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After a relaxing dinner, I found myself staring at Melanie from across the room with deprived eyes. I laid my coat across one of the chairs and sat at the edge of the bed. Melanie stood opposite the dresser as she looked in the mirror and slowly took off her earrings. She wore the only tight black dress she owned and the diamond bracelet I gave her for our one year wedding anniversary. The earrings were an inheritance from her grandmother and the shoes she got half off at Nordstrom.

Melanie began to play with her hair as I tip-toed behind her. I gently placed my hands on her hips and rested my chin upon her right shoulder. She smiled at me through the mirror as I began to massage her waist and give her neck a few small kisses. She tilted her head to the side and closed her eyes as I prolonged my kisses. As she let out a soft moan, my hands traveled from her waist to her inner thighs. I slid my left hand up her side and roughly grasped her left breast while my right hiked up her skirt and ran a finger over her moist panties. She began to breathe heavily, raising a hand to rub the back of my neck as the other tightly gripped my balls. I turned her around and wrapped both arms just beneath her ass and lifted her onto the bed. She flung off her shoes and scooted back as I began to hastily unbutton my shirt. I worked on the last button when Melanie crawled toward me and aggressively unzipped my slacks and gave them a downward tug. I threw my shirt across the room as she wasted no time getting her mouth acquainted with my rock hard cock. I let out a sigh as I enjoyed the feel of her warm wet lips around me. I managed halkalı escort to slide off my shoes but found it difficult removing the socks. I pushed Melanie off my cock and fully undressed.

On all fours, that tight black dress only accentuated her beautiful heart shaped ass. She buried her head in her arms as I slowly lifted the skirt to her waist, exposing those gorgeous cheeks of smooth white flesh. I ran my hand over her smooth ass as I gave it small spanks every now and then. Melanie’s sighs and quick yelps with each grasp and spank were enough to get me flowing and cause me to drip from the tip of my cock. I began to slide her panties down, anticipating the view of a beautiful wet cunt. And there it was. Melanie took in a breath as I spread her cheeks. I licked my right index finger and sank my tongue deep inside her wet pussy as I fingered her tight asshole. My cock throbbed as her moans carried throughout the house.

I removed my tongue and forefinger and sat her up. I slid off her dress and then worked at her bra as she rested her head back on my left shoulder. The bra slid from her arms to the bed. I cupped her large breasts as I licked and sucked the right side of her neck, poking her in the ass with my cock. I let go of her and watched as she immediately collapsed and lied on her back. I hunkered down and spread her legs revealing a juicy wet pussy. I dove in and sucked on her swollen pink clit as her loud moans escalated to deafening screams. I could feel her hands forcing me into her pelvis along with my chin being slammed by olgun escort her aggressive humps. This went on for some time. Melanie soon let out the loudest scream of the night and showered me with her juices. I sat up and rested my hands on my hips as the juices dripped from my chin. Panting, I looked down upon Melanie. I watched the rise and fall of her breasts with each breath she took.

I wiped my face down with the bed sheet and eventually switched places with Melanie. Her ice blue eyes shined down upon me as she lowered her head and wrapped those glossy red lips around my throbbing, enormous cock. She bobbed and swirled her tongue around it as I relaxed my head on one of the pillows. I rested my hands behind her head as tip tickled the back of her throat. Melanie then raised her head and sucked on the tip as she stroked the shaft with her thumb and forefinger. I held back her hair and watched as a stream of spit trickled from the left corner of her mouth. I was reminded of our first date when Melanie was surprisingly open enough to tell me she had no gag reflex. I brushed her hair off to one side and applied pressure to the back of Melanie’s head, forcing my cock deeper. Melanie closed her eyes and displayed a slightly uncomfortable look on her face. I let off the pressure and watched as her head rose with haste.

Melanie continued to bob and suck as my cock began pumping. There was nothing I wanted more than to pump and let it flow, but I had more on my mind. I grabbed a handful of Melanie’s şişli escort wonderfully blonde hair and pulled her off. I sat up and forced Melanie from her knees to her stomach. I smiled as she bounced and grabbed a hold of her hips with both hands. I shoved my wet cock deep inside her and began to slide it in and out. I quickened my pace and closed my eyes, enjoying the sound of her whimpers and moan that came with each pelvic thrust I delivered. I opened my eyes after a while and watched Melanie pull on the sheets as her ass bounced off my pelvis.

I again, started to pump. I pulled out and waited for the feeling to subside. Melanie whipped her head around her left shoulder and looked at me, panting. I grew tired of the pussy and ran the tip of my cock along the crack of her ass before slowly sliding it in. Melanie’s moans turned to grunts as I advanced my cock further. My cock reached the halfway point when I decided that was good enough. I rested both hands on her hips as I took a breather, giving Melanie the opportunity to get used to the feeling again. I started slow, and then her grunts soon turned to screams as I pounded my pelvis into her, feeling my cock slowly but surely slide deeper.

Melanie’s screams became louder as my cock began to pulsate. I succumbed to her final plea and slowly pulled out. I listened to Melanie’s everlasting gasp as I inched my way out and final sigh once it was fully removed. I interrupted her thank you by reinserting my cock in her juicy wet cunt. I sat her up and began to thrust upward, massaging her clit with one hand and squeezing a breast with the other. My desire to climax had grown immensely after my postponed ejaculations as my thrusts became increasingly more powerful.

Melanie and I shared a scream as I pulled out and painted Melanie’s ass and lower back with sperm. I collapsed to one side, taking in large amounts of air. I relaxed with drained nuts and beads of sweat sticking to my forehead. My back faced Melanie as we rested from our first fuck of the week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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