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Hannah and I were sitting across from each other in my small living room. She had recovered from the quickie we’d had earlier in the afternoon and was telling me how it had made her feel. As she talked, I felt a stirring deep inside the core of my being. I wanted more, and she was saying the same.

“That was so good, Gramps. Where did you ever learn about that?”

My grandchildren’s friends all called me Gramps. Hannah was one of Jen’s friends that she’d stayed in contact with after graduation from high school.

“Oh, here and there,” I replied enigmatically. “Would you like some more?”

“It’s your turn,” her words said, while her eyes sparkled saying “yes, I want some more.”

“Look, it gives me just as much pleasure as you to make you come. Come on, let’s go to the bedroom and take more time this time.”

“OK,” she acceded, “but before I go home, you get yours too.”

“If it works out that way, I’d love it, but if not, that’s OK too.”

I got up and offered her my hand. She took it and pulled in shoulder-to-shoulder with me. We embraced briefly and our lips touched for a short kiss. We strolled down the hall and I turned her at the guest bedroom door.

She led the way to the bed and lay down on it. I sat on the edge of the bed only to find Hannah’s hand coaxing me to lie down beside her. I gave in readily and stretched out on the bed. We were still in underwear; Hannah had put her panties back on and was still wearing her bra. Feeling her soft and silky skin rubbing against mine down the length of our bodies made me feel so good and as we kissed, our lips sucked and sealed ourselves together.

I was eager bostancı escort bayan with desire for her and I had so enjoyed the sweet and spicy taste from her pussy that I knew I wanted more. I slid a hand over her belly down toward her crotch, pressing lightly with my fingers so that when I reached her panties, my fingers dipped inside without hesitation. Hannah sighed as I slid through the narrow patch of her pubic hair, a tightly trimmed strip that guided the way directly down to her waiting pussy. I let my fingers curl with the natural contour of her body, separating them to pass to either side of her swelling lips. She rocked her hips softly to show her approval while I carefully scooted my body down the bed.

“More?” she asked, alluding to the oral attention I had paid to her earlier.

“If I may,” I answered.

“You may,” she giggled, “all day. I love your tongue.”

Together, we worked her panties around the subtle curve of her ass and I pushed them down her toned thighs, past the curve of her bent knees and down her sleek calves. She lifted her feet for me to finish the job and I set her panties aside for the second time this afternoon. She put her feet back down on the sheets, knees wide enough apart for me to position myself between them.

My shoulders pressed the underside of her thighs and my eyes feasted on the close-up view of her tender pussy slit. I pushed my arms around the outside of her legs and up onto her belly, bringing my hands down toward her clit. I separated her lips gently with my fingertips and revealed the succulent bud of her clit, a tight nub of bright pink sitting up from the surrounding ümraniye escort area, almost begging for a kiss. Below it, her thin pussy lips stretched back toward her ass. She did not have any of those meaty wings that some women do, and I appreciated the simple and plain look.

There was already a glisten on those lips, maybe leftovers from before, but I suspected this was fresh so I put out my tongue toward the bottom end of her slit and licked slowly along one side of her lips, dipping down into the depression between her puffy outer lip and the smooth velvety inner lip. This was one place her body would produce and deposit her sexy spice and I was not disappointed. My tongue slid easily into a drop of this liquid, sensing its presence immediately, slick and smooth to lubricate the friction between my tongue and her lips. I slipped along the path merrily and heard her let out another happy sigh. At the top end of this natural valley, I returned to the lower end and repeated the same movement but up the other side of her pussy lips. More fresh nectar delighted me and I elicited another sigh from her.

This was a pattern for our mutual pleasure and I exploited it the best way I knew. I did it over and over and over, slowly but steadily. In response, she produced more sweet liquid for my enjoyment and on the occasions I glanced there, her whole pussy glistened with it.

She was also secreting it inside her pussy, coating the length of her young tunnel with slippery oil. However, this was not the time for me to enter her, so I contented myself with licking off the extraneous amounts which she leaked out to me.

Her breathing kartal escort had slowly changed from slow and steady to deep to faster and her sighs had lengthened and grown more intense. Now her hips were pushing her pussy up into my face wanting all I could give. I had quickened the pace of my licks and I had added occasional sucks and flicks over her clit. She was coming soon, all the road signs pointed that way, but I kept the pace in check so I could give her a longer lasting orgasm – or at least a longer road to her orgasm – than earlier.

Nonetheless, she was quickly approaching that moment of exquisite joy when you know your body is going to do whatever it wants regardless of anything you can do to stop it.

She hinted a couple of times with her words that she was very close.

“Yes, don’t stop, don’t stop, ahhh, ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh.”

Her breaths suddenly sped up and she pushed her hips up even harder into my face. Then she stopped and held her breath and all I heard was a long, deep groaning as the climax of her arousal raced through her whole body. At the end of this, she panted out and in quickly several times. I felt the contractions of her pussy muscles even from the outside and imagined the prospect of being inside her to experience their grip. Maybe later, I thought.

I let her orgasm take its course and her body let me know when it was again appropriate to touch her sensitive flesh, then licked a couple more times and ended with a tender kiss. Releasing her legs, I came up from between them and crawled up beside her on the bed. We were both tired from the action, and I noticed a sheen of perspiration on her forehead. Job well done, I thought.

She embraced me, we kissed and she again relished the taste of her own body transferred from my face to hers. With a contented smile, she looked into my eyes and said, “I need a nap.”

“I’ll stay here,” I replied.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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