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It was my first semester of college and I was all ready failing. I had thought that college would be a breezed since I had been a straight A student in high school. Boy, was I wrong. In high school the teachers had been there to walk you through everything, to help you when you got stuck on a problem or a project but here the professors could care less about you. They had to teach thousands of students a day and if one student wasn’t doing to well they weren’t going to worry about it. If you asked them a question or ask if they could help you they would give you a look as though you were the stupidest person on the planet and tell you to refer to the syllabus. Yes, I found that the syllabus in college was your bible, if you lost it or couldn’t follow it you were sure to fail.

I finally had to swallow my pride and go home to my Mom to have her help me out on all the homework I had fallen behind in. I hated to have to ask her for help. I knew she’d sit there and tell me how she knew that I had made a mistake in going to college. She had hated it when I told her I was leaving for school. She had wanted me to follow in her footsteps and get married right after high school to my boyfriend at the time. I told her that no man would support me my whole life and that I was going to make something out of myself whether she liked it or not. The argument still contained even after I had enrolled and moved into my dorm room.

I was surprised when she didn’t say anything, and sat there at the table with me helping me out. She kept giving me that, I-told-you-so-look, but didn’t open her mouth to say anything that would piss me off and make me leave.

During that weekend I got everything caught up and when I returned to school pulled my grades up from failing to A’s and B’s except in my English class. I had done all my work, writing all the essays, doing all the research, but the teacher insisted that I had no idea how to write a good paper. He said that my grammar and mechanical skills were that of a three-year-old and if I didn’t learn how to do the basic skills in writing that I would never pass his class. He practically threw my papers back to me and gave me a chance to rewrite them all but it seemed no matter how much I changed the papers they still were not good enough for him.

In a month I was on the phone with my mother, crying and ready to give it all up and come back home with my head down. I told her that I was never going to be able to make it here, the professor had told me that, and I wanted to come home and live the life she wanted me to. She wouldn’t take that for an answer, which surprised the hell out of me. I could hear the anger in her voice while she talked to me.

“Janice, I can’t believe you. You fought to go to school and you are going to stick it out. You are going to do whatever you have to do to get the grade you need.”

“What are you talking about Mom?”

“Well, apparently the man wants something more from you than what you give him on paper.”


“Yes Janice, he wants that sweet young body of yours. Any woman with the some common sense would be able to see that.”

“Mom, that’s just wrong! I mean the man is twice my age and my teacher at that. He doesn’t want anything from me but for me to learn how to write.”

“You’re wrong. I’ve seen those essays you’ve put together and they are magnificent. You are a fabulous writer, you have always been one.”

“Mom, you just think about sex too much. I’m almost positive that my professor doesn’t want to fuck me. There would be too much risk for him with having a sexual relationship with a student.”

“Girl, there are ways around that. You just keep your mouth shut and no one would ever find out. How do you think I got through high school? I’ll tell you it wasn’t from studying any books.”

“God Mom! I’m getting off the phone. I have some studying to do.”

“All right but think about what I said. You’ll see that I’m right.”

“Okay whatever. Bye I love you.”

“Bye Honey, love you too.”

I hung up the phone. I really couldn’t believe that my Mother would have told me to fuck my teacher to get a better grade, then again I wouldn’t ever put anything past my Mom.

I did begin to think about what she had said. It was a silly idea but it might actually work. I had heard girls around the campus talk about which teachers would give you a better grade if you gave them a blow job everyday or let them fuck you. It was no big deal to these girls to use their bodies to pass the class but I had always held myself in high regards, I had more dignity than that, didn’t I?

I kept thinking about it and decided that it wouldn’t be a big deal. I’d do it this one time and that would be it. English had always been my worse subject anyway, I wouldn’t have to take another English course for a long time, and by then I could study more and learn what it was that I was missing now.

I called my Mom back and told her that I was going to do it. She told me that we’d casino şirketleri have to go shopping before I started anything, I didn’t have the right clothes to seduce anybody. I looked down at what I was wearing, a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, I thought I looked all right. My clothes had never stopped the boys from wanting me but she told me that I wasn’t dealing with boys my age anymore, I was dealing with a grown man and I needed to get the clothes that would make him take more notice of me.

