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Note: If you haven’t already, read Guitarbeque Ch. 01-04, which are prequels to this story.

I was working on a job that had a project office about sixty miles from my home office. I had to be at the project office at least once a week for a status meeting but some weeks there were other meetings or trainings that required my presence. Typically I’d just drive up for a meeting or training and drive back to my home office after but there was the rare occasion when I’d have something late one day and something else early the following day. On those rare occasions, I would book a hotel room nearby and the project would pay for it. I only did this when I absolutely had to but it sure beat driving through rush hour traffic twice.

Not long after Susan and I fully consummated our affair, an opportunity came up to spend a night in a hotel near the project office between meetings. I reached out to Susan to see if she thought she could get away for a night without raising any suspicions. She responded that she had no doubt that she could. I booked a room and sent her the hotel information so she planned to be up there around the time my meeting would be wrapping up and would meet me at the hotel after I texted her a room number. We agreed that we should still be cautious and discreet because we weren’t actually that far from home and could still potentially encounter someone that one of us knew.

When the day finally arrived, I could barely wait for my meeting to be over so that we could finally enjoy sex together in a bed and with virtually no chance of being interrupted. I was already texting her the room number as I waited for the elevator after checking in and was barely in the room with the deadbolt holding the door open when she arrived. She locked the door behind herself then we were in each other’s arms at the foot of the king size bed. My cock was immediately rigid so I was pulling her against it with my hands on her ass. When she started to pull my shirt up, we parted slightly and I began to unbutton the front of her dress. As we’d discussed, she was dressed conservatively but apparently she’d decided not to bother with any undergarments. When I realized that she was braless, I had her dress unbuttoned far enough that I could slide it off her shoulders. As it slid down her body, all that was revealed was skin and freckles and her trim red bush.

She’d managed to get me out of my shirt but had been briefly distracted by the bulge in my jeans before she began to get them open. Now she was fully naked and started to work my jeans down as I was caressing the soft, smooth flesh of her tits as well as her hard nipples. When she hunkered down to take my jeans and underwear down together, her tits moved out of my reach but that was obviously not the least bit distressing to me. Looking down at the naked, mature redhead helping me step out of my jeans and underwear, I was thinking more about getting my throbbing cock inside her than I was about getting my hands on her tits again.

Once she had me as naked as she was, I helped her stand again then we crawled onto the bed. I flopped immediately onto my back, my rigid cock pointing at the ceiling, so she stayed on her knees and straddled me. She reached for my cock and guided it to her pussy then lowered herself onto it, both of us moaning. Her pussy was as incredibly hot and wet, as it had been each time we’d been together previously, but I know I was certainly more relaxed as I was lying there so I knew I’d be able to appreciate and savor it even more. I reached up to resume fondling her breasts as she began to slowly move up and down though my gaze was moving from her bush, up to her tits then to her face, which was displaying an expression that can only be described as bliss. I was feeling pretty blissful myself.

Her tits were on the smaller side of average but still big enough to bounce once she began to pick up her pace. I moved my hands around to her ass so that I could watch them bouncing as she was riding me harder and faster. It was a gradual build-up but we got into a great rhythm pretty quickly so it wasn’t all that apparent as her pace was increasing. She was clearly enjoying the freedom that the hotel room offered compared to a focus room at my office because her moaning was loud and drawn out so there was no doubt about the pleasure she was experiencing. I hadn’t heard any indications of neighbors in the adjacent rooms so hopefully if there were any they weren’t hearing us, either. The bed was sturdy, too, so there was no telltale squeaking or banging. I figured this could be more of a concern later in the night as I expected that we’d be fucking quite a bit to take advantage of this opportunity.

Despite how hot and wet her pussy was, I still wasn’t getting close to cumming quite yet even as she was obviously building toward an orgasm herself. She continued riding me harder and faster while moaning louder and longer. While continuing to caress her ass, I was pushing up into her each time she dropped down to assure that she was getting the full length of my stiff cock. My attention was still mainly on her bouncing tits but I’d glance up at her face occasionally and I’d say that her expression had progressed from bahis firmaları bliss to ecstasy. Her eyes were closed but her mouth was open to allow the continuous moaning out. When she dropped down onto my cock and just remained there, she momentarily went silent, then let out a cry and her entire body was shaking. Since they were no longer bouncing, I brought my hands around to resume fondling her tits as she was cumming. I don’t know that caressing her hard nipples increased the level of pleasure she was feeling but it was obvious that she was experiencing a great deal of pleasure either way.

