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I tapped in the code on Grandma’s gate and pushed it open. About a hundred yards up the drive I could see her house. I briefly turned to give Mom, a goodbye wave, she had dropped me off.

On the way we’d talked over we about the date.

“Third date, that’s special,” Mom had grinned wickedly.

“We’ve already eaten each other out,” I replied, though Mom knew as I’d pretty much told her as soon as she’d come in after Gran had left from our second date.

“Grandma loves fucking with a strap-on,” Mom had said, she would know as she’d had casual sex with Grandma for years, “Third date could be strap-on fuck night.”

I hoisted my overnight bag over my shoulder and beamed happily as I began to walk to the house, the thought that tonight I might get banged by Gran made my pussy itch with excitement. The door was open as I approached with Gran standing on the top step, looking radiant in her skirt and matching black and navy top, her long hair tumbling down. She smiled as I bounded up the steps and quickly moved her face down to meet mine. I opened my lips and gave her a kiss that was certainly non-familial, though her response showed that she was appreciative of my tongue sliding forward, as her own looped round mine and her hands reached down to my ass, squeezing my buttocks through my denim shorts.

We greeted each other for at least a minute without words before breaking for air. Gran took a step back and gestured me in, “Come in then,” she said.

I skipped in, with my bag over my shoulder. She glanced at it and smiled, “I see you’re staying the night then.”

I giggled, “I didn’t think that was in doubt.”

“Do you want to take it upstairs?” Gran said, “The main room this time.”

I nodded and agreed. The thought that I’d be staying in the main room, Gran’s room, obviously with her made me shiver in excitement. I was almost tempted to suggest we go to bed then and there, but Gran spoke before I could, “I’ve some wine on ice, in the back, why don’t you join me there when you’re ready.”

It didn’t take me long. I raced upstairs, put my wash-bag in the en-suite bathroom, placed my underwear for tomorrow on the chair, adding on top of it a spare pair of shorts and T-shirt (tight and cropped) and a dress Gran had bought me (in case she wanted me to dress properly for the dinner). Then I was downstairs and into the back yard.

Yard, of course, underplays it. The door led onto a patio as large as a small house, which in turn surrounded a thirty foot long swimming pool, which was bounded by a set of palm trees and shrubs, which totally hid the wall behind. Gran was just pouring out the wine as I appeared, “I hope you like it,” she said and passed me a glass.

I’m not a wine buff, at eighteen I’ve hardly had chance to be. But I could tell expensive quality wine from cheap, bad plonk, and this was definitely one from the upper end of the market. I sat down on the lounger and allowed Gran to pour me an extra filling to make up for the amount I’d sipped. She walked over to the table and chairs, where she’d put her own glass, filling it up before taking a seat. I mentally kicked myself, whilst I was in perfect attire for sunning myself, with a short pair of denim shorts and a cropped top, Gran was dressed much more for sitting at the table. I quickly got up and joined her, trying to pretend I hadn’t been so gauche as to take the wrong seat. Luckily, if Gran noticed (and I was sure she had) didn’t say anything, but instead just raised her glass in a toast, “To the most beautiful teen in town.”

“To the sexiest Grandma,” I replied with a smile.

“So how was your week,” Grandma said conversationally.

I began to tell her, as she slid her hand on top of mine and began to gently rub at the top of it. It tickled a little, making me smile, but it felt good — sensual and erotic, an early taste of what I hoped was to come. After we talked about my life, I politely asked about her week and how business had gone — she told me, but thankfully not in great detail, as to tell the truth once we get beyond the basics of buying and selling things, I’m kinda lost. Gran seemed to sense that as she kept it short and moved the conversation onwards. We sat there talking easily for thirty minutes as we sipped our wine. Eventually Gran looked at the swimming pool and then at me, “Do you fancy a dip?”

I’d always liked to go for a swim when I’d been visiting as a child and now as an adult I had to admit I felt the same, especially as the sun was warm and the sky was blue, making it perfect pool weather. There was only one problem, “I didn’t bring any swimming gear.”

“That never stopped you when you were younger, you were quiet happy to swim naked,” Gran gave me a wicked smile, “I don’t mind if you don’t.”

I vaguely remembered that, mainly cos Mom had a photo of a five year old me, wrapped in a towel after a nude swim. That was then, this was now, however, I wasn’t an innocent young child swimming in front of parent and Gran who had no sexual interest eryaman orospu numaraları in me, but a busty eighteen year old who was definitely hoping that her Gran had a sexual interest in her. “I don’t mind,” I giggled and stood up.

