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The morning after the encounter with Emma, Gemma lay on her bed unmoving. She wondered if perhaps she had gone to far with her. Maybe her sister wouldn’t talk to her again and yet, all Emma had wanted to do was help her. Had she helped though? Gemma felt more confused than ever about what she wanted, who she was even.

On impulse she threw back the covers and sat up. She was wearing boxer shorts and a baggy T-shirt, which was normal for her. This morning they kind of uncomfortable, out of place. She opened her wardrobe door and checked out her reflection in the full-length mirror.

She pouted and turned to the side, her shoulders slumping.

Emma had a great body, she thought, as she continued to eye herself up and down. In one quick move, she pulled off her T-shirt and boxers then stood naked in front of the mirror. She almost didn’t recognize the woman standing there. She had always hated being female, always wanting to be one of the guys. As females go though, she was attractive with her long legs, tight body and pretty face. Her hair was short and styled guy like, but it couldn’t detract from the rest of her womanly charms. A familiar tingling welled in her stomach and made her feel warm throughout her body.

“Why have I become such a slut?” She said. Her hands circled her breasts and squeezed them gently.

They feel the same as Emma’s. She thought, while squeezing and pinching her nipples.

Her hand journey downwards was painfully slow.

Last night was the first time she had ever touched herself there and for some reason, she felt strange doing this. Her fingers traced over her shaved mound and onto her wetness.

“Oh my…” She breathed, as her fingers circled around. A finger slide between her lips and over the wet entrance to her body. She paused, finding the strength to push in a digit and permanently kill part of her that wanted to be a guy.

There was a loud knock at the door.

“Shit.” Gemma said, almost jumping from her skin. “Who is it?”

“It’s Mary.” Came a muffled reply.

Gemma stomped over the to the door, unlocked it and threw it open.

“What?” She demanded of her other, youngest sister.

“I…” Mary paused and looked Gemma up and down. “I…”

“Spit it out girl.” Gemma said, her frustration growing.

“Gemma, you’re a girl.” Mary gasped.

For a moment, Gemma wondered if Mary was teasing or seriously had wondered about her big sister.

“As are you, as is Emma. Look, can I catch up with you later, I’m busy right now.”

Mary nodded, then managed to drag herself away.

Gemma locked the door and then sat on the bed. If Emma was cute, then Mary was pure beauty. She was the best looking of the three, without any doubt. Emma turned many heads; Mary turned all heads, including other women. What made it strange was that Mary didn’t seem to notice she was stunning.

How she would love to fuck her. Suck on those big perfect breasts. Okay, they were only a C cup, but it still made them the biggest in the family. Gemma lay back on the bed and spread her long thighs wide apart. She pictured Mary naked, with that huge blue dildo jammed into her tight little pussy.

Gemma sighed as her fingers again slide over her now slick pussy. A finger rested against her hole, she paused for a knock. None came, so she pushed. Her pussy felt tight, there was a moment of resistance and then it slid in.

“Narrhh” She breathed.

Her wet finger moved almost all the way out, then buried itself in much deeper.

“Mmm.” Her legs came up, her next push had her finger in as far as it would go. She wiggled it around, feeling her soft velvet walls and marveled at how her pussy gripped it so tightly. She started feeling hot and her finger stopped its exploration and started sliding in and out slowly. Her pace quickened, as did her breathing till she sat up, panting for air. Her eyes darted about the room and came to rest on her hairbrush. She bounded over to it, snatched it and threw herself back onto the bed. Her legs spread and an instant later, the brush pushed into her depths.

“Mmm better.” She gasped, as its thickness stretched her. She worked it in and out for a few minutes then pulled it out and threw it across the room. She rolled over on the bed and looked under it. There was the huge dildo she had fucked Emma with. She reached for it, her fingers not even able to circle the monster and sat it on the bed. Wasting no time, she positioned herself above it and pushed downwards. canlı bahis She felt the toy stretching her to impossible limits but she just couldn’t get it in. Frustrated she sat down next to the toy and gave it a back hander, sending it flying. She again looked around the room and found nothing she could use.

