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Part 6: Brianna, Used and Abused

The humiliating show I’d been forced to put on for Kent and Vince with the two dildos had had an effect. I suspected that it had aroused Kent but I was vividly aware of its effect on Vince. His cock was hard even before I’d gotten it in my mouth. When I’d freed it from his pants, it sprang up, eager to fill my mouth. Now, as I worked on his cock with my tongue and lips, I felt him beginning to work toward an orgasm.

If you’d told me a few days ago that I’d be eager to make a man cum in my mouth, I’d have thought you were crazy. (I might have punched you in the mouth, too.) But, given what I knew Vince and Kent had in mind for me tonight, I actually hoped that I could make Vince spew his seed in my mouth. At least that would put him out of commission for a while.

So, I picked up my speed and wrapped my hand tightly around his shaft, pumping furiously to push him over the top. Now my goal was to make him fill my mouth with cum, thus sparing my ass.

“Look at her,” Kent said, “She’s loving this! She’s a cock-craving, cum-loving sissy!”

I think I might have been successful if Kent hadn’t chosen to pipe up then. Vince was so close to cumming that he wasn’t thinking about the plan they had. But Kent’s comment interrupted the flow enough to jog Vince’s memory.

He pushed my head off of his cock. As I backed away, I could tell that his hard, pulsing cock, slick with my slobber, was just seconds away from a huge ruined orgasm. He managed to walk it back, but I could tell that it wasn’t easy for him.

“Now, Brianna,” Vince said, inhaling deeply, “that was terrific and I’m glad you’re really enjoying servicing cocks with your mouth now. But we can’t forget that tonight is all about taking you to the next level—about realizing your dreams.”

He went on, “Crawl over to Kent and give him some of that good mouth action you were showing me. You’re a pro now, Brianna!”

I crawled over to Kent, who was already taking his dick out. As I took his hardening cock into my mouth, I’d given up hope of getting either of them to spew their loads orally. Bringing Kent’s cock to full mast, I felt as if I was preparing the weapon that would be used on me.

I hadn’t realized that Vince had positioned himself behind me until I felt my knees being pushed apart from behind. Vince knelt down behind me and pulled my ass cheeks apart. I felt a squirt of cold lube hit my butthole and then Vince began slathering it around with his condom-covered cock head.

I steeled myself for what was about to happen. I wasn’t dreading the size of their cock in my ass. I’d managed to handle the huge dildo and, believe me, I knew the difference in size between that and either of their average-sized dicks. I knew it intimately, by mouth. What made this all so horrible was my ass would be invaded by these guys—these guys I thought were my friends and were now just treating me as an object for their twisted pleasure.

Vince casino şirketleri didn’t dawdle long. I felt the steady, insistent pressure against my anus as it opened to allow Vince’s shaft to penetrate me. As Vince’s cock impaled me, I pulled away from Kent’s cock for a moment, only to be roughly pushed back down onto it.

“Come on, Brianna,” Kent urged. “You can handle two cocks at once. This is your dream, right: to be spit roasted between two hard cocks?”

It wasn’t and they knew it. But it entertained them to say so.

Soon, Vince was fully inside of me. I felt his thighs press against mine as he thrust his cock into me as far as it would go. His hands were on my hips, pulling me toward him roughly as he thrust into me. Then Kent, holding my head, got into the same rhythm and they were rocking me back and forth, each finding pleasure in the orifice he’d chosen.

Vince was setting the pace, and it was quickening rapidly. I knew he wouldn’t last much longer. I decided to try harder to get Kent to cum in my mouth. Somehow I had convinced myself that this would be some kind of victory. Sure, they were both having their way with me. I didn’t have anything to say about that. But not everything would have gone as they planned. I’d have controlled at least one thing.

Not surprisingly, they took my increased activity with Kent’s cock as evidence of my enthusiasm for what I was doing.

“God,” exclaimed Kent. “Look at her. She’s going crazy for my cock. I think getting fucked in the ass is bringing out the slut in her.”

Let them say what they want. I had my goal and I was pursuing it. As Vince pounded my ass, I wrapped one hand around the base of Kent’s shaft and jacked him furiously while I worked the head of his sock with my lips and tongue.

And, I almost had him. I mean, I was just seconds away from getting him to shoot his load in my mouth. But the key word is ‘almost’. Just as I had Kent ready to spurt, Vince pulled me violently back onto his cock and away from Kent’s throbbing member.

As Vince shot his wad in my ass, I watched Kent’s hard, yearning cock bobbing in the air inches from my face. For a moment, I thought he was going to spew his sperm into the air with his cock flopping untouched. A ruined orgasm would serve him right! But he held it together and overcame the urge to cum. He was saving it for my ass.

Vince collapsed back on the floor behind me. He was spent for the time being. Kent ordered me to turn around. As I started to turn around, I saw him grab a condom off the coffee table. At least these guys were using rubbers, I thought. Thank God for that.

Turning around on my knees, my eyes swept past the window. And, I caught a glimpse of something that made me shudder. I thought I saw someone looking in the window. It was only for a second and I certainly couldn’t be sure. Maybe the light was playing a trick on a bush outside the window.