Her orgasm was a long and loud one, but it wasn’t like she was being loud solely because she could; the noises she was making sounded to me like a genuine expression of the pleasure she was experiencing. When she finally went still and silent, she remained seated on my cock, breathing heavily. I continued to fondle her tits until she’d apparently recovered enough and moved off next to me, remaining on her knees but leaning forward so that she was on all-fours. I wasted no time in getting onto my knees behind her, first caressing her sweet ass before guiding my cock back into her from behind. We both moaned again as I was holding her hips and pulling her back as I pushed in. Once my hips were pressed against her ass, I started sliding out again, setting a slow pace of sliding the full length of my stiff cock in and out of her.

I’d fucked her from behind before, just as she’d sat on my cock until she’d cum before, but since we’d never done either in a bed, both were like new experiences for us this time. In addition to not having to restrain ourselves vocally, I didn’t have the distraction of wondering if someone might hear the telltale sound of my hips smacking against her ass. As I gradually picked up my pace and she was pushing back against my thrusting, that sound became more pronounced and it made me smile to hear it. Initially, I was looking down at her freckled ass while I was fucking her, still fascinated that it didn’t jiggle when my hips tapped it. Once we had a good, steady rhythm going, though, I slipped my hands forward to cup her swinging breasts, feeling her hard nipples against my palms once again. Without her bouncing boobs to stare at, I was more focused on what I was feeling, both the soft, smooth flesh of her tits in my hands and the warm wetness of her pussy along my cock.

For me, being able to relax a bit more and not feel compelled to rush so we didn’t get caught allowed me to savor fucking her for longer. I felt like I was really able to appreciate her hot, wet pussy even more and would have been content to continue doing so since, while I was experiencing a great deal of pleasure, my orgasm was building slowly. During our previous encounters, Susan had never appeared to have even the slightest difficulty in cumming both long and hard despite the circumstances. While I’m sure being in that hotel allowed her to relax a bit more, too, her orgasms appeared to be just as easy to achieve while still being long and highly pleasurable. As I continued to fuck her from behind, she took over the pace and was pushing back harder and faster the closer she got to cumming. I could feel her pussy becoming even hotter and wetter so I wound up sliding my hands back from her tits to her hips while straightening up. I went back to watching as my hips tapped against her ass while continuing to savor the feeling of her hot, wet pussy.

When she finally pushed back hard and just stayed there, I made sure that my cock was fully embedded inside her and just held it there. She went still and silent for a moment then let out a cry as her body started shaking. It was another of her long and intensely pleasurable orgasms so I just held on as she was riding it out. When she seemed to be coming down, I slid my cock in and out a few more times just so I didn’t miss out on that extra flood of lubrication. Rather than continuing to fuck her until I came, though, there was something we hadn’t been able to do in the focus rooms at my office so I’d been looking forward to this opportunity to finally do it. I slipped my cock out of her and moved around next to her, lying on my back but with my head toward her feet and my feet toward her head. She moved sideways so that she was straddling my head while looking down at my stiff cock, shiny with her juices, as I gazed up at her red bush.

She gently gripped the base of my cock then wrapped her lips around it, causing me to moan as she slid them down. I was well aware of her skills as a cocksucker by this point so I took a moment to savor them before raising my head and running my tongue along her slit, which caused her to moan. While she skillfully sucked my cock, I was lapping at her juicy pussy, something we’d never been able to do simultaneously before. I was so comfortable sprawled out beneath her on that king-size bed that I could have spent the rest of the night there devouring her pussy. Of course, with her skilled cocksucking, my orgasm was beginning to build in earnest from the moment I felt her hot mouth engulf my cock. Since we still had the entire night ahead of us, as well as some time the next morning, I was definitely going with the flow kaçak iddaa and enjoying the building levels of pleasure while also enjoying the taste of her pussy.