I took off my pumps first and quickly followed it with my top, looking at Gran who gave an appreciative smile, which only got wider as my bra followed it. I placed them on the lounger, my tits dangling beneath me as I bent over, before sitting down so I could remove my socks. Gran kept a focus on my big boobs as they swayed in front of me like two rocking balls. I stood up again, abruptly, making them jiggle and bounce and she gulped back the rest of her wine with an unladylike slurp. I began to undo my shorts, much slower than I normally would, making sure Gran looked forward to what was to come. Off they came and I flicked them up and caught them quiet dramatically and leaving myself just in my thong. I slid my thumbs under the elastic, almost taking them off, but not quiet, dancing and swaying for a few moments, pretending I was a stripper for Gran’s delight. I turned and bent over so she could see how the thin material slipped between my rounded buttocks and slowly pulled them down to my ankles, before turning with them in my hand and smiling at Gran. I delicately dropped them on the lounger beside me.

“I think you might need a towel,” Gran said, “Why don’t you get in the pool and I’ll go get you one.”

“Okay Gran,” I giggled and sashayed over to the pool. It was shallow at the near edge and I walked down the steps into the water, pausing when I got to the level bottom. I turned and smiled at her, as she still hadn’t gone but was watching me, “You won’t be long, getting me that towel, I wouldn’t want to get lonely without you.”

“Not long,” she said with evident desire, her eyes scanning my naked body and imprinting it in her memory. I stayed still long enough to make sure she got enough of a view not to forget it, before turning and leisurely swimming to the other end. By the time I got there she had gone. I swam back and then switched to back stroke, before doing a few short lengths of breast. It seemed Gran was taking a long time to find a towel, I wondered without particularly thinking about it, and did a quick underwater somersault before switching to back again. The sun was warm and the day perfect and about to become more so.

“I thought it looked so nice, I’d join you,” came Grandma’s voice. I righted myself and stood up, the water reaching to the top of my thighs, and gave a growl of appreciation.

Grandma had taken the time to change into a two piece bikini — whilst it wasn’t naughtiest I’d seen, as it certainly covered her small bosoms and the bottoms were half-way between shorts and panties, but it certainly looked good on her (or she looked good in it, I suppose). She laid the towels on the sun-lounger next to my clothes and slowly entered the pool. I kept my eyes on her, admiring her sexy older body and making sure my own titties swayed so she could equally admire my young one. She took another forward step and then leant forward, starting to swim.

Despite her age she remained athletic, powering forward powerfully to the end of the pool swifter than I could manage. She swam back more gracefully and stood up, her almost naked wet body inches from mine. Her hand reached up to stroke my chin and gently guide my face towards her. Our mouths opened in unison and her tongue slithered forward, running and massaging mine. I crept even closer, my nude body pushing against her. My large tits were only separated from her pert ones by a thin strip of material and I could feel the press of her hard nipples. Her hands moved to my naked buttocks, fondling my round rear and kneading the flesh with her thin supple fingers. I kissed her harder, the warm sun beating down on my body, the water lapping around my legs.

I reached down, slipping my hand under the elastic of her bikini bottoms. My finger curled round and I found the smooth, shaven slit and slowly started to stroke it. Gran grinned for a moment and then resumed our kiss, her tongue exploring my mouth and pressing at mine. I shivered excitedly and ran my finger up and down the slit, not quiet entering, but not quiet not either. Her hands were squeezing my butt so hard I’m sure she left paw prints on it, not that I was complaining. “Mmmmnn,” she groaned as we broke the kiss for a moment, “So beautiful.”

“So sexy,” I replied and resumed the kissing, our tongues intertwining.

My fingers rose and fell, rubbing at the pussy. It was wet, and I was hoping that was me as much as the pool, she was certainly seeming to enjoy it, her mouth pushing at mine and her nipples as hard as little pebbles. Suddenly she reached up to my chest, pushing me gently backwards. I followed her guidance, walking back until my heels hit the steps. She continued to push, and I went up one, still kissing. She broke it and grinned at me, “Sit down on the top gölbaşı orospu numaraları step,” she smiled.

I did as she asked, my butt and ankles still in the water. Gran knelt below me, the water half up her chest, as she reached for my legs and spread them apart, so my cunt was exposed just above the waterline. “MMmnnn, that’s what I want to eat,” she said, licking her lips.

