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We had a wild relationship. My girlfriend was spectacularly lewd and utterly lascivious. She had already taken me places I had never dreamt of and kept promising me more. Bondage. Cos play. Public sex. No topic was taboo with the woman, she was constantly confronting me with new sexual possibilities.

At times I felt as though she was dragging into the depths of sexual depravity but somehow no matter how weird it got she always made me feel it was acceptable. When she suggested that we go for a walk in a local park one day I was intrigued as to what she could be up to but knew better than to ask. After walking for a while she suddenly took my hand and lead me off the main trail down a barely recognisable path. I had no idea where she was taking us and felt my myself starting to get excited with the possibilities.

When we reached a slight clearing she stopped turning to me with mischievous grin on her face. Snuggling up against me she whispered seductively in my ear, “Ready for something wild baby.”

She was pressing her braless breasts against my chest while breathing hotly on my neck, thrilled all I could manage was to hum incoherently and nod yes. She pulled back slightly and beamed a stunning smile at me that made my knees weak. Without another word she pulled a leather mask from her handbag holding it out before me like a question. Captivated I nodded my head with acceptance then bowing so that she could place the mask securely over my eyes.

As my world went black my other senses heightened. I could hear her rummage around in her bag for something else when she whispered breathlessly in my ear, “Remove your shirt.” Despite the chill in the air I readily complied feeling the goose bumps standing out on my exposed flesh. Within moments she had me panting as her hot hand stroked my rapidly cooling torso.

Stroking my arm I gasped with surprise when she slipped something cold over my wrist. “Sssh,” she hissed pulling my arm behind me and firmly attaching it to my other wrist. I tested the strength of my bounds smiling when I heard her giggle. My cock was becoming noticeably engorged and I allowed myself to luxuriate in erotic thrill of being at her mercy.

“Kneel,” she murmured in my ear and my knees buckled willingly. Bare chested and blind I knelt there in the woods amazed at how far I would allow her to take me. “Open your mouth,” she announced tracing my lips with a finger. Her touch left my lips tingling as I dutifully opened my mouth for her. I was forced to spread casino şirketleri my jaw wide open as she pressed something hard that tasted of rubber between my teeth. Before I could consider whether or not this was going to far she had clasped the leather straps attached to the device tightly behind my head.

More intrigued than scared I proceeded to explore the implement in my mouth with my tongue. “Oh yeah that looks sooo hot,” she murmured throatily in the darkness as I pushed my tongue through opening in the hard rubber ring wagging it around. “That’s it baby,” she giggled, “get it all nice and moist for me.” Dutifully I complied shifting to relieve the pressure of the throbbing cock in my jeans.

I felt her squat before me and the delicious contact of her nylon clad legs against my naked torso. Stroking my hair and neck she whispered breathlessly in my ear, “Get ready for the experience of your lifetime.” I felt my cock pulse with anticipation as a shiver of expectation rippled through my body.

Quickly she rose and stepped away. Before I could comprehend the consequences of what was happening I realised that there was another person with us. As quickly as she stepped away they stepped in front of me and strong hands gripped either side of my head. I instinctively struggled to pull away but the hands fingers gripped my hair holding me firmly still. Though I tried desperately to rise the strong hands pushed me down and without the use of my arms there was no way I could put any real resistance.

In the blackness of my world I knew that the flesh being pressed against the hard rubber ring between my teeth was another mans cock. With all my strength I pulled away from it. Desperately I screamed wordlessly into the gag trying to shake away from the strong hands. When I felt another hand on the back of my head pushing me relentlessly forward I knew it was hers, I was beaten. I gave up struggling though I howled with rage as the mystery mans cock slipped past the ring and into my mouth.

As I howled with rage around the cock being pumped back and forth into my mouth, my girlfriend howled with delight, singing out encouragement to her mystery friend, “Yeah that’s it! Fuck his face!!” As he pressed his cock deeper into my mouth she pushed my head forward from behind impaling my throat on his hard cock. I was too busy struggling to accommodate the cock in my throat to try an imagine why she was doing this to me and who the mystery cock might be.

When her hand disappeared I barely casino firmaları noticed as the mystery cock continued to be pumped into my throat. As his thrusts became more purposeful I felt her wrap a thick leather collar about my neck clasping it securely. She tugged possessively on the attached leash to let me know it was there.