Maybe a banana? She thought.

She opened the door quietly and peaked outside.

No one there.

She tip toed to the top of the stairs and listened.


She padded down the stairs and into the kitchen. She started to feel a bit exposed, standing there completely naked but she was there now. First she checked the fruit bowl, but found only oranges and apples. She decided to check the fridge.

Milk, orange juice, butter, carrots, tomatoes… Carrots? She thought. She picked up each on in turn and was about to give up when she found a large and almost perfectly shaped one at the back.

“Bingo.” She whispered, “Damn its cold.” She closed the door and turned towards the stairs when Mary came around the corner.

“What the …” Mary said.

Now it was Gemma’s turn to be speechless.

Mary eyed the carrot and then raised an eyebrow and smiled.

Gemma knew she was busted, somehow the thought of Mary knowing what she planned to do turned her more than ever and she even considered inviting her younger sister along. Mary was no lesbian though, she was sure of that.

“Tell anyone and you’re dead.” Gemma hissed, then pushed past and headed back to her room. She closed the door and locked it, then jumped onto her bed and giggled. Her legs fell apart and she traced the carrot down between her breasts, over her mound till it rested against her pussy.

“Mary, you want some of this.” She said to the empty room, and then pushed. Nothing, for many seconds nothing happened. She gritted her teeth and pushed again, it slipped in a couple of inches.

“Ohh cold, cold.” She said. She didn’t stop moving the carrot, back and forth a little deeper till it hit another barrier. Gripping the carrot, she pulled it almost all the way out then slammed it back in hard. It burst through the feeble barrier of her virginity and deep into her body. She almost completely left the bed as her body jumped in shock at the sudden depth and pain. She let go of it, closed her eyes and just enjoyed the sensation of it being there. The fullness of it. After a few minutes, she gripped it again and started working it back and forth.

She lifted her legs and began plowing her pussy. The room filled with her moans and the sound of her soaked pussy being fucked.

There came a knock at the door.

“Nooo.” Gemma whispered. She had felt a feeling growing within her, pushing her on with more determination. She ignored the door and worked her hand furiously, stabbing away at her tender pussy with the large carrot.

“Gemma, are you awake?”

Shit, it was her mother.

“Just a second mum.” She said. She threw the carrot under her pillow and put on a dressing gown, then opened the door.

“What you doing in there?” Her mother asked.

“Nothing?” Gemma replied, her face flushed red.

“You’re all red, are you okay?”

Gemma nodded and managed a weak smile.

“Okay, good. I need you out the house for a few hours. Now don’t argue with me young lady. Just get dressed and get some fresh air.”

Gemma sighed and closed the door. Twenty minutes later she left the house and decided to head towards Darren’s place to hang out for a while. He seemed quite surprised to see her and invited her upstairs to his room.

“So, what brings you here G?”

“Mum kicked me out the house, so I though I would visit my old chum.”

“Well, you’re timing is good. I have just bought a new footie game and was going to call you later today to come over. And here you are.”

He went over to the machine to turn it on but Gemma stopped him.

“Can we talk?” She said.

“Sure, what’s up?”

“Okay.” She took a deep breath. “We have known each other for ever right, and we are like best buddies right?”

“Sure, you’re my best guy buddy.”

“Well, that’s kind of what I want to talk to you about. Tell me, you have seen Emma naked, do you find her attractive?”

Her seemed taken back. “You know this?”

“Yeah, she told me about meeting you at the beach a little while back. So come on, answer the question.”

“Yes I do, very much so.”

“How come you didn’t get hard?”

His eyes bahis siteleri went wide in horror.

“Yes, she told me that too.”

“She intimidates me. I couldn’t relax.”

Gemma moved a little closer. “Do I intimidate you?”

