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I knew enough Swedish to order food and ask where the bathroom was, but that was about it. Luckily, most businesspeople in Sweden spoke at least some English. I had just completed a two-week job in the far north of the country. I’m still not sure how to spell or pronounce the name of the town. It seemed to have half a dozen K’s and another half a dozen V’s. I was looking forward to going home, but there was a blizzard and planes wouldn’t be flying for at least two days.

A local I had worked with suggested I check out the only entertainment spot in town, the tavern and pool hall. I walked the two blocks there and wasn’t surprised to see there were only four people at 10am on a Tuesday, including the bartender. Two elderly gents were sitting at the bar, chatting and slowly nursing their beers. I turned and saw an astonishingly pretty blonde playing pool by herself. I ordered a beer and watched her for a little while. She wasn’t a bad player, but I knew I was better. She was college-aged, maybe 21 or 22.

She waved for me to come over and introduced herself. She pointed at her nice cleavage and said, “Name Kirianna.” She pointed at me, “Name?”


She asked, “You play? Bet?” I thought her strong accent was exotic and sexy. She put a fifty-Krona note on the edge of the table, which was worth about five dollars. I put another on top of it and racked up the balls. She only had one ball left when I won. We bet another fifty, and I let her win the second game. I was having a great time just watching her play, especially when she leaned over. When she was lining up a shot and her face was near the table, I could see down her dark top. I admired her big tits and light blue bra, which matched the color of her eyes. Despite the frosty weather outside, she wore a light blue skirt, which made it easy for me to admire her smooth lower legs and the sexy shape of her butt as she made her shots. My arousal and the distraction of her nice face and body reduced my performance to the point where our games were about even.

We played for several hours, gradually increasing the stakes to a 200 Krona a game. At the end of one game, I made a nearly miraculous shot, banking the cue ball around hers three times, and sinking the eight in a side pocket. I held my stick above my head and shouted, “Woo!”. She stuck her tongue out then laughed.

She asked, “You play good. Bet?” She put a thousand-Krona note on the table, about a hundred dollars. I took the bet, and barely won the next game. She looked upset. I was sad for almanbahis yeni giriş her, instead of happy I had won.

She angrily put a five-thousand note on the table. “Think you so good?”

I asked, “Are you sure?” I didn’t know if she understood me, but she nodded. I decided I’d take it easy on her, and let her win, so we could keep playing. I could afford to lose the money, and I didn’t want to aggravate her and make her leave.

I put my money on top of hers and set up the balls. On her third shot, she scratched and sank the eight ball by accident. I reached to pick up the money, but she put her hand on mine. “Wait.” She looked very worried, and I felt her hand shake a little.

She looked in her purse, but didn’t have much left. I was sorry that I had taken so much from her. She undid the top two buttons of her blouse, so that her large breasts nearly popped out. She smiled as she pulled a condom from her purse and showed it to me.

She asked, “You bet?”

I was flabbergasted a moment. I didn’t even think about it, I just smiled and nodded.

It was another close game. When I sank my last ball and then the eight in the same shot, she cursed and handed me the money, then picked up her drink. She led me through a door, then up a flight of stairs to a bedroom. She handed me a condom and slid her panties down. I pulled my pants and boxers off, then rolled on the condom as she leaned over the bed.

I stood behind and reached under her to play with her big breasts. When I rubbed my nose in her hair, I smelled blueberry and something else nice. I smelled her musky perfume as I kissed her ear, then pulled her skirt up so that I could see her ass. I squeezed her curvy butt cheeks, then moved them apart, to make it easy to slide my cock into her pussy from behind. She was starting to get wet. From the lubrication level I could tell she was at least a little aroused too. I smelled her hair and perfume again, as I thrust into her over and over, taking my time so that I could enjoy her as long as possible. She had a mild orgasm as I grunted and euphorically filled the tip of the condom.

When I pulled out, I saw she had a tear at the corner of her eye. I felt guilty for taking her money. I dressed, then kissed her cheek and held out the cash. She looked terribly offended. She slapped my cheek and demanded, “Out! GO!”

The next day she looked angry when I returned. I held out a dried flower I had found sticking out of the snow. I told her, “I’m sorry I upset you. I like you, and I want to be your friend.”

She touched my cheek with the flower and smiled. “Like you. We play?”

We started with small almanbahis giriş stakes again, and we each won about the same number of games. I was curious but didn’t think much of it when she left for half an hour or so a couple of times between games. We increased our bets in the afternoon. That evening she won back her five thousand, plus five thousand of mine. I had lost a week’s pay, but it was almost worth it to see her smile. I was surprised and happy when she led me to her room again.

