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He pulled back from our embrace and slowly licked his way down my chest until he was on his knees between my legs. Moaning I felt his tongue just touch the tip of my cock and felt his hands on my ass as he licked the oozing precum.

“Tastes nice” he murmured making me glance down just in time to see his hand encircle my cock whist the other was still on my ass and my mind whirled as he slowly leant his head forward engulfing my cock into his mouth. It was so exhilarating as he began sliding his mouth up and down on it and I only just stopped myself cumming right away but then he picked up the pace on my throbbing cock and soon I was panting and moaning as he drew me closer to the edge. Before I could warn him that I was about to cum I felt the first wave of impending release hit me as I exploded deep in his mouth. I could feel and see him swallowing as quickly as he could and when finally he released my cock there was hardly a drop of cum to be seen except around the edge of his mouth.

Rising from his knees he stood up and although I hadn’t been sure that I wanted to be kissed I now welcomed his tongue coated with my cum into my waiting mouth.

As I enjoyed the taste of him and my cum he slowly pushed me down on the bed so I was sitting in front of him as he slowly removed his shirt and trousers. He was wearing a white pair of pants that barely hid his clearly hard cock. “It’s been hard since you walked in the door” he said seeing me ogling it. Having never seen a hard cock other than my own or in pictures my eyes eagerly followed every movement as he removed his pants and stood there naked in front of me.

“Well do you like and fancy it?” He proudly said waving his cock in front of me.

Like mine his balls were shaved and my worst thoughts were confirmed as his cock was bigger, thicker than mine and must have been almost 8 inches I guessed. Sean reached out with his hand and pulled me so that his huge cock was only inches from my face and without any hesitation I reached out tentatively to touch his cock feeling his hardness and warmth. Fascinated my fingers traced down the thick vein running from beneath the head to its base and I really enjoyed feeling another guys cock for the first time.

“Is mine the first cock you’ve ever handled?”

“Um yes and the first I’ve seen this close, it feels and looks so good” I mumbled in appreciation as I stroked the throbbing member.

“That’s good just get to know it and treat it how you would your own” he said sighing with pleasure as I explored it and his balls for several minutes.

“Now I want you to suck, taste me and to enjoy the pleasure of giving a blow job for the first time. C’mon open your mouth and suck on my cock!” Sean said forcefully.

Obediently I opened my mouth and as he leaned forward and guided it in I tasted a hard cock for the first time enjoying his already leaking precum which tasted warm to my lips as he slid in. I was surprised that his dome felt so soft and spongy in contrast to the firmness of the shaft and really liked the feel of it filling my mouth. I honestly cannot remember ever feeling so hornier in my life as I sucked along his length he grabbed my head guiding it back and forth slowly fucking my face.

I could hardly believe it but here I was sucking my first cock and loving every moment of it but I think Sean was even more excited than me because like me it took no time before I felt his cock throbbing and I guessed he was on the verge of exploding.

“I want and am going to cum in your mouth and all over your face.” I heard him breathlessly pant.

“Ummm… please I want…..” I urged him on wanting to taste him but they were my last words before his cock jerked and I felt and tasted his cum hitting the back my throat quickly filling my mouth for the first time. Although I didn’t want to lose him he pulled out and grabbed his cock and aimed it directly into my face blasting the last few spurts of cum over my face. I was in seventh heaven as his last few spurts combined with some cum leaking from my mouth and dribbled down my chin.

“How was that, do you like the taste?” he panted demanding to know.

“Mmmmmm feeling your cock in my mouth’s really fantastic but your cum’s a bit more salty than mine but very hot and Christ I feel so horny and want more!” I said licking my casino şirketleri lips.

Sean pulled me up and we kissed deeply sharing his cum for a while and then we fell onto the bed, our legs and cocks touching and rubbing against one another as his hands frantically ran all over my body.

“So you’ve tasted your own cum then?” he queried.

“Yeah, lots of time with Sue and I’ve spurted into my mouth on my own” I answered “haven’t you?”

“No not shot in my mouth but have swapped it with others, tell me more” he demanded.

“I’ll show you later” I sighed as my hardening cock rubbed against his which was also hardening as his hand worked its way over my naked pubes to my balls and soon a finger rubbed against my tight puckered hole slowly trying to work its way into me. I let out a gasp of pain as he forced its way in and started to rub my prostate hard. Without saying a word his other hand reached into the bedside cabinet drawer and brought out a packet of condoms and a bottle of lubricant. Suddenly I began to panic with the realization that he was preparing to fuck me and wasn’t sure that I would be able to take his cock as it was longer and almost twice the thickness of Sue’s strap-on. I just thought that I wasn’t quite ready for it.

“Here, help me put this on” Sean said handing me the condom but then sensing my apprehension asked “What’s wrong, I thought you wanted me to fuck you?”

“You’re so big, I’ve only taken a small dildo before” I mumbled.