When I went back to school that Sunday after Mom had taking me on the biggest shopping spree we had ever gone on, I was excited and a little scared. The clothes she had picked out for me, I thought, would make me look like the biggest slut on campus. She had gotten me skirts that barely covered my ass and a ton of halters and tank tops that barely covered my breasts or midsection. She had also bought me more make-up, telling me to throw away all the stuff I had now. I had never been real big on wearing it but she showed me how to apply it, putting more definition on my eyes and lips then I normally did.

As I got ready Monday morning to go to the dreaded English class I was still a little scared but I was also a little turned on now. I had never really paid that much attention to my own body. I went to the school’s gym three times a week but I had never noticed exactly how good I looked.

I studied myself in the mirror with a slight smile on my face. I had chosen to wear a black leather skirt that stopped right below my firm ass, I had to admit that my butt looked great in the skirt. I moved my eyes down my legs, and looked at the black knee high boots that went with the skirt. The boots made me four inches taller than I normally was and I liked that. I moved my eyes back up to my midsection that wasn’t covered up by the black tank top I wore. I didn’t look at my tummy long before moving my eyes up to my breasts. The tank top had a built in bra to it that lifted and pushed my breasts together, creating the best cleavage that I had ever seen on myself or anyone else. I had always been very self-conscience about my tits. I was small only standing at five foot two inches tall, only weighing 110 pounds but my tits looked like ones that should be on a much bigger woman. I wore a 36D and I had always thought that I should be in something like a B cup. Before I had always tried to hide my figure under big shirts and loose fitting jeans and that had always upset my Mom. She’d tell me that I should flaunt what I had but I hated the mean looks I would get from women that were my size but had much smaller breasts. I would hear them talk to each other and decide that they must be fake and that made me feel bad for them.

I finally raised my eyes from my chest and looked at my face. I had to admit to myself that I was very pretty. I had full lips that now looked even bigger with the lipstick Mom had picked out for me. I had high check bones, and big brown eyes that slanted slightly. My hair was light brown and straight coming down to the middle the middle of my back. I smiled; I looked good, now if I could pull this off then everything would be great.

On my way to class every man that walked past me turned for a second look, boosting my confidence even more. I began to walk with more switch in my hips than normal, swinging my ass from side to side so much that I thought at one point I might fall down, I might have a great body but grace had never been on my side.

When I got to the classroom I made sure to sit in the front row, right in the middle where Professor Kellor was sure to see me. He came in, put his briefcase on the desk and looked up right in my direction. I saw a look of approval and desire come into his eyes the minute he looked at my body. His cheeks blushed for a second before he composed himself.

During class I had a chance to really look at him. I usually sat way in the back and never had paid attention to what Mr. Kellor had looked like. He was handsome, in his mid 50’s, with short black hair that had started turning gray at the temples. He had small dark brown eyes and with the way he’d hold his brow always made him look stern and unfriendly. His mouth was also small, with tight perusing lips that always looked displeased but there was something about him that made him look good even with his stern facial expressions. I believed that it was the way he held himself. He was tall and fit. I guessed his height at about six-foot, his body frame was lean and muscular and he held himself with ease. He never stood up straight or ridged which would accompany the expressions on his face but he’d stand a little slouched over. His body language and the way he moved told you that he was easy to approach but if you stepped out of line he’d have a rude commit to throw at you.

While class was in session I pretended to be paying attention to what he was teaching but my mind was more on ways to get him really turned on to me. From time to time he would look at me, that look of casino firmaları want still in them and this is where I’d begin my teasing.

When I saw his head turning to me I would move my legs, deciding at just that point I needed to uncross one leg from the other to make myself more comfortable. When I would do this I’d let my legs fall open for a little bit, giving only Mr. Kellor a full view of my bare pussy before closing my legs again. Sometimes I would bend over in my chair, either to get another pencil out of my bag, or pick up something that I had “accidentally” dropped, letting Mr. Kellor see my breasts, which would almost pop out of the shirt when I would bend over. Everytime I would do something to show my body to him he would clear his throat, and sometimes even forget what it was he was saying.

