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I went through this period where I ended up dating this series of “good little Christian girls” that were anything but! Emma was one of my favorites. I met her when she was a barista at one of my favorite little coffee shacks. I was crushing on her big time. She was super skinny, but she had this shapely little ass that looked absolutely mind blowing in blue jeans. Take that and add in her gigantic blue eyes and her beautiful waist length straight red hair and I was done for (Redheads can pretty much own me any day of the week)! Emma was one of my favorite spank bank fantasies for a couple months while our interaction was limited to flirtation at the coffee shop. Emma often mentioned the many things she was out doing with friends of hers from church and the many places she was volunteering with her church, etc, etc. Hearing that, I was pretty sure she wasn’t into guys like me.

Eventually I figured, what the hell, and I asked her if she wanted to come over to my place so I could cook her dinner one evening. Emma jumped at the chance, I told her that I had a gig on Friday night, but Saturday was open and I would love to have her over. She scribbled down her phone number and email and asked me to send her the directions to my place. I just love it when the unexpected happens…especially when a hot young 20-something in involved.

Little did I know that her reaction to asking me out was only the first many unexpected things that came along with Emma. Friday night came and I was hanging out in the green room at the club while the acts that were on the bill before us were playing. This club was one of my favorites, overstuffed couches, refrigerators full of beer, and they didn’t give a damn what we smoked in there. They actually expected musicians to act like rock stars when they played this place, I loved it. At any rate, I was hanging in the green room with Sirkka, a rather svelte blonde that I had been seeing off and on for a while now. the night was going quite well. I stepped out of the green room into the hallway to make a quick bathroom pit stop and on of the club security guys caught up with me in the hallway to let me know that there was a hot redhead at the bar looking for me with a couple of her friends. That caught my curiosity and I made a detour toward the bar after my pit stop.

As I approached the bar I was surprised to see Emma standing there with a couple of her girlfriends leaning against the bar escort ataşehir having a beer. She was sporting a red corset with a black mini skirt and stilettos. The closer I got, the more impressed I became, while she was usually fresh faced and without makeup at the coffee shop, tonight she was donning black lips stick and some serious ‘fuck me’ eyeliner. Who was this girl? Seriously. I strolled over to the bar with a smile and she greeted me to an excited hug. I was happy to see her and realized that I would have to enlist some help that evening to keep her and Sirkka from crossing paths that night. Thankfully, Sirkka preferred to enjoy the benefits of being ‘with the band’ rather than hanging out in the front of house area. I split my time that evening between the two of them and honestly had a lot of fun doing it…it was kind of a rush. I know, I’m an asshole, get over it. By the end of the evening I had decided to put Emma on hold until the next night under the guise of having to ‘meet with the guys’ about some band drama after the show. She went for it and that was that.

Saturday night Emma showed up at my door in a pair of her ass-tastic jeans, nice heels, a sweater that was just a little too tight in the best possible way and her hair done up like I have never seen it. Two glasses of wine into the evening and I knew this “good little Christian girl” was about to give into the devil sitting on her shoulder. We had a great time, drinking, eating, flirting, laughing, and by dessert a little kissing to go with it. After dinner we threw in a movie that Emma had chosen off the shelf and retired to the couch.

As the movie went on Emma was more interested in talking, keeping the wine flowing, and stealing the occasional drag from my cigarette. About half way in to the flick there was a pretty steamy love scene which always make for an interesting moment on a first date. In the middle of it Emma looked a little bashful and asked me if she could tell me something without her judging me.

I said, “Sure, what evil thing could you possibly be hiding.”

Emma blushed a little bit and said, “You know, for a while now I have wanted to see your cock…is that bad?”

I laughed, “Really? I’m flattered…wow. No, no that isn’t bad, at least not in my opinion. I would love to show it to you!”

Before she could say anything more I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down just enough to let my quickly kadıköy escort bayan awakening member out into full view.

“So, why is it that you have been wanting to see it Emma?” I inquired.

