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Group Fun in the Snow

This is a follow-on tale from Group Fun in the Dunes, a story about 12 mature friends and their holiday escapades one summer. I’m very grateful to EditingAlix for all the help in editing this story and offering advice for future works.

— —

Several months had passed since the group of 12 mature friends had spent an interesting week away during the summer. Now thoughts were turning to the winter ski trip and the final pieces (or people) were finally falling into place once more.

Nicholas was credited with making the summer trip such a sexy success by introducing a risqué group game, with all participants dressed in togas. He wanted to take the lead again and instigate another hot situation. This time it was to be a card game, preceded by a ‘Flip, Sip or Strip’ drinking warm up. He decided to try this out with his wife Annie and friends Bob and Jenny, Miles and Sara before they all set off. This would also be a test to see if Miles and Sara were really okay with some group action, as they were latecomers to the group.

So, the weekend before the trip, these three couples gathered together. After a meal and plenty of wine, they retreated to the lounge where a roaring fire lit the room. Nicholas arranged them to be boy/girl/boy/girl in a circle and explained his plan to trial the games.

Sara, looking suddenly nervous, glanced anxiously across to her husband Miles. Bob, who thought she looked even more attractive than normal, noticed her vulnerability. Miles and Sara were a very handsome couple in their early fifties. Sara, a lawyer, shared many features with Annie and Jenny. All three women had mid-length (dyed) brown hair, were the same height (around five foot six) and were forthright and confident in their opinions. Sara’s body shape was similar to Jenny’s in so much as they both had large breasts and beautifully curvy hips and buttocks.

Miles was effortlessly good-looking and fit. A home-based writer, he had secretly taken advantage of the couple hosting foreign students during the previous three summer terms. The Italian and Spanish students were drawn to his athletic body and winning smile. On several occasions, he had overstepped the mark by rubbing sun lotion onto soft, willing bodies and once, shared a shower with two hot students. Sara was unaware of these trysts and was herself living with the guilt of sleeping with a colleague at a conference. So, between them, they weren’t innocent and were both privately intrigued by the skiing trip.

Nicholas explained the first game.

‘Okay. As you know, I told you I’d like to try a couple of games ahead of the trip. Not in full, just tasters to see what you think.’

He had the full attention of the slightly inebriated five adults, and so continued. ‘To warm us up, the first game is called Flip, Sip or Strip and is pretty straightforward.’

‘One player a time flips a coin, calling heads or tails. If correct, nothing happens, and the coin is passed to the next player. If you answer incorrectly, you must take a good swig of alcohol. The same player flips again and, if incorrect once more, this time takes off a layer of clothing. The player keeps flipping until they get a correct call. I think, by the looks of it, we are all wearing the same number of layers unless Jenny is without pants as usual?’

This raised a laugh and broke the tension.

‘How did you know?’ answered Jenny with a smile. Jenny knew Nicholas was eager to get into her pants and had cranked up the teasing since the summer.

Nick replied, ‘We’ll soon find out, hopefully! Okay, one more thing. If a player guesses correctly three turns in a row, they nominate another player to take an item of clothing off. Understood? Then I’ll start.’

Nick flipped and called correctly, passing the coin to Sara, who took two turns to pass the coin to Bob.

The early rounds were played out in some tension though mixed with plenty of laughs. The first player to take an item of clothing off was Miles, but soon all players had drunk several sips and had two or three less clothes on than at the start. And so it continued.

Bob was the only one who called it correctly three times in a row and now cast a glance across the group. Annie was down to bra, two socks and a thong and his wife Jenny to one sock, bra and knickers. Miles was shirtless but still had jeans and (presumably) underwear on. But Sara was the most vulnerable in just a black, lacy bra and matching panties.

Bob cranked up the tension before announcing, ‘I nominate — drum roll — Sara to take off one item of clothing!’

Cheers all round, cries of ‘Off, off, off!’ and a scream from Sara, who was now, as Miles knew only too well, very drunk and open for anything.

She stood up quickly and unsteadily, did a little slow dance around in a circle, then unclipped her bra, holding it to her squashed breasts, before throwing it across the room like a seasoned stripper. This brought more cheers and claps from the group as her breasts maltepe escort dropped free. Bob and Nicholas took in the view of Sara’s prodigious tits and large, dark nipples and Jenny gave a teasing look of admonishment to her husband. Miles found his cock growing in his jeans at the sight of his wife parading herself before the group, her breasts swinging from side-to-side as she did a flirty little dance.