When I’d look back up to listen to his lecture he would give me a very stern look before moving on to another subject. He dismissed the class early that day but before he did announced that he wanted to see me in his office. I was terrified, I thought that I was going to get it for sure now. He was going to sit there and yell at me for distracting him and his class with my lewd movements and way of dress. I knew this had been a bad idea, I should have never listened to my Mother.

As I got to the door to his office my heart was racing so fast that I thought I was going to pass out. Here it goes, he’s going to kick me right out of his class, he’s going to flunk me, and my college career will be over. I knocked on the door and waited for him to invite me in. I could hear him moving in the office and soon the door was opened and he stood there staring at me for a minute. The stern look in his face had disappeared and there was one of pure passion that replaced it.

“Come in Janice. I need to speak to you about something.”

I nodded and entered the room. I knew from the look on his face that I was far from being in trouble but I decided to play the innocent one for a while. He went and sat in his chair, it was the only one there so I stood on the other side of the desk with my hands behind my back, pushing my breasts farther out in front of me. He stared at me a little longer, trying to find the words that he wanted to say. Finally he got control of himself. “Janice, I know what you are doing.”

“And what would that be Mr. Kellor?”

“You’re trying to seduce me so that you can get a better grade.”

I opened my eyes wide and put my hand up to my heart, letting out a small gasp, “Mr. Kellor! I can’t believe that you would think so little of me! I work my butt off for this class and you think instead of trying to improve on myself that I would rather have sex with you to get the grade that I want! I am so embarrassed!”

“Oh no, I was wrong. Oh God Janice I am so sorry. It’s just that I had never seen you wear clothes like that and you kept showing me your body, and I know that you are struggling in the class so I just assumed. I’m sorry.”

“The only reason why I wore this was because it was so hot outside and I knew that I would die from the heat if I wore the clothes I normally do.” I allowed tears to well up in my eyes to make it seem that I was really sincere. “Mr. Kellor, I really can’t believe that you would think that I would stoop to that level.”

I let it all out now, pretending to cry uncontrollably, making it seem as though my professor had really hurt my feelings. He stood up and came around the desk. He pulled me into his arms to comfort the student he had just hurt. I buried my face in his chest so that he could not see the smile that came across my face.

“Janice again, I am sorry that I accused you of that. Everyday a female student comes on to me to get a better grade and I just thought that you had turned into one of them.”

“Do you turn down the girls that come to you Mr. Kellor?”

“Yes, but you would have been the only one that I wouldn’t have turned down.”


“Yes Janice, I have always thought that you were very pretty and I have often had fantasies of you and I. I have to admit that I was a little excited when I thought you were really going to seduce me. I would have been at your beck and call.”

I looked up at him; the fake tears all ready drying on my face. I had stopped with the acting the minute I found out that he truly liked me. I inched my lips closer to his and kissed him gently on the lips. He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me away, “you lying little bitch! I knew you just wanted to fuck me so that I’d change the grade!”

“Oh you fucking asshole! You said all that shit to throw me off guard!”

“So, little innocent Janice wants to fuck me huh?”

“Not anymore, I’d rather fail then have to fuck an asshole like you.”

“Is that so? I’ll change the grade if you can fuck me good enough.”

“I can fuck you well enough to give you a heart attack old man.”

“So now I have to be old on top of being an asshole?”

“Shut up.”

“What would you do güvenilir casino to me dear sweet Janice.” I could see his cock raising through his pants, I could also see how much he wanted to be in control of all this but I wouldn’t allow that. He had pissed me off and now I’d show him I wasn’t as innocent as he made me out to be.

“Take off your clothes.”


“Yes, take them off!”

“Now lay on the floor.”

“My office isn’t the most comfortable place to do this.”

“Did I ask you what you thought?”

