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After bending over the garden pulling out weeds and tidying up for a few hours on Sunday afternoon, I was reaching for a rake and my back objected strongly. I stood up to my full height and bent either side and felt OK until I leant backwards, or at least attempted to.

I went inside and sat down for a few minutes. I usually enjoy food health and was trying to find a way of getting relief for mild muscle soreness before it became a serious problem. I opened the phone book, looked up massage therapists and found the nearest to be a practitioner in the next suburb. I called him and he gave me directions to reach his studio. I decided to walk the 2 kilometres to try and loosen the stiffness in my back.

On arrival, he showed me to his rooms and I asked ‘What should I do?’

He told me the massage would take place on his massage table. I would need to remove my clothes and I could leave them on a piece of furniture he called a valet.

He asked, ‘Would you like a back massage or a full body?’

I asked him, ‘What does a full body massage involve?’

He said ‘We begin with a massage on your back, your legs including your buttocks, Then you roll over and we repeat the same on your front including your feet.

There were a lot of questions in my mind but I decided not to ask any more and just let the massage take its course.

He left the room and I removed my clothes. When he returned I approached the massage table in my jocks. He gave me a quizzical look when he noticed I was still wearing underwear.

I asked ‘Should I leave these on?’

‘Sure. You can if you’d prefer. You get a better massage naked, but either way is OK.’

I took down my underpants and left them with my clothes.

‘I want the best I can have so nude it is. What do you want me to do?’

‘Lie face down on the table and put your arms by your side, face over the face hole or on your side, whichever you’d prefer’.

Music was playing with a relaxing beat with sounds of insects and birds from the forest in the background.

I heard him wipe his hands on a towelling flannel, then rub his hands together to warm them. I felt slightly awkward lying naked on a massage table waiting for him to finish his preparations and start massaging me. I was more self-conscious while he was pre-occupied with his own process than when he began rubbing my body with his hands.

I relaxed to the music and started to doze. In a light dream state, I could feel warm drops of viscous liquid on my shoulders, back and buttocks. Standing at my head, and using both hands he smeared the oil across my shoulder blades, down to the small of my back, up along my sides, then back to my shoulders.

Next he repeated but reached further down my back to my buttocks, which he spread wide as he smeared oil more comprehensively, around and between the cheeks of my arse. He used his fingers to smear the massage oil over my anus and perineum. I was shocked and embarrassed that he would touch me there. No one had ever seen me there before, let alone touched me. The most surprising part of it was that I began to get an erection. Was I getting aroused?

The time passed casino şirketleri for me to object, and I began to wonder what I was in for. He began massaging my back and some of the moves he did had a wonderful effect on the mild pain I was feeling after working in my garden.

He explained a technique he had developed from a cupped hands tapping method where he gave 3 hard slaps on each buttock, then massaged the legs and returned to the buttocks once the sting had ceased. I was already becoming aroused by his normal massage but this technique sounded intriguing.

I asked ‘How hard are the slaps?’

‘About the same as when you clap your hands. I will slap your right buttock, then your left, then your right, left, right and left.’

‘Umm. I don’t know. Has anyone ever complained about being slapped?’

‘Never. People like the overall experience. I will count and apply each blow on the count of 3. Are you ready?’

‘I think so.’

On the count of 3, he stung my right buttock with a loud slap, then walked around the end of the table and counted 3 and stung me over again when he slapped my left buttock. He continued to do this 4 more times and my arse was stinging, but a few moments later, I could feel it begin to flush deeply giving me a tingling sensation that was completely sensual.

He massaged my legs with 5 distinctly different techniques, all naturally following on from one another. There was a light but staccato rhythm hitting with the edge of his hands, light tapping with cupped hands, sharp pinching of my skin followed by firm strokes, but getting lighter until I could hardly feel his fingertips gliding across my buzzing skin. I felt my skin tighten up and began to get goose bumps as the sensation of his hands on me made my skin begin to tingle.

My excitement was gradually rising to such a level of intensity that my back pain, the reason I had decided to get a massage in the first place, was all but forgotten about.

He changed position and dripped a liberal amount of massage oil on my legs. As he worked on the back of my legs he placed my feet into two recesses in the table and started winding that end of the table which was designed to separate the legs of the client. This allowed him to massage both legs from a position standing between the client’s legs.

Another hydraulic adjustment gradually bent the table so that my arse was at the highest point, my upper body tilted downwards. I felt vulnerable and very exposed, but he remained matter of fact and continued his work diligently.

Working on the outside of both legs he treated me from ankles to my hips. Next, he massaged to the inside of my legs up along my thighs, stopping as he touched the pubic hair growing on my balls.

He repeated the same pattern of massage on my other leg. All this time my excitement was growing I could hardly feel his fingertips gliding across my tingling skin. I felt my skin tighten up and began to get goose bumps all over again as the sensation of his hands on me made my skin begin to shiver, but not with cold. He once again reached the top of my inner thigh lightly and maddeningly brushing the hair at the top casino firmaları of that leg.

Then standing between my legs, he positioned me to allow full access to my buttocks, and began working on them again.

