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I met Cana Wilmore on a dating site and she invited me over after we had talked for a month. She was the only one I was talking to this young, she is 26. When I got there her Aunt Faye opened the door. Faye said, “Cana had to run to the store but you are welcome to come in and wait if. And please call me Ms. McAdams especially since my husband is out of town until next week.”

Faye also said, “I will only accept yes ma’am and no ma’am.” Wow she was stern and seemingly perfect but her body was not being shown off much because she had a swim dress over what I was guessing was her bathing suit. She also had on little beige ankle boots and a dark red manicure on her fingernails.

As we waited she told me that I might enjoy a tour of the house. “Yes m’am I said.” I would never have guessed she is seventy four. She is so hot, smelled so good and had such a sexy voice. “You picked a good day because the pool guy is not here.”, she said.

I remarked to her “The pool is really nice.” And she said, “Well my husband is very good to me if it were not for the fact that he is so seldom in town and seems to be going through a phase of enjoying forty year old women.”

“You sit!”, she commanded, “while I go fix myself a margarita.” So I waited on the lounge chair by the pool and my heart was beating so fast. I had not expected any of this. I got a text from Cana and it said, “Sorry I am running late.”, that was all it said. My hands were too unsteady to text her back so I just decided not to.

I remarked to Faye sort of matter of factly that, “The garden and pool are really wonderful.” She then said, “I want to interview a new gardener.” With those sexy brown eyes, blue eyeliner and red lipstick she peered at me and said, “Are you interested?” Cana must not have told her that I was running my own business and was doing very well at it but I was determined not to tell Ms. McAdams no about anything because it might ruin whatever this was leading to.

Then Faye said, “Well, I think maybe it would be a good idea if I interview you but let me show you the greenhouse first. I will need you to make sure that all of these plants stay alive. My husband will not be happy any other way.”

Then she said, “It will be a live in job and there is a bed room attached to the greenhouse and it has everything you will need. It has a bathroom, air conditioning and a computer. I have been sort of lonely and staying back here so I put that picture of Lucas on the wall. Let me take it down in case we should decide that you will have the gardening job to assist him.”

Now she escort ankara said, “Let me make myself comfortable,” and she kicked off her shoes. At the sight of her perfect feet and lavender pedicure I was so hard, so aroused and blushing. She seemed to find humor in that. She sat on the bed and said, “You should remain standing. And there will be a one-hundred dollar interview fee that I will bill you for only if you get the job, do you understand?” “Yes ma’am”, I said, “That seems fair Ms. McAdams.”

Faye said, “Let us start with making sure you are trainable. Please get on your knees and kiss my feet.” So I was flat on my stomach and lovingly sucking on her toe when she screamed at me, “Enough! I know you would like to see all of me and I do not like you looking up my dress. I will be saving myself for Lucas when he is here tomorrow. And if my husband is not home soon Lucas may have to train you in dealing with the plants, do you understand?”

“Yes ma’am Ms McAdams.” I replied.

Then Faye looked me in the eyes once again and said, “Ok, if you think you can handle this job then I will charge you for this interview and you can begin settling into your new home. As Cana’s Aunt I do not approve of her dating any of the help so you had better get that idea out of your mind also. As my servant you will practice celibacy and if you do well you may get to see my feet again.” She then put her boots back on. She handed me her business card and said “You may contact me by email which I will reply to when it is convenient for me but you may only use that email if it is a very important work related question. Lucas will also set up your email on the pc tomorrow when he gets here in the morning.”

“There are also pictures of me on the pc if you get bored between now and tomorrow and need to entertain yourself. Please start getting used to worshipping me.”, she commanded as she pointed to the pc with one finger of her perfectly manicured nails.

She walked out and slammed the door. I realized that from my window I could see her sunning by the pool. Cana came out and then went back in. I was afraid it might cause trouble but I needed to get a closer look at this Goddess. So I left my quarters, went through the greenhouse and out to the pool area. Faye had her eyes closed and was fingering her self and did not notice me sitting next to her. Finally she noticed me and said, “You should not have left your quarters without my permission. I will need to start training you tonight. My friend Dee will be very upset if she does not get her night with esenyurt escort Lucas but you have forced my hand on this. Dee and Lucas will have to come out tonight and we will need to begin training you right away. Obviously you do not know how to be a good submissive. It is very selfish of you to want to see me naked out here and Lucas is not going to be happy with this. Now go back to your quarters.”

