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I will always remember my first time, it was just after my graduation mass and there were three bus’s arranged to take the whole year to a club afterwards for a massive all night celebration of drink and dancing. This was good for me as I had just turned 18 and was now legal to drink and get into clubs.

At first I was a bit quite since this was one of the few times I had been out since I turned 18 but by half three in the morning things were completely different I had already finished 6 pints of larger and had just started on my third vodka and lime when I met the girl who I had been sitting behind all year long in class and had a pretty big crush on for the last two years, I was already good friends with her so I had no bother talking to her at all and even managed to flirt with her without making a fool of myself I also took the chance to put my arm around her and kiss her on the cheek every time a camera came round to take pictures, nobody took any notice of this since I had already done this to three other girls and two guys from my class they just thought I was drunk and was kissing everyone ,which I was really only with her I would let the kiss linger for a couple of seconds afterwards and give her a smile which she always returned.

Things were going so well in fact I decided to make my move but before I could the club bouncers came along and told us to move because the club was closing, so I threw my arm around her and we walked through the crowd to the exit together joining in with the singing that was coming from the rest of my drunk classmates.

But then while getting onto the bus’s we got separated me on one bus she on another I was hitting myself on the bus for losing her in the crowd and missing out on my chance of being with her. It wasn’t until I got off the bus in my home town that I met her again. Since she lived half an hour outside town she was meant to of being staying with her friend, but her friend had forgotten this and gone home without her. And since I being the good guy I am, offered her a room to stay in at my house which was only a five minute walk down the road she happily agreed and the two of us set off walking down the road together.

At this time it was half four in the morning and was freezing cold out and since she was wearing a very low cut sleeveless top she was shivering with the cold I bonus veren siteler on the other hand took no notice of the cold and doing the gentlemanly thing took off my long-sleeved shirt which was all I had and gave it to her to keep her warm plus it was also a chance for me to show of my body to her which was in pretty good shape considering the amount of exercise I do, I also hugged her in tight for the walk which I said would keep us warm but mainly because I got to hold her in my arms.

When we arrived at the house I let us both in and showed her to the spare room it was a only small room with a small single bed but it was comfortable, we talked in the room for a good half hour about school and the club tonight, it was then that she mentioned that I was about to say something to her before we got separated I tried to change the subject but no matter what I tried she always returned to what I was about to say. So I finally thought what the hell I may as well take the chance and tell her that I fancied her for the last two years but was afraid to tell her.

Her reaction was a lot better then I thought it would be instead of saying anything she just kissed me full on lip-lock her tongue pressing into my mouth, the sudden kiss caught me completely off guard so it was a couple of seconds before I was returning the kiss fully our tongues dancing with each other in our mouths we made out full on for the next half hour before stopping and talking about what we had just done .I found out that she too had a crush on me but was always afraid to act on it we talked till half five about how great things would be now that our felling were out in the open, then at half five I left her room and returned to my own which was right across the hall as I told her in case she needed me during the night, my room was a big room with a massive double bed against the wall facing the door , I quickly stripped down to just my underwear and climbed into bed were I quickly fell asleep it was at six in the morning that I awoke to the sound of footsteps in my room when I looked up there was my new girlfriend standing at the foot of my bed.

Let me give you a quick description of how she looks, I won’t use her real name so I will call her Susan, Susan is about 5 foot 4 she is Italian so she has very tanned skin, she has long brown hair, fantastic b-cup bedava bahis tits and one of the cutest asses I have ever seen. So when I awoke to see her standing at the foot of my bed wearing one of my large Irish jerseys which came down to her knees and I had lent for her to wear in bed, you could say I was more then pleased.

I asked her if anything was wrong or did she need anything, she told me that she was cold and needed to heat up since I was still half asleep I was in no condition to notice flirting I offered to go get her an extra blanket for her bed, she told me not to bother that she would just share body heat with me and that should warm her up. As she said this she slowly started to make her way around to the side of the bed where I quickly moved over to allow her to climb in.

When she was in I quickly covered her with the blankets and snuggled up close to her kissing her on the lips gently moving my hands gently around her waist to her back pulling her in closer to me, I could fell her hands running up my body while we kissed then to my surprise and great pleasure I felt her hands slowly slip under the elastic waist of my boxers were they were greeted by my 7 inch rock hard cock.

I couldn’t believe what was happing as she slowly began to rub my cock up and down with her hands while all the time kissing me passionately, the feeling of her rubbing my cock finally gave me the boast of courage I needed to bring my hand from her waist and run them up under my Irish jersey that she was wearing to were her beautiful b-cup tits were, I gently began to squeeze and rub her tits all the while she rubbed my cock with one hand and massaged my balls with the other I could start to feel the urge to cum build up inside me which I told Susan, upon hearing my news she pulled her hands away and dived her head under the covers I could feel my boxers being pulled down and then something moist wrapping it’s self around my cock it was only when I pushed down the covers I realised that it was Susan’s mouth.

I slowly began trusting me cock gently in and out of her mouth while her head bobbed up and down we kept eye contact to whole time and when the cum finally came pouring out of my cock into her mouth she was ready to receive it all. Susan kept my cock in her mouth the whole time and kept it there until it became soft again, deneme bonus I lay back on my bed panting and kissed on the lips when she crawled back up to were I was, I could just get a slight taste of my own cum off her lips.

I let my hands do my talking for me as they returned back to her breasts gently kneading them I let one of my hands drop down her body to between her legs to once again my great pleasure I found she was not wearing any panties I gently began to rub my hand down between her legs rubbing the slit of her pussy listening to the sharpness of her breading increase as I applied more pressure to her pussy gently moving my index finger in and out feeling the wetness of her pussy on my hand due to all these great feelings I had become hard again and boy had she noticed, she removed my hand from her pussy kissed me on the lips and pushed me back on the bed so I was laying flat on my back.

She then climbed on top of me a leg on either side gently lowering her pussy onto my cock, the feeling of my cock entering her was like noting I had ever felt before and from the little moan she let out I could tell she liked it too. I sat up and pulled the Irish jersey slowly over her head pausing only for a second to admire her great body I kissed her on the lips again before she pushed me back down on the bed, since she was already half way to orgasm from me fingering her it was not long before my trusting brought her to climax her body shaking in pleasure as her pussy lips tightened around my cock. Since I had just cum a few minutes back I was not quite as ready to orgasm yet, so I rolled Susan over so she was laying on her back on the bed and started trusting my hips in and out of her pussy, bending my head down and taking one of her brown Italian nipples in my mouth sucking on it until I got that feeling of great pleasure in me again telling that I was about to cum but not only me Susan two, her hips were bucking back and forth it time with my own, I kissed her full on, on the lips just as my load exploded up inside her as her own body started to convulse as well. When my cock had turned soft again I removed it and lay back in the bed holding Susan in my arms for the rest of the night until morning came.

We woke early and walked up town I walked her to the taxi office and waited with her until her taxi arrived to take her home I kissed her goodbye before she got in the taxi and waited around until the taxi was gone from view and then I walked home. And that Is what I count as the end of my first time having sex. Me and Susan are still dating and still have great sex like that all the time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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