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A series of stories about the pleasures of youth and the fun had during those glory years….

Story Four — The Morning After

I woke up the next morning with a hangover.

Woke up is probably too strong a word to describe what happened. I more or less came to. And what was that fucking annoying sound pounding in my head? It occurred to me, as my eyes finally focused on the ceiling, that it was a noise like a bell. Oh, shit! It was a bell. The doorbell. Shit! I was the only one home.

I immediately jumped up, sprang out of bed, promptly forgetting the state of my head. In my haste to get out of bed my feet tangled in the covers, and I tripped and fell over. Hitting the floor caused spasm of pain to shoot through my dehydrated head that felt like someone split my skull open with an ice pick.

“Fuck!” I screamed, unintentionally causing an aftershock as the sound of my own voice now echoed through my brain.

And the fucking doorbell rang again.

“Jesus Fucking Christ!” I wailed at no one in particular.

Whoever it was, I was going to kill the motherfucker. Visions of random torture flashed through my mind, as I finally made it down the stairs and to the front door.

“What the fuck do you want?” I asked angrily as I threw open the front door.

The bright light streaming in from outside hit me right in the eyes and I wasn’t able to adjust them quickly enough to see who was standing outside the door.

“I could come back later,” came a very determined female voice, with perhaps a hint of amusement in it. “If this is a bad time?” she added with emphasis.

In the second it took me to throw my hand up to shield the glare, I realized it was Ali standing there. Her backpack was swung over one shoulder.

“Uh, Ali,” I stumbled, fumbling for something to say, “Damn. Sorry. I’m mean…. I didn’t know it was you…. Shit. Do you wanna come in?” I managed to say finally, sounding about as stupid as I felt.

Visions of the night were flooding back into my mind with full force as she squeezed past my frame to enter into the foyer of my parent’s home. She was dressed in a tight fitting top and designer jacket, with one incredibly short skirt barely covering her ass.

“We’re supposed to work on the paper for history class, or did you forget?” she asked.

I tore my head from her ass to look her in the face as she turned to look at me saying, “That’s a good look for you by the way.”

I looked down at myself. I was still wearing the stained boxers I’d had on last night, and nothing else. Absentmindedly, I moved my hand through my unruly bed head.

“Right,” I said, still dazed, “The paper. It’s just that I didn’t expect you to get here this early.”

“It’s not early, Marc,” she replied nonchalantly, “It’s noon already. When did you plan on getting started?”

“Noon?” I asked breathlessly.

One glance at the hall clock confirmed the truth. Well I’d already missed football practice this morning. Coach was gonna be wicked pissed at me.

“Damn,” I said, “I guess you took more out of me last night than I’d thought.”

That and the tequila I had when I got home last night.

I tried to smile my usual winning smile. I wasn’t sure if it was working or not. I was too tired to care.

“Marc,” she said pointedly, brushing aside my attempted charm, “I did want to talk about last night with you.”

So the other shoe finally drops. My smile faded.

When I didn’t respond she continued, “You know that Todd and I have been going steady for a while now right?”

I nodded.

Was Ali experiencing morning after guilt or something? Shit, if she was going to make this big a deal out of it, I was going to need some aspirin. Fuck, I was going to need the aspirin anyway.

“Well,” she said, “I don’t want you to think that last night was just something I do all the time.”

Oh, I get it.

She’s decided to take him back. Cool, I thought, whatever. At least I got a taste of her pussy before I died. I could live with that. Probably shouldn’t tell her that Michelle Collins gave him a blowjob either. Hell, he’d probably also fucked her.

Not meaning to be rude, I turned my back on her, and I headed directly to the kitchen cabinet where my mother kept the pain reliever. I could hear Ali’s soft footsteps on the floor behind me.

“I saw Todd after practice this morning before I came over here.”

This was going to need more than just aspirin. I grabbed a beer out of the fridge.

“Do you want one?” I asked her.

I opened mine and used the first swig to wash down three aspirin.

“Maybe later,” she said impatiently, “Can you let me finish what I’m saying?”

“Look, Ali,” I said, interrupting whatever it was she felt she needed to say, and no doubt with a less polite tone than I used in my usual good humor, “I get it. I’ve got a fucking hangover. Last night was great, but I’m not stupid. It wasn’t my first one night stand ever and I’m sure it won’t be my last. To tell you the truth, I was feeling ataşehir escort a little guilty about screwing my buddy’s girl behind his back. It’s okay. You don’t need to make such a big fucking deal about it.”