I went back to the back room and began surfing the net for a while. Before I knew it darkness had fallen and not long after that Lucas, Dee and Faye were knocking on my door. Faye was the first to speak. “Do not get up from the computer chair. Lucas will bind you up and roll you into the corner. I am going to need you to watch as Dee and I allow Lucas to worship our bodies.”

Lucas slowly began to remove Faye’s clothing and passionately gave her oral. She was very orgasmically happy. Dee began to suck on Faye’s toes. I had a gag in my mouth so I could not say anything. Then Lucas and Dee traded and Lucas began on Faye’s toes in a very loving and gentle way, it was very obvious how strongly he felt for her and he understood very much how much she loved his cock. Dee began on Faye’s body. then Dee came over to me and unzipped my pants. She had my cock in her hand and she told me that she might let me enjoy her later. Lucas was now making love to Faye but first he slowly sucker her perfect nipples. Then he was on top of her giving her everything he had which was quite a bit. He was balls deep into her and she loved it. Dee locked up my cock and went back to the bed to wait for her turn with Lucas. While Lucas was still hard he pulled out of Faye and began riding Dee for a while.

Faye was running her hands all over Lucas knowing that soon he would cum in her and this would all be over for a while. Lucas spent nine minutes on dee and then he pulled out and began riding Faye. Dee started using her vibrator and Lucas rode Faye for ten minutes before they both had a major climax together. While Lucas had some afterglow left he began to give Dee passionate oral sex and kept his hands on Faye’s pussy. Faye and lucas left and Dee stayed with me.

Dee rolled her eyes and said, “I really do not want to do this but I will untie you and let you worship my feet and make love to me. Only because of how frustrated I still am” Dee untied me and then commanded me, “Get on your knees and beg for my body!”

I was really hard for her and she told me next time I would be required to have a cock ring. For now she gave me a condom eskişehir escort since I was new to this seen and had not been tested as far as they knew. I worshipped her feet and then mounted her. In a sort of moan she said, “You do not feel as good as Lucas had but you might be able to make me cum if you try really hard. I kind of like how you are throbbing so much.” So I did as instructed and said, “Yes ma’am Ms. Dee.” Soon we were over as my sperm rushed into the condom.

“Clive,” she told me, “Why don’t you come and have a drink with us in the main house. Goddess Faye is going to be very hard on you but I will try to make some of this a bit easier on you. I do admire a man who is a good submissive and if it does not work out with Goddess Faye I might take you as a submissive.” With that she winked at me. And I said “Yes ma’am Ms. dee.” We dressed and went into the main house. Lucas was dressed and Goddess Faye had on a robe and slippers that were boot like ankle high. Goddess Dee kept the conversation going because things had gotten really quiet when I walked in. Goddess Cana Wilmore walked in with her new man. I could tell she did not want to admit to knowing me. She introduced Juan to Goddess Faye.

Cana said, “Juan this is my Aunt Faye.” Goddess Faye looked at him with her sparkling brown eyes and slightly overdone blue eye liner that only she could pull off and she smiled. You could see what effect she had on any man. That got Goddess Cana a little uneasy it seemed. Then Cana said, “Juan this is my Aunt Faye’s friend Ms. Dee and her friend Lucas, he is helping Faye with the garden and the pool. He lives next door. Juan and lucas shook hands. The conversation was quite fake for a while then Goddess Cana told Faye that her and Juan were going to retire to her room for a while upstairs. Goddess Cana looked at Dee and asked her if she could show them how to use the new Tivo she had just purchased off of her Amazon wish list. “Oh sure honey”, said Dee as she relished maybe being alone with Juan for a while.

Now it was just myself, Goddess Faye. and Lucas. Goddess Faye told Lucas to go upstairs and check on her emails. “You know”, Faye told me, “I would like to go back to the guest room with you and look up some things on the computer. Why don’t you follow me.” So once again I was in the chambers with the Goddess. She ordered with her sexy and stern voice, “Get on your knees at my feet.” I kissed her slippers and then she commanded me to her attention. “I need Lucas very much but still he leaves me frustrated sometimes and I know he enjoys being with Cana and Dee. So I want you to worship my feet and give me the best oral sex that you are capable of. Finally she was giving me the chance to get my hands all over her perfect, sexy and nude body. For the first time I was also alone with her and allowed to suck on her nipples and do everything else I had only dreamed of so far.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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