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Big Tits

I need a new job, he thought for the twentieth time that day. His current position reminded him of his former life in the military, namely the long periods of excruciating boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror. The nature of his job as a project coordinator in this cubicle farm meant that he would work twelve hours a day for two weeks, but spend the three weeks after that inventing ways to look busy.

All in all, though, he considered himself fortunate to have such things to ponder. The pay and benefits were above average, the work when it occurred wasn’t difficult, and the fringe benefits were, well, second to none. His female coworkers were the hottest he had ever seen.

He had gained a reputation as, for want of a better term, a stress reliever. Though not a trained massage therapist, he had studied enough anatomy and technique on his own to be able to actually give effective back, neck, and shoulder rubs, the kind that actually left the recipient feeling much better.

His skills had not gone unnoticed, with the office whisper network attesting to his expertise. Like most cubicle dwellers, his coworkers suffered from a variety of ills real and imagined, most having to do with extended periods of sitting in front of a computer. He didn’t offer his services openly; they came to him, so he was not seen as some kind of obsessed stalker. He wasn’t the best looking guy in the place, but he also wasn’t an arrogant prick like most of his male coworkers. That made him popular as a friend as well.

Fringe benefits, indeed.


“Hello, this is Tom.”

“Tom, it’s Debbie. Gayle wants to see you.”

“About what?”

“I have no idea. You know how she is. She says ‘Jump!’ and we say ‘How high?'”

“I’ll be right there.” At least he didn’t have to make up reasons to look busy for a while.

Gayle was one of the myriad vice presidents of the company, charged with developing and managing the overall marketing strategies. Smart and driven, she had clawed her way to near the top by force of will and superior talent. She knew what she wanted and how to get it.

She was also pretty damn good looking for someone closer to 50 than 40, with clear blue eyes that sparkled, short blond hair that framed her angular face, and the kind of curvy, mature figure that came only with age. Full breasts filled her blouses and jackets and she dressed to accentuate her curves. He knocked on her doorframe.

“Gayle? Debbie said you wanted to see me.”

“Yes, Tom. Please come in and shut the door.”

Uh-oh, he thought. That usually means something bad is about to happen. He did as instructed and sat in the comfortable chair in front of her desk.

“So tell me. How do you like your job?” she asked.

“Oh, it’s all right,” he lied.

“Don’t bullshit me,” she answered. “I’ve been watching you for a while, and I can tell you’re bored stiff most of the time. When you DO have something to keep you busy, you can do it in your sleep. The job is either too easy, or you’re overqualified for it.”

“Well…” he began to respond.

“I’ll get right to the point. I don’t think Cathy is managing you like she should. She knows you could do her job better than she can, and she feels threatened. She doesn’t give you enough to do because she’s afraid you’ll show her up.”

He just stared back at her, unable to think of a suitable answer. She was right, but he had to tread carefully.

She continued. “I think I have a way to put your skills to work. Start by giving me one of your famous neck rubs, and I’ll tell you about some ideas I’ve had.”

His eyes widened in surprise. “Hey, the girls all talk, even to me. I know all about your mad skills with your hands,” she said with a smile. He complied and walked around to stand behind her. “Right here,” she said, indicating an area at the base of her neck and into her right shoulder. “I can never seem to get rid of that tension.”

He wasn’t one to just grab and start squeezing. He could see in his mind’s eye how the muscles overlaid each other, and his fingers could sense where they were the tightest. He gently began kneading that area through the fabric of güvenilir bahis her silk blouse, slowly coaxing the tissues into a more relaxed state.

“Oh damn,” she said. “You’re even better than they told me. That feels great.” He was actually working on both sides of her neck, and she could feel the tension beginning to drain from her head as her neck and shoulder muscles responded to his ministrations.

“Here, let me make it a bit easier,” she said, unfastening the top button of her blouse and pulling the fabric aside slightly to make the area around her neck looser. “Is that better?”

It did make it easier to target the tense areas, but that wasn’t what made it better for him. By unbuttoning her blouse even by that single button, she had begun to reveal what laid beneath it. From his perspective, he looked down on the tops of her mature tits, that little bit of swelling that he found so tempting in women wearing low-cut clothing. His hands were now on her bare skin, mere inches above them. He stopped breathing momentarily and his hands stopped moving. He felt like a kid catching his first glimpse of something naughty.

“Why did you stop?” she asked.

“Sorry,” he replied somewhat sheepishly, resuming the massage. She caught the change in his tone of voice and tilted her head back slightly to look up at him. She caught his eyes looking at her chest, then smiled as he flushed.

“Oh my, are you embarrassed?” she laughed. “All I did was loosen my collar.”

“Yes, well…” His voice trailed off.