She looked at me calmly, and then said in what I gathered was the voice she used for little children and stupid young men, “Marc, what the fuck are you talking about? I came over here to tell you that Todd and I are through. The way I felt last night. That dick! And the way you made me cum. No man has ever made me feel that way. I’ve realized there’s a whole world out there besides Todd. Believe me, I’m a girl who looks around before she buys.”

Admittedly, I wasn’t thinking too clearly yet. I was also a little stunned. There was not a part of me that really believed, even when I was balls deep inside her, that Ali was seriously going to leave the school quarterback.

I let her words sink in and took another swig.

“But before you say anything, Marc,” she said, putting up her hand in a warning gesture, “You were absolutely amazing. No question about it. But I’m not looking for another boyfriend right now. I’m young. I want to have a good time. That’s why I gave Todd back his jacket and ring this morning. I even gave him my crusty panties from last night to let him know that this morning was the last time he was ever going to cum in my pussy.”

Now I really was hearing things.

“I’m sorry,” I said in disbelief, “Did you just say Todd came inside you this morning? As in you fucked him?”


“When this morning?”

“Well it takes twenty minutes to get from here from the school, so I guess about a half hour ago.”


I hadn’t realized it, but thinking about her fucking Todd was making me hard.

“Shit, fuck, damn,” I managed to say, absorbing it, “That’s a lot of information for one boy to take in.”

“So, do you want to fuck me?” she said without missing a beat, looking me straight in the eye.

“Oh, yeah” I said eagerly, without a moment’s hesitation, completely caught up in the moment, and half-groaning.

Then I remembered ostensibly why she was there in the first place.

“Hey, don’t we have a paper to do?”

“Don’t worry about it,” she said, her backpack falling to the floor, “Guess I forgot to tell you on Friday, Kaufman gave us all an extra two weeks to work on it.”

“So, we have the whole afternoon free?” I asked her rhetorically.

“Mmmm, yes we do,” she replied anyway, sidling up to me so that I could use my free hand to bring her mouth up to mine.

Our kiss was long and deep. The first one followed by another even longer. I finally had to set the half gone beer on the counter so that I could do my work properly.

I finally broke away long enough to ask her, “What was all this about fucking Todd again?”

At the invitation my open arms extended, Ali responded by jumping up into my arms and wrapping her legs around my naked waist. I could feel the warm flesh of her thighs pressing against my abs, just above my hardening cock. Then she put her tongue down my throat again.

Christ, she tasted so good!

Her body weighed nothing in my strong arms. Adjusting her weight with ease I walked with her still attached, her arms wrapped around my neck, into the living room and lovingly laid her out on my parent’s couch.

I needed to get a look at this freshly fucked cunt.

Lifting up her skirt with my hand, her gorgeous slit came into view. She really had given those panties to Todd. I could see that his leftover fluids were still oozing out of her tight pink folds, having been partially smeared around her pussy lips by the friction of her own thighs. Even the crusty remains of our session the night before still remained for my pleasure this morning.

I ran my fingers around the outside of her cunt, feeling the delicate flesh of her pussy’s lips. The white juice from another man made my fingertips slick. Then I pressed an experimental finger inside the warmth of her pussy. The pink skin wrapped around my finger. My thumb massaged her exposed clit.

She let out a moan.

Still moist from her first sex of the day, her lips had become swollen and engorged again in anticipation of what was coming.

After I’d primed her a couple times with my fingers, I brought the cum coated fingertips to her lips and watched as she licked them clean.

Christ, I didn’t think I could play some kind of game with her today. Last night was about lovemaking; the morning after was going to be about nailing the bitch into the couch.

No mercy.

Baby, was I ever hard.

My big hands encircled her waiting body and I grabbed her roughly by her breasts.

“Get this fucking top off,” I commanded in a voice not meant to be disobeyed.

Ali knew my mind. She hurriedly pulled off her jacket, even as I was pushing up her top to get at those full tits. My thick rod was now pressing against her sloppy pussy through my boxers. Soon it was going to be inside her where kadıköy escort it belonged.

