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Classroom Sex

As usual, I woke before Melody. I didn’t really sleep much. Spent the night trying to keep from freezing to death. Damn, she was a blanket hog! I patiently waited for the sun to come up. I knew I wasn’t going to like what she was going to tell me. ‘We shouldn’t have done that! Friends don’t fuck!’ and it would somehow be all my fault. But that was Melody, and for some reason I loved her.

The sun rose and along with it, Melody. She was contented in my arms until she was aware that’s where she was; in my arms. She gave me that dirty look, got up, got dressed, and said, “You seduced me! I told you friends don’t fuck!”

There was no arguing. You could never win with her. It was her perception, and that was that. She left and I was numb as I watched her walk back to her house. Didn’t know if I was numb from the void I was just dealt, again, . . . or from losing the blanket battles. Either way, I was wondering if, but always hoping, I’d see her again.

Well, I went on with my life wishing she were a part of it. It wasn’t easy; wanting to call her every time I look at my cell phone. But if I did call, that would just piss her off more. Yeah, I know what you’re saying, “Get on with your life!” but damn, I was still nuts about her. Best thing to do, I thought, was to fill that void in my life. So that’s what I did, or tried to do. And damn, I was productive! I still couldn’t sleep, but I was writing up a storm and working out as though I were fighting again. Occasionally there were some distractions. The phone would ring, and yes, I always hoped it was her. But it never was. Not until a week later. Returning home from a workout one night, that little red light on my answering machine was flashing. Naturally I’m hoping it’s from my Melody. Hmmmm. My Melody! Melody never has and probably never will belong to anyone. I hit the button. It was almost a whisper, “Meet me in the garage tonight.” It was so faint, I had to play it back a few times. But yes, that’s what it said. Don’t know why she was whispering, don’t care. Maybe her mother came in while she was calling. She never really liked me.

So, there I was again breaking into the garage. It was another cold night. I’d left the blanket there from last week. Figured there was no reason to take them, I’d gotten them for OUR bed, so that’s where they should stay. I guess it was just wishful thinking. As habit, I hit the button on the electric blanket. I’ll be damned! The little orange light came on. Someone turned the electric back on. I cranked it up to 15, stripped down to my briefs, and got under. It was like being home again. Felt pretty damn good too. Too good. Before I knew it, I was asleep. Which was fine since Melody never really told me a time, and I was hoping for a long night, so a little nap wouldn’t hurt me.

Don’t know what time it was when I thought I heard the door open and close. I woke, I think, for just a moment. There were no candles being lit this time, just heard the undressing and felt the blankets move. It felt nice to have a warm body crawling in beside me. Well, not exactly beside me. Her hands went right to my briefs, tugging them down and a moment later, her mouth was wrapped around my shaft. Damn, what a wake up call. I looked down and in the dark I could faintly see the blanket bobbing up and down. I don’t know where she got her new found passion for giving head, but damn, she was good! She was stroking me to speed up the process of bringing the needed blood to the area. It wasn’t long and I was at full length. “Whoa! Oh my!” I heard under the blanket. She sounded a little surprised. anadolu yakası escort It was only a week, she couldn’t have forgotten what I had. “Mmmmmmm” was what I heard next as I felt my cock swallowed, then the blanket started again. My God, she could suck a cock good! Too good. I think I was about to shoot already. It had been a week and I had a hell of a load saved up. I had to stop her. Wanted to make this worthwhile so I grabbed her head and pulled it to me. I loved kissing her. Our tongues entwined as she continued to massage my balls. Something was different. She kissed different. I ran my hands through her hair. Her short hair! I pulled away, “You cut your hair!”

“No I didn’t.” She said, . . . but who was she?

“Who are you?” I asked the woman now stroking my shaft and thumbing the head.

“I’m Jennifer. Melody couldn’t make it. She sent me in her place.”

“You’re her cousin! I thought you were in Florida?” this is one strange family!

She tossed the blankets aside, (things were heating up) laid down beside me, grabbed my hand, and put it on her pussy. She had a small tuft of hair. “Up for a visit. I hope you’re as good as she says you are.” Her hand moved mine a little lower. Her clit was swollen. (Damn, and I thought what Melody had at the top of her slit was a little dick. Jennifer’s may have been even bigger; must be a family trait.) She was sloppy! And how I love that. Her fingers were stuffing mine inside her cunt. I had three in already, along with one or two of hers. Apparently Melody didn’t tell Jennifer about those exercises.

