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Note: All characters appearing in this story are above the age of 18.

I was a senior in high school when the Wilkerson’s across the street took in Mika, a foreign exchange student from Japan. To welcome our new neighbor, my parents invited the Wilkerson’s over for dinner. I wanted absolutely no part of this dinner party, but my parents forced me to stay.

After a quick round of introductions, my parents suggested I “show Mika around”, whatever the fuck that meant. I was awkward enough around American girls, and I sure as hell didn’t know how I was going to entertain this very attractive Japanese chick.

Not really knowing what to do, I walked her around the house and showed her a few different rooms. We made forced conversation. Mika’s spoke decent, but broken English. She showed no interest in my pathetic house tour until we came to the room with a Playstation in it. It turned out she loved video games, and although I was a casual gamer at best, I was down to play because it was just about our only common ground.

After the dinner party, Mika came over fairly regularly after school to play video games while my folks were away at work. The first few times she came over she was incredibly shy, hardly speaking a word. But in time she opened up a little, and would tell jokes.

When she’d smile and laugh it would dawn on me how incredibly beautiful she was. She was very skinny, but with fit thighs and a toned backside. Her long black hair hung well below her shoulders, and bobbed in perfect ripples when she laughed. It was rare to see her eyes, as she was very uncomfortable with eye-contact at first, but every time I got to stare into them was a treat.

Eventually the two of us grew very comfortable together, and Mika began opening up about her sex life. According to her, people were much more open about their sexuality in Japan than the U.S. She’d tell me stories about her escapades, and I’d blush because I was very inexperienced, having never gone beyond making out.

Although she didn’t mind divulging her kinkiness to me, I didn’t really regard Mika as a potential sexual partner. Our relationship felt more like a brother/sister one. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t find her naughty stories, told in broken English, arousing.

She told me one steamy story about how in Japan for her boyfriend’s birthday she gave him the gift of sucking his dick with her two friends. She went into detail about how she sucked him up and down while her friends took turns licking his shaft, and kissing his balls. She said his penis wasn’t very big, and it was difficult for all three of them to share it.

Over the course of the story I got hard, and there was nowhere to hide my large dick in the basketball shorts I was wearing. Hell, I didn’t even have underwear on. Mika giggled when she noticed it. “You have big one,” she said.

Panicked, I started telling a wild lie about how it was just a crease in my shorts, but I was too frazzled for Mika to understand a word of what I was saying, so she just giggled. “Can I feel it?” she inquired.

I was completely taken aback with the abruptness with which she’d asked this. “Sure,” I said meekly.

Her hand came down on top of my swollen member. She cupped her hands over my shorts, and slid the slick material up and down my shaft. My dick was just begging to be released, to feel her bare hand wrapped around it, stroking it softly.

Reading my mind, Mika pulled the leg of my shorts slightly back, revealing just the head of my penis. She cupped her hand around it, and gave it a gentle squeeze. Moving her fingers like a squid, the tips of her fingers pinched and twisted around my ultra-sensitive tip.

I could tell she was enjoying giving me such ecstasy, but we both wanted more. Taking my cock out of her hand for a minute, she grabbed the elastic waistband of my shorts and pulled them down.

My dick shot up like a rocket. A few drops of pre-cum had formed on my slit, and were cascading down my mushroom tip. Mika enjoyed this show of gratitude. Using the tip of her finger, she scooped up the pre-cum and rubbed it around on the sensitive underside of my dick. Not being used to this kind of intense pleasure, my dick started twitching uncontrollably. Mika laughed and brought her finger to her lips, tasting the gift I’d given her.

Seeing her canlı bahis şirketleri part her ruby red lips to suck my juices off her finger was magical, but it made me yearn to see those same lips wrapped around my dick. However, Mika had different plans. “I leave for a minute,” she said.

I didn’t know what on Earth she was doing, but i feared my sexual awakening had already come to an end. I was left so horny when she left the room that I even began to jack off. My cock was still in my hand when Mika returned to the room holding a jar of coconut oil and a spoon.

“Lie down,” she said, putting her hand on my chest and lowering me down on the couch.

She put a spoonful of the coconut oil in her mouth, swished it around, and found a place on the couch between my legs. She parted her lips slightly and let the oil spill all over my cock.

I had certainly jacked off plenty of times before, but I had never tried using coconut oil as lube. It felt tender and unbelievable as she wrapped both hands around my dick, and twisted them in opposite directions, like she was using a pepper shaker. Then leaving both hands on there she started tugging me one hand over the other, more like she was milking a cow.

Sensing that my dick was getting more than enough loving, Mika took her hands off it for a second and dipped them into the coconut oil. She lathered up and then started to massage my tight, contracted balls. She had both hands on them, cupping and caressing them as though she were kneading dough.

