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Chapter 17

A Dreadful Incident

We settled into a somewhat domesticated routine for the next few months. We saw him once, maybe twice a week, and we had to just settle for that. His visits were interspersed with visits from his friends. They would come by our apartment and other times there would be parties out in Queens at Bob and Angel’s place. On very rare occasions, we would have a “client.” Clients we discovered along the way were rich or powerful people who would trade favors, and much more seldom, straight up cash, for our services (mostly Lori’s, though sometimes both).

Mr. Jenkins was much more interested in trading influence than money, but if the money was influential enough, he would agree to it. His goal was always networking, and always with the same idea of building up his little fiefdom of sexual debauchery.

The clients were almost exclusively arrogant men, and one time a woman. They saw us and Lori in particular as just receptacles for their sadistic impulses. They were often too rough with Lori, though most were more or less harmless in the end.

One of the clients (a Mr. Baker) though, was a real piece of work. Most of the clients didn’t mind my being there, some of them would use me as well; they looked at me as an exotic experience. Mr. Baker made it clear he did not want to see any trace of me, while he was using Lori.

I never really saw him, but Lori eventually described to me as massive dude in his forties. He was, according to her, about 6’5″ and about as wide. She said he had gigantic cock, even bigger than Mr. Jenkins, but it looked deformed; she said like an oversized squash, with a big bend. The head, she said, was enormous, but the middle somewhat thinner, and fat again at the base.

On the night he was to come over, I made myself scarce; I had dinner out and went to a movie with some friends from work, and waited for Lori’s text to let me know I could come home. I was in our regular diner nursing a cup of coffee an hour after the movie, when I finally got the text from Lori. When I got home, she was in terrible shape. She was bruised all over; she had one black eye and gash over the other eye, bloody whip marks all over, and she was bleeding from both her ass and pussy. She was trembling in the bed and crying desperately. I took her gently into the bath and started cleaning her up.

He had done terrible things to her. The last of which was that he had shoved his shoes into her ass and cunt, causing the bleeding. Her beautiful titties had deep bite marks; she had obvious deep bruises where he had punched hard with his fists. She had, of course, suffered mightily at Mr. Jenkins’s hand, but this seemed much much worse than anything he had done to her.

It was on thing to be taken to very edge of one’s tolerance by an expert hand; it was quite another to be beaten within an inch of your life by a savage psychopath, who doesn’t care. There seem to be no control in his treatment; it was all out of proportion. And she had been hurt so badly that she looked like she might need medical attention. More like she had been in car accident than the usual consequence of rough bondage or S/M.

I called Mr. Jenkins as soon as I could settle her into the tub. He was in our apartment fifteen minutes later; came right into the bath and inspected her. He was not happy about it. He went into the next room to make a call, but I could hear him on the phone shouting at someone, though I couldn’t hear exactly what he was saying or who he was talking to, but I could tell from his tone that was categorically furious.

He came back in and said, “Sissy, this is unacceptable, trust me I will deal harshly with this jackass. He will be sorry for this, and I’ll make sure you know about it. Put her to bed and take care of her as usual. I’ll be by in couple of days to check up on her. I’ll get Harry here in the morning to examine her.”

“Yes, Sir! Thank you.”

We never had Mr. Baker back, and I learned some weeks later that he was fired from his high finance Wall Street job because he was skimming off the top. Information Mr. Jenkins had acquired through his network from another broker at the same firm and carefully divulged to the higher ups. He didn’t end up in jail because the firm kept it quiet, for fear of bad PR.

After this, Mr. Jenkins would not allow the clients to be there without me to chaperone. We also had exceedingly few clients. Again, we resettle into our routine. We would see him at least once a week, but we entertained visitors and occasionally went out to Queens.

Joe became a fairly regular visitor, which really pleased Lori because she always loved his cock. Joe and Mr. Jenkins had reached an agreement: Joe gave up his girlfriend, Diane, to him, in exchange for access to us and Mr. Jenkins’s training him to be a Dom. Joe was sort of a cuckold, but not like me, he still had restricted access to Diane, even though she now belonged to Mr. bursa escort bayan Jenkins, like Lori. He would have to get permission before initiating any sexual activity with her, but as a protégé he had access to Mr. Jenkins’s other sluts, with permission, of course.

