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My washer broke. I decided I’d try and fix it myself and I did. Then, not 2 days later, my sink sprayer broke. Following my streak of one, I decided to try and fix that as well. I snapped the trigger back on and it worked…for a second and then it stopped working again. I figured the hose needed to be replaced so I ran to the store, got a new sprayer and got under the sink to replace the old one. However, the sink is old and had not been touched for a decade. In my efforts to take off the old sprayer, I found hard water was holding it like cement. I couldn’t get the wrench in at the right angle to get enough of a grip on the bolt to unscrew it so I called him.

He came over, tools in hand. He took my place under the sink and began the pain staking task of removing the old sprayer. After watching him for a few seconds, he asked me to try the water to make sure it wasn’t on (even though I already told him I turned it off) so the water didn’t spray everywhere as he took off the hose. I stepped on both sides of him and turned the faucet to prove it was off.

I knew the thought of me standing over him was probably turning him on so I decided to run with it. I reached under my oversized sweatshirt and started fondling my tits. I started talking about school knowing he would take a second to look at me in response. I knew he had seen me when he dropped the wrench. He watched as I felt up my own body and finally pulled my leggings down. I dropped them to my knees and began rubbing myself over my panties as I continued talking. He cleared his throat before telling me to stop so he could work on the sink. But the brat in me told me not to listen to him.

Instead, mecidiyeköy escort I dropped to straddle him, feeling his cock just a little fluffed in his sweatpants. I grabbed the counter and started grinding into him slowly. With each grind, I felt his cock start to stiffen. He felt the warmth between my thighs as he continued to focus on the old hose. He tried to keep his composure enough to keep working, but a slight groan slipped out.

I slid a hand up his sweatshirt to feel his abs as I continued to grind against him. I placed my other hand on his knee as I put more of my weight into his body. I slid my hand from under his sweatshirt past his waistband and grabbed for his cock. I slipped it over the top of his sweats and continued to grind my panties into him. He tried to protest so he could finish with the sink, but I didn’t stop. I held his cock and sandwiched it between my hand and crotch as I continued to grind.

“Get the old hose off yet?”

He huffed, “If I did, you would know.”

I kept grinding as he felt my panties begin to moisten from my horny juices as his cock was held against them.

“Fuck! I got it. Feed the new hose through for me.”

I stood up, leaving his cock out. I pulled the old hose out and fed the new one through the hole. As he began to hook up the new hose, I got back on my knees and licked up his shaft. It twitched the second my tongue touched him. I flicked the tip before lifting it off his body with my hand as I slowly took him between my lips. I sucked deep and slow as he struggled to twist the new hose. The faster he tried to attach the hose, the faster I sucked. Again, şişli escort he tried to keep focus as he attached the new hose.

“Try the water.”

I stood back up, again leaving his cock out now covered in saliva. Before doing what he asked, I took off my leggings and stood over him as I tried the water. It worked. He assured there were no leaks and told me it was all fixed. Before giving him a chance to get up, I straddled him again. Only this time, my panties were pulled to the side. I reached between my thighs and guided his cock between my juicy lips.

I started bouncing slowly as his stiff cock split my walls. Inch by inch, I took more of him inside me. Once I fit it all in, I put my knees on the floor and my hands on the counter. I started grinding slowly, his cock sliding shallow and deep. I started bouncing again, my ass smacking against his thighs as I came down. He lifted up my sweatshirt and groped my tits as they bounced with me.

“Let me get up.”

I stood up and backed away to let him up but he grabbed my leg to stop me. He twisted himself out from under the pipes and pulled my hips into him. He ducked his head under my sweatshirt and licked my slit. He began eating me out as I stood over him at the sink. I held his head against me as his tongue danced around my clit. I threw my head back and moaned.

He pushed me back gently as he stood up. He guided me back to the sink and bent me over it. He slid my sweatshirt up over my ass and smacked it before pushing his body against mine, pinning me in place. I stayed in place as he leaned back, stripped off my panties and spread my cheeks. He spit onto my slit, ran his hand up from my clit and guided his cock to replace it. He spread my legs with his knees and slid his cock inside of me.

He grabbed my hips with one hand and grabbed a fistful of my hair as he slowly slid his entire length inside me. I moaned slightly. He pulled it all the way out and slid all the way back in again. He pulled all the way out, smacked his cock against my clit a few times then plunged deep and hard back inside of me. I gasped as he began to fuck me into the counter. I grabbed at the faucet as he plowed me. Both of our breaths got heavier as he pushed me up to the edge. My legs started shaking as he fucked me through my orgasm. I held onto the sink to stay up as he felt my walls pulse around his cock.

He resumed plowing into me pushing me over the edge one more time before backing off. He pulled his cock out, got on his knees and spread my cheeks to eat me out again. I could barely stand; I held onto the sink as it was the only thing keeping me standing at this point. He smacked my ass and watched it jiggle as his cock leaked precum onto the floor.

He stood up and motioned for me to get on my knees. I dropped as I had little control of my legs. I opened my mouth to take his cock but before I could prepare myself, he plunged his cock down my throat, forcing my head back against his hand against the sink. He fucked my throat fast and hard as he moaned in pleasure. His balls swung against my chin as I slobbered all over his cock. He pulled away to allow me a breath before plunging back in. My eyes started to tear up as he held his entire length down my throat. I grabbed onto the back of his thighs as he burst inside my mouth. I dug my fingers into him as his cock twitched and he groaned. Rope after rope, I swallowed every drop. He slowly pulled his cock out and I sucked out the last bit of cum. I looked up at him.

“Thanks for fixing my sink.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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