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“So, shall we just talk about it first?”Dili asked from the next pillow. He was an Indian, originally from New Delhi, but had lived in England for 30 years. I had met him through a gay dating site where he called himself Professor Homo. I had been flirting around the edges of gaydom for years and had finally decided that if I was really going to enjoy it, I would need a teacher.

Professor Homo offered an “intensive but relaxed weekend course at my house in the country during which you can try anything, ask anything, do anything”. After a couple of general emails Dili had sent me a long questionnaire on which I ticked boxes about what I was interested in.

I had chosen the general category of “submissive” because that was how I felt things were going. I wasn’t aggressive, with an urgent need to fuck a man. But I felt an increasingly urgent need to have a cock up my arse and to do the bidding of a firm, confident man.

The final session of the subs’ course was either a two-hour stint with the man of my choice or the option of being ganged by at least five. I had chosen the latter.

Dili had nice dark skin and extra dark rings around his eyes that made him look wicked, but he was scrupulously polite.

“You want to be coerced, initiated, broadened and finally ganged,” he said, looking at his notes.

“That’s right,” I said quietly, shyly.

“Okay, that’s fine,” he replied. “I’ll just explain what I say to everyone who comes through my bed. What I try to do here is to equip you to enjoy life more. By mixing sexually with men you are doubling your chances of a satisfying sex life. More than doubling it, in fact, because you know yourself that although women are as dirty-minded as we are, they are programmed to make it difficult to get started, whereas two men probably won’t have a red light between them. I’m not expecting you to fall in love with a man, just to enjoy what he has to offer physically. Now, shall we kiss?”

He leaned over me and his chest hair brushed against my left nipple. He maneouvred until he was lying on top of me with one knee between mine and he lowered his face to my fearful mouth. He kissed me like a man kissing a nervous woman and at first I couldn’t respond, but then it started to feel just like a hetero kiss and I relaxed into it, kissing him back and feeling the lust radiate through my body. My hands caressed his back and I felt down through his very hairy abdomen until I found his erection.

“That’s right. Feel my cock,” casino şirketleri Dili breathed in my ear. “You like my cock? We’re going to have some fun with it. And yours,” he added, taking my penis in his warm hand.

“So what’s the programme today?” I asked breathlessly. Dili move his circled grip up and down my shaft.

“Mutual sucking,” he said. “Everybody does that. And it says on your form you’ve never been penetrated, so we’ll start some of that.”

He made it sound like an induction at a gym, showing me how to use the equipment, and he had a very reassuring manner.

“So I will show you how to suck a cock,” he said simply and slid his charming, furry body down mine. It was 10 o’clock on a Saturday morning and I was naked in bed with an Indian man who was sucking me. I found myself stroking his hair and ears like I did when a woman was down there. He licked and sucked me gently and erotically, licking around my crotch and sucking my scrotum before going back to my cock and savouring it in his mouth. Meanwhile his strong, masculine fingers roamed my lower body, stroking flesh, squeezing muscles and trailing between my buttocks.

He was electrifying. For a terrified second I thought I was going to cum just like that, so I squirmed free.

“Too nice,” I explained.

“Okay, Mr Sub,” he said. “You want to do it to me anyway, don’t you?”

I smiled down at him.

“Would you like to suck my cock?” he asked with intentional crudeness.

“I would love to suck your cock,” I said, enjoying the brazen statement of my base intentions. Dili knelt up like a dog, his proud erection reaching for the sky and waiting for a weak, abject sinner to engulf it. I was flooded with lust as I knelt with my arse in the air, naked and shameless, and put his penis in my mouth. It was big and smooth and firm, like a warm plum on my tongue and I felt the charged hardness of the shaft and weighed his nice big hairy balls in my hand. I sucked his cock, I sucked his cock, I sucked his cock and I loved it.

Eventually he told me to lie down and he climbed on top and 69ed me. Now I really felt I had been seduced. I was no longer bi-curious, but a confirmed cock lover. Inexperienced, possibly not yet very good, but I could no longer deny to myself that there were thrills to be had in another man’s underpants.

Dili moved his head further down and started licking around my buttocks.

“On your form it says you want to do some rimming,” he said.

“I really casino firmaları want to do that,” I said.

“You really want to do what?” he teased.

“I really want to rim a guy,” I said.

“And rim means what?” he continued.

