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There had been no new encounters and we told no one to avoid all the questions and drama. We were playing Mad Wish (a spinner/card game version of Dirty Truth or Dare) with a group of friends. I was sitting across from him. A few rounds went by and the alcohol began to sink in. Truths were spilt, dares were completed, and shots were taken. Everyone really started to loosen up.

He flicked the spinner, drew a “Dare” card and read it out loud, “Suck a finger of the person in front of you for 30 seconds.”

He chuckled and looked at me as I held up my hand. He took my hand and wrapped his lips around my pinky. With his lips sealed, no one was able to see his tongue dancing around my finger. Everyone was laughing as it was a bit awkward. Meanwhile, I was shifting in my seat as I imagined his tongue dancing on my clit.

After 30 seconds, the game continued. A few more people took their turns and it got to me. I flicked the spinner, drew a “Dare” card and read it out loud, “Touch the bum of the player across from you for 30 seconds.”

He stood up and walked over to me and I set my hand on his ass. We sat there still as everyone talked and joked. At the end of the 30 seconds, I squeezed his cheek and he jumped a bit in surprise. Everyone laughed and we went back to the game.

A few more rounds went by and everyone really started to feel the buzz. It was his turn again. He spun, drew a “Truth” and read it out loud, “What’s your sexual fantasy?”

He took a second to think and blurted out, “Having sex in the bed of my truck.” As he said digitalbahis yeni giriş this, he looked me in the eye. I took a mental note and the game moved on.

It was my turn again and I spun the spinner, drew a dare card, and read it out loud, “Make a sex noise.” I felt awkward moaning for everyone so, instead, I looked in his eyes and said “Make me…” in a sexy voice. Some argued it didn’t count and others applauded my brattiness. He tried to stay out of it as he tried to pull his composure together. I slid my leg up his leg and thigh to feel a slight bulge in his pants. His eyes got wide and he tried to lean forward to hide my foot from those sitting next to him.

I gently pushed up against him as the game continued. Others continued to play as I continued to tease him. It was his turn. He spun, it landed on shot so he took one. Some other people went and played their turns. I could tell he was getting worked up and would need to be excused soon.

Luckily for him, it was my turn. I dropped my foot and spun. I drew a dare card, “Give a lap dance to the person across from you for 30 seconds.” Others began to joke how we always got cards for one another opposed to the dares with those to the left or right. We laughed it off as it didn’t mean anything other than dares between friends. We both got up. He tried to hide his bulge as he moved to a seat with better access for me.

I walked up to him and stood behind him. He had his hands in his lap as I leaned over his shoulder and ran my hands down his chest slowly. I came digitalbahis giriş back up, dragging my finger tips up his chest. I walked around him, trailing my arm across his broad shoulders. I turned my back to him and slowly backed up into his lap. He moved his arms out from under me just in time for me to sit. I placed my hands on my knees as I slowly ground my ass into his crotch. I gradually picked up my pace as I continued to tease him. I stood up and turned to face him. I straddled him and sat back in his lap, my arms over his shoulders. I grabbed the back of the chair and pulled him closer into me as I continued to slowly grind against him. He could feel the warmth of my pussy as I felt his cock begging to break the barrier of clothes between us.

The timer went off and I got off of him. He stood up, trying to hide his crotch. I don’t know if anyone noticed but no one mentioned anything. With our group of friends, they would have said something if they had noticed. We sat back down in our seats and the game continued. We were both squirming in our seats as we were anxious to leave and fool around. Unfortunately, there was nothing we could do. There was nowhere for us to sneak off to with no one noticing. We had to wait it out.

The night finally came to a close as everyone started filtering out. My roommates were not ready to leave so he offered to drive me home. We got in his truck and we drove off towards my house. His seatbelt wasn’t even buckled before I was unzipping his pants and pulling his cock out. It had calmed digitalbahis güvenilirmi down a bit since the game but it was still semi hard as neither of us could forget where tonight was headed. I sucked his cock as he drove the 5 minutes to my house.

We pulled into the drive way and he zipped up his pants, cock begging to be let back out. I grabbed a blanket from behind his seat as we got out of the truck. He was headed inside as I grabbed his hand and pulled him back towards the bed of the truck. He got excited as I threw the blanket down and climbed up.

He jumped in and climbed on top of me as we started making out. We knew we probably didn’t have much time but thought we’d chance it. I started rubbing over his bulge before he pulled his cock back out. We rolled over and I started to grind against him as I stroked in rhythm. He started moaning softly as I teased him further.

He told me to put it in my mouth and I happily obliged. Our phones buzzed and he checked it as I had his entire length down my throat. He pulled me up as he read it. It was the friend whose apartment we were just at. He was warning us that my roommates were headed home. I guess at least one person had noticed what we were up to all night. He frustratingly put his cock away as I climbed out. He followed and got back into his truck to drive home before anyone saw his truck still in our driveway.

I walked inside and threw my pants and panties off before climbing into bed. I sent him a picture of my panties to show him how worked up I got. He messaged back with a smirk as he was still driving home. I could tell he rushed home because I got another message too soon after he had left with his cock in his hand still covered in my saliva.

We continued to sext as we finished each other off on our own. We both came at the same time before going to bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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