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I met Susan for lunch the following day at a favorite little restaurant of ours. As we usually did, we asked for our favorite table, which was off to one side and a bit out of the normal flow of traffic. In the beginning our waiters and waitresses weren’t too pleased by our request. But now being “regulars” as we were, and tipping very well for the additional privacy so we could often chat without being overheard, we were only met with smiles and better than average service after that.

I knew this little meet would center around Jared. I was more than a bit nervous even now as we met up, sitting down to discuss it. And though I had in the heat of passion agreed to do this, after Susan and Bill had left, Rob and I had sat down and discussed it at length after that once again. My first concern was for him, and had he had any reservations about it whatsoever afterwards, I’d have gladly declined, calling up our friends and reneging on my agreement to go through with all of this.

Rob didn’t, aside from getting my assurance that once Jared and I had in fact slept together, it wouldn’t continue. (Unless he was there to see it of course and be involved afterwards). I didn’t take his comment seriously, not even being able to imagine it myself, but after what we’d now experienced with our friends (discussing that in detail as well) I no longer believed that even that wasn’t possible.

The biggest obstacle of course in pursuing this, was in doing it in such a way that Jared could enjoy the thrill of the chase prior to our ending up in bed together, and me taking his virginity. We all knew going in that it wasn’t likely to happen overnight, and that in the beginning, Jared might in fact not even be self confident enough to go through with it himself when push came to shove so to speak. I’d agreed to keep everyone informed of course as to any progress, and what all might transpire over the days, or even weeks ahead if it were to take that long. Interestingly enough, my husband as well as our friends had found the aspect of that arousing. But then…so did I. I’d already imagined myself a few silly scenarios as to how things might progress, what might happen, and then later on sharing the details with everyone in explicit detail. I had in fact masturbated that very morning prior to dressing and leaving to meet Susan while imagining just that.

If anything, Susan was even more nervous and excited than I was. If she’d been a pot of water, she’d have already boiled over as we slid into our cozy, somewhat private little booth together sharing the same bench seat.

“So…you and Rob discuss things after we left?” She asked. I told her we had, and that it was still on, though I was curious as to how we were going to go about setting this up so that Jared had some way of screwing up enough courage to approach me, and very possibly try and seduce me. I wasn’t at all surprised to hear that Susan had already come up with an answer to that.

My job, even if you wanted to call it that, which I did for a living and so thoroughly enjoyed, was editing books for upstart authors and writers. Working for a small publishing company, it was something they paid me to do, at my own speed on my own time…from home. I made reasonable money in doing it for one, but the best part of my job was the fact I could do it from home, wearing whatever the hell I felt like wearing when I did. No extra expenses for gas, clothing or things like that, which made the amount of money I did make on each editing job, go even further.

Where Susan’s idea came into play, was the fact that Rob and I still hadn’t gotten around to finishing up what would eventually be my downstairs office. At the moment, I worked primarily from my kitchen table, which wasn’t as conducive as I would have liked as I always had to clean everything up, replace my notes, manuscripts and of course close down my laptop prior to starting up once again. Hopefully within a month or so, that would no longer be a problem. But at the moment, it still was.

I had in fact twice before when having a rather large, somewhat urgent manuscript that needed to be gone through, gone over to Susan and Bill’s place and actually borrowed Bill’s home office in order to do that during that time. It had saved me a lot of aggravation for one thing, but had afforded me the privacy and necessary time needed to complete the project on time, and more importantly…correctly.

“So…what I was thinking was this. You can either pretend you have some important manuscript you need to be working on, or actually work on one if you want to, whichever way works for you the best. But the idea is, for you to come over as often as you want, set up in Bill’s office during the day when we’re not there of course, and while Jared is. That at least will provide him with the means necessary to hang around you a bit, get a chance to begin thinking along the same lines that he was when he thought about enticing you to look into his room.”

It wasn’t a bad idea. I did in escort ataşehir fact have a manuscript I could work on from there, and it wasn’t anything rushed at the moment either. So that would give me excuse enough to set up, leaving my work there. But…in addition to that, it also happened to be a pretty erotic novel I’d been asked if I was comfortable enough to take on as it was fairly explicit in detail. When I told Susan about it, and suggested that I might in some way find a way to incorporate that into Jared’s seduction of me, she was all for it.