I wasn’t going to stop her. “And I want you to eat it,” I replied.

She lowered her head and gently licked my pussy, I shuddered in excitement, leaning back on my hands and making sure my legs were as open as I could comfortably get them. She moved slowly and seductively, not hurrying, but slowly easing her tongue up and down over my slit from the mons to the clitoris. I closed my eyes as I lent my head back, feeling the warm sun on my face and gentle waves of the pool caress my feet as Gran tongue slipped over my pussy. I could feel the heat from the cunt growing, my twat starting to awaken and send tiny signals to my brain, the longer Gran licked the louder those signals were. I groaned pleasurably, “Uuuhhh, this feels so good, you’re so wonderful at pussy licking.”

“I’ve had lots of practice,” Gran raised her head, “but yours is one of the tastiest.” She lowered her mouth down again and slipped out her talented tongue over my teenage twat. I gasped again, my fingers clenching together as the signal strengthened, a constant rhythm of buzzes coming like Morse code from my cunt to my brain. “So tasty,” Gran murmured before reburying her mouth into my snatch.

“Ooohhh,” I shook as she began to speed up, driving her tongue more forcefully at my hole, pressing apart the lips and tasting the juice of my tunnel walls. Her body gleamed in the sunlight, the rays making the water spots and rivulets shine brightly. She rocked forward licking me harder, her long hair dipping into the pool and drifting like a frond on top of it. I groaned again and grasped my bosoms, kneading the large knockers and playing with my nipples. With one hand Gran was undoing her own top, leaving it to float slowly down beneath her. I closed my eyes again, keeping the memory of her in my mind’s eye as her tongue acted as a constant reminder. The pleasure rose in me again, “Oooohh, yessss,” I groaned pressing my nails into my palms, “Fuck yes.”

“You want me to make you cum, Gabby?” Grandma raised her head with a smile, the gleam of my juice visible on her lips.

I nodded eagerly and she slid a couple of fingers into my cunt, making me gasp immediately, “Fuck yes, make me cum hard.”

Then her face was down as well, licking deep into the hole as she thrust the digits in and out, keeping the slit open. She lapped quicker and harder than before, really driving at me. I shivered and shook, feeling the warmth growing in me like an oven slowly heating. My head shot back, my throat straining as I growled out my excitement, my eyes tight shut but still seeing the brightness of the sun through my lids. Gran’s tongue and fingers upped their pace even more, I could hear the splash of the water as her elbow jerked back and forth, continually springing in and out of the water as she jammed me. “Fuuuckkk,” I gasped, “Ooohhh fuck.”

Gran continued with her expert tongue fucking. It was so good, that I swear if I live to an hundred, I’d never have one so hot again. I shrieked again, loudly, glad that the neighbours weren’t close-by or they’d have thought someone was being murdered. Gran took my cries as a signal to go even harder, ramming her tongue down the groove her fingers were carving in my wet hole. Nerves I didn’t even realise I had sprang into a warm life, sending signals of climactic bliss racing to my brain. So many, that my head was threatening to explode into a gazillion pieces, the blood pounding so hard in my skull I wasn’t sure I wasn’t having a stroke. “Yessss, yessss,” I screamed, “Make me cum.”

She did.

Her tongue pounded so hard my insides were turning to water, the orgasm so intense that it then turned into steam. I screamed and shook, the water lapping around me as I came like an express train, “AAAArrrgghhh, yesssss, fuuuuckkk, aaaaaarrghhhh!”

Gran knelt up, the water gleaming on her small bosoms. I panted in pleasure and grinned back. She got out of the pool and then sashayed round the side about half way down. She pulled off her bikini bottoms, exposing her sexy shaven pussy, and tossed them to one side before sitting down, her legs apart. “It’s my turn now” she said.

I didn’t need any further instructions and I front crawled eagerly across to her. The water went up just above my belly button, leaving my bouncing bosoms out and free. “Looks lovely,” I giggled as I admired the sexy Gilf slot close up.

“Why don’t you come on in then?” invited Gran.

Grinning I slid a finger into her pussy, learning from Gran and began to work it in and around. Gran gave a small moan and shook gently, her feet kicking under the water, rippling the pool’s surface. gölbaşı azeri escort I shoved it deeper, feeling the warm, wet of her walls sticking to my skin as I probed deeper and deeper. I added a second finger, twisting it around and curling the tip to scratch gently at her sex spots. Gran gave another moan, “MMmnnn, you’re doing good Gabby, that feels so hot.”

