on tape.

“Yeah…and it also helps that Dean and I are both incredibly kinky. We’ve gone down some roads that I’d never expected us to go down.” As she said this I watched my best friend trace her hand along her delicately exposed collarbone. She looked like she was in heat.

“Like what? I’m so intrigued by all of this.” And I was. I was so turned on by the whole thing…I wanted to know more and more and more.

“Well…as you might’ve already guessed…I’m firmly bisexual. I like to play with girls in front of Dean. I like to eat pussy while he watches. I like to hear girls moan when I suck on their clits…and I LOVE making out with girls. Dean’s even made some videos of me fucking some girls we’ve brought home together.” She said, and her words dripped a viscous net of seduction over me—I’d never wanted so badly to steal a movie before in my entire life.

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