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“My pet,” you hear as your eyes slowly open. You have slept in a bit and now it is time for you to stretch and get up to begin the day. You attempt to pull your arms out and stretch your body languishly like a waking cat but you cannot as your wrists are secured to the headboard. “When did he do that?” you ask yourself in your mind.

Your eyes open and you see me standing by the bed. You see the smile on my face as I stand and admire your outstretched beauty. Your body an open book for me to read, feel the soft parchment of the pages there, run my fingers along the scars of life and your erogenous zones. I lean over and kiss you softly then turn your head and whisper “I love you, pet. You are so beautiful.”

I kiss your ear lobe and then your neck and you feel my fingertips softly dancing up your arms to feel the bonds at your wrists. I find them secure but not too tight or binding and my fingers dance back downward, stopping briefly at your armpits, savoring the even softer flesh there, watching you squirm just a bit as the action tickles you just a bit. You move your head and I kiss you again; this time our mouths open and our tongues entwine and dance together in passion and lust.

My fingers dance about the tops of your breasts, circling ever so slowly toward your nipples which I find hard and firm. My fingertips circle your aureole and then brush the very tips of your nipples, now even harder. I grasp the nipples with my thumb and forefingers, our kiss still intact, and a moan comes from deep within you as you feel the pressure against the now hard flesh of your nipples.

I smile inwardly when I hear you moan, knowing that I have reached your sensual soul. I release your nipples and allow my hand to slowly circle the soft flesh of your stomach. My forefinger finds your navel and it slowly circles inside it; you can feel a small bit of pressure as I press there gently as if copulating your navel with my finger as my other fingers gently caress the area around your navel.

I break our kiss as your moans continue and I lower my lips to your breasts, kissing them all over before finding each of your hard nipples and kissing them softly, then taking them between my lips and suck them inside my mouth. My teeth wait there for them and lovingly bite at them with just enough pressure to keep you from pulling each one from my mouth as I suck and bite it. The tip of my tongue rakes across the engorged tip of your nipple as I hold it with my teeth and a deeper, louder moan comes from your lips as you push your head back and close your eyes, savoring the pleasure being rained on your body.

My finger withdraws from your navel as I kiss your breasts; it joins the others in a dance through your soft pubic curls as they trip their way to your womanhood, now hot and moist from my attention to your entire body. My fingers lightly prance across the tops of your thighs as you spread your legs, inviting my fingers to play against your sex. Instead, my fingers skip and slide across the soft flesh of your inner thighs as my mouth sucks and bites at your hard nipples.

I release your nipples and slide my body down yours; my hot breath and wet tongue leaving a trail of passion as I reach your navel with my mouth. I kiss the hole there, hot from the probing of my finger, and then dip my tongue inside, circling and flicking at the bottom. You arch your stomach against my face and my hand dances down your thighs to your knees, paying particular attention to the backs of your knees.

I slide even lower on your body, my lips grasping that your pubic hairs and pulling on them bostancı escort as I kiss these guardians of your sex. I can smell the essence of your womanhood as I take a deep breath and savor its wonderful aroma. My lips reach the area just above your love slit and I move my mouth to your right thigh, kissing and licking as I go. I shower your thigh with kisses and licks and then return to just above your sex. You push your hips toward my face but, chuckling inside, I move my lips to your left thigh to kiss and lick at it.

You squirm about beneath me as moans, growing ever louder and deeper, come from your throat. I reach back to your breasts with one hand and again pinch and roll each nipple, twisting as I do, to bring you even more pleasure and you moan even more loudly.

I stop kissing your thigh and kneel on the bed beside you, admiring both your outward and inner beauty, for I know more of you than you know. You crave my touch as I crave yours and I contemplate the direction of my next actions.