I slid the fingers back and opened them inside her, spreading her opening. As I did I lowered my head, my tits dipping into the water as I bent. I could smell her sex, a sensually musky aroma which made my nostrils twitch with excitement. The juice was visible in the open hole, the pink walls gleaming as it oozed out of microscopic pores. My stomach metaphorically rumbled with hunger for the lovely cunt cream as I opened my mouth and began to lick eagerly. Soon the cum was coating my tongue and I could taste it as little droplets dissolved and filled my mouth with its salty, but tasty, flavour. Gran gave another groan shuddering in excitement and reaching down to massage my shoulders, her small bosoms beating gently across my head as she leant across it. Her fingers probed and prodded at the blades as mines poked and pushed at her pussy. She squeezed harder and lapped quicker, the two of us in an unspoken partnership, the more vigorously she massaged my shoulders the faster I licked. Soon my tongue was going like a battering ram at her cunt, slamming down on the fleshy walls.

“Ooohhh, mmmnn Gabby, you’re getting so good at this, I can’t believe what you’re doing with my pussy,” Gran gasped, which I felt was high praise given her own expertise. I continued what I was doing, using my fingers to both stimulate and open the hole for my tongue, which moved in to complete the work. I tried to listen out for Gran’s gasps and sighs, taking care to concentrate on hammering the same spot for maximum impact whenever the squeals became particularly loud. I wasn’t sure I always managed my targeting, but I was confident that Gran enjoyed the energetic tonguing she was getting, even if sometimes my aim wasn’t perfect. A view confirm as she let out another gasp, “Yesss, Gabby, yes, ohhh you’re turning into the perfect pussy-licker.”

I grinned to myself and swivelled my tongue round her hole, earning another series of squeals and an extra hard grip on my shoulders. I giggled and swung my tongue again, eliciting more squeaks and shudders, Gran’s hands squeezing my shoulders so hard as she leant forward over me, that I was half worried she was going to overbalance and we both tumble into the water together. Somehow she kept herself sitting, even if she was shuddering and shivering, as my tongue and finger went faster and harder into her soaked hole.

“Yessss, yessss, ooohhh, fuuccckk, yesssss,” she squealed, suddenly sitting upright and then dropping back so she was lying on the tiles surrounding the pool with only her calves in the water. My tongue continued its deadly work, thrusting and slapping down Gran’s soaked loved tunnel until she was a screaming, hollering wreck.

And then I licked some more.

Only harder.

“Aaaarggghh, yessss, yesssss, aaaargghh,” Grandma was climaxing loudly from my ministrations and I felt a rush of pride that I with just a couple of fingers and my tongue that I could create that amount of noise and ecstasy. I didn’t stop, though, or even pause. If Gran thought this was good, she just needed to keep her legs spread for a few more minutes for the finale. Luckily for her (and me), hit by the powerful orgasm Gran showed no inclination to get into the pool to cool off. Instead she squeezed her legs together, trapping me in a vice that I had no wish to escape from either. My fingers rammed down, harder and faster, so that the water around me was rippling and splashing as my arm sliced through it. My tongue followed, going six to a dozen, so fast the cunt juice sprayed into my mouth like I was rally car speeding through a ford. Gran screamed again, her body convulsing so much that I was almost scared I was giving her a heart attack, “AAaarrrgghh, yesssss, aaaarrrghh, that’s it baby, aaaarrgghhh, my pussy, fuuuccckkkk!”

Her screams almost deafened me, so loud it was like being in the front line of a war zone. I licked harder, content to make her scream some more. She did, “Aaaarrrggghhh fuccckkk, aaaaarggghhh.”

Her legs went limp and she gave a sigh as I raised my head. Arrogantly I turned and swam a length before doing a relaxed back stroke back to where Gran had raised herself and standing up, my naked boobs bouncing as the water streamed off them.

“I could do with a shower,” she said, “Want to join me?”

“Oh yes,” I giggled and stepped out of the pool, following her to the lounger where she handed me a towel. It seemed a little strange to dry myself when I was going to be getting wet again in a moment, but Gran’s carpets were expensive, so I guess it made sense. Once we’d dried ourselves she led me into the house and up the stairs to the main bathroom. The shower was easily large enough for two (though the bath could have fitted both of us and another couple beside). Draping the towels over the rack the two of us stepped into the warm water. Knowing how much Gran loved admiring my body I made sure I wiggled and wriggled, swaying under the shower, my hands rolling over my body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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