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For the last few months I’ve been living Gloria, who was about eighteen year old, and a body that could and has on occasion stopped traffic.

Her and I got along over the couple months before my girl-friend left to attend school in Europe. And over the same time I found myself grown very attracted to her even more then friends could be. I think she felt the same way, as she would prance around the apartment in silk and lace nightgown that could almost be classified as lingerie, black but accented all the right parts.

Things had come increasingly more frustrating as my girlfriend finally left town, but I thought I could manage it. Well I thought I could till Gloria increased the temperature.

Al most a couple weeks to the day Gloria would have a bath prior to going to bed, which was nothing new, she always did that. She said it relaxes her, but what she started to do was walk from the bathroom to her room in just her bra and panties.

The first few of nights she made a direct beeline for her bedroom, slowing her pace every time. A week later I was in the kitchen when Gloria walked up to me after her bath with just her panties on, leaving she B-cupped breast handing out. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and went straight to bed. Though the day there was no discussion of her actions the next day.

She did that every night, after a few nights it was a kiss on the neck, and again she would do that no matter were I was in the house, our she would purposely wait till I got home. After a two weeks of this she started to give me a kiss on the lips.

The stress was getting unbearable of her soft lips press against mine and her bare breast hanging there so alone. After the third night I said to bonus veren siteler myself, “That’s it I’m going to do something about it.”

And like clock work, after I returned home form a long day at the factory, there was Gloria in the tub. I went into the kitchen fixed myself a cup of tea and scan the mail I received that day. Gloria walked out of the bathroom half dried off and sexy as usual, walked up to me and gave me a long sensuous kiss on the lips. I turn towards her as she had my lips locked, and with both of my hand I reached up, put her soft and smooth breasts in my hand and squeezed gentle. She moaned a bit, let go of my lips, put her head on my shoulder ran her soft hand over my crotch and whispered in my, “I’ve wanted you to do that for a long time…. And a lot more.”

“Mmm! I like the sound of that”, I replied.

“I thought you might”, she stated as she tightened her grip.

I ran my hands though her long semi-dry hair and kissed her on the neck. She rapped her hands around back at chest level and held me tight. “Oh God, its been so long since I’ve have another person this close to me, I don’t want to let go”, she stated to a soft, almost inaudible voice.

I hesitated a moment then replied, “Well then if you don’t want to… Don’t!”

She leaned back, looked at my blue eyes, and saw that I was serious. Then she proceeded to unbutton my plaid work shirt, and ran her hands alone my back. She kissed me again and let her tongue run along my dried lips, as she dragged me off to her bedroom. Gloria stood there a moment pondering, then she undid my jeans and slid my underwear off and she knelt on the floor and licked my cock and balls very slowly. She made four passes bedava bahis before she slowly slid my hard cock in her warm mouth and caressed gently. She then took the cock in her hand as she stood up running her tongue along my sore acting body. As she stood up she pushed me back a few paced then though me onto the bed. And I thought to myself, “Oh boy what did you get yourself into?”

I look down my body at her on the foot of the bed as she ran her hands along her body, over her sweet breasts, down her ribs, each hand met above her panty line, as the slowly slid her hand under her panties, and put two fingers up her cunt. I felt my heart race as she did. She stood there a few minutes ramming her finger up her pussy, before she let her panties fall to the floor, over her fresh clean shaven legs.

She spread her legs ran her hand back up her body and inquired, “You like what you see? Andrew!”

I let my eyes run up and down her body a couple times before I answered, “It’s better then I imagined.”

She slowly moved towards the bed, put her hands on the end of the bed, and crawled up the bed placing her hands on either side of my body as she moved up. As she came within in reach I ran my warm strong hands up her sensuous body. As came face to face with me she slid her arms under my shoulders. She adjusted herself to allow my cock to penetrate pussy lips, as her cunt swallowed my entire dick she kissed me all over my face and chest. After Gloria left a hicky just over my right nipple she sat up, my cock still implanted deep inside her, she started to play with her clit. I placed my hands over her nice sized sweet breast and squeezed gently allowing the nipples to protrude, I leaned foreword deneme bonus and latch on one of her nipples with the in intent to leave a nice bid hicky. As I started to suck on the nipple a fore breast, I heard a soft moan coming out of Gloria. I let go of her breast and saw a fare sized hicky, she looked down and said, “Oh! Nice.”

She smiled and pushed me back on the bed. Gloria moved herself up my but and put her pussy right in my face. So I want to work, I ran my tongue along her pussy lips, playing with her clit once in a while. I ran my hands along her ass, squeezing ever once in a while. I heard her hands hit the wall as my tongue slid up her inner cavity, and I moved my hand around her ass, slowing to allow my thumb to make a slow pass over her ass-hole.

She moaned, “Oh god! Mmm!”, between grinding teeth.

Just then she turned around and knelt on all fours, I got up on my knees, and was going to put my cock up her pussy, when she reach under and had it slide up her ass. As it penetrated she moaned louder each time ventured a little deeper, as she played with her clit. After a few minutes she said in a soft voice between breaths, “Give me that cock, all the way up my pussy, baby.”

I push it all the in to her vaginal cavity as far back as I could go, back and forth slowly at first, picking up speed as she tensed up, then gasped as she came. After a second she caught her breath, she pulled foreword, turn and lyed on the bed, with her legs spread wide open. I move on top of her as my cock re-entered her pussy, I leaned on one arm, ran my hand though to long thick hair, and looked into her deep blue eyes as my cock tensed up for a final burst.

I groaned slightly as my cock release all of its fluids, I leaned foreword gave her a big sweet kiss on the lips, and she inquired, “That was great.”

“Yes I enjoyed that a lot more then I thought”, I replied.

We talked for a little while after that, and spent the rest of the night in each others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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