I have decided and I lift my left leg and swing it over your stomach, my manhood, hard and erect, drips pre-cum on your stomach and it slowly slides inside your navel. I slide my body upward a bit and place my cock between your breasts as you lift your head a bit to see what I am doing. I lean forward to find a pillow to prop your head up and, as I do, my cock touches your lips. You try to open your mouth and push your head forward enough to take the head of my cock inside your mouth, but I slide back just enough to keep you from accomplishing your goal. I lift your head a bit and place the soft pillow behind it. I slide back down your body, leaving a trail of pre-cum as I do. I lean forward and lick the valley between your ample breasts, making it slick with my spit. I push your breasts together as I pinch each nipple, causing you to moan again and buck your hips at the cool air of the room.

My cock slides through the soft flesh of your breast and the tip emerges just short of your waiting tongue as you try to stick it out and reach the tip. I push a bit farther and you receive your reward of the clear liquid dripping from the eye of my hardness. You pull your tongue back inside your mouth and lowly say, “mmmm.” I smile at your pleasure with my taste. I take my cock from between your breasts and, leaning forward over you with my hands on the wall behind the bed, I offer you my cock, just the head of it, and you take it inside your lips. Your tongue dances around the swollen head and your lips lock it inside you while you do this. After a short bit, I pull against your lips and my cock jumps from your mouth with a ‘pop’.

Your eyes plead with me to return your treat, but instead I lift my leg and kneel at your side once again to contemplate your next ‘torturous pleasure’. The scent of our sex fills the entire room and I lean down to inhale it deeply. I spread your thighs a bit and lean over to gently kiss your pussy. You push your hips up to meet my lips and you whimper softly, as if to beg me to feast there. Your juices drip from the bottom of your sex hole and wet the rough seam of your perineum. I spread your legs even more and run my tongue along it, licking up the sweet juices of your sex there.

I lift my head from between your thighs and then turn to look at your face and see your eyes pleading for release. I lean down over your face letting my lips linger just above yours so that you can breathe your essence before lowering my lips to yours and kissing you, sharing your juices with you. A soft moan comes from your throat again as your tongue ümraniye escort bayan stabs at mine and then circles it with passion. You lift your body against the cool air of the room as you push your hips higher as if trying to fuck the emptiness between your thighs.

I break our kiss and then turn toward your legs, lightly massaging and touching the soft skin there, as I work my way down to your feet. I take each foot and massage it lightly before pulling tie-downs that I had placed at the foot of the bed before you awoke. I secure each foot and then lean forward to kiss your legs as I move back up toward your thighs. The restraints hold you securely, but not tightly, as you squirm from the attentions of my fingers and lips as they slowly rise from your ankles to your knees, then behind your knees again, before dancing along the soft flesh of your inner thighs. My fingers circle the flesh there, stopping occasionally to pinch the flesh softly and lovingly as my lips and tongue trace lines all over your flesh there.

I move to between your legs and take a pillow from near your head and place it below your bottom and lower back, elevating and exposing your pussy. I lean forward and inhale your essence again and then lower my tongue to lightly lick your swollen and parting pussy lips with the flat of my tongue. You push your hips upward trying to make more direct contact, begging me to indulge my self with your sweet nectar, but I hold myself back just enough to keep you from pressing hard against my tongue. I make a point with my tongue and trace the fold between your lips, feeling them part as I lift my tongue along your slit, until I reach your clit which I flick hard as I bring my tongue from the top of your sex.

I use my thumbs to open your pussy and lower my face to your pussy, inhaling your scent as I lower my tongue inside your hot and wet sex hole. I move my tongue up and down your slit before beginning to make circles and opening your pussy to my tongue. Your juices flow freely and you lift your pussy hard against my tongue trying to force it inside your starved sex. I feel your need and press my tongue deeper inside you allowing you to move your pussy against my tongue and face, my nose bumping your clit each time you lift yourself to my face. Your moans become more pronounced as your climax approaches and, at times, you whimper as if to beg me to fuck you right now, but even though that is in my plan, it is not to happen at this moment.