In seconds her bra was unhooked as well. I threw it across the room and climbed over her. All that remained on her body was that sexy skirt already pulled up to reveal everything to me. She was just ripe for the taking. I didn’t care if she was used goods. She was fucking sexy. She was all tits and ass.

Ali’s hands pushed down my boxer shorts, exposing my cock. She grabbed at the fat round girth, alternately holding it and stroking it as it hung in the air between us. I moved down so that the head of my dick pressed at the entrance to her treasure.

Then I let instinct take over and humped my hips roughly, pushing forward. The lips of Ali’s pussy parted, those oh so tight lips, and the head of my cock forced its way inside her again.

“Fuck yeah!” I groaned as Ali moaned in pleasure.

I looked her in the eye, enjoying the pleasure I was bringing to her body. I pushed some more and two inches of my manhood were forced into her body. Man she was so tight, even with the stretching Todd’s more modest dick had given her less than an hour before. Her pussy gripped the top part of my cock so incredibly tightly that it made my head spin. She was so tight that he couldn’t push any further. I withdrew a little and then pushed forward again. Most of my dick slid into her hot, aching cunt with the force I put into the thrust. I felt her hungry hole take me inside, forcing over half of my monster within her in one instant.

She gasped with pleasure.

Her cunt was filled up with my cock just like last night. I forced myself inside even more by maneuvering my body closer for maximum effect. The greasy way was tight and slick, but Todd’s cream provided some lubrication for my way. I felt the crustiness of my earlier deposit break around us, as Todd’s spunk dribbled out around my cock, coating the underside of my hairy balls. Soon my entire dick was inside her moist center. The squishing noises were just incredible.

“Oh, Lord, that feels SO good!” Ali moaned, “Fuck, I can’t get over how big you feel. Todd doesn’t feel this good.”

Her comparison of my cock with the school quarterback’s made me feel hotter, even though I already knew no other guy in school had anything on me.

“Todd’s just a boy darlin,” I told her, “And I’m a man. I’ve got a man’s dick and I’ve got a man’s needs.”

I punctuate my words with vigorous thrusts.

One of Ali’s legs fell off the couch as I started fucking her with abandon. Her foot then rested flat on the floor. Her beautiful legs were spread as far apart for me as they could get.

I couldn’t get over the way her hot pussy was so tight, even after a morning fuck with Todd. I didn’t know how much longer I was going to last inside her at this rate! The urgency I was feeling was amazing and I didn’t know what it was about this chick that got me so worked up. My pistoning in and out of her sloppy wet goodness was soon at a lightening pace. One arm held me above her; the other moved down to stroke her breast and the soft curve of her side.

Our moans grew louder together as we called out to God, goodness and all holy fuck.

She was as excited by this encounter as I was, having discovered a whole new world and it made her scorching hot. Her body tensed with preparation for an oncoming orgasm.

Then Ali’s moans became inhuman, as her violent orgasm was released around me.

And all because of me.

The inner walls of her pussy were squeezing and releasing my iron hard dick. Her entire body was afire, her eyes squeezed tight, a face lit in ecstasy.

I fucking lost it looking at her. It was a religious experience, I had no doubt.

At the point of no return and with one last mighty thrust, I slid my dick out of her pussy. Almost too late to keep from cumming inside that treasure. I was almost too big and long to get it all the way out in time. But as my dick slid up the outside of her cunt, I came with complete recklessness. My shots of cum covered the outside of her pussy; the big globs hitting one after another around her cunt lips. One really powerful shot even made it up onto her stomach.

My cock jerked visibly, my hand stroked out the last remaining dribbles of white fluid.

I pushed myself away and got up on my knees to look down at my handiwork, still shaking my cock out in my hands. It felt good to stroke my hot dick even though I’d just cum.

Ali, almost knowing what I was waiting for, reached down between her thighs and rubbed my juices into her skin like some kind of lotion. Those white drops smeared all over her and looked as sexy as hell.

I felt like the king of the castle, kneeling there above her.

My cock still jutted out proudly before me, and I must have looked like quite the proud peacock. I was trying to lay a claim to this woman; marking her as my own. God she was good, she brought out something in me I didn’t even understand. Jokingly, I mimicked pounding on my chest like a gorilla bostancı escort in order to make her laugh.

“God, baby,” I said, seeing her laughing face, “I could fuck you forever.”