This was a bit strange. I pulled my hand away. “This is, . . .” I stammered.

“C’mon, she wants you to have a good time.”

Melody always talked about a threesome. She said it was just a fantasy though. Maybe she was going to join us. I didn’t know. I do remember her telling me how attractive Jennifer was. I reached up, found the lighter (just were it always was) and lit a few candles.

Very nice! And what a body. Long and lean. “You guys have great genes!”

She smiled, rolled over, and smacked her ass. “Another family trait.”

It was gorgeous. And I got along side of her just as I’d done with Melody so many times. Knowing Melody, she gave her cousin pretty good details as to what we’ve done. Didn’t want to disappoint. I don’t know how long it had been since Jennifer had been fucked, but she was as wet as Melody when we first got together. That slippery, sloppy, oozing wet! Christ, my thumb went right to her G-spot like a homing device. Her ass arched up and I worked it until her body shuddered. There were no screams, just deep, throaty moans. She pressed her ass to my hand. I cupped her like a bowling ball and lifted her until I could slide my legs under her, keeping her ass high. I played with her cervix, hoping that response would be another family trait. Bingo! More shuddering, more moaning. Jennifer was no where near as tight though. I pulled my thumb out and replaced it with a couple fingers. I was twisting them pretty good and didn’t really feel any pressure, so I added another. The moan did get a little louder, and she was getting wetter. I was twisting like a cork screw. My pinky seemed to add itself with only a little resistance. I’m working it now and I know where this is headed.

(I only remember doing something like this with Melody one time. Our first date; got four fingers inside. I think she was trying to impress me. After that one time, never more than two.)

Jennifer was looking over her ataşehir escort shoulder at me. She’s very attractive! I bend forward to kiss her. She comes to me as much as she can. We kiss, very wet. I’m just trying to get more lubrication for her pussy that’s about to have my fist inside. I suck her mouth dry and bring my head over my thumb letting all her spit drool out of my mouth onto that thumb. Right on target. I four finger fuck her for a little while longer, then tuck my thumb in under my index finger. It was a little tough going in. Jennifer hungrily reached back, grabbed my wrist and pushed her ass back. At least I got a muffled scream out of that. Now I’m mostly just twisting inside her and she’s getting into it. The pain, I’m guessing. Nothing wrong with that. Let’s see how far I can go. My cock is at full attention next to her hip. I can see her little asshole winking at me, almost calling my name. Who am I to deny her. While my right hand is knuckling her cervix, the middle finger of my left hand finds her mouth. She licks it, then sucks it deep, making it slick. Damn, she had a nice mouth. Couldn’t wait to get my cock back in there.

But right now, I had a sphincter to massage. Her asshole was tight. Could have had something to do with the fact that my fist was taking up all the slack. Didn’t matter, tight or not, it was going to get fucked. She’s writhing in pain, or pleasure, who knows. Her hands are under her now, I’m guessing she pinching the hell out of her nipples. I’m sucking the inside of my mouth to gather up all the spit I can. Every time I get enough I’m spewing it into the crack of her ass, letting it seep down. I’m using my finger to feed it to her hole. It’s not long before I’m working on the second finger. It’s not that easy but I think maybe, with a little effort, my cock may find its way. I remove the two fingers and grab Jennifer’s hip, rolling her on her side. My fist remained deep as she pulled her legs up into a fetal position. That gave me the easiest access to her asshole. It still wasn’t going to be easy, but what the hell, if it were easy, little girls would be doing it.

“Hey, got any spit left?” I asked her, as romantic as that question could be asked.

A hand releases one of her nipples as she cups her hand under her mouth and starts spitting into it. I don’t know which lips were producing more fluid. What she had in her hand she slapped onto my cock and slathered it up and down the shaft. She doesn’t take her hand from me as she guides me toward her ass.

I’m thinking, ‘Damn, I could barely get two fingers in. I’m going to split her in two.”

She guides the head of my cock to her almost opening.