However, I submit to your pleadings and offer a finger rather than my hard cock. I reach inside your sopping wet sex hole with my index finger, just a bit at first, but deeper with each stroke. As it reaches inside you to its entire length, I twist it and make circles inside your pussy widening it and making room for another finger. When I pull it back out, I press inward with two fingers this time; your hips buck against the increased girth of the two fingers and you moan loudly. Your first climax is imminent as you buck wildly against my hand, driving it even deeper inside you. Your bucking and my movements increase tempo of the penetrations and you push your hips high into the air and hold them there as your orgasm hits you. Your head rolls and you moan and shout loudly as the pleasure rolls through your pussy and abdomen; your muscles spasm and your belly quakes from the intensity of your cumming.

Your moans and squeals turn to begging me to fuck you right now as you crave my cock to share your erotic gratification. I do not move by body but, instead, add a third finger to your wet pussy and begin to kartal escort fuck you with three fingers now as my index finger bends inside you to reach up and rub against your g-spot; this intensifies your orgasm even more and your juices begin to flow even more freely. My hand is covered with the slickness of your sex and the knuckle of my pinkie finger presses against your perineum as my fingers slide in and out of your quivering pussy. I straighten my pinkie and poke it at your back door and it slightly enters you there as you push yourself up and at my hand, as if trying to take the whole thing inside you.

You push even harder as your orgasm intensifies and my pinkie enters halfway your asshole. You squeal from the added pressure of my fingers in both holes as you feel them against one another through the thin membrane between them. Your orgasm reaches a new plateau and your vocalizations are louder now. You beg me for my cock as you push your hips hard against my hand and my fingers dig deeper inside you. My forefinger presses even harder against your g-spot and a new orgasm begins. Your juices flood my hand and your perineum downward to my pinkie now fully imbedded in your ass.

I reach behind me and, stretching as far as possible, without taking my hand from your pussy, I release one ankle and then the other. You pull your ankles to my back, pressing me toward your pussy. I yield to the pressure and lean forward as I pull my hand from your swollen and red pussy. I put the head of my hard cock at the lips of your pussy, holding it from going inside you, and mix my precum with the juices coating your sex. I rub my cock up and down against the heated flesh of our pussy before allowing just the head to enter inside you. Your heels dig into my back as you attempt to push me deeply inside you, but I resist your efforts and allow only the head of my cock to enter you. I flex the muscles controlling my cock, causing it to jerk upward and rub against your hard clit. You jump as they make contact and you scream your passion as another orgasm begins to explode inside you. I release my cock and let it slowly sink into you until our pubes are joined. You push against me trying to get as much of my hardness inside your sex.

I lean forward and, pushing with my feet, I drive my cock that extra bit inside you. I feel the bottom of your pussy pressing against the head of my cock before I withdraw slightly and begin a slow even tempo of pumping inside you. Each stroke becomes longer and harder as your pussy convulses around my cock begging my cock to release its load deep inside you. I feel my cum rising from the bottom of my cock as your pussy pulls and tugs at it; your heels push at my back driving me, it seems, even deeper with each stroke as you grunt from the intensity of your orgasm. The sounds of your total and complete pleasure reach my ears and invite my cum to rise through my hard cock and explode inside you, coating your sex hole with my juices.

I can resist the invitations of your body no longer as I moan loudly and push deeply inside you, holding my place, as my cum rockets from the slit at the tip of my manhood and splashes against the bottom of your sex hole. Our juices combine and fill your pussy as my cock slides in and out, bringing our mixed cum out with each withdrawal. My cock is so sensitive from the massaging of your pussy that I push deep inside you and then collapse over you, holding still as I bring my hands to your face, holding it while I kiss your deeply and passionately.

Our lips and tongues lock together in the heat of the moment with you trying to catch your breath and recover from your multiple orgasms. I reach up to release your wrists. Your arms drop around my shoulders to hold me close to you. I break our kiss and then kiss your neck and then your ears, stopping to repeat my earlier words, “Good Morning, pet.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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