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The room was chilly, that was hardly surprising though as I was only wearing a pair of boots, granted they came up to mid thigh but they still didn’t do much for rest of my body. My clothes had been shed at your command as I walked into your front room.

You had sat in your chair watching me your blue eyes glinting from between scruffy dark brown hair and a matching brown beard, as your eyes followed my hands moving to slip the dress down my shoulders, lower, past the owl tattoo sitting above my breasts, your brow raising as it showed no sign of a bra, my pierced nipples stiffening with a combination of excitement and the cold air. The dress slipped further, revealing the other tattoos decorating my torso, I could feel your eyes scorching my skin as it slipped over my stomach getting caught on my hips. I heard a gasp from you as it fell to the floor revealing the lack of knickers leaving my clean shaven pussy exposed. There I was in just my boots.

It was the first time I had revealed my body to you, crossing that line between friend and colleague and something more. It had started with general flirting then built into heated stares. I was still not sure this was a good idea to be honest, but I was aching to find out.

You got up from the chair still fully clothed stalking towards me. I stood my ground but lowered my eyes, I felt one of your arms slide around my naked waist and the other grabbing my long dark pony tail, you pulled my body against yours and lowered your lips to mine your full thick beard tickling my face. I parted my lips with a soft moan as you slipped your tongue between them. You kissed me so forcefully I knew you had been feeling the same frustration I had. Your big warm hand slid down to my arse squeezing and kneading it, my legs trembled in the black thigh high stilettos and I could feel myself bahis şirketleri starting to moisten in anticipation. You pulled back from the kiss and your bright blue eyes burned into my brown ones.

You pushed down on my shoulders pushing me to my knees, my bare butt rested on the hard heels of the boots and I looked up at you. My heart was pounding like a bass drum in my chest, as I couldn’t decide if I wanted to keep eye contact or watch your shaking hand struggle with the fastenings on your jeans. I reached to help, feeling you already hard and swollen as my hand reached in to draw you out.

You were long and thick. The very tip shiny and already beading with precum. My mouth watered and I fought my urges to just engulf it. If this was my only shot at this I wanted to make it count. I licked the length of the underside of you. My wet studded tongue teasing and tasting you from balls to tip, swirling around the tip before I allowed myself to flick across the hole tasting the sweet but salty pre cum. I kept eye contact with you as my lips slowly engulfed it. Sucking the head, one hand moving to stroke and cup your soft heavy ball sac, the other digging into your arse, you moaned as I slowly slid down the length taking you deeper, my mouth as wide as I could get, trying to take as much as I could.

You moaned stroking my hair. “Fuck princess that’s incredible!” I reached the end of you my nose nestling into your pubic hair and your balls on my chin. You changed your grip on my hair holding my head still onto you. I struggled to keep breathing through my nose and not to gag. You filled my mouth completely, you went beyond my tonsils.

I was hurting badly with the need to feel you filling me in other places. You looked into my eyes and started to move your hips. Still holding my head steady but slowly and bahis firmaları deeply fucking my mouth. One of my hands drifted down over my now aching nipple, as hard as a small pink hazelnut the back bar sat behind it glistening, down across the skin of my stomach covered with my halloween themed tattoo, towards the aching wetness between my thighs.

I could see you watching my hand as my pale thighs parted. I moaned as my fingers felt the juices bubbling out of smooth soaked lips. I knew the wetness was plain for you to see even if the smell of my arousal wasn’t so obvious. Your cock slid in and out of my mouth faster, my breathing sped up as my excitement grew. My fingers slid firmly over my clit trying to match your rhythm, my hole twitched and ached for you the juices flowing onto the floor.

I moaned around your cock as it jerked and swelled in my mouth. I couldn’t take my eyes of your face as it tensed and you started to grunt. Suddenly you cried out and unleashed massive spurts of spunk into my waiting mouth, the salty flavour flowing across my tongue I kept sucking hard and swallowing as you kept coming jerking in your mouth. Your thighs shaking. I don’t think I had ever seen a load that big let alone tried to swallow one.

You bent down and lifted me unsteadily to my feet. You kissed me as hard as possible not caring about the taste of your spunk in my mouth. I pulled back and lifted my dripping fingers to your face. You inhaled through your nose then you took them between your lips. So warm and wet your tongue running across them as you walked me backwards. The sound of my high heels echoing through the silent room. I felt the cold wood of your dining table hitting the backs of my thighs. Your still jean clad thighs wedged inside mine. Your t shirt was pulled over your head to reveal a lovely hairy chest covered kaçak bahis siteleri with tattoos that I had only glimpsed before over the neckline of your work shirt. My hand slid up it running through the hair as your mouth found mine again. My legs wrapped around your waist pulling you closer and my finger nails dug into your strong shoulders. My Nipples and small firm tits were crushed against you and I feel you starting to grow hard again rubbing against me.

I felt you push your jeans down and line up with me. Sliding slowly into my aching cunt. Stretching me and filling me as you pushed inside me. Slowly hitting the deepest part of me. Feeling how tight and wet I was as I moaned, pulling you deeper with my legs, my heels digging into the cheeks of your arse. As you sped up you shoved my back down against the table, breaking the kiss and devouring me with your eyes. Your hands moved to my tits cupping squeezing them feeling them vibrate with every hard thrust. Twisting and pinching my sensitive nipples. They were so hard I was starting to feel hurt, the pain mixing with pleasure making me writhe and squirm under and around you. You leant down and took one in your mouth licking and sucking I could feel your teeth scraping and nipping at it. Before moving on to the other one.

I started to beg you for more spasming round you, twitching and my dripping pussy squeezing you tight. You could tell I was close to orgasm and you pushed my legs up. Until my trembling thighs were resting on your broad shoulders. You leant forward to kiss me again my body folded double. Your cock so far inside me that it bottomed out and almost hurts. You thrust faster and harder making me lose control and explode with a muffled scream. It felt like every muscle in me was shuddering as I saw stars. I was aware of you swelling and slamming into me as hot cum filled me while my own juices ran down my arse and all over your balls.

You collapsed on top of me kissing my neck until I stopped shaking. I finally felt like the frustrations of work were out of my system for a while.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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