After an hour, more players were in trouble. Annie had just lost her bra and now Jenny’s tits had been revealed, her aroused nipples standing proud to the watching eyes. Nicholas was just in underwear, trying to keep his erection under control. He was flanked by both Jenny and Sara and was looking directly across to his topless wife, Annie.

Next up was Miles. He flipped once incorrectly and drank even more wine. He flipped twice and called badly once more. To cheering from the women, he had to stand up and slip his boxer shorts over his semi-erect cock, which he did slowly, allowing his member to pop up dramatically. The three ladies looked at his proud cock and toned body with some awe and silent lust.

The evening was working out perfectly for Nicholas. His friends were mostly naked, Sara and Miles had been initiated into the sexy game and were warming to what could happen in Switzerland. And then, to cap it all, Jenny lost the final flip and relieved herself of her skimpy, lacy panties. Her suntanned face was red and blushing as everyone enjoyed a close-up of her beautiful pussy and her full, rounded, soft, white ass.

Annie turned away to look at Nicholas. ‘Honey! Are you getting a hard-on looking at my very, very sexy friend Jenny?’

It was plain for all to see that Nicholas did indeed have an erection in his tight briefs for at last, his eyes were feasting on the lovely, naked Jenny. Annie reached over to his lap and held his crotch. She easily found his cock, grasping it tightly. Annie then slowly dipped her head down and gently pecked along his shaft, over the cotton material. Nobody bothered to avert their gaze, and all took in the view of Annie’s beautiful buttocks, separated by the thinnest strip of material. Sara and Miles couldn’t quite believe what they were witnessing.

Nicholas, somewhat awkwardly, called the first game to an end and began explaining what the second one would involve.

‘Hey, look, it’s getting late, and I’m pissed, and I’ve got a hard-on, so let’s keep the next game to three rounds. This is a card game I bought. Some of the dares are a little tame, but others are more overtly sexual. You guys okay with that? Shall I start again? You have to flip the coin again — call it correctly and it moves to the next person. Incorrect and you have to play out the forfeit on the card.’

There were two stacks of cards, one pink the other blue. Nicholas flipped the coin, called it wrong and took the first card from the top of the blue deck, the one for the men.

‘KISS THE FIRST WOMAN ON YOUR LEFT.’ Nicholas moved over to Sara to his left, looked knowingly towards Miles, then gave Sara a gentle peck on her neck before going in for a more lingering kiss. Sara’s mouth parted and their tongues danced with one another briefly. Nicholas was aware of the silence in the group as he sat back and said, ‘Well, that was a rather nice start.’

Sara guessed correctly, as did Bob. Annie, however, called wrongly and read out the next card.

‘Remove one item of clothing. Shit!’ In her tipsy state, it took a moment for Annie to realize she only had her thong on. She rocked onto her back, hooked her fingers under the material, and pulled the skimpy thong up over her buttocks. Unwittingly, she gave all the group a great view of her outer labia and tight anus, as she lay momentarily with her legs wide open. But she was past caring and very drunk. She flicked the thongs at her husband, who put them on his shaved head for a laugh.

Miles guessed wrongly too and took a card. ‘GO INTO THE BATHROOM, TAKE A DIRTY SELFIE AND MESSAGE IT TO THE WOMAN ON YOUR LEFT.’ Miles looked to Jenny, smirked, fumbled for his phone in his discarded jeans and headed for the bathroom. After a minute or two, Jenny heard her phone ‘ping’ and grabbed it to take a look. She yelped and held the phone to her ample chest, refusing to show the image of the beautifully erect and impressive penis she had just received.

Other forfeits included Bob having to whisper in Annie’s ear exactly what he’d like to do to her sexually. Annie blushed when she heard Bob quietly explain how he’d like to tie her wrists to the bedposts, blindfold her, fuck her mouth and cum deep inside her throat.

Sara got ‘DO YOUR BEST IMPRESSION OF A STRIPPER.’ Given that she was naked, she instead did a very sexy dance, stripping in reverse and laughing as she tried to retain her balance. This gave Bob and Nicholas ample time to savour her delicious, soft body as she slowly put her underwear back on. Miles was taken aback by her confidence. She was clearly at ease with other men, and women, taking escort maltepe in her naked charms. She wouldn’t normally go topless on holiday or in the safety of their back garden, so this new Sara intrigued him.