Then she smiled up at me, real sexy like. I wanted to take her again right there. My dick had gone a little soft at this point until it was just flexible enough to bend. But as I looked at her, it was titanium again as I wrapped it in my palm. I fisted myself a couple times, just to keep up the feeling.

“I need to take a shower,” I said, “C’mon upstairs.”

I slipped off my boxers, and she took off her skirt. We were as naked as Adam and Eve. I offered her a lift on my broad back and like a little schoolgirl she climbed on for a piggyback ride.

In a few minutes we were in the flowing warm water of my parent’s big shower. Ali, put her arms around my neck and stood on her toes, so her lips found mine. Her hands slid down my back, as mine grabbed the tender handfuls of her ass cheeks. She kissed my mouth with passion, over and over again.

Ali’s sent her tongue eagerly into my mouth and her wet body came close to mine, I pulled her as close as possible. My dick was firm pressing against her stomach, fighting for room there. Our tongues continued to explore each other’s mouths, becoming increasingly more familiar with the other’s contours.

Ali pulled back from me a little, and brought her hands down between us to grab my manhood.

There was no doubt I was still hard.

She broke her last kiss with me, looking me in the eye, smiling as she stroked me, and I watched her breathlessly as she sank to her knees in the spray. Ali bent underneath me, her tongue snaking out and lapping underneath my ball sack.

Man, that felt so good.

Unbelievably she sucked one of my balls into her mouth as her small hand continued to stroke my shaft. Then she released me, sucking the other ball into her mouth tenderly. I steadied myself against the back wall of the shower.

Then she released that testicle as well. I could see and feel her long tongue slowly lick around the base of my dick. Moving upwards, the tongue trailing along, she reached my mushroom head. My helmet was given a thorough cleaning all the while her hand jerked me off further down my long length.

The she opened her mouth and slowly slipped the top of my cock inside. I moaned in absolute ecstasy. Her mouth was warm and moist like her pussy itself. She could take more of me inside her mouth than any girl before or since. She was amazing, deep throating over six inches. No gag reflex. The remaining balance of exposed flesh remained in her hand.

She was an expert stroking my dick. At first all that I could hear was the shower spray, but as Ali got her momentum going, the loud noises of her slurping began. A testament to her hungry, eager mouth. I watched her lips move up and down my shaft.

The water continued to fall over my back and shoulders.

I was vaguely aware of it as I watched my cock disappear and reappear into Ali’s knockout face.

I was enjoying her blowjob and she was expert at it. But I wanted more, needed more. I lifted her chin gently, felt and saw my dick pop out of her mouth. She smiled up at me as she got to her feet. My lips crushed hers, and then I forced her to the back of the shower, and I pressed my body against hers. My soldier was at attention against her stomach again.

My hands moved all over her breasts, caressing them.

I began to kiss under her chin and down her neck, both of us breathing heavily while I kissed down her chest. My lips brushed against her wet skin as I brought a hand down between her legs. Then I ran my fingers through the near shaven hair around her pussy. She parted her legs slightly for me. The water had washed away the remains of our earlier fucking and that of her and Todd.

My lips engulfed the nipple on her left breast; my fingers felt the soaking wetness of her slit. She sighed, not for the first time, as I sent tingles shooting through her body, my fingering now stroking her clit. Taking my own turn I sank to my knees, a flurry of kisses down her chest and stomach, until I reached her belly button.

She lifted her leg and put it against the shower, giving herself to me totally as before. I took a good close up look at that pink pussy, still swollen and quivering. Like the night before, I placed my mouth over her cunt and slipped my tongue inside her.

She cried out, running her hands back over my mind, half guiding me, half forcing me. My tongue twirled around inside her, lapping up her taste. Then I sucked her pussy lips into my mouth.

I felt her body squirm above me.

My hands held her ass tightly as I released her cunt lips from my mouth. I slowly licked back up her slit to her sensitive clit. Ali gasped audibly yet again.

Her hand now pushed my head into her much harder now. I must have been in an area where she wanted me to stay. I could hear her chest heave as she breathed a little more arduously than usual. My tongue continued to tease her clitoris, running up and down it lightly.

Ali squirmed, feeling an orgasm approach now. I sucked her tiny button into my mouth, running my tongue back and forth over it rapidly, forcing this captive woman over the edge.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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