I was caressing her ass when I started eating her pussy but brought a hand down to slip a finger into her while focusing my tongue on her clit. She was moaning even with my cock in her mouth and it felt like she then made an extra effort at providing pleasure to me, as if she wasn’t already successfully doing that. My cock was just becoming even thicker the longer she was sucking it and the closer I was getting to cumming. Enjoying a blowjob while simultaneously enjoying eating her pussy was everything that I’d hoped it would be so I knew we’d need to figure out how and where to continue after that night.

Once I was on the verge of cumming, I dropped my head so that I could focus on the intense pleasure that I was feeling, though I did continue to slide my finger in and out of her pussy. I was staring up at her red bush as my cock grew even thicker, though her cocksucking was not affected in the slightest. Even when I started spurting into her mouth with a moan, she easily swallowed my load while continuing to inhale my cock. As always, my orgasm was incredible due to her oral talent. By the time I was fully spent and she released my softening cock from between her lips, I was back to licking and sucking her clit as I continued sliding my finger in and out of her pussy. With her focus then entirely on the pleasure she was feeling, and her mouth no longer occupied by my stiff cock, she went back to moaning loud and long.

I didn’t try to draw the pleasure out for her, again because we still had the whole night ahead of us. My goal was to make her cum with the highest level of pleasure that I could manage, not necessarily to make her cum quickly. I obviously would have been more than content to continue devouring her but there was so much potential with the hotel room that I knew we were going to have a lot of fun in a myriad of ways over the next several hours. Once her sole focus was on her own pleasure, it didn’t take long before she was right on the verge of cumming again. I continued to lick and suck her clit while sliding my finger in and out of her even as she suddenly let out a cry and her body started shaking. I didn’t let up until I was certain that she’d finished cumming, which wasn’t until after another of her long and obviously intensely pleasurable orgasms.

I let my head drop back and slipped my finger out of her while still gazing up at her pussy. She took a moment to recover then moved off of me and turned to lie beside me. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder as she lay against me.

“That was a nice start,” she said, “I like not having to get dressed and leave as soon as we’re done.”

“Agreed,” I replied, “as much as I enjoy undressing you, I’m looking forward to having you naked for much longer.”

“That means a lot to me,” she said, “and I appreciate that you are interested in being involved in this with me.”

“Actually,” I replied, “I’m really looking forward to trying some new and different things while we have this opportunity.”

“You can count on that,” she said, “Anything in particular you want to start with?”

“The sixty-nine was near the top of my wish list,” I replied, “but wait until you see the shower.”

Rather than a standard tub with a vinyl shower curtain, the shower in this hotel room had no tub and the enclosure was glass. It may have been the size of a standard tub but, when I’d taken a look upon arriving in the room, it sure looked like it would comfortably accommodate both of us together. We lay around for a little while longer, relaxing and recovering, before deciding that a shower together would not only be fun but would also help to revive my spent cock.

“Oh my God!” she said when she saw the shower. We made sure that the toiletries we’d need were inside and the towels were within reach outside then stepped in. As I closed the door behind us, she got the water going and adjusted the temperature. I gazed at her naked body as she stood under the shower, the water cascading over her, and felt the blood continuing to return to my spent cock. When she was done, I traded places with her and wet myself down. She had poured herself a handful of the hotel-supplied body wash then poured some for me as well. We immediately began to lather up our favorite parts, with her going to work on my cock and me soaping up her tits. Even though neither of us was necessarily in need of a shower, we still took the time to thoroughly lather each other’s entire bodies. By the time we were rinsing off, I was rigid again and we were both completely fired up.

Rather than trying to fuck standing in the shower, we shut the shower down and grabbed the towels, drying ourselves and each other before stepping out. After rehanging the towels since we’d be showering again in the morning, she had me sit on the lid of the toilet then straddled me, reaching for my cock to guide it toward her pussy. Because the focus rooms all had the same chairs, she hadn’t been able to ride my cock like this because the arms always made it impossible. The way the toilet was positioned, kaçak bahis though, gave us plenty of room so she lowered herself onto my cock as our moans echoed through the small room. She brought her lips to mine as I ran my hands over her ass before she started moving up and down on my cock. I could tell she was extremely fired up, not just by how hot and wet her pussy felt, but because she didn’t start out riding me slowly. She was up and down on my cock so hard and fast that we couldn’t continue making out for long. Instead, she threw her head back which caused her tits to jut out so I brought my hands around from her ass to fondle them.