“Well, for goodness sake. They don’t bite.” With that, she brought up her hands and unbuttoned the rest of her blouse, exposing her sizeable assets encased in a lacy, low cut white bra. “Is that better?”

He didn’t say a word.

“I’ve never known you to not have something to say,” she opined.

“I’ve never seen you half undressed, either,” came his answer. “Excuse me if I don’t know quite how to react.”

“Then let me help.” She laid her hands over his and slowly urged them down onto her chest, one hand on each of her glorious melons. She closed her eyes and let out a deep sigh as his hands covered them.

Fully engaged again, he softly ran his hands over her fabulous breasts, gently kneading them and feeling her nipples through the thin fabric. His fingers traced the edges of the bra, then moved down to stroke the underside of each breast. Bringing his hands up, he rested them on the bare skin above each one, then with exquisite slowness moved them down until his fingers slipped between the fabric and her skin, letting his fingertips gently move across her nipples. She let her head ease back until it rested against his midsection and a low moan escaped her throat.

“Your hands are magic,” she whispered huskily.

He smiled in reply. Anything he said would have ruined the moment. He continued to sensually rub her boobs. She truly had a world-class chest.

His hands moved back to her shoulders, and he slid his fingertips under the collar of her blouse, moving it aside. She helped by sitting slightly forward, then shrugging it off her shoulders. Her own hands immediately reached behind her, and unfastening the hooks of her bra, she removed that and threw it on the desk. Her wondrous globes were now fully exposed. She turned her chair around to face him and looked directly into his eyes.

“Happy now?”

“Very. You have an incredible body.”

“Thank you. Show me what you can do with it.” With that, she reached for him and drew his face to hers, locking him in a deep, lingering kiss, her tongue exploring her mouth hungrily. He dropped to his knees in front of her and she parted her legs to allow him to get closer.

He leaned back and took a moment to take her all in. Between the fullness of her breasts and the effect of gravity, they were classically shaped and sized, two glorious cantaloupes just begging to be devoured. She was no bony twentysomething; this was a real woman with a real body. Her stomach was surprisingly flat for a woman her age, her waist still small enough to curve enticingly into her hips. She wore an expensive skirt that came to just above her knees, and he noticed that she didn’t wear pantyhose over her güvenilir bahis siteleri smooth, tanned legs. She still had it, yes she did.

He buried his face in her breasts and grasped one in each hand, taking in the scent of her skin while his fingers stroked her nipples. He began licking and kissing each one, letting his tongue trace lightly over each and occasionally flicking the nipple as she closed her eyes and sighed with pleasure.

“Your hands are the only thing you know how to use,” Gayle whispered.

“Mmmmmpphhh,” came his muffled reply.

While his mouth continued it ministrations on her tits, his hands moved down her hips to her legs, lower and lower until reaching the bottom of her skirt. With exquisite slowness he slid them under the hem, marveling at the feel of her smooth skin as he moved them up her thighs. He moved his hands from the outside to the inside, from her knees to her hips, occasionally letting just his fingertips lightly brush across her pussy. His arms lifted her skirt higher each time, until looking down he could see that she only wore expensive white French-cut panties under it. His thumb rubbed her pussy from bottom to top, pausing to press against her swelling clit as she gasped.

“Oh fuck yes that’s good,” she managed to say.

Bringing his fingers higher, he hooked them into the waistband of her panties and slowly began pulling them down. She lifted her hips slightly so he could get them from under her ass, and as he leaned back she lifted her legs so he could remove them completely.

Throwing her panties aside, he ran his hands to the undersides of her thighs, and with gentle pressure pushed her legs apart. He noticed that she didn’t shave, but rather maintained a well-trimmed bush that matched the hair on her head. He liked that, never having gotten used to the look of an adult with a “shaved schnauzer”, as one of his friends called it. Her pink slit showed itself below, and he brought his face into her rapidly heating pussy.

There were few things he enjoyed more than eating pussy, and he was very good at it. Rather than attacking it, he made love to it with his mouth, alternately parting the lips with his tongue, sucking on each side, flicking the clit lightly, and occasionally going all the way down to insert it as deeply as he could into the vaginal opening. Up and down his mouth went taking in every taste, every drop of her womanhood.

For her part, she had never experienced someone so good at cunnilingus. With her eyes tightly closed, she threw her head back and breathed heavily through her mouth as her hands grabbed his head and pulled it tightly into her crotch.

“Ohfuckyesohfuckyesohfuckyes,” she gasped. “Oh fuck does that feel good.”

As his tongue tickled her swollen clit, he inserted first one, then two fingers into her. Turning his hand and curling the tips, he felt the roughness deep inside her, eventually finding just that right place, that one spot in every woman that triggers everything else, the Big G. Her pussy already engorged, when he found that spot she came hard, grunting loudly as she pulled his head so tightly against her pussy that he could barely breathe. Wave after wave washed over her, her body pulsing and her juices flowing freely. He lapped up every drop hungrily.


