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I walk into the room and see you are still asleep with the covers askew. You are slightly curled into a fetal position with your knees bent and you lying on your side. As usual you are sleeping in the nude and it is an opportunity I just cannot pass up. I kneel at the bottom of your bent legs and being careful not to wake you gently lift your upper leg and expose your neatly trimmed pussy. Propping your leg up with my hand I quickly bend down and run my flattened tongue the length of your labia. I use my free hand to lightly spread your lips and begin to flick your clitoral hood with my tongue very rapidly knowing this stimulation always speeds you on your way to climax.

I begin lapping in earnest as you begin to awaken moaning as you do. You are slow to come to full consciousness and by the time you do I have begun tongue fucking you while teasing, flicking, and pinching your engorged clitoris with my fingers. I alternate the plunging of my tongue into your hot snatch with teasing my tongue along your luscious cunt lips. You shudder fully awake as your orgasm washes over you and your twat spasms around my tongue.

I slide quickly up your body and kiss you firmly on the lips while simultaneously entering you with one thrust sending my cock sliding deep into your throbbing cunt until my balls slap into your puckered asshole. You gasp around my kiss and your eyes fly open with a look of intense lust. I begin pounding into your bostancı escort snatch hard and steady, each thrust threatening to slide you up the bed. You reach behind yourself to brace against the headboard wrapping your hands around the rails and gripping them until your knuckles begin to turn white. Your teeth are clenched tightly against your moans as they begin to come faster and louder. You bury your face in a bicep as another orgasm rushes through you and your lust-crazed eyes lock with mine. I smile greedily as I continue thrusting into you keeping the same rhythm, but now really pounding into you as I watch your perfect tits bounce with each impact. Balancing on one hand I grab a nipple and pinch eliciting a gasp from you.

“Oh, fuck yes, more, please,” you beg.

I grant your wish continuing to pinch and knead the nipple as I bend my mouth to the other and wrap my lips solidly around the erect areola and suck it greedily into my mouth. I tease it with my lips and tongue for a few moments measured by the steady THUMP-THUMP-THUMP of my cock slamming into the depths of your pussy. I look up at your face and make eye contact again and I can see you are nearing another orgasm. Wishing to speed it along I move my lips deeper on your breast, engulfing it more fully in my mouth, and bite down on your nipple. Hard. Stopping just short of breaking skin. My efforts are duly rewarded as you buck against the pain and ümraniye escort bayan arch your back against the pivot point of my cock pinning you to the bed. I smile around the nipple still between my teeth as I pinch and twist the other nipple giving you the stimulation to send you over the edge again. You scream into your arm and bite down adding to the pleasure/pain coursing through your system.

The spasming of your twat around my cock once more has me close to the edge myself. I release your nipples and use both arms to lift myself up onto my hands. I withdraw and quickly swing myself up to my knees and straddle your stomach, my cock hovering between your luscious tits just inches from your face. My face splits with an evil-looking grin I slide myself up further so your tits are resting against my thighs and my knees are holding your arms in place above your head. I tease my fingers through your hair massaging them down to your scalp. I grab the back of your head and put my gleaming cockhead to your lips. You gaze wantonly at it briefly before looking up at my and raising your eyebrows in a silent plea. I nod and you know what is coming. You open your mouth wide and cover your teeth with your lips. Thrusting with my hips and holding your head in place with my hand buried in your hair I begin to fuck your mouth as I did your pussy, sliding in deep and pulling out most of the way before thrusting in again. You take kartal escort deep gasping breaths around my cock as I withdraw and add to the stimulation by running your tongue along the underside of my cock as it thrusts in and out of your mouth and even into your throat.

This continues for a few moments until I am ready to come. I pull out of your mouth and begin to jack my cock stroking myself the rest of the way to orgasm. You knowingly keep your mouth open and I shoot my cum into your waiting mouth and across your lips and cheeks. You swallow my load and then using my fingers I feed you the cum from your face watching with pleasure as you swallow and then lick my fingers clean. I rock back slightly freeing your arms and am pleasantly surprised as you pull yourself onto one elbow and grab the base of my cock with your other hand. You lick up and down the sides of the shaft cleaning it completely of any residual cunt juice before wrapping your lips around the head and sucking the last of the cum from my rapidly deflating member. My cock twitches a couple of times in mini-orgasm and you keep it in your mouth until it has gone completely limp. I slide my torso down until we are again lying face-to-face. I kiss you deeply, my tongue wrestling briefly with yours as our passion finally begins to abate.

“Gods, you are so much better than an alarm clock,” you smile.


Thanks for reading. Sorry it has been awhile since my last submission. ? I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed creating it. I welcome all comments and suggestions as I am relatively new to this and would like to continue with better and better stories. Oh, and don’t forget to vote! Thanks,


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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