“Hey you don’t have to if you don’t want to” trying to reassure me as he felt me trying to pull away “we can just jerk each other off if you want” he said.

“I’ve been dreaming about it and want to but just at the moment I’m not sure, you’re so big and don’t know if I’ll be able to take it” I answered.

“No problem we’ll just take it as it comes, sorry no pun intended” he laughed, immediately releasing the tension between us.

“I’m going to take a shower as I didn’t get one when I got in” he said standing up, his erect cock swaying in front of my eyes “just relax for a few minutes and then join me in the shower if you want.”

Cursing myself for being so bloody stupid knowing that this had all I had been talking and dreaming about for months. I could hear the water running as he had left the door open and decided I really did want to be fucked and I didn’t want this to end like this.

“Glad you decided to join me” Sean said as I slid the shower door open “c’mon let me soap you up.”

Drawing me close his gentle hands ran over my body from my ass to my shoulders working in small circular motions and then back down before he eased me around so that we were facing each other. He pushed his tongue against my lips and finding no resistance began exploring it as his hands cupped and squeezed my ass pulling me closer against his hard cock.

“You really do have a great body and I love the feel of your cock.” he whispered looking me straight in the eyes.

“Thanks.” I heard myself self-consciously saying as I ran my fingers over his chest finding his sensitive nipples. Sean ran his hands through my hair pushing my head lower towards his aroused nipples “suck on these” he ordered.

While my tongue continued to flick around his erect nipples, my groans grew louder as his hands went down to my hard cock and gave it a long, firm stroke.

He curled his hand around it feeling the delicate contours and ridges of my cock, squeezing and sliding up the shaft. Pulling us even closer his fingers jiggled my hood back and forth over my dome.

“Feel good?” he asked.

“Ummm, really like that” I grunted.

His fingers again closed around my cock, manipulating my foreskin back and forth in longer strokes.

“Aaaahh, that feels good, you really know how to make me feel good.”

“That’s because I know how to stroke your cockskin the way you do yourself unlike girls” he said stripping my foreskin all the way back and by guiding my hand onto his cock urged me to follow his example.

“Now Tom lean forward slightly” and suddenly I felt the hardness of his glans pressing against mine as he rubbed our tips together.

“This’ll send you wild.”

“It’s already doing that” I muttered feeling the softness of his slick glans sliding against my own as his fingers moved my helmet casino firmaları in small circles against the front of his and I felt a slight stretching sensation as his slit caught the edge of mine. Stretching it sideways and rotating my head around his so that the tops, sides, and the bottoms rubbed against each other sent shivers through me.

“Ooooohhhh, that fucking marvelous….” I sighed.

“I know but you’ll really going to like this even more” and felt him stretching my foreskin back along my shaft whilst his other hand grasped the wrinkled skin of my scrotum and pulled it hard between thumb and index finger stretching it over my balls.

“Ooooohhhh, don’t stop” I begged looking into his eyes then followed his gaze down to our cocks and heard him say “your gorgeous cock is getting even harder and you must be so close to cumming but I want you hold on.” He moved back slightly so that the domes of our engorged helmets were again pressing against each other and his fingers encircled mine squeezing hard.

“I’m almost there…”

“No, just enjoy the feeling but don’t cum!” He grunted squeezing harder.

“I can’t stop, I’m cumming…..”

“Don’t cum, control yourself!” He shouted “I’m telling you not to cum!”

I could feel cum pulsing through my cock ready to blast but the grip of his fingers just under my dome wouldn’t allow me to shoot sending an incredible sensation through me but gradually the intense feelings began to ease and my cock just throbbed in his hand.

“That’s better, don’t worry you’ll thank me later” he said ducking his head and licking some cum that had escaped from my slit and stood back up and thrust his tongue between my lips so that we could both enjoy the taste again.

“Lets finish off showering” he said twisting me around until I felt his hard cock lodge in the crease of my ass as his hands again soaped me again. This time he avoided my twitching cock as his hand slipped between my legs and his fingers found my puckered hole. Thrusting back and gyrating myself against him I tried to force his fingers into me as he continued to soap me.

“I think you’re almost ready now” he said quietly “lets get back to the bedroom.”

“Yeah that sounds good to me.” I said and we quickly toweled ourselves dry and returned to lie beside each other on the bed.

Moving his head down he said “I bet Sue really likes to feel this big helmet of yours pushing inside her” working his tongue down under the head and followed the groove up one side to the top. “Does she let you fuck her both ways?”

Wanting to taste him again I shifted my body so that my mouth was close to his erect penis, “yeah” I answered probing his long slit with my tongue licking a drop of clear fluid as his hot hard glans throbbed against my tongue.

“Ahhhh, that’s just right don’t stop!” He moaned as he thrust his cock back into my mouth and I rolled my tongue over his head and sucked gently like I love Sue doing to me but soon he grunted “right I’m going fuck you” and his cock slipped between my lips as he pulled away. Running his hands down my back he fondled my ass, spreading the cheeks and I felt his fingers dance down the crevice and said “Roll over on your back.”