I couldn’t really get the leverage to push up into her when she came down but it didn’t seem like she was going to need any extra effort from me in order to cum. It was kind of nice to just focus on the pleasure I was feeling from her pussy sliding up and down my cock and the feel of her tits in my hands. Her moans were echoing off the tiles and, if any neighbors had checked in, there was no way that she wasn’t being heard. When she dropped down onto my cock and just sat there, the silence was suddenly deafening, but it didn’t last long. She let out a cry of passion and her body shook as she was hit with another intensely pleasurable orgasm. There wasn’t much I could do as she was cumming so I just continued to fondle her tits until she was done. She remained seated on my cock as she caught her breath then must have decided she was tired of the bathroom because she moved off of my cock.

Standing naked before me, she reached for my hand and helped me up then led me back to the big bed. She crawled onto the bed as I stared at her ass then lay on her back with her legs spread and her arms reaching out for me. I got onto the bed on my knees and moved between her legs then lowered myself over her. Supporting myself on one forearm, I guided my stiff cock back into her hot, wet pussy then began to slide it in and out again. I brought my lips to hers and we started making out as we were fucking. Missionary definitely would not have been my favorite position but, since it wasn’t something we could typically do, I was certainly enjoying having Susan’s body below me as our tongues were exploring each other’s mouths. She was raising her hips to accept each of my thrusts so I was achieving maximum penetration and her pussy just felt outstanding. I started out fucking her kind of slow, just savoring the pleasure of her hot, wet pussy, but as I felt my own orgasm gradually beginning to build up, my pace was gradually increasing as well.

The bed still remained quiet, even in this position as I was fucking her hard enough that we couldn’t continue to make out. She was holding me tightly and moaning steadily as I was pounding her pussy, building toward what promised to be another spectacular orgasm for me. Just based on experience up to this point, I was expecting that she’d be cumming again as well but I wasn’t trying to hold out to wait for her. As I was getting close to cumming, my cock was swelling even more and I assume that is what finally pushed her over the edge as she cried out and started shaking below me. With her pussy flooded with even more of her natural lubricant as she was cumming, my own orgasm was approaching even faster and I was relishing the intense pleasure that I was experiencing. Finally, with a grunt I started to spew inside her. I continued to thrust with each spurt until I was fully spent then remained over her for a moment as I was recovering.

It wasn’t long after I rolled off of her that my stomach growled. Since we figured it’d take some time for me to fully recover again, we decided to get dressed and go eat. She was familiar enough with the general area that she’d been able to find someplace we could go that was far enough off the beaten path that it’d be highly unlikely that we’d encounter anyone we knew. The food and drinks were as enjoyable as the company but we were eager to get back to the hotel and get naked again since this really was an affair, not a date.

“So, what do you want to do for the rest of the night?” she asked, sort of facetiously, once we were back inside the hotel room.

“I would like to undress you slowly,” I replied, “then have you sit in that armchair while I go down on you.”

She was onboard so I first took her into my arms and brought my lips to hers. While we made out, I was caressing her ass through her dress, which she still had not bothered to put on any undergarments beneath. This was going to make undressing her slowly take a bit less time but I was sure we’d both be fine with that. I brought my hands up between us and fondled her tits through her dress, feeling her hard nipples pressing outward, before finally starting to unbutton it again. This time, rather than just unbuttoning enough to slide it off of her shoulders, I unbuttoned it all the way down to the hem and ended up on my knees in front of her. As tempting as it was to just have her sit and immediately begin to devour her, instead I opened the front of her dress and kissed her hips and abdomen. While gradually standing, I continued to kiss my way up over her ribs and to her tits, pausing briefly to lick and suck her hard nipples. Standing again, I slipped the dress down her arms then took it over and laid it on the back of the desk chair while she sat. I also grabbed our phones and brought them back to set beside the chair then finally knelt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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