With Jared taking some time off before entering school again in the fall, very likely moving onto campus in fact when he did, we’d at least have several days where we knew we’d both be alone together. Hopefully, Jared’s imagination, his natural curiosity and horniness with regards to me, and my own somewhat flirtatious responses, and perhaps even suggestive attire as I came over to work would eventually do the trick.

Now in agreement, we decided it was now or never, and that I’d bring over everything I needed that very evening to set up. They’d explain to Jared what was going on of course, and that he was apt to have company over the next few days during the day, and feel him out just a bit with regards to that, and see how he responded. We’d then take things from there.

Once again, I found myself quite aroused just thinking about it, as I discovered moments later, so was Susan.

“Are you as wet as I am?” Susan asked whispering to me just seconds before the waitress showed up with our Chef Salads. Unable to answer her of course at the moment, she sought the answer out herself in her own way, causing me to jump in surprise, eliciting a questioning eyebrow from our waitress when I did.

“Sorry…hiccups,” I told her grinning stupidly. I quickly picked up my still full glass of water drinking from it.

“Can I get you some more?” She then asked.

“No, I’m fine really…thank you.”

The thing was, Susan was spearing her salad with one hand, the other was beneath the table, currently pressing itself between my legs. As I usually did whenever I went out, I had worn one of my favorite summer dresses. For Susan it was an easy matter of bunching it up just enough that she had quick and easy access to my nearly bare pussy. Once again, only wearing a thong, there was very little else between her finger and my cunt at the moment as she scraped her finger firmly against the very thin material.

Our waitress soon after left, though not before looking back towards us both with a still questioning look on her face…along with a bit of a smile.

“You’re truly incorrigible! You know that?” I said forking a bit of my own salad, though I made no effort whatsoever to dislodge Susan’s finger from my pussy as I did that either. To be perfectly honest, it felt good. The heady excitement of my best friend teasing my cunt beneath the table had sent wicked shivers of aroused delight coursing through my entire body.

“Yes I am,” she replied. “And damn fucking horny at the moment too…just as you are!”

She had me there. I was.

“Did you and Rob enjoy last night as much as Bill and I did?” She then asked, now managing to slip her finger beneath the edge of my thong, quite easily dipping into my wet furrow directly.

“Admittedly, we both did…yes! And we even went upstairs and fucked again for an hour after you two had left!”

Susan laughed, “So did we,” she confessed. “And I’ve been horny as hell ever since!”

“What a surprise!” I said sitting my fork down for a moment, as my hand then reached beneath the table and slipped down between Susan’s legs. Unfortunately, she was again wearing shorts, and though the legs of which were just baggy enough to allow my hand to slip into, they were too long to afford me any real access.

“Fuck. I need to start wearing dresses again. Or at least skirts,” she signed resignedly. “And worse, I stupidly chose to wear beige shorts today, so if we keep this up for very much longer, I’m going to end up with a very noticeable wet spot showing through on my backside!”

I laughed at that, but then removed my hand from her, though I noticed, she didn’t.

“You trying to make me cum?” I teased, actually thinking I might if she continued doing what she was.

“Would you like that if I did? Right here?” She said looking about casually.

I almost said no, but just then the tip of her finger rung the bell on my clit as she flicked it.

I moaned audibly, giving her, her answer.

We continued to slowly work through our salads, though Susan’s finger continued to work inside my pussy too. Eventually, I was so fucking close that I knew I’d explode at any moment, which is when we both saw our waitress heading over towards our table.

“Don’t you dare fucking stop!” I whispered just hovering on the edge now.

“No intention of it,” she quickly said speaking back just before our waitress arrived.

“Can I get kadıköy escort bayan you gals anything else?” Our waitress asked as she stood there in front of us finalizing our check. At that precise moment, Susan chose to pinch my clit between her fingers, pulling it firmly, once again causing me to jump and this time cry out. Needless to say it didn’t go without notice.