Again, Nicholas felt the test game was going well and looked forward to playing in earnest with the much larger group. This time, he stopped the game short of any overtly sexual forfeits. The evening had been exciting and, for Sara and Miles, very risqué.

— — —

It was an excited group who found themselves in Zermatt, exactly six months after the summer holiday.

Their accommodation for the week was a beautiful and large chalet, located in the exclusive Petit Village area of Zermatt. The middle of three buildings, it was set away from the village and not overlooked by the other two. Nicholas had photographed the chalet the previous winter, marvelling at the birch-lined massage room, white marble steam room, sauna, terrace and hot tub. All the bedrooms had a super king size bed and en-suite bathrooms with shower. Private balconies had uninterrupted views of the Matterhorn.

As they arrived in two people carriers, the friends were greeted by an attractive, smiling couple in their early 20s, Olivia and Sebastian. The pair were to be their hosts, organising all they needed to ski, preparing meals and cleaning. Both were English and very posh, Olivia (‘Oh do call me Liv, everyone does’) was a beautiful young woman with long blonde hair, tied in a ponytail, down to her cute butt and Sebastian (‘Hey, call me Seb’) was a handsome, strapping man with curly golden locks. He was every mature woman’s dream, and, as all the women in the group were mature, they had already started dreaming about what they’d like to do with Sebastian.

Seb and Liv gave them a tour, letting them know that they stayed in an annex to the main building, away from the guests. ‘We’re very discreet, close by if you need us for anything, but not too close to spoil your fun,’ explained Olivia.

Bob and Miles followed Liv closely as she took them to their rooms. They took in her gorgeous, tight little butt as it swayed up the stairs, resplendent in white, skin-tight ski pants. She wore a long-sleeved black t-shirt. It did little to hide that she was bra-less underneath, her well-shaped breasts outlined in the soft material. As she left for the next room, Miles said quietly to Bob, ‘Well what a stunning view, I think I’m going to stay in all week!’

The first days were spent skiing (naturally) and visiting the sophisticated bars of Zermatt. When those became too expensive, the group retreated to the chalet for the impressive cooking of Liv and Seb, washed down with an endless stream of fine wine.

On the morning of the third day, Bob twisted his knee in a fall. He gamely carried on until after lunch, then called it a day and slowly made his way off the mountain. Sara, Giles, Nicholas, Steve, Annie and Molly continued skiing, leaving behind the two non-skiers, Marcella and Donna. Back at the chalet all seemed quiet. Bob found Seb preparing food for the evening and asked where everyone was.

‘Hey, Bob. Marcella and Donna just asked me if I could set up the sauna, so I think they are both down there already. Liv is shopping for more veg for tonight and I’m about to head off and snowboard for an hour or so, unless you need anything?’

Bob went to his room, thinking about the benefits of a sauna and steam room. He took off his ski gear, checked his knee, took some painkillers, then put on a bathrobe and headed down to the basement where he hoped to surprise and join the two women. He saw the No Clothing sign as he entered the mixed gender sauna and walked across the room to the communal showers, pretending not to notice that the sauna was already occupied. He knew the layout from Liv’s tour, thinking at the time how hot she’d look sweating it out on the wooden benches.

The showers were open to view, so as he took off his fluffy white robe and stood under the stream of hot water, he knew Marcella and Donna could see him rubbing the shower gel over his body. The thought of giving them a private, soapy show was turning him on and his cock was getting harder. Safe in the knowledge that they could only see his naked butt, he flipped the shower to cold to help him regain some composure and stepped back out.

He grabbed a towel, dried himself, wrapped it around his waist and turned for the sauna, feigning surprise when seeing the women.

‘Fuck, hi, I… er. Sorry, I didn’t know you were down here.’

The two women were chuckling. Naturally, they were both naked and Marcella’s full breasts jiggled as she beckoned Bob in. Donna was sitting on her towel on one level of the sauna benching, Marcella below her, to one side. Bob had already had the pleasure of seeing both women naked during the summer holiday. He’d had his cock inside Marcella’s mouth and massaged the beautiful Italian’s ample breasts. Together with Nicholas, he had taken her as their ‘slave’ in the people-hunting maltepe escort bayan game his friend had concocted. And he, alongside the five other men (and Annie), had given the blindfolded Donna an intense massage, delving his fingers deep inside her pussy and fondling her small but firm tits.