Diane had inadvertently caused Dr. Harris to lose Vera permanently to Bob and Mr. Jenkins. Diane was bubbly in both shape and personality, but she didn’t have the bubbly boobs to go with it, so Mr. Jenkins sent Diane to the clinic for a boob job, turning from an A cup to a D to make her fit into his ideal of her. He was kind of a perfectionist in this.

As with Lori, he was fanatical about creating the perfect kind of slut he imagined them being. Diane was a sweet young girl shaped something like a pear. With big, but nice round bottom, a hardy laugh, a high pain threshold and a round cherubic face. Her lack of large breasts to go with this Rubenesque physique made a surgical intervention a logical step for Mr. Jenkins.

At her second appointment, Dr. Harris, already sexually restricted, found the bubbly girl irresistible, and was caught with his fat dick in the cookie jar, so to speak. He lost Vera, but as consolation, they let him have occasional access to Lori and me. So, he was also an occasional visitor. All these visitors kept Lori sated as long as she could see Mr. Jenkins with some relative frequency. Whenever he went off for more than a week, it was brutal for her.

About four months after the Baker incident, we had been going along okay, but the visitors got a bit more infrequent. One day, Mr. Jenkins announced that he had to go out to California, and would be gone for three weeks. Lori was freaking out immediately; she couldn’t imagine how she would make do for that long without him.

Could she go with him? No, he had to go alone. Could she stay with him until the trip? NO. But he promised he would spend the last night before he left with her and the first night back. She agreed to this (as if she had a choice). But she was not happy about it, and grew more and more anxious about it as the date for his departure approached.

He was so kind to her on the last night; he came by for dinner and stayed after, he took her into our bedroom and made love to her all night. I stayed out of the way in the guest room. In the morning I was awakened by her sobbing for him not to leave her. He hugged her and actually kissed her goodbye, then he kissed me on the forehead, pointed to her and said, “take care of her, sissy, and keep a close eye on her.”

“I will, Sir. Have good trip, Sir.”

She was not so bad for the first week, but soon she wanted someone to fuck to make up for his absence. We asked if we could invite his friends, he said he would arrange who we would see. He was dealing them out to us a in a restricted way that was not enough for Lori. After the second week, I could see that she was antsy. We had only had Joe once and he was a bit distracted by his own shit. She asked me to strike her to ease her anxiety, and I wouldn’t because I didn’t think it was my place without permission.

I felt I couldn’t call him to just ask him that, so I waited for his next call to ask. But maybe I should have done it because on the Tuesday of the third week, I came home to find her gone. I didn’t tell Daddy until the next day, when she still hadn’t come home. I called him to tell him. He was very concerned by this development. He was returning late Friday night. I was to call Bob and Angel to help find her.

They tried finding Baker, but he was no longer at his old address and they couldn’t locate where he had moved to. And they didn’t have any other leads of where she might be. I talked to our regular doorman who was on duty, discretely. He said she had gotten into a cab out front in the early afternoon. He said she was dressed very “suggestively.” We couldn’t get very far beyond that.

Thursday evening around six, Lori showed up at our door, no key, no phone, no purse, looking bedraggled; she looked like a feral cat who had badly lost a long brutal fight. I drew a bath for her and undressed her carefully. She was shaking, as I got her clothes off. I could see the same kinds of bruises and bite marks as after the horrid Baker had beaten her. I looked at them and then into her eyes. She sort of nodded her head shakily. She had contacted him; I could tell. She must have needed attention so desperately, even if it was this horrific kind of attention.

He had done even worse things to her this time. He had burned her with a cigar every place there was a “J” tattooed on her, so they all looked quarter notes. With a knife, he cut into her skin the word “Not” next to the tattoos declaring her Mr. Jenkins’s property. She had boot tread bruises on her stomach, as if he had stomped on her with Timberlands on. I knew then this was not going to end well. Mr. Jenkins was going to be enraged.

I didn’t want to call him, but thought I had to. I might try to görükle escort appear less definite of what I was sure had happened, but he would suspect it right away. I finally decided to call Bob and tell him I didn’t know what had happened, but described her condition.