He gave me a look of surprise mix with anger. I could tell that he hated the fact that I was commanding him but it was turning me on to watch this grown man do what I told him.

I took off my clothes and stood over him, letting him see my whole body.

“Do you like what you see Mr. Kellor?”

“Yes very much.”

“Do you want this cunt?”

“Yes I do.”

“Tell me, tell me you want it.”

“I want your cunt.”

I dropped down to my knees, letting the head of his cock barely touch my hot wet pussy. I began to move my hips slowly back and forth, running his cock up and down my slit.

“I don’t think you did a very good job at telling me you want my pussy. Do you want it? Do you want to feel your cock slipping in and out of my soft soaked cunt?”

“Yes, oh God yes.”

“A little better. Do you want to feel your cock in my mouth, feel my lips sliding along your shaft as I suck you deep into my throat?”

“Fuck yes! Fuck me Janice! Fuck me now!”

I couldn’t take my own teasing anymore. The feel of his member rubbing against my clit was too much. I moved my hips a little and quickly plunged his cock deep into my dripping cunt, raising myself so that I was sitting up at the same time. My professor let out a long low moan as his dick entered me and I smiled down at him.

“Do you like that?”

“Yes, your pussy feels wonderful.”

I began to rock my hips back and forth, keeping him deep in my pussy. His cock felt great, and it wouldn’t take me long to cum. I felt my cunt begin to tighten around his cock as my orgasm hit me, my juices began to flow from me and down my legs. As I began to come down I heard him talking, “I’m going to cum soon.”

“Oh no you aren’t.”

I got off of him quickly and he gave me that angry look again. I went and got his chair, moving it to the center of the room. I sat down in it, spreading my legs over the arms, “come here and lick my pussy.”

He said nothing as he sat up, placing his face in between my legs. He began to lick my inner thighs, cleaning up my cum that had spilled out.

“I didn’t say to lick my legs, I said to lick my pussy!”

He licked and sucked at my clit, with the orgasm that I had recently had I knew I wouldn’t last long with his tongue either.

“Oh yes! That feels so good! Keep licking me! I’m going to cum!”

My legs closed around his head as I began to orgasm again. My body jolting from the chair as his tongue worked feverishly over my clit. I pushed his head away when I could take no more.

“Stand up. I want to suck your dick.”

I leaned forward in the chair, taking the head of his cock in my mouth and sucking on it gently before I took it all the way down my throat. Slowly I swallow his whole length, letting him feel my lips sliding more and more down his shaft until my throat was completely filled with his cock. I began to languidly move my head back and forth always keeping him deep in my throat.

I felt his hands go to my head and then he began pump his hips into me, gently at first but getting harder and deeper. I could no longer swallow my spit while he fucked my mouth and it dripped from my lips, down onto my tits.

“You look so good with my cock in your mouth.”

I answered back with a moan the vibrations of my voice making his cock jump in my mouth.

“I don’t want you to quit but I want to feel that sweet pussy again before I cum.”

I took his cock out of my mouth and began to stroke it, “do you? You don’t want to cum down my throat?”

“As much as I’d love to cum in your mouth or all over that pretty face of yours, no I want to feel your cunt again.”

“What if I won’t let you? What if I want to taste your cum?”

“Girl you have to let me feel that tight cunt of yours again! I promise I’ll change your grade.”

“I don’t care about my grade anymore. But I will let you fuck me again. I love the way your cock feels in me.”

I got off the chair and moved to the floor, positioning myself on my hands and knees. He came up behind me, slamming his cock hard into my cunt. I yelled out in passion as he began to drive his dick deep into me.

“Oh yes fuck me! That feels so good! I love your cock! Oh God you’re going to make me cum again! Fuck me harder!”

He moved his hips faster, grabbing onto my hips, and slamming my ass back into him as he fucked me.

“I’m going to cum.”

“Cum in my pussy.”

I felt the release of his cum shot deep within me, filling my cunt up with his hot seed as my own orgasm came to it’s heights. We both fell to the floor exhausted. As our breathing began to slow down he turned to me, “I really will pass you Janice if that is what you really want.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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