Marcella was sitting cross-legged so Bob got a flash of her pink pussy lips. It took all of his willpower to not break eye contact as he entered the sauna and sat opposite the women.

‘Erm, towel off, Bobby, didn’t you see the sign?’ said Donna, provocatively.

Bob stood and slowly dropped the towel to the bench behind him. As much as he had tried to avoid ogling Marcella’s beckoning pink crevice, the women had no qualms in taking in his long, slim cock, which twitched involuntarily under their gaze. The hot stones in the middle of the room were letting out a stack of heat and sweat was soon dripping down Bob’s torso. This, combined with the close proximity of the two perspiring women, made him feel quite light-headed.

He knew his cock was fairly firm though not erect, and that it must have looked impressive to his private audience. In fact, Marcella teased him and said, ‘Looking hot, Bob, in every way.’

After bringing them up to speed with the morning’s skiing and his tumble, Bob asked the girls what they’d been talking about.

‘Oh, we were just chatting about the lovely Sebastian before you came in. We hoped he would join us. We also wondered if he and Liv are shagging each other and if not, why not?’ said Donna.

‘He was hanging around just a little too long when he set up the sauna. Marcella thinks he likes older women, and she was about to suggest he stripped off.’

‘I bet she was. Corrupting a poor, innocent, strapping young boy like that. What are you like?’ asked Bob.

Donna and Bob were facing each other and both were relaxed, sitting with their legs apart. When she could, Donna glanced down at Bob’s cock. Bob, in turn, took every opportunity to look at her pussy and tits when she was talking to Marcella.

‘So, what would you have done with Seb if he was in here, instead of me?’ wondered Bob aloud.

‘Funny you should ask because Donna had a very good idea of what she wanted from Seb, didn’t you, Donna?’

Donna blushed at Marcella’s question. ‘Go on, Donna, tell Bob.’

Donna laughed and before she could answer Marcella said, ‘She was just saying how she’d love to sit on Seb’s penis while he sucked her hard nipples with me behind him, rubbing my tits over his sweating back and feeling his six pack. She said we could have both bent over this bench and Seb would have taken us from behind, our sweaty bodies slurping and slipping together. Isn’t that what you said, Donna?’

‘No, it’s bloody not. But now you mention it…’

They all laughed again, and Bob said, ‘I’m having a flashback to your oiled-up body in the heat of the summer, with hands slipping over you, Donna. I think it was Annie rubbing her tits all over your back that night. I also have a very distinct image of you bent over a sofa with a line of men ready to take you from behind.’ As he said this, his cock noticeably hardened, and sprung up before the two women.

‘Yes, I’ve heard all about that from Steve and I see what that image means to you, Bob,’ said Marcella. ‘It must have been a very stressful morning for you, Bob,’ continued Marcella sarcastically, ‘would you like us to relieve you of a bit of pressure? You look a little tense, my love.’

She was looking longingly at Bob’s now fully erect cock. He could fight it no longer.

‘Would you, Marcella? I’d appreciate that, you know I would.’

With that, the two women exchanged naughty glances, then sidled over to Bob. Donna followed the diminutive Marcella’s lead in dropping to her knees onto her towel, eyes now level with Bob’s throbbing member.

Bob, same as Nicholas and Miles, was a keen cyclist. His body carried little fat, his thighs were strong and out of proportion to his long slim legs. He’d shaved his cock and testicles and most of his pubic hair, so the two women had a perfect, clear view of his genitalia.

Marcella cupped his balls and then her lips hungrily covered the tip of his cock. She slowly sucked up and down his shaft as Bob watched his own, personal, porn movie blow job below him. Donna also observed closely, and patiently waited her turn. Marcella, realising her friend wanted to sample Bob’s cock too, held it towards Donna’s open mouth and Donna hungrily took it in.

Oral sex was not high on the agenda with Donna’s husband Dan, who had stayed back home. Their sex life was dull, predictable and these days lovemaking was rare. Dan didn’t particularly enjoy her going down on him or indeed him going down on her and Donna was left feeling desperate for lips and mouth on her sex. She did, however, watch plenty of porn alone and knew what a good cock sucking should entail.

As Donna roughly slurped his cock, Bob encouraged Marcella to fulfil his porn dream — for her to lick up from the base of his shaft while Donna worked down from the top. As their mouths met halfway, they kissed briefly, bringing back memories of them locking tongues while riding and face-sitting John back in the summer.

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