“We might could use another napkin or two here in a moment,” I heard Susan actually telling her, though more importantly, she was all but exaggerating her hand movements now beneath the table, there was no way our waitress couldn’t know exactly what she was doing.

On the one hand, I wanted to die from embarrassment, on the other…I wanted to cum so bad my teeth ached!

I was actually relieved to see our waitress smile, her eyes now locked on the movement of Susan’s hand down between my legs. Though she still turned to go.

“No…don’t! Please stay!” Susan suddenly said freezing our waitress in place. “Watch her while I make her cum,” she then said, causing me to feel an even greater rush of blood into my face upon hearing her say that. “I want to watch you, while you watch her,” Susan then said smiling lustfully, as was now…the waitress. She’d even absentmindedly lifted her hand up to her breast, cupping it briefly before realizing what she’d just done, forcing it down by her side again. She didn’t say another word however, just standing there looking at me, as Susan brought me closer and closer now to the edge.

“You ready baby? You ready to cum for…us?” She now said including our now equally aroused waitress as she stood there, mouth open as though about to have one herself.

I groaned by way of an answer, feeling the sudden rush of ecstasy consume me, my eyes all but rolling into the back of my head as I shivered uncontrollably there on her fingers as Susan continued to tickle my clit through the last spastic throes of my climax.

“I think…we could use those spare napkins now,” she told her.

“I’ve uh….got uh…some of those uh…wet ones,” she finally managed to answer. “I’ll be right back!” She’d even forgotten to leave us the check, suddenly spinning around remembering it coming back again. Her face appeared to be as flushed as mine was.

Susan had already thrown down a couple of twenties onto the table, more than enough to cover lunch as well as a very sizeable tip.

“Don’t worry about the towels,” Susan said grinning, now licking her fingers. “She didn’t leave as big of a mess as she might have, I think…I got most of it myself,” she said licking her fingers once again. And once again, our waitress just stood there with her mouth open, her eyes almost glazed over looking down at us.

“Ah well…ok then, ah…hope you come again,” she said, only then realizing what that had sounded like, and burst out laughing, as we all did.

“That…I can assure you, we will,” Susan said finally standing, as I did on still very weak knees, my face even more flushed than before. I wondered as we hurriedly walked out if I’d ever dare show my face inside there again. We’d nearly made it to the door when our waitress caught up to us.

“Ah…any time you want that table again, just ask for Christy,” she said smiling at us. “I’m usually here every day except on Thursday and Sundays,” she announced. Once again we thanked her and left.

“Did she say her name was Christy?” Susan asked as we headed towards our cars.

“Yeah, she did,” I giggled. “But no Sue…that wasn’t her, much too young, and besides, the Christy I knew would be more around my age.” The fact of the matter was, she did look like her a little, but that would have been too much of a coincidence, not to mention sharing the exact same name.



We had parked side by side there in the lot. Still a bit light headed after such an intense little climax, I was glad for the momentary reprieve as we stood there having opened our doors.

“Hey…I have an idea,” Susan said grinning at me. “You have any immediate plans at the moment?”

“No, why?”

“Well, for one thing, Bill told Jared he wanted him to get the lawn mowed today. And I happen to know that whenever he does, all Jared ever wears is a pair of shorts. So…might be interesting to have you just drop by for a cup of coffee briefly, see how he acts around you while you’re there. Who knows? Might pick up on something at least?”

I said yes, only because I was still actually aroused, and the fact that Susan now hinted at the possibility of me getting her off while we were there at some point. The thought once again of adding an element of excitement and danger again to our most recent little escapade, just enough to cause me to agree. Moments later, I followed her home.


Two things became immediately apparent. Though Jared had quite obviously finished mowing the front lawn, he hadn’t as yet gotten around to doing the side lawn, or the back as we pulled up into Susan’s escort bostancı drive way. The other was, he hadn’t heard us come home either, which he wasn’t expecting as Susan had planned on coming over to my place after lunch, instead of hers. She wasn’t due home for another couple of hours yet. As we entered the kitchen area, we both heard the sound from the TV coming from the recreation room downstairs. There was no mistaking what it was as we stood there listening to it either as we turned looking at one another. The panting, heavy breathing of a couple fucking was clearly too obvious. Susan giggled quietly.