Within the hour, Bob came by with Dr. Harris with his medical kit. Dr. Harris examined her. He had to suture a cut over her right eye again. He thought most of the injuries were just surface. She had some deep bruising, but he thought no internal bleeding. He gave her a sedative to knock her out and left some pain pills for when she woke up. I tucked Lori in, and we moved to the living room.

They asked what I thought happened and if she had said anything about it. I said no, which was technically true. She hadn’t really said anything since she got home. But I knew from that look exactly what had happened. I wanted to protect her from what I knew would be harsh punishment when Mr. Jenkins discovered it. I knew that under cross-examination from him, I would fold and tell him everything. It was kind of an impossible situation.

It was Bob, who finally called Mr. Jenkins; I was ecstatic that it wouldn’t be me, and I wouldn’t have to lie to him directly. He moved away from me and Dr. Harris to make the call, but we could still overhear most of what he said.

“Hey, JJ. Sorry to bother, but…”

“Yea, she’s home, but in really bad shape. I’m here in the apartment with Harry and Michelle.”

“I don’t really know, JJ. It looks like probably him, but I don’t know exactly how.”

“She hasn’t really been able to speak. Harry just sewed up her eye and gave her a sedative. She’s knocked out.”

“Okay, you’re back tomorrow, we can find out then. Should I call our friend?”

“Okay, I’ll wait until your back.”

He hung up and turned to us, “JJ is getting an earlier flight and will be back tomorrow afternoon. We can’t really do anything more tonight. Michelle, you will need to nurse her until JJ gets back.”

“I don’t think anything’s broken, but we will need to get some X-rays just in case. Bring her into the clinic tomorrow… discretely. Let her sleep as long as she wants, but try to get her to eat and make sure she gets plenty of fluids.”

“Thank you so much, Sir, for helping her.” He opened his arms and drew me in for a hug. He held me tightly, and it felt nice to be consoled, and his large strong frame surrounding me was very comforting. He made me turn toward him and kissed me deeply with his fat tongue exploring my mouth. I thought to myself, ‘oh my God! Dude… now?!’ But, when I felt his cock begin to expand in his pants, I had to admit I was turned on. I also thought a distraction from what had happened would actually be good for all involved. After all, we had done all we could. I looked toward Bob, who was rubbing his crotch watching us make out.

He winked at me, but I shook my head, no, breaking my kiss with Dr. Harris. “You’ll need to ask him first. I wouldn’t want to be you guys, if you don’t, especially now.” Bob texted Daddy, who chided them for being such horndogs, but he gave the okay.

In a moment of strength, I made Bob show me the texts to make sure it really was okay. Once I read them, it occurred to me that I was very horny as well. Daddy had made a special point of tending to Lori’s needs before he left, but I wound up with very little attention over all.

I turned back to Dr. Harris and gave myself to his kiss. I was suddenly desperate for him.

Bob called out, “hey, you two, slow it down there. I haven’t eaten dinner yet, and I’m hungry. She’ll be out all night. Let’s order some food, relax, and do this right.” That made sense to us all. I broke off my desperate kiss with Dr. Harris, and went into the kitchen to get us some drinks, and we all pulled up menus on our phones.

When I got back, they were setting up the digital cameras to record our session. I set up the drinks and we all sat on the couch looking through the menus for dinner. We ordered from our usual diner; the food would arrive in twenty minutes.

We had our drinks and speculated what could have happened with Lori, I tried to throw them off the idea that she sought this out, by suggesting maybe she had run into him and he had nabbed her, still upset about what Mr. Jenkins had done to him. I was sure this was wouldn’t work with him, but it seemed to win the day with these two.

They casually started feeling me up. I was sitting between them, as they explored my thighs and breasts; Bob pulled me toward him and kissed me, while Dr. Harris reached under my skirt and fondled my clit. I spread my legs to give him better access. Just then the doorbell rang with our food. I jumped off the couch shocked by the sudden noise.

I got to the door dealt with the food, brought it over to the dining table, and set everything up for dinner. I refreshed our drinks, and then checked in on Lori, as I went to our bath to wash up. She bursa escort bayan was knocked out, snoring quietly in our bed.