“Licking an arse,” I said. He plunged his tongue into my crack. The angle was unhelpful, so we scrambled around until I was on my knees and he was licking me from behind.

“I want to lick your arse,” I said, surprising myself as the words came out.

“Later in the weekend,” Dili said. “Today I’m doing you. But you will get plenty of licking practice. I’ve got a special session for you tomorrow morning with some friends of mine. And you can do me at the final orgy. But for today, I am going to initiate your arsehole.”

With that he produced some latex gloves and lube and proceeded to prepare my arse. He slid his middle finger into me and it felt good, but he could tell it did, so he said nothing. He took the finger out and added one. This time he flexed them, feeling the walls of my rectum and touching my prostate.

“Okay?” he asked.

“Great,” I said. ” I love it.”

“Okay,” he said and took a black dildo from the drawer. I watched as he slicked it up. This would be the biggest intruder I had ever had, even bigger than the handle of the potato-masher I had used several times on myself.

Still kneeling but feeling a little awkward, I felt Dili wiggle it around in my entrance before pushing it just through my sphincter, then pulling it out again.

“Nice?” he asked brightly.

“Yes,” I said breathily. “Again.”

Dili pushed the black dildo into my back passage and slid it in. I couldn’t tell how far it was until I felt his fist reach my buttocks.

“All the way up,” Dili said. “That’s good.” He began pushing and pulling. Slowly, faster, harder until he was slamming it right up my rectum. It hurt a bit right at the top, but when he pulled it back down it was heavenly.

“Are you ready for a real live cock?” he asked pleasantly.

“Yes,” I said firmly. “I want your cock up my arse. I want you to bugger me.”

“Hmm, I like that word too,” Dili said. “I will bugger you. Okay, a condom, some more lube for me and you and… bingo,” he said. He forced his penis inside me, waited a second or two, then slid it right up. Somehow it hurt more than the dildo, but at the same time it felt fantastic. I remembered what a New York woman, an anal sex lover, had once told me: “The pain is excruciating güvenilir casino but the pleasure is indescribable.” I had to agree with her.

Dili reached around and felt my chest, gently squeezing my male breasts as he thrust his manhood up and down my insides. I was kind of delirious with the pleasure and pain and the feeling of being fucked by another man, knowing that what was causing the sensations was the skin, blood and gristle of an Indian man’s penis. I just kept thinking to myself, “I’m being fucked. I’m being fucked. This hairy, masculine guy is buggering me.”

My knees were bent all the way as I made sure Dili had full access to my anus. He pushed and pulled and the head of his cock dragged the skin up and down. I knew there and then that this was my new favourite pastime. If Dili couldn’t bugger me every day, then at least I was now trained in the art of receiving cock and I would find tops wherever I went and allow them to satisfy their basest desires with my body.

Eventually Dili worked himself up to a climax and he gripped me tightly around my waist as he pumped his semen into the condom. Then he withdrew and we lay together.

“You’re a bottom,” Dili said. “Be proud. You and other men can have amazing times together.”

“You’re amazing, Dili,” I said. “I have wanted that for so long and I am so glad it was you who did me for the first time. Promise me you’ll fuck me again.”

Dili kissed me tenderly. “At the orgy,” he said. “But you’ve got plenty of action before then. Shall I tell you what?” I nodded and he continued. “This afternoon you’re sucking the cock of a big ugly Latvian guy. Ivan. Blond hairy chest, big belly, huge cock. He doesn’t speak English, so you will communicate with him through your bodies.”

That sounded good to me.

“The evening is free for you to do what you like. The pub in the village or whatever. Tomorrow morning two classes. There’s your rimming class. Two big black guys. I mean fat and they love having their asses licked. Okay?”

“Great, I said. “What’s the other one?”

“Kink,” Dili said. “You’re watersports, aren’t you? In the big shower room. And after that I found you a dwarf.”

“A dwarf?” I said, startled.

“What could be kinkier?” Dili said. “Four foot tall. Black. Big cock, likes to be rimmed and fucking white guys. He’s quite assertive. You’ll like him.”

All this talk was turning me on even more.

“Do I get to cum now?” I asked hopefully.

“Save it for Ivan,” Dili said, getting out of bed and pulling his robe on. “Save it and give him the benefit. He will let you cum anywhere if you give him a good blowjob.”

I had a shower and narrowly avoided the temptation to wank, then went down for lunch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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