She sat on the bed next to me and showed me a lot of family photos, narrating in Swedish. I barely understood a word, and only recognized a few of the buildings in the town. She showed me a photo of an older woman and a college-age man. She looked very sad as she talked about them. I only understood “Mor ach min maken dog” — “My mother and husband died”. She flipped the page to photos of a crashed airplane. She cried and hugged me, and I patted her back to comfort her.

She glanced at the clock, then stood up and undid the top four buttons of her blouse. As I stood and unzipped my pants, she waved a finger back and forth. She led me to the room across the hall from hers and lifted a baby from its crib. She said, “Lena, mine dotter.”

She and the baby smiled at each other, and we returned to her bed. She sat and pulled one of her bra cups down, so the little tyke could breastfeed. I put an arm around her and watched the little one suck out her milk quite a while. She pulled the other bra cup down and moved the child to the other side.

After she returned the baby to the crib, she French kissed with me briefly. She looked in my eyes and said, “Know you want.” She pushed my face to the boob the baby had just emptied, and I licked and sucked her nipple. I tasted a little of her milk and liked it.

“Like you. Bet tomorrow?”

“I like you too. Tomorrow.” I kissed her again, and happily walked back to the hotel.

On my last full day in town, she was playing against a pretty blonde who looked fresh out of high school. The younger woman was happy playing, but wasn’t as skilled as either of us. Kirianna introduced us with finger points and names, “Michael, Nissa. Mine belly friend.”

Nissa laughed. She said something to Kirianna in their native tongue, and I smiled when the two of them laughed together. Nissa explained, “Girlfriend! ‘Belly friend’ in Swedish is two girl who sex same man!” The three of us laughed even louder.

The taller one was bright red. “Girlfriend! Girlfriend! Hehehe.”

Nissa said, “Kiri English no good, but she try. You want play too? You one team, me and Kiri one team?”

We played for fifty or a hundred almanbahis güvenilirmi Krona a game until lunch time, with the two of them taking turns against me. I had a very arousing day. Nissa was a little shorter and smaller, but just as pretty as Kiri. Her tiny miniskirt let me see her panties and the bottoms of her butt cheeks a few times. I had Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes for lunch and was quite happy they had sausages and ate them in a very erotic manner. All day the two of them drank fruit juice from the same glass.

A few times one of them played two or three games against me while the other was away. The second time Nissa returned, I asked her about it. She reminded me, “Need feed baby.” That bit of information fixed my attention on her cleavage more than usual for a few games, which I lost badly.

For supper I had fried fish and was excited to watch the two of them eat sausages again.

In the early evening Nissa said, “Bedtime soon. Last bet.” They put their money together on the edge of the table. They wanted to play me for twenty thousand! Two thousand dollars! They smiled as Kiri asked, “You bet?”

I asked, “Are you really sure? That’s a LOT of money.”

Nissa said, “We sure. You have twenty Dags?”


She giggled, “Dag, his face on it.” She pointed to the man printed on the bills. I wasn’t sure if he was the King, or the President, or what, but that explained the nickname.

“Oh! Yes, I have that much. Okay.”

I put my money on top of theirs, then looked down Kiri’s blouse as she leaned down to rack the balls. When I won the game, they girls were nearly despondent.

The two of them whispered back and forth a minute. Nissa took a pair of condoms from her purse, then licked Kiri’s lips and asked, “You bet?” My involuntary smile was so wide my cheeks hurt.

I won again and was overjoyed. They held hands and led me to Kiri’s room. I watched them breastfeed their babies until each had a boob empty. They traded children for the other half of the meal, and each let me have a leftover mouthful after they laid the little ones back in the crib. The two of them did wonderful things to my body, and to each other. They had me stand and lean against the wall, then they blew me as a team, pausing to kiss occasionally while they licked and sucked me. After that, I emptied my cock in each of them from behind as they 69’d on the bed. We fell asleep in a tangle of exhausted arms and legs.

I woke up early and the girls were still asleep. I checked my email and saw terrible news. The weather was clearing, and I had a new task to do. I had never imagined I would be sad to get an assignment in Monte Carlo.

I dressed quietly and checked my wallet. I had almost 50 ‘Dags’. I put all but two of them on the table in the nursery and silently walked out. I felt bad about taking their money, and the wonderful climaxes they had given me were more than worth it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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