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It was about 4:30 in the afternoon and I was finishing up a few tasks at my desk when Katie sent me a text message. Once again, she was in the parking lot outside pleasuring herself. So I texted back, “Are you here now?”


“Get your sexy ass in here.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

She walked into my office about two minutes later with a sheepish grin on her face. I pushed my chair back from the desk and said, “Well, people are still in the office, so…”

With her smile still in place, Katie made her way over to my desk, dropped to her knees, and backed herself into the chair well. I pretended to work as I felt her unbuckling my belt and unfastening my pants. I could feel my cock begin to stiffen in anticipation of Katie’s tongue.

She took me in her mouth, applying some suction to increase my bloodflow and I was soon hard as she slid her tongue ring up and down my shaft.

A couple of folks stuck their head on my office as they were leaving. “I’m heading out. See you in the morning.”

Trying to keep a straight face when someone tells you’re they’re heading out while getting incredibly good head under your desk is NOT an easy task.

“Still working?”

“Just something I really want to finish.”

“Alright. Have a good night.”

“Oh, I will.”

During all this, Katie pulled out every trick she knew she could do silently: swirling her tongue around my head, licking the sides and bottom of my shaft, jerking me into her mouth as she sucked the tip and bobbed her tongue on my frenulum, deepthroating me just shy of gagging pulling me out and bouncing my cock off her tongue before licking my frenulum. I am really unsure how I managed to make it through roughly 30 minutes of her serene torture without cumming but, as soon as the coast was clear, I slid back my chair kaçak iddaa and pulled Katie to her feet, kissing her roughly.

I reached down and unbutonned and unzipped her pants while saying, “I am going to fuck you so hard. Now turn around.”

Katie turned and leaned on her hands on my desk. I pulled her pants down, pushed her panties to the side, and slid my finger along her slit to gauge her wetness which, to my chagrin, was quite high. I licked my finger, savoring her sweetness as I rubbed the head of my longing cock against her, wetting the tip for insertion. I slipped my head inside her then thrust my full length into her warm soft pussy as I grabbed her hair, pulling her head back sharply, causing her to gasp.

“Oh yeah, you like that? You got Daddy worked up,” I said then left a hand print on her ass cheek as she half-moaned, “Oh yes, Daddy!” I thrust slowly but intensely and pushed Katie’s head down onto the desk, her face turned to the side.

“Katie, do you want Daddy’s cum?”

“Yes, Daddy. I want your cum so bad!” I love when Katie talks like that so of course I ramped up the speed and intensity, thrusting my thick, throbbing cock deeper as she began to moan and back her gorgeous ass into me. I felt Katie gripping me with her inner muscles and couldn’t help but climax inside her. I thrust a few more times after unloading, savoring the incredible feeling of Katie’s pussy squeezing my cock.

I pulled out and, with the hand not holding Katie’s head to the desk, begin to catch my seed as it slowly ran from her hot snatch and used my fingers to transport it to her mouth where she licked my fingers clean. Still holding Katie’s head, I move to the side of the desk and slip my dripping cock into Katie’s mouth, allowing her to get every last drop of my cum. I let go of her head, kissed kaçak bahis her, then said, “Come with me.”

I took Katie’s hand and led her to the conference room. After pushing a couple of chairs back to clear some room, I patted the flat of my hand on the table and Katie obliged, hopping up and sitting, facing me. I held her face in my hands, kissing her repeatedly then slid my hand to her breast, feeling her nipple harden at my touch, even through her shirt and bra. She pulled her shirt and up and the cup of her bra down, baring her large breast and round, pink areola. I pulled my mouth from hers and licked her nipple before catching it lightly with my teeth and sucking as my tongue made slow circles.

Placing my hands on her shoulders, I pushed enough for Katie to take the hint to lie down then began kissing at the bottom of her bra, down her stomach, licking around her navel. I continued kissing my way down, my hands spreading her thighs. I could smell Katie’s enticing pussy and my erection began to return as I licked her labia then began to eat her, my tongue slipping inside her, my nose getting wet as it nuzzled against her.

Katie’s breathing began to quicken as I slid my tongue in and out of her. A few slight moans escaped Katie’s lips and I moved my tongue to her clit. I licked up and down slowly at first and slid 2 fingers into her, feeling her warmth and wetness. I change my tongue’s motion to small, quick circles as my fingers palpate her G-spot.

“Ooh, Daddy! Don’t stop, Daddy.”

I continued licking Katie’s clit as I closed my lips around it and began to suck. Katie shifted her hips just slightly to press further against my face, her hand grabbing the back of my head and pinning me against her. I sucked harder, speeding up my tongue, and applying more pressure with my fingers illegal bahis and Katie let out a slow, deep moan.

I sensed Katie was about to cum so began fingerfucking her quickly and intensely as my mouth continued its work on her clit. She began making quick, “Ah, ah,” sounds with each stroke of my fingers until I felt her squeeze my fingers before her cum covered them. I offered my fingers to Katie and she licked them and smiled before I returned to her pussy and licked up all of her sweet cum that I could.

Making Katie orgasm always gets me excited and my erection had returned at full mast. I tapped my head on her clit and said, “Daddy’s gonna fuck that pussy so good,” then slid my the head of my hard cock inside her, grabbing her hips before gently thrusting about halfway in a few times to establish a rhythm. I then suddenly pushed my hips forward hard, pushing my full length inside her as she gasped then said breathily, “Fuck me harder, Daddy. Please fuck me harder.”

I obliged, plunging my cock inside Katie with all my might as she began to writhe beneath me, her head turning as she groped her breasts. I was throbbing inside her tight pussy, arching my back to reach further in. “Katie, Daddy’s gonna cum. Get over here,” I said as I pulled out.

Katie dropped to her knees in front of me and pushed her big tits together. I stroked my cock as I looked into her eyes then exploded, sending my cum to spatter her tits. Katie put her hand on my thighs and licked the last remnants of cum from my head then wrapped her lips around and sucked my cock, my knees shaking from the ecstasy she provided. Still looking me in the eye, she took me into her throat, gagging herself.

She pulled back and began to collect the cum from her tits and suck it from her fingers as she asked me, “Did I do good, Daddy?”

“You were amazing, baby,” I told her as I steadied myself against the table due to the weakness in my knees. But if my coworkers only knew why I wear a big smile through every shitty weekly meeting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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