“No, you’re my bud.” He said.

She moved closer. “Do you find me attractive?” She asked innocently.

“It’s hard to tell, you’re always dressed in baggy clothes.”

“Oh.” She replied, sounding crestfallen.

“We are bud’s, you can show me if you like.”

She eyed him closely and he seemed casual enough about it. She stood and whipped off her T-shirt revealing a white cotton bra.

“Oh my.” Darren said.

“What?” Gemma replied, covering herself.

“No, you have a great body G? Why do I feel gay saying that?”

“It does feel weird, but I trust you.”

To prove the point, she undid her jeans and pulled them off. She imagined she must look weird in black boxers and a bra.

“Great legs.” He said, almost to quiet to be heard.

“Turn around.” She said. He did so and appeared to be almost shaking.

She removed her bra and boxers.

“Look, I feel weird doing this ok so don’t laugh, or… I will kick your ass. Okay?”

Darren nodded.

Gemma took a deep breath and told him to turn around.

Darren turned slowly, as if he was scared of what he might see. His eyes went wide when he saw he naked.

“What?” Gemma asked again, feeling self-conscious.

“Nothing, …I mean, your…perfect.” Darren said.

Gemma moved and sat down next to him again and for a few minutes, neither one spoke. She could feel his eyes on her breasts and legs, constantly moving over her body. She leaned back on her, sticking her peaky breasts in the air and revealing just a little more of her pussy, though her legs were still closed.

Darren turned more towards her to take in all of her body. His eyes darted about so much, so was surprised he wasn’t crossed eyed.

Gemma leaned back again, moving her elbows till she was flat on her back, and as casually as possible, uncrossed her long tanned legs.

Darren moved as well. Completely unsubtle, he lowered his head till he was almost at her knees and watched her legs part inch by inch.

She eyes closed and she nibbled on her lower lips as her legs parted more. No doubt he could clearly see her pussy now, the damage was done. Feeling braver, she moved further back on the bed and spread her thighs wide apart.

“Well?” She asked, still having her eyes tightly closed.

Darren’s response seemed to take forever. “Amazing.”

She opened her eyes and was surprised she couldn’t feel his breath, as his head was so close to her. “Would you like me to do anything to myself?” She purred.

“Really? Oh wow…finger yourself.”

Gemma traced fingers over her breasts and down her body till she reached her pussy. She lined up a long middle finger and pushed, easing it in slowly so Darren could see.

This was so easy, just as Emma had said. Men are just easy to please, and act like women are some mystical creatures that don’t do this kind of thing. She pushed the finger in as deep as it could go and smiled at Darren’s immature gasp. She moved the digit back and forth, and then added another. Soon her pussy was making sloppy noises which kind of embarrassed her although she remember Emma telling her once that men love a wet pussy.

“Gemma, let me get you something bigger.”

“Sure.” She replied, somewhat dream like. She vaguely heard him leave the room and run downstairs. Her fingers moved easily now and she was finding a nice rhythm. Darren came bounding up the stairs and back into the room. “This is all I could find.”

Gemma lazily opened her eyes and then laughed in shock.

Darren was holding a huge maybe 15 inch cucumber.

“What?” Darren said, “It’s not that thick around and I wouldn’t expect you to take more than a few inches… I ran it under hot water to warm it up for you.”

Gemma smiled and held out her hand.

“Wait, I want to show you how it should be done.” He turned on his computer screen and clicked through a few directories till he found one marked ‘VEG.’

“Okay, this is how not to do it.” He clicked on a file, and a attractive blonde was fake large breasts and shaved pussy appeared in screen. Within a few seconds, she pushed a large toy into herself and moved it back and forth slightly, while moaning ridiculously loud.

“This is how it should be done.” He bahis şirketleri clicked on another file and a younger red head with pale skin and cute smile picked up an equally large toy and lined it up. The girl then pushed and the cucumber slide in slowly and impossible deep.