I’ve got to move my right arm forward to get it out of the way. How she doesn’t tear, I don’t know. The pre cum is glistening in the candlelight. Jennifer smears it on her ass then lines everything up.

I’m working it slowly, trying to be gentle. Just her rubbing the head of my cock against her tight hole is driving me nuts. It’s lined up, she knows it, she pulls my cock and rears backward onto me. It hits deep! Finally, I hear a scream! Although, it may have been me screaming. Damn, it was tight! It felt weird, my fist in her cunt, my cock in her ass, almost as though I was jerking myself off, but not. Like I said, it was weird.

This was hot! A first for me and I wasn’t going to last long. I’m pumping her ass for all I’m worth. And right now I don’t think I’m worth a whole lot. Jennifer is looking up at me knowing I’m right there. “Where do you want it?”

She ümraniye escort raised her chin and said, “On my face!”

Damn, this is one thing they didn’t have in common. Melody thought that was the most disgusting thing that one could do to a woman. Just hearing that made me lose it. I started to shoot as I pulled out. The first squirt did reach Jennifer’s chin. The second was a little short, but splattered her tits. It was the first time I really noticed them. Very nice. I love Melody’s tiny little breasts. Always preferred them that way. Jennifer’s were much larger, but with a perfect shape. My cum was streaming between them as she sat up to suck my cock. Before she could, the third squirt hit her right under the nose. She giggled as she sucked for a bit than painted her face, using my cock as the brush.

Damn, I was drained. And satisfied. That’s one thing about Melody; I was never satisfied. No matter how many times, or how often we fucked, I always wanted her more. But now, I was satisfied.

Couldn’t say the same for Jennifer though. She still had a fist balled up in her pussy. And apparently she wasn’t satisfied. She was still hungry, and gobbled my cock like she hadn’t eaten for weeks. And who am I to deprive a beautiful young girl of a meal she so badly desires? I remove my hand and watch as her hole slowly closes. What an amazing thing that is. I kiss her swollen clit, grab her narrow hips and roll over on my back. She never stops sucking me or massaging my balls as we get into a 69 position. Her cunt lips are a deep purple as I lower them to my face. She’s going to town on her end, licking the entire shaft and occasionally sucking on my balls. They seem to be working over time as they start to fill up again. I bury my chin in her pussy and shake my head for a few minutes. Eventually the shudders come, which means she did too. I start spitting into her asshole again and she arches down to give me easier access. She’s got the same body language as Melody and I read it well. I start to dart in and out of her hole with my tongue while spreading her cheeks with a hand on each side. In the mean time she’s sucking and slobbering with a rhythm getting me ‘close’ again.

‘Damn!’ I’m thinking. Maybe this is who Melody’s been getting lessons from.

Who really cares. All I know is that I want to fuck this ass again. My mouth is running dry, so, like it or not, that’s all the lube she’s getting. My hands close in on her and two fingers from each hand hook her hole and spread it. Jennifer is moaning deep in her throat, humming all over my cock. With what seems to be explosive speed, she tears away from my grip, spins around and squats her ass down on my cock. She starts pumping up and down, leaning back on her hands to give me a clear view of her pussy. Damn, her clit is almost the size of my thumb. What a vision; a beautiful girl’s lean, tight body, breasts bouncing, and a smile that could make a dead man cum. Her ass is squeezing me with every stroke. Christ! She’s good! I want to cum, but it’s not happening. Not with her on top. ‘Easy solution!’ I do a sit up, toss her back and drive her ass hard. I’m trying to tear her open; I know I’ll get off that way. And here it cums! And she knows it. She wraps her legs around my back and doing hip thrusts. I’m trying to get out to cum on her, but can’t shake her loose. “C’mon, baby, give it to me!”

I start to cum inside her ass and she can feel the spasms. With each spasm she jerks into me and sucks me dry with her asshole. Her body shudders one last time as I collapse on top of her. Jennifer wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me. Her legs remain as she reaches over and covers me with the blanket.

Just like old times, lying in that garage with a sweet young girl in my arms. Speaking of that, “What happened to Melody?” I ask.

Jennifer shrugs, “Don’t know. G’night.” and tightens her grip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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