Then with one hand on my balls and one on my cock, she planted a kiss on my chest. She planted another one on my abdomen, and on down to my thighs. Finally, she gave my ball sack a nice, wet sloppy kiss. “So yummy,” she said as she licked the coconut oil off of them.

While she tickled my balls with her tongue, she kept jerking me off, focusing on just the head with short strokes. I was in a bind; I was ready to cum, but I wasn’t ready for the pleasure to stop. I thought about forcibly removing Mika’s hand from my dick, but then I feared she would stop making out with my balls.

Perhaps sensing I was get ready to bust, her hand slid down my shaft. She popped one of my balls into her mouth and sucked it nice and good before letting it slide out. She then pleased them with delicate butterfly kisses.

I wanted to be inside her warm mouth so badly, getting an oral massage, and my dream was quickly becoming true. Finally removing her lips from sack, she drew them a milimeter away from my very tip of my dick. Her mouth opened, but then quickly closed. It opened again, and she blew a little air on my cock. Her own playfulness cracked her up, and she turned her head away laughing. When her head turned, my cock grazed her cheek.

Placing her mouth in front of my hardness again, she parted her lips and lowered them down onto the head of my penis. It was swollen with pleasure, and extremely sensitive to the touch. She slowly engulfed it, and swirled her tongue around it like she was licking a lollipop.

She sucked just the tip with a tenderness I didn’t know was possible, gently moaning as she gave me pleasure. But it was too much for my inexperienced dick to handle, and after no more than ten seconds, I knew it was over.

The orgasm hit like a punch to the gut. My stomach sucked in, and my dick bounced in an uncontrollable throb. Before I could give Mika any warning, I shot a huge load of cum into her mouth. Stream after stream kept coming, continuing to grow more powerful. Mika refused to take her lips off my hardness. With my raw sexual desire taking over I involuntarily I started thrusting my dick down her throat.

I wanted her to suck every last drop of cum out of my balls, and it almost felt like she did. Mika didn’t remove her mouth from my big member until I was completely done. She caressed and kissed it a few seconds before finally letting it go. “Your big dick very horny,” she said.

“Yeah,” I muttered, too spent to say it any differently.

Even when we were just video game buddies I’d been shy about hanging out with Mika at school, but after she’d put her mouth on my dick and I’d cum prematurely, I was vigilant about not running into her. I went three days without seeing her before we bumped into each other at lunch. I thought it would be awkward, but she acted canlı kaçak iddaa like her normal goofy self, like nothing had changed between us.

We chatted for a while, and before parting ways I mentioned that my parents were going to be out of town Saturday night if she wanted to hang out. It just sort of slipped out. Mika lit up like a pinball machine and said, “Yes, we play Tony Hawk,” referring to one of our favorite video games.

She was such an odd duck that I couldn’t tell if she really was just super excited about playing video games, or if she was looking forward to playing with my dick again. As she walked away, I stared at her ass in her tight yoga pants. It wasn’t large by any means, but it was shapely and firm. The sight of it gave me an erection that was hard to hide.

When she came over she was wearing those same yoga pants and a white tank top. I’d put on jeans, hoping to hide any unwanted boners I was so prone to at that age. Apparently it was the video game she was so excited about because we played for about two hours without any mention of sex.

We probably would have kept playing for another two hours too, if I hadn’t suggested we take a snack break. We were rifling through the pantry when our eyes locked in on the jar of coconut oil at the same time. Mika grabbed it. “For after snack,” she said.

True to her word, when we finished eating Mika led me to my bedroom. For a second we stood awkwardly next to each other before she embraced me. I tried to kiss her, but she turned her head. It certainly wasn’t making out she was looking for. Grabbing my wrists, she guided my hands to her waist and asked me to pull down her pants. Underneath she was wearing the skimpiest, red g-string I’ve ever seen. She turned her back to me, and I embraced her once again, forcing her g-string clad ass up against my crotch, instantly causing me to get hard.

She wiggled against me for a quick second before turning around. “Let me see big dick,” she said as she undid my belt and took down my pants and briefs. She then grabbed the coconut oil, rubbed it all over her hands, and knelt before me. “You like how I touch dick?” she asked.

“I love it,” I responded.

Wrapping both hands around my throbbing cock, she pulled and twisted, all with a big smile on her face. She did this for about a minute before ordering me to turn around.

I was confused but did as I was told. Reaching between my legs she grabbed my shaft and stroked me some more. I was a little self-conscious about having my ass in her face, but thankfully I’d showered before she came over and was clean. It didn’t take long to get over this shyness. It felt amazing to get jerked off in this position, especially when Mia massaged my balls with her other hand.

I was experiencing such ecstasy that I closed my eyes, which is why I was even more startled when I felt Mika’s tongue on my bare butt cheek. I jumped a little bit, and she told me to relax. She then gave my ass a little nibble, and licked it some more, all the while continuing to work her hands over my cock.