At first I was grateful that the mystery man had stopped thrusting his cock in my mouth until I realised it was because he was about to cum. His firm grip held my head in place as his cock flooded my mouth with his cum. Not wanting to swallow I ended up gagging on the massive volume of cum spewing it from my mouth around his cock and out my nose. As I struggled to breath he resumed fucking my face with his still hard cock while my girl friend squealed with delight in the blackness around me.

Eventually his cock began to deflate and he withdrew leaving me gasping cum scented breaths. Without his hands holding me upright I swayed and would have fallen over if he hadn’t pulled me up with the leash. I groaned when I felt his cock pushing through the rubber ring again and I couldn’t believe that he managed to become erect so quickly. As the cock slide over my cum slick tongue I realised it wasn’t the same cock. I struggled briefly, pathetically as the realisation that this was another man fucking my mouth sunk home. Then I wondered if there were any more. Or worse, how many more.

While I was worrying about how many cocks there might be out there the second man came. His first spray of cum flooded my throat and not wanting to gag I swallowed. While I struggled to swallow all his cum he pulled his cock from my mouth to spray the rest of his orgasm over my face. His cum felt hot where it splattered onto my cold skin. The bastard then used his cock to spread the slimy fluid over my face before thrusting the deflating cock back into my mouth growling, “Suck it bitch!”

“Ooooh, bitch! I love it,” cackled my girlfriend in the darkness. “Yeah bitch is perfect,” she giggled, and as I sucked away on the cock in my mouth I felt her write ‘bitch’ on my chest with something cold and oily. “Oh yes, bitch is perfect,” she giggled up close, her fingers closing around one of my nipples and twisting harshly causing me to scream in agony over the oozing cock in my mouth.

While she continued to torture my nipple another hard cock stepped up to slide through the cum slick rubber ring between my teeth and invade my mouth. “Yeah fuck my bitches mouth!” My girl friend encouraged güvenilir casino the unknown stranger. Taking his cue from her the prick started slapping his groin into my face and his cock into my throat. Thankfully he came almost immediately and was more interested in spewing his load over my face than in my mouth. Hot cum splattered over my hair and face to dribble down my chin and drip onto the cold bare flesh of my chest while my girlfriend giggled away.

While the one man sprayed cum over my face another stepped to use my mouth. There was now so much cum coating the ring and my mouth and my throat that the cock slid frictionlessly in and out. “Oh yeah this bitch is getting good and slick,” cried the man in my mouth as he slowly purposefully pressed his cock into my throat. Holding onto my head he held me impaled on his hard cock, forcing more and more of his cock down my throat. While I struggled to breath his pubic hair tickled my nose and he started to grind his hips into my face with his cock gagging me.

I must have fainted because I came to gasping cum filled breaths as the laughter echoed in the darkness surrounding me. Some one was holding me upright by the leash and I swayed perilously in their grasp. “Anyone want this bitch,” he hollered out. There was a chorus of “Yeah’s!!!” that suddenly made me go very cold. The leash was passed to yet another hard wanting cock and I was soon tasting it.

While the man fucked my mouth my girlfriend settled down beside to whisper in my ear, “I’m getting bored of this bitch.” And as the the cock went in and out of my cum slick mouth she giggled, “I think I’m going to go.” The thought of her leaving and possibly without me inspired me to struggle against the hold on the leash. My weak struggles seemed to inspire the man with his cock in my mouth as he suddenly started thrusting himself with more enthusiasm then gushed a massive volume of hot gooey cum into my mouth.

As I tried to contain the monster load of cum I heard my girlfriends voice crying out laughingly, “Be good to him boys.” While screeched my cum filled displeasure I could feel a number of bodies pressing against mine. Before I could deal with the load of cum left in my mouth another cock was thrusting into it. Cocks and cum became my world as man after man fucked my mouth through the rubber ring. Cum drunk I no longer cared just wanting it to be over.

When finally the last man had used my mouth and face for his load of cum I was discarded. Some one carefully removed the gag from my aching jaws. As I gaped like a fish out of water the mask was also removed and I was blinded by the harsh sunlight. Through the haze I could make out my girlfriend beaming triumphantly. “Damn you look so sexy right now!” She purred.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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