“Well, to tell you the truth, as I got to know you a little bit at the coffee shop you seemed like the kind of guy I would like to get a little practice with.”

“Practice?” I responded with an interested tone.

“Yeah” she said, “I really want to practice my blow jobs, I haven’t given that many, but I really love the sensation of having a cock fill my mouth and I want to get better at it, you know. Be more confident.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, really? This was some “Dear Penthouse” shit if I had ever heard it. Who the hell was I not to help this girl out, right?

“I would love to help you with that Emma. Shit, any red blooded guy would! You’re fucking hot Girl!”

Emma stood up, peeled off her sweater and told me that I was sweet for the compliment. Emma had kicked off her heels a while ago and was now standing in front of me in nothing but her jeans and a lacy black bra with pink ribbons presenting her pert little tits. Emma was so innocent looking but incredibly aggressive at the same time, it was damn sexy on her too. Emma gracefully knelt down in front of me and sweetly got rid of my jeans and boxers, carelessly tossing them aside. As she leaned forward with a hand on each of my thighs she bit her lip and said,

“Remember, I need to get better at this, teach me.”

“Don’t worry…I’m here to help” I grinned sarcastically.

The moment Emma decided to start by slowly licking my sack and the base of hard on I knew this was some kind of fantasy for her. Emma knew her way around a down there, she just liked playing the innocent roll. Every now and then she would take a moment to make eye contact with me as she serviced my cock with her hungry tongue and tight little mouth. Emma would ask if she was doing it right, if I wanted more. God, she was killing me, this was amazing.

Finally, she managed to wrap her mouth around the head of my cock and slowly begin taking in its length. I gently placed my hand on the top of her head and she immediately reached back and pushed my hand firmly into place on the back of her head entangling it in her red locks. Before letting go of my hand she looked me dead in the eye and moaned with a mouthful of my rod. First off, I love escort bostancı the feeling of a woman’s vocal chords vibrating around my cock and second, I realized the she really wanted this to get a little rougher than the pseudo innocent play that it had been so far. I took Emma’s permission and firmly took a handful of her hair and used it to guide my throbbing cock in and out of her throat. Within two or three strokes Emma relaxed her throat, locked eyes with me and let out these deep moans as I took pleasure in fucking her mouth harder and deeper each time.

I know she could feel me throbbing as I moved closer to climax. Emma didn’t even flinch, she just continued to let me stretch her delicate mouth with each stroke and as I thrust my hips forward into her face and blew my hot load down her throat she moaned softly and stayed perfectly still. When the violent throbbing of my erection began to subside Emma slowly drew back keeping her lips firmly wrapped around me until she got to the head where she paused just long enough to swirl her tongue around and cause me to jerk from the sensitivity with a laugh. My cock popped out of her mouth as Emma knelt there giggling. She reached over and handed me my wine and asked how she did.

I told her that I would need to check her technique in a few different places and positions before I would have full understanding of her skills, but that I was more than happy with what she had shown me so far. Emma smiled and asked to stay the night.

Things with Emma didn’t last long and that was alright with me. It was an incredible amount of fun while it lasted. I loved how she used to like to cook breakfast in the morning topless wearing only a pair of ass hugging boy shorts with my kitchen curtains open for the world to see. Emma loved practicing her cocksucking skills every chance she got. She usually enjoyed it when I unloaded in her throat, but every now and then she wanted me to blast her pretty face with the shower of cum that she coaxed from me with her wicked little mouth. She was world class. When she did give her mouth a break and let me fuck her she liked it quick and rough. Emma usually enjoyed having her legs pinned back and having me nearly driving straight down into her pussy when I fucked her. I always felt like I was going to split her like a rail, but she seemed to love the abuse I would issue her well manicured kitten.

Emma was the first of the “good little Christian girls” and she ended up engaged about a month after she took her last load from me on her face in my living room window on a Sunday afternoon. I’m pretty sure my neighbors either loved me or fucking hated me for that kind of shit. Maybe a little of both.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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