It was strange and exciting, but Mika’s tongue wasn’t on my ass for long before moving to my balls. She licked them like a kitten lapping up milk, and as she did I could feel the cum starting to rise. I didn’t want this amazing handjob to end, so I grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand off my cock. She took balls out of her mouth on cue. “Whoo, I just need a quick break,” I said.

Mika giggled. “You relax on bed.”

It was a good suggestion so I lay down on my bed, and Mika plopped down right next to me. We faced each other, and she twirled my hair. Her lips parted, and mine did the same. Feeling her lips on mine, all I could think about was how amazing it would feel to have them on my cock again.

Mika didn’t give me much of a break at all before her hands were on my package again. While we continued to kiss she played with my cock. She loved being able to wrap both hands around my big dick, stroking me up and down.

She pumped me nice and good before finally stopping to whisper in my ear, “I want to lick you.”

My dick started twitching with anticipation thinking about how magical it had been the last time she sucked me off. I assumed the position, laying down on my back with my hands behind my head. But to my confusion, Mika told canlı kaçak bahis me to turn over and get on my knees. I had no idea what she had in mind, but I obliged anyway.

She then got behind me and wrapped me up in a bear hug, planting kisses down my spine and onto my ass. Her hands made my way to my butt cheeks and she spread them apart. “What are you doing?” I asked apprehensively.

“Don’t worry, it feel good,” she responded.

She preceded to orally service me, flicking her tongue around my anus. She got it nice and wet, licking a ring around the outside before inserting her tongue deep up my rectum. I couldn’t believe this girl was performing such a naughty act on me, and to my surprise I was loving it.

In and out, in and out her tongue went. My cock was absolutely rigid, and Mika couldn’t resist gripping and stroking it. “You’re so dirty,” I said, and Mika giggled.

She rimmed me for a couple of minutes before her mouth made its way to my ball sack, where she took each ball into her mouth individually and sucked them. But then knowing what I really wanted, she took my dick and pulled it backwards between my legs so that just the tip was beneath my ass. She kissed it sweetly then popped it in her mouth. She began to suck and lick it, and once again it was too much for me to handle, so I had to remove it.

“Let’s try a different position,” I suggested, to buy myself more time.

Mika sucked my dick deeply for another few seconds before acquiescing. She remained on all fours, and suggested that I stand next to the bed.

I did as I was told, and Mia turned her back. I stroked my cock a few times as I looked at her hot, wet ass with nothing covering it accept a tiny g-string. She backed her ass into my lap, and rubbed it up and down my cock. I pulled her g-string to the side, and got ready to enter. Grabbing my dick, I pressed the head against her opening, but Mika withdrew. “No, no,” she said. “I only please you.”

I wanted to stare and play with her ass some more, but she spun around. She grabbed my balls and jiggled them for a second. “You want my mouth?” she asked.

“Suck me good,” I said, grabbing her head.

Again she started to service me, only this time she didn’t just focus on the head, but took almost my entire thickness down her throat. I could tell she was trying to deepthroat it, but my dick was too big for her delicate mouth. She rocked back and forth on the bed as she kept her hands by her side. There was something so arousing and aesthetically pleasing about seeing her give me a hands-free blowjob, but she couldn’t keep her hands off me for long.

Wanting to give me even greater pleasure, she put both hands on my butt cheeks and drew me in closer. Deeper and deeper my dick went down her throat. Mika passionately moaned as she sucked me off, wanting nothing but to give me sexual ecstasy. In her passion she gripped my ass so tight that she nearly drew blood. Then continuing to squeeze my ass with one hand, she took her other hand and reached it between my legs and up my crack, so that I could feel the tip of her finger on my anus.

I knew what was coming, and I didn’t object. She inserted just the tip of her finger up my ass and slid it in and out. At first it startled me, but almost instantly an immense wave of pleasure took over, and I desired to have her finger deeper up my ass, and my cock deeper down her throat. I slowly thrust my hips, gently face-fucking her in rhythm with how she was fingering me. She let her finger probe even greater depths until her entire digit was up my ass.

My dick was absolutely rigid, and throbbing. With everything going on it was just way too much pleasure to handle. “I’m cumming,” I shouted a little too loudly.

Mika fingered me deep and violently as she aggressively sucked my cock, moaning with incredible gusto. Right before I popped she took her mouth off me, and a huge load of cum came flying out, landing on her lower back and ass. Wave after wave kept coming, and she fingered my anus and licked my balls the entire time.

When I was finally done, Mika cleaned my still rock hard cock with her tongue. Then she turned me around and told me to bend over. She licked my ass for another minute, and my erection still didn’t subside. “Can you play with it some more?” I asked.

“No, I ready to play Tony Hawk,” she replied.

Indeed we played video games afterwards, but for the rest of the year she would continue to service me in many naughty ways, giving my penis and body pleasures I’d never experienced before, and have never experienced since.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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