He then pushed me back on the bed and as I looked him in the eyes he crawled between my legs and lifted my ass in the air a little and I felt his fingers probing at my tight rosebud as he whispered “you think you can take me now?”

“Not sure but want try” I replied a bit nervously. “As I’ve said I’ve been hoping and wanting this but I’m a little worried as you’re so much bigger than Sue’s strap-on.”

“Ok” lets lube you a little he said as he reached for the bottle again and tried to work his finger past my tight sphincter muscle but it just didn’t want to give and I cried out with pain.

“Relax and tell me about Sue fucking you” he soothed “just push against me and it will slip in, just like you’ve done with her before” and with a further thrust his finger managed to part the muscle and I felt the warmth of it as it slipped in my ass.

“Uhhhh….. That’s nice…….” I sighed feeling how good it was having his finger working in and out of me until I felt it getting easier and he slipped in another finger and stretched the hole.

“Fuck me!!” I shouted in ecstasy.

“First güvenilir casino you’ll going to tell me!”

“Just fuck me” I pleaded.

“Not until you’ve told me otherwise you can go back to her!” he said forcefully.

Realizing I was going to have to tell him about us “well she caught me wanking and using a dildo.”

“And then what, go on” he insisted.

“Well she bought this strap-on and she’s been fucking me.”

“She enjoys it?” he seemed hardly to believe me.

“Yes just as much as I enjoy it but it’s a lot smaller than you but I do want you.”

“Help me put the condom then.”

“No, I want to feel your cock not rubber; I’ve had enough of silicone and not feeling real skin, just fuck me!” I shouted.

“Are you sure?” He asked as he straddled me and guided his cock along his fingers and for the first time I felt a hard bulbous cock head nudge against my rosebud. “Fuck me. Please, just give it to me.” I cried as he began trying to enter me.

Grabbing my knees he lifted them high and spread them wide hooking my ankles over his shoulders exposing and stretching me a little wider and dribbled more lube onto his cockhead and down the crease of my ass. I gasped with pain again when he thrust three fingers in; slowly easing them apart he stretched the muscle further open before slowly withdrawing and quickly thrusting them back again, repeating this until he felt the muscle loosen up. Quickly he shuffled forward replacing them with his cock and I the head beginning to press home. It was excruciating painful as his dome tried to push through my sphincter muscle and he went slowly to lessen the pain – encouraging me to relax as he tried working his cock ever more into me.

I gritted my teeth as the pain got worse but I also felt a heightened horniness and certainly didn’t want him to stop.

“Yeeeez…………..” Sean groaned “you’re so tight and hot. I’ll have to stop.”

“No, it’ll be alright. It was the same when Sue first fucked me” I pleaded.

I felt him thrust hard and finally his dome popped into me as I wildly thrust my hips up to meet his surge making me cry out with the incredible pain.

Soon the pain eased and finally was gone replaced by a mild sense of burning and I began to enjoy the feel of his hard hot cock and was a little disappointed when he paused again but realized he was only allowing the muscle to relax its hold before thrusting a little further.

“Uhhh…., you’re so tight and good” he panted as he thrust deeper and began to speed up and soon got into a rhythm and began pounding harder, his balls slapping against my ass cheeks.

I shuddered as my sphincter stretched around Sean’s hammering cock, my own cock flailing about with every thrust of his hips. Reaching down Sean gripped and hand fucked my cock, ferociously pulling the foreskin back revealing my engorged purple head as his own body stiffened as his muscles strained driving deep into me working up a pace.

As Sean groaned with pleasure all I could think of was that I was being fucked by a real cock for the first time and loving every minute of it pounding me for the next few minutes. I cherished the feeling of his cock in me until I felt it twitch and I knew he was about to release his load. Moaning loudly he pushed deep in me for the last time and suddenly shouted “I’m cumming….cumming…!” Then I felt Sean’s hot cum gush into my ass and shot my own load over his hand in a surge and felt a few drops splashing onto my face, chest and belly with every powerful thrust of his hand on my cock.

“Wow that was fucking marvelous, how did that feel?” he asked as he stopped thrusting and rested against my ass his throbbing cock still deep in me.

“Marvelous…..marvelous that was just fucking great…..” I sighed as he deliberately twitched his cock.

Then taking hold of my legs he slowly withdrew sprinkling cum over my balls before thrusting hard back in before lowering my legs down on the bed still deep inside my ass as he rested on my sticky cum soaked naked body squashing my still hard dribbling cock between us.

Both of us were panting as we kissed deeply. When we finally parted he said

“I’ve never been fucked by a woman, is it as good as just now?”

“She’s getting better and its good but there’s no real feeling like your cock gave me and of course no cum.”

“Do you think you could get her to fuck me” he asked rather tentatively.

“Don’t know but its possible because she knows that we were meeting and wants to know all about it.”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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