Debbie was no stranger to her boss’s little habits, and had been standing just outside Gayle’s door the whole time. She heard their muffle conversation, their significant silences, and the unmistakable sound of Gayle’s orgasm. She even felt herself responding, with her breath shortening, her heart rate increasing, and her own nether regions engorging. Goddam that’s making me horny too, she thought. A devilish grin came to her face and she mused, I’m going to have some fun with this. Her hand reached out.


Just as Gayle reached her release, there came two quick raps on the door, with Debbie opening it and stepping into the office.

“Gayle, I…” Her voice trailed off as she took in the sight before her. Gayle in her executive chair, her head thrown back and her knees pulled up, nude above the skirt gathered around her waste, iddaa siteleri her expensive heels pointing to the ceiling. Tom’s face buried between her legs, Gayle pulling him tightly against her still throbbing pussy.

“Whaaa…” Through her orgasmic fog, Gayle reacted to the interruption.

“Close the fucking door!” she commanded, and Debbie obliged. “What the hell do you want?” she asked sharply, as Tom pulled his face from her but stayed in place between her legs. Neither of them tried to hide what they were doing or make bullshit excuses. It was just what it appeared to be.

“I wanted to see if he’s as good as everyone thinks he is,” Debbie shot back. “You may be a vice president, but you don’t get to keep all the good stuff to yourself.” She knew she had the upper hand.

“Better than you ever imagined. He’s a magician with his tongue,” she said, pulling his head back to her dripping box. “You should try it sometime.”

“How about now?” Debbie queried, reaching down to remove her shoes, then sliding her pants and panties down her legs and off. “Come on, share.” She walked around to where they were intertwined, wearing only her blouse.

“OK then. On your back, mister.” Tom complied, counting his many blessings and he lay back on the floor.

Lying on his back, Tom took in the sight above him. Debbie herself was stunning, a tall, 39-year-old ash blond with hooded eyes, prominent cheekbones, and heart-shaped lips gracing an oval face, and was easily first among equals in the beauty department. From this angle, with her standing above his head, her legs looked a mile long, and he could see the narrow strip of pubic hair at the top.

“OK, buddy, show me what you’ve got”, she said as she squatted down and sat squarely on his face, her legs straddling his head and his nose between the cheeks of her quite shapely ass. Without a moment’s hesitation, he began to give her hot box the same treatment Gayle’s had just received.

“Oh yes oh yes, he’s that good,” Debbie agree. She pushed herself more firmly against him. “Fuck me, that feels good.”

Gayle wasn’t about to sit back and watch. Kneeling next to him, she reached for the zipper of his pants and pulled it down. Reaching through the fly and into his boxers, she wrestled his cock from its fabric prison.

“Well, that’s obviously not a pistol in your pocket,” Gayle joked, bending lower to take its head between her lips, then swallowing its entire length. Moving her head up and down with skills honed through years of experience, she brought him to full hardness in a couple of minutes. Removing her mouth from him, she quickly swung her leg over him and straddled his waist, facing Debbie. Holding his cock in one hand, she lowered herself onto it and let out a contented sigh as she took its full length, closing her eyes in pleasure.

Tom had an uncanny ability to separate a part of his brain from the immediate situation, and that part of his brain pictured the sight as if from across the room, like one of those picture-in-picture video displays. One beautiful half naked blond sitting on his face, another sitting on his cock, stroking and kissing each other as they each got what they wanted. He returned his concentration to pleasuring Debbie’s delightfully tasty pussy, using his tongue and lips expertly. Her juices coated his face as Gayle moved slowly up and down his shaft. Man, it does not get any better than this, he mused silently.

Debbie’s already excited nature and his expert cunnilingus brought to her quickly to the point of orgasm, and with a final thrust she pushed herself against his face as it washed over her, her body pulsing. Gayle’s dripping pussy around his cock was hot enough to burn, and his own excitement built quickly. Within a couple of minutes he could feel his own orgasm becoming inevitable, and his hips began a rhythmic movement of their own, meeting Gayle’s movements.

He reached the point of no return, thrusting firmly against Gayle’s pussy and finally letting out a grunt from between Debbie’s thighs as his own orgasm took hold. Gayle pushed and held against him as he shot his load deep into her, spasm after spasm shaking him. Finally, everything subsided enough for the three of them to extricate themselves and collapse in a sweaty heap together on the floor.

After several minutes, Gayle finally spoke. “You passed the job interview. Do you think you’re going to enjoy your new duties?”

Fringe benefits, indeed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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