From the back of my legs over the cheeks of my arse he lightened his touch even further to the top of my buttocks. He spread his fingers wide to the perimeter of my buttocks circling his fingers in the smallest lightest circles. The effect was a sensuous shock. My prick was curled up under my weight, becoming raging hard and tortured with nowhere to grow. He orbited his fingers inwards, one cheek at a time.

I would have been in a state of mild ecstasy just feeling the flush as my arse recovered. The feelings as the sting of pain from the beating he gave me earlier turned to sheer pleasure. He repeated this a few times, then stopped, and I was left untouched for a full minute. Every feeling of pleasure I could ever remember did not compare to the anticipation of whatever was coming next.

He began with light chops with the edge of his hands. Then a pattern of light but firm pinching at the top of my legs and up and down the cleavage between my buttocks, then a series of light nips around the rim of my anus.

Then, using the heels of his hands firmly on my buttocks, he spread them wide and I felt his fingertips run from the top of my buttocks slowly downwards. I waited for him to stop short of my anus, which must have been rudely exposed to his sight; but he continued downwards firmly rubbing my tightened orifice. I could feel my penis harden as I squirmed to try and find space for it to swell up under my stomach.

Then again, upwards from the back of my legs to my buttocks and again slowly down the cleavage of my buttocks to my perineum. After the third time, he shocked and alarmed me spreading my buttocks wide and his fingertip penetrated me and revolved lightly in my anus.

I cried out, ‘Stop that! What are you doing?’

He softly replied, ‘Just lie still and relax. You’ll find it pleasant if you can relax. It’s only for a few more seconds,’ as he continued to revolve his teasing fingertip in my arse.

I felt like a complete slut, letting him do that to me. Once I relaxed, in spite of myself fighting against my rampant arousal, he almost brought me to orgasm. I started whimpering and covered my face with my hands. I could not imagine this much pleasure coming from two hands working deliberately on my arse.

He withdrew his fingertip and feathered his fingers down my back from my shoulders to my ankles 3 times. He wiped me down with a soft cloth leaving me feeling clean without any discernible oil still apparent. Then. he wound the table back down until it was flat again. .

He said, ‘Turn over and I’ll massage the front.’

As I rolled over, my swollen pulsating penis was exposed. I tried to relax but I could feel it throbbing strongly, hovering above my stomach for nearly 2 minutes as he prepared to massage the front of my body.

I was thinking that if having my back massaged was that arousing, how far would he go massaging the front of me?

He began with my arms, including my güvenilir casino hands, then firmly on my chest, and sides. He was much more subtle lower down feathering circles around my stomach, then moving lower with the circles until he lightly grasped my throbbing cock holding it out of the way to massage the top of my pubic area.

Then he abruptly stopped and began a thorough massage on my feet. Then he began the front of my legs, comprehensively paying attention to every part as he had on the back. My penis retained its size but relaxed in a soft state lying up along my stomach.

He spread my feet apart again, and began working between my legs. His strong hands ran up from my knees with his thumbs on the inside of my thighs. He lifted my balls up out of the way and massaged my perineum. He could see the effect of his hand firmly pumping blood into my cock hardening it causing it to swell to it’s full hardness again.

A copious flow of fluid poured from the tip of my penis, which he caught in one hand signalling a probable orgasm if I was to be further aroused. He very gently massaged my own pre-cum oil into my balls. His massage was the most thorough I had ever had and his sensitivity and expertise were very impressive.

I wondered if he would take this any further. While I came to the masseur to get relief for my back, he had obviously used all the most effective methods to relieve the ache I had developed bent over and working in my garden.

I thought that with my arousal at such a feverish level, I would be left frustrated if he finished at this point. I didn’t say anything and waited to see what was next.

Standing between my splayed legs, he stopped massaging my balls and reached forward to my shoulders and firmly massaged down my chest, lightly over my stomach and brushing my pubic hair lightly, he continued down my legs to my feet. Then with both hands on my chest below my neck, he moved his hands downward. His right hand stopped on my stomach, the other continued down slowly

With his left hand he spidered his fingers slowly upward from the base of my straining cock, then he slowly revolved his lubricated fingertips around the shaft of my penis, just below the glans, torturing me by keeping the pace just slow enough so that the climax would be just out of reach.

Finally, he slowly massaged it back down to the base summoning an unstoppable climax. With his other hand, he followed the first slowly from tip to base of my feverishly pulsating cock.

There was a long high-pitched moan coming from somewhere. I soon realised it was from me. My whole body was transported to an overwhelming orgasmic state, flushing my face and head and neck.

He gently grasped my cock just below the head, lightly squeezing and releasing, squeezing and releasing my tortured throbbing member. My balls, anus, stomach, armpits and legs all throbbed and flushed,

I gasped ‘I’m coming.’

My hardened prick squirted numerous copious streams of semen into a tissue he produced for the possibility of an ejaculation.

I remained lying on his massage table comprehensively spent. Exhausted, I fell asleep.

Sometime later, I woke as he towelled the front of my body down again.

He told me, ‘You can shower if you like.’

‘Thanks for that. No need. I feel OK now.’

I dressed, paid him, begged him for his card and left on very shaky legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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