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Thought I had lost this story forever but found it in a random old message by chance!!



You are here finally, that’s great. I have been waiting impatiently all night for you to arrive but I guess the best things come to those who wait. What’s that you say? You got here as fast as you could. Be that as it may, and I guess we all have responsibilities, everyone needs some time to relax and this is ours. Me with my writing and you enjoying the steady flow of words trickling across your brain.

Now, before we start make sure you get yourself comfortable. Check you locked the door, close the blinds (unless you like leaving then open for that naughty buzz of possibly being caught), find your favourite toy (unless you prefer your fingers), this is about satisfying yourself. You know my cock would feel better but for now this will have to do. Walk to your bedroom gorgeous, slip out of those clothes. It’s been a long day at work and the bed will feel so good under you, soft warm, clean sheets against your skin. The air is a little cool but you already feel flushed. You can feel your slit starting to ache – it knows what is coming, what you need almost before you do.

That’s right, pile the pillows, lie down so you are slightly propped up, the toy beside you and trace your fingers round those gorgeous nipples. I do love seeing you do that – teasing them knowing how much it pleases me to watch you pleasure yourself, it’s why I write. I guess people write for many reasons but my main reason is the sense of power I get knowing that people from all over the world will playing with themselves, teasing and cuming to my words. Their moments of intense pleasure will come from my mind.

I see you already started, don’t get too carried away beautiful. I want this to be good. That’s right; trace those fingers across the outside of asyabahis yeni giriş your pussy. You know you want them on your clit but not yet. Don’t rush, let’s make this one amazing. That’s right, spread those gorgeous lips, show me that delicious pink wetness. I know you are aching to feel the warm wetness of my tongue running the length of your pussy. Damn you are wet today – I guess you really need this, been a few days? Keep going – don’t your dare slip those fingers inside until I say!

Your can feel that need now can’t you, that desire to have something thick and long slip into and fill you so perfectly like my cock. You love looking down and seeing its width thrust deep inside you, but I guess we will have to make do today. You have been good! Get those fingers on your clit now. God that feels good doesn’t it! I can tell from the little moan that slipped between your lips and the way your eyes half close as you touch it. I can practically see the sensations shooting from your wet pussy throughout your body all the way up to your brain. The endorphins flooding your system as you start giving into that need.

Little circles gorgeous… Using the tips of your finger tease your lovely little button. I can smell your arousal from here, the wetness coating your fingers. You know how I love to watch you lick them. You taste so sweet when I go down on you. Is that what you are imagining now? My talented tongue finding that perfect spot? The one that makes your back arch off the bed so hard that I have to pin your hips down? As soon as you do that I know you are ready for me.

Get your toy.

Close your eyes and imagine… Press it to your lips; imagine it is my hard throbbing cock… Yes, I love it when you do that with your tongue to the tip of my cock – it always feels amazing. You remember so clearly what it looks like asyabahis güvenilirmi with your fingers wrapped around it. Imagine it slipping between your lips now, parting then and swallowing it. I love how deep you take me into your mouth, the moans and shaking as you swallow my hot length. Lots of saliva getting my shaft nice and wet.

Now imagine me between your legs looking down at you. You can feel the warmth of my body against yours, the hardness of my cock pressing against the warmth of your wet slit. I look down into your eyes and make that eye contact whilst grinding myself against you. A plaintive moan escapes your lips this time. You need me in you, I know that, you know that, but you know how I love to hear you ask, to hear you beg.

Go on, say the words beautiful, ask for me to slide my nice, thick, hot cock deep inside your needy pussy…

Good girl…

You feel the tip of my cock at your opening, the head slowly working its way inside. I love how tight you are, how your pussy feels perfectly made for my shaft alone. Every contour inside seems to match my shaft as I push it deeper and deeper. I shift slightly, angling my cock that way I know you love, watching your eyes widen, you gasp (I love it) as I fill you completely.

I hope your toy is deep inside you now; it should be if you have been keeping up.

Your eyes close momentarily enjoying that feeling of being full. Before I vigorously start fucking you. I grab your wrists and pin them to the bed either side of your head. You love it when I hold you down. Rolling my hips as I slide in and out of you allows me to hit every sensitive spot deep inside you, yes even that one… God you are beautiful when you cum for me.

Don’t worry I am not stopping yet. My shaft is slick with your juices, not too bet but just wet enough to move in and out asya bahis giriş of your tight hole. I hear your breathing coming faster, again? So soon? Damn I am on a roll today – this is why we are so suited together – my cock, your pussy – a perfect match – something about the way I fit inside you just makes you cum again and again – you never had this with anyone else.

I feel you tighten around me again – god – you are almost so tight you push me out of you. What was that your third? Fourth? It’s getting close now… Do you want it inside of you?

Of course you do, you love it when I pump my cum deep inside, you love the look of bliss on my face as I ram my cock as deep inside you as I can and explode – god just thinking about how good it feels is getting me close to the edge… Ask me for it – you know I love it when you tell me just how much you want and need it…

Mmmmmmm well done! I love hearing those dirty words slip from your lips.

God you are just so perfect – I am going to cum so hard… Cum with me if you can. My thick cock thrust deep inside you, joining us together as I explode. My grip tightens on your wrists as I pin you to the bed, your legs wrapped tight around me. I jerk, my movements broken from the steady hard thrusting as my body shakes with the intensity of my orgasm. Wow – I love how I can feel my cock pulsing my seed deep into you – from that look in your eyes you can feel it to. That look on your face, you’re cuming again!! This time it last as long as mine and beyond. It takes all of my strength to keep you pinned down as your body tries to throw me off. Fantastic; I love how hard you cum for me.

Breathing heavily my tense muscles relax; my shaft still throbbing gently inside you. I lean in and kiss your forehead softly – your glazed eyes are open but your brain has gone away for a bit after that last one – but that is fine. Saying that however you are still enough there for you to moan a little whimper of complaint as I slide out of you. I wrap my arms around you and cuddle you close – I think a five minute break before we start again should give you time to recover… Mostly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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