“Jared must be watching one of Bill’s X-rated movies,” she stated. And then in the next breath, before I knew what she was doing, she had walked back over towards the door, opening it, and then letting it slam. She called out. “Jared? Are you home?”

We both heard the mad-dash scramble coming from below us, the sudden silence of the TV as it was switched off, just as Susan called out again. “Jared? You here?” More movement, and then the sound of steps in the hallway just below the stairs.

“Yeah mom, I’m here,” Jared called up. “Just taking a break,” he then added. “I’ll be up to finish the lawn in a few here,” he then assured her.

“I bet he’s standing there naked with a woody,” Susan whispered looking at me. “Perfect,” she grinned further. Once again calling back to him. “Ok, just wanted you to know that Jennifer’s here with me, she’s going to be borrowing your dads workspace again for the next several days, so we’ll be in his den if you need us,” she finished calling down to him. Once again there was scurrying below as Susan and I headed into the house down the hall and away from the kitchen. We’d barely entered Bill’s office when Jared stood there in the doorway, poking his head in. Sure enough, all he had on was a tight, form fitting pair of swim trunks that he’d obviously been wearing while out mowing the yard. The fact he must have recently been playing with himself was likewise almost as obvious. He had just enough of a tell-tale bulge remaining in his tight-fitting shorts as he stood off to one side of the doorway, trying to conceal it, to confirm what it was he’d been up to.

“So, you’re gonna be working here for the next few days huh?” He asked a bit too curiously as Susan shot me a quick knowing look.

“Yep! Sure am!” I said smiling at him.

“Cool!” He again answered a bit too quickly, casting a worried look over towards his mother, though she didn’t respond. “I won’t get in your way though,” he added. “You won’t even know that I’m here.”

That one she did respond to. “Actually Jared, I’d appreciate it, and so would Jennifer, if you would drop in on her from time to time while she’s working. Make sure she has something to drink, or munch on while she’s working so that she doesn’t have to worry about getting up in the middle of something and get it herself. I mean don’t bug her all the time, but…if you’d at least stop in and ask her if she needs anything every hour or so, that would be great,” she told him.

“Yes Jared, I’d appreciate that very much myself,” I added to that seeing the delight in his eyes as I smiled at him.

“Sure thing! Well…guess I’d better get the yard done before dad gets home,” he then said and hurried out the door before the obvious became even more noticeable than it already was.

“So…did he?” Susan asked after he’d left.

“I think so, yes. Sort of hard to tell though, he was pretty good about keeping himself hidden behind the door, but looked to me like he did.” Susan grinned, taking me by the hand and led me back out of the room towards her bedroom and then over to the window looking down into the yard below. We stood just well enough back behind the somewhat transparent curtain looking down. Just then Jared came out into the yard. He quickly looked about, and then shoved his hand down the front of his swim-trunks adjusting himself. Even doing that, it was noticeable from Susan’s bedroom that he had an obvious erection.

“Looks like all systems are go,” she giggled looking down at her son as he fired up the mower, though once again he looked down at himself as though checking to see if he was presentable enough.”

“Looks like,” I commented back, giggling as well, surprised that I could find myself becoming as aroused as I was so soon after our little episode at the restaurant. But here I was, nearly as horny now as I had been then.

“I wonder what he was watching,” Susan mused, and nodded towards the door. “Come on, let’s go see. I bet he didn’t have time to put everything back the way it should be,” she told me.

Bill had always been meticulous about his stuff. His books, CD’s, even his DVD’s were always in perfect alphabetical order. Up until a year ago or so, he’d kept his X-rated movies under lock and key, but ever since Jared had turned eighteen, he was no longer worried about Jared watching some of them from time to time. Though even then…he kept them in perfect order on the shelf. Susan walked over towards the cabinet, sure enough, Jared had hurriedly returned them out of order. She pulled three he’d obviously been looking at. Even by the names on two of them I was surprised Bill had them to begin with.

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