When I looked again, I didn’t casino firmaları see anything. That was a relief, but also a concern because I didn’t see anything that I could have mistaken for a face, either.

I didn’t have long to think about it. I felt Kent pull my butt cheeks apart to take his turn in my asshole. I can’t say that he was gentle or took it slow. He was still in a lather from what I’d done to his cock with my mouth. And he was eager to find his pleasure in my bum. It didn’t matter to me, though. By now, my asshole was appropriately gaped and he could slide in easily, without resistance.

While Kent was pounding my ass, I tried to turn around enough to check out the window again. Those efforts were thwarted when Vince revived enough to crawl up on his knees, in front of my face and pull off his condom. He turned it upside down and let his cum dribble down the length of his now soft penis.

“Clean me up, bitch!” He didn’t really give me a chance to disobey. He pulled my head toward his soft, slimy dick and forced me to lick the cum off of it. All this time, of course, Kent was thrusting in and out of my, making it hard to clean off the cum.

Vince would catch what was dribbling off in his hand and re-apply it to the top of his cock. Eventually, I’d cleaned Vince’s cock to his satisfaction. In the process, though, his cock had begun to harden again. That was amazing, so soon after he’d shot his nut in my ass. But, there it was, right before my eyes: a stiffening cock, rising toward my lips.

“Oh, Brianna,” Vince said. “You’re good! You got me hard so soon just so that you could be spit roasted again. Well, here you go, bitch. Here’s what you want.”

And with that, he thrust his cock in my mouth.

I’d thought that Kent was going to bust his nut quickly. But he’d come down a bit from what I thought was his impending climax and now seemed in no hurry to finish. He was enjoying just pistoning in and out of my ass in long strokes.

The thing is, I was starting to enjoy it, too. I don’t mean I liked the fact that my former buddies were fucking me. They were shits and they deserved to suffer. But, still, I was past the point of feeling any pain, or even discomfort. My ass was now easily able to accommodate a normal sized hard cock. And the friction against my sphincter was pleasant. Even more, there was a way that Kent was hitting my prostate that was getting me extremely excited.

I tried not to show it; I didn’t want to give them the satisfaction. But I was now rocking back and forth not just for their pleasure but for my own. Even Vince’s cock in my mouth was pleasing in a way. I found myself sucking harder on it as I pushed on and off Kent’s rod in my rectum.

The sucking was having a noticeable effect on Vince’s cock. I’d say ‘predictable’ but I wouldn’t have predicted that he could be on the verge of an orgasm so soon after he’d cum. But he clearly was. And Kent was nearing his own orgasm, güvenilir casino too. I could tell that from his now almost spasmodic rhythm. And, truth be told, I felt as if I was nearing an orgasm, too.

I knew that prostate orgasms were real. I’d seen hundreds of them in porn videos. But I’d never experienced one myself—never even come close. But now I could feel my loins burning and and I was clearly headed for my first ever prostate orgasm—really, I should say, my first sissygasm. Cause that’s what you call it when you’re in drag and wearing a chastity cage.

Now, it might sound as if we were working up to a three-way simultaneous orgasm. But that was not to be. Amazingly, Vince came first, filling my mouth with his salty load. But seconds later, while his cum still filled my mouth, I felt my own cock spurt over and over again. It was the strangest feeling to be shooting my cum with nothing touching my cock except the cock cage that was now seriously constraining its efforts to swell.

I suppose I should have felt shame. If that was to come, it would be later. All I felt as I spewed cum onto the carpet was ecstasy. It was in incredibly intense orgasm precisely because my cock was untouched.

My orgasm made my body convulse and shake uncontrollably—something Vince and Kent couldn’t have missed. Kent’s cock had done its job on my prostate. And my ass, was doing its job on Kent’s cock. I felt my sphincter clench and release wildly as my body convulsed and then I felt Kent’s body stiffen and as he thrust hard into me, his hands pulling my hips back to give him the deepest possible access to my ass.

Finally, I felt his cock throbbing as he shot his load deep inside of me.

Vince pulled away from me and, for the second time tonight, seemed completely spent. Kent pulled out of me and I could feel cold air in my now gaping rectum. I turned around and tried to sit down in a way that would conceal the load of cum I’d shot on the carpet. Concealment was impossible, though, there was still a long strand of cum hanging from my chastity cage all the way down to the carpet. Vince saw it first.

“Oh my God!” he cried out. “Kent, look! Brianna had her first sissygasm!” So, Kent saw it, too.

But I didn’t have time to get embarrassed. As I was turning around, I again thought I saw someone outside the window looking in. And, once again, I couldn’t be certain. But I was pretty sure someone had been watching us. I couldn’t imagine who it could be. The cabin was extremely isolated—well away from the road and hidden from view.

If there was someone there, they had quickly hidden. There was nothing to see now and I decided not to say anything about it to the others.

I knew that I would never hear the end of the sissygasm thing. But, fortunately for me, tonight they were too tired to needle me about it. I was allowed to clean up and go to bed.

As I was cleaning up, I thought about the fact that I’d sissygasmed while being fucked and sucking a cock. What did it mean? I didn’t know. So I decided not to think about it or about who might have been watching through the window, if there really was someone there. I just wanted to go to sleep. And I did very quickly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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