“Oh my God.” Gemma said, as the maybe 9 inches of veg disappeared in this skinny girl.

“That’s what I want.” He said.

Gemma leaned back and spread her legs. She knew girls could take it deep, the one on the screen and her sister were proof. Still, the deepest thing she had had so far was about 4 or 5 inches of carrot. She lined up the cucumber, thought of the girl on the screen and pushed. The toy stretched her almost painfully before slipping inside. She gripped it firmly and pushed it in deeper still, then started working it back and forth. Every so often she would push it a little deeper.

“How am I doing?” She asked.

“Like the first clip.” He replied.

“What, it must be in really deep.”

“Nah, maybe 4 inches.” He replied.

She felt around with her fingers and confirmed it wasn’t it that deep. Damn it filled her up though. She held the toy tight, gritted her teeth and pushed. The toy began its slow descent into her depths. She heard Darren gasp, as it filled her up beyond anything she could have imagined. It felt so wonderful, yet just how much more could she take. She felt her legs trembling, her breath was in short gasps till she felt the toy push up against the very deepest part of her body.

“How many is that.” She asked, breathing hard. A few seconds past, “Darren?”

Oh fucking hell. Damn Gemma, maybe 9 inches.”

“WHAT?” Gemma gaped and tried to sit up. Sure enough, maybe 5 or 6 inches remained of the 15.”This turn you on?” She asked.

“Yes. YES.” He said.

“Then show me your cock.”

He looked at her for a moment to see if she was serious, then jumped up and in one swift move, lowered his jeans and boxes. A hard 7-inch cock sprung into view. She gazed lovely at it and started working the long toy in and out slowly.

“Can I fuck you?” Darren asked.

“No.” Gemma replied immediately.

Darren looked chest fallen and his cock seemed to loss stiffness.

“Tell you what, lie on the bed.”

Darren was there an instant later, while Gemma removed the toy and disappeared into the bathroom. She found some lotion and returned to see Darren naked and again rock hard.

“I have never touched a man before so I hope this isn’t crap. Now cover your eyes with you shirt and keep your hands above your head.”

Darren did what she said.

She covered her hands in lotion and gently touched his cock. Darren moaned at her touch, which made her giggle. She had barely done anything and he was already gasping. She held his cock and started working her slippery hands up and down it. She marveled at how it throbbed in her hands and part of her longed to be a guy to experience it for herself. She continued to move her hands and fingers, sometimes adding more lotions and trying hard to make it feel like her pussy would.

“How’s it feel?” She asked.

“Like I’m having sex.” He moaned, “Although I don’t actually know how that feels.”

Gemma looked at him closely and was sure he couldn’t see. Feeling brave and extremely horny. She moved herself till she her pussy was hovering just over his cock then lowered herself. The lotion on his cock, her own wetness and the fact she had just fucked a thick cucumber made his cock slide into her tight pussy quite easily.

“Oh boy…” Darren gasped, almost coming off the bed. “What you are doing with your hands now feels out of this fucking world. How you get your hands so warm?”

“Magic.” She said, “Remember don’t look.”

For a few moments, she rocked back and forth, no more than a couple of inches deep.

“I got an idea using two hands, let me know how it feels.” She lied.

“Yes, go for it.”

In one move, she lowered herself fully on to his fat cock and threw her head back in satisfaction. Darren’s whole body began to shake, quickly she got off, just as a tremendous glob on cum erupted from his cock. She grabbed his cock and jerked the last remaining cum from it then pulled the shirt from his face.

“Fucking amazing. I don’t know what you did but it was amazing. Are you sure I can’t fuck you?”

“Sorry matey.” She said. “Wow, that was some lot of cum their buddy.”

Darren looked down at his soaked chest and smiled.

“Well, I better go.” Gemma said, and stood. She dressed, quickly and told Darren she would come back tomorrow to play football. As she walked back home, she had certainly enjoyed her weekend so far and she still had Sunday to go yet.

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