We ate dinner somewhat hurriedly with the boys regularly making moves on me. I have to admit I was really loving their attention and was really looking forward to having their cocks, both of which I really enjoyed, inside me. I ordered a very light meal and they had not really let me eat very much of it with their grabbing at me and sometimes making me suck on their fingers, et cetera. I made another round of drinks and we moved to the living room to continue our evening.

They set cameras to record the action for Mr. Jenkins and we all got completely naked. I went right to my knees as soon as I had my skirt and top off. I had had my large flat butt plug in earlier, but had removed it. My clitty, since it had shrunk so much spent most of its time free these days–though from time-to-time Daddy would make wear the tiniest cage on it; it was like a miniscule thimble, and my clitty was barely snug in it.

Bob lifted me almost bodily and laid me out on my back on the couch with my head hanging over the armrest. He placed himself on the other side of the armrest and put his magnificent cock in my mouth. I tried to get it down the way Angel did, but I was still not there. I could get Bob balls deep down my throat especially in this position, but not on my own and not with the grace and ease of Angel. I was, however, happily gagging and choking on Bob’s big cock. It felt so good to be filled by his cock again.

Meanwhile, the most wonderful thing was happening down below me. Dr. Harris had taken a position between my legs, which he was pressing toward my shoulders, while licking my clit and poking my ass with his tongue and one fat finger. The feeling was delicious, and I moaned onto Bob’s cock, causing me to gag even more. I didn’t really mind choking on cock anymore.

I remembered how at the beginning I would begin to panic which would make the whole thing much worse. Now, I would just know there would be some choking; I could sometimes adjust so that it would stop and beyond that I had to have confidence that whoever was down my throat would pull out when I was distressed.

I could trust Bob completely in this respect, he was great at staying as long as possible, but pulling out just in time, which he had to do just then. “You like that, sissy?”

I was busy burbling, coughing and burping, but once I could get a breath, I said, “Oh, YES! Sir, I love that. I love your cock, Sir. Especially in this position; would you please just fuck my throat, Sir, take my throat, Sir, fuck it.” He smiled down at me with a big grin, and then leaned over and kissed me deeply in that weird upside-down way that always threw me off.

This was something that really turned me on about both Dr. Harris and Bob neither minded kissing after a blowjob; it really excited me for some reason that they were tasting their cocks in my mouth as they kissed me. That thought, for some reason made me so hot; with that and what Dr. Harris was doing to me below, I was already pretty close. Before he could get his cock back in my mouth, I asked Bob if I could come while he face-fucked me.

“Come whenever you like, sissy faggot!” Then he shoved his whole cock down my throat just as I wanted. I enjoyed this position because it also allowed a full view of his massive balls coming at me at full speed. He was pounding my throat and Dr. Harris had augmented his fingering of my cunt to two fingers, while maintaining nearly constant suction on my little clit. I was about to come into his mouth and it felt so delightful. I came very intensely, but somehow not violently I felt my body almost melt into the dual effect of being suckled and penetrated on one end and pummeled into submission on the other.

Once I had come in his mouth, Dr. Harris got really excited; he placed his mouth over my easily gaping hole and pushed my tiny load into it. Then, he licked my hole and swallowed while pushing another finger in my ass, and then began to really finger fuck me. I was bucking my hips to try to get more of him in me. Then, Bob pulled out of my mouth and moved toward the couch. He interrupted Dr. Harris’s fingering me. Sat on the edge of our coffee table and pulled me toward him, peeling me away from Dr. Harris, who followed.

Bob made me straddle him and sit on his massively hard cock. I slowly pushed myself onto it enjoying the burn it caused as it opened me up. I had a hard time remembering the last time I had his cock inside me, it was probably two, three weeks. I let it tear into me enjoying the fullness and the lovely burning pain. I wanted to jump up and down on it making the burn last as long as possible, but Bob held my waist and down and pushed in as deep as possible and held me there.

Dr. Harris pulled my head toward my left; he leaned down and kissed with his usual passion. I loved that he was now tasting Bob’s cock on my breath and I was tasting my own cum, which was not very much these days. I always loved kissing Dr. Harris, but I was ready for his fat cock in my mouth. I broke our kiss and begged him to let me suck his cock and Bob to fuck my ass. Neither wasted any time.

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