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Margaret knew her family was different than others. People called them “Gypsies” and made fun of them. They were dirt poor and all their worldly goods were carried about in the back of Pa’s old Dodge truck along with her and her brother Jake and their friendly mutt “Buddy”.

Ma and Pa went town to town looking for work to help sustain the family. Ma would do housework for women whose husbands thought their wives above menial tasks and Pa was a Jack-of-all-trades doing all sorts of odd jobs.

Jake was a big nineteen-year-old lout and helped Pa although he was not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Margaret was a dark hair beauty. Twenty-years old with black hair cascading down her back almost to her tight round ass. Tall and slender with milky white skin and large dark pools for eyes in which many a man had lost their souls. Margaret’s body was her contribution to the family’s welfare. Men paid handsomely for a brief interlude in her bed.

They had set up camp near the riverbank. Ma and Pa slept in an old dilapidated tent while Jake and Margaret slept under a canopy in the back of the truck.

The entire family fucked each other depending on their mood at the time. Jake was Margaret’s main partner although she did lie with Pa often while Jake’s thick cock brought his mother pleasure.

Ma was a breeder taking Jake and Pa’s sperm in hopes of producing another sibling. Although she was inseminated almost nightly her womb was not eager to bear more children. Margaret avoided pregnancy knowing it would affect her ability to support the family. She realized that soon enough she would be carrying Pa or Jake’s baby in her belly or that of some stranger. Strangers usually fucked her with condoms so her first baby would likely be her sister or brother.

An owl hooted softly in the background as her brother mounted her. Jake loved his sister and Margaret loved his thick cock in her. Pa was getting old and not able to deliver the exquisite orgasms her brother could but she knew it was her duty to accept her father’s sperm as often as he wished to deposit it in her.

“Fuck me Jake!” she moaned as her brother grunted on top of her.

Jake was Margaret’s true love. She loved having her brother’s thick cock stuffing her tight young fuck hole. She loved the way his cock made her feel as it stirred her nest. Wrapping her escort bostancı long shapely legs around her brother’s chunky body she drew him deeper into her.

Their climax was as usual passionate. Margaret lost in the rhapsody of her brother’s love. They lay in the quiet of the night looking at the stars overhead.

“Find a man to use me tomorrow and I will buy you that knife you want Jake.” Margaret promised.

Jake had wanted a sheathed hunting knife and Margaret wanted to get it for him for his birthday. She figured she could get enough from some man for fucking her to buy Jake the knife.

Margaret usually got as much as fifty dollars for fucking and twenty for sucking a cock. She wanted to get Jake the finest knife she could find and would fuck two men for it if necessary.

Margaret stood across Main Street from the theater. The show would be emptying out soon and perhaps she could find a customer looking to get screwed to complete his evening.

She had deliberately dressed to garner attention. A very short skirt displaying much of her long stocking covered legs and her makeup overly applied signaling the “fore sale” message.

It was a quiet night and only a handful of stragglers came out of the show when the movie finished.

Spotting the hooker waiting across the street Dave and Ernie crossed over.

“How much for a fuck?” Dave asked.

Margaret did not like the looks of the arrogant young punks. “Both of you?”

“Yes, and we want to fuck your ass too!” he demanded.

Margaret hated doing two guys together, they were always more aggressive. And if they wanted he ass they would likely double penetrate her using her asshole and pussy at the same time.

“A hundred dollars.” Margaret asked.

“Eighty and you suck us clean afterwards.” Dave countered.

Margaret followed then to their van.

They drove about ten miles out into the country and parked the van in the middle of a pasture. The overhead lamp was on so they could get a look at their victim.

“Get undressed.” Dave ordered.

Obediently Margaret started removing her clothes while the two watched. As she took off her underwear she saw they both had their cocks in their hands and were jerking off looking at her naked tits.

“O.K., who’s first?” Margaret asked once she was naked.

“You ümraniye escort can start by sucking us.” Dave said offering his hard cock.

Submissively Margaret sucked their cocks, first Dave and then Ernie’s. She drank both of the men’s first loads.

Dave lay on his back on the air mattress on the floor of the van.

“Get on top.” He ordered Margaret.

Margaret straddled his erection and lowered herself down onto him. His cock slid snuggly into her wet crevice. Ass she begins riding Dave’s cock she felt Ernie positioning himself behind her.

Ernie’s cock rammed into her exposed dirt chute in one merciless plunge. Margaret groaned in pain as she was sodomized. Now two cocks slid in and out of her amidst a chorus of grunts and groans. The pretty dark haired girl whimpered as the animal abused her.

After what seemed like an eternity cocks begin spitting cum into her throbbing orifices. First a tsunami of cream flooded her womb and then Ernie’s sperm leaked into her bowels.

She was like a sobbing rag doll as they changed places. Her anus lubricated by Ernie’s sperm accepted Dave’s cock easier and Ernie easily slid into Dave’s mess.

Margaret suffered another ordeal of cocks invading her body giving them another chance to dump their crud into her.

As promised she sucked the layers of slime from their spent cocks before they paid her.

“Fuck your mommy!” Ma Spencer urged he son.

As Margaret serviced two cocks in the middle of a cow field in the next county Ma Spencer was enjoying her son’s cock. Ma preferred being serviced by he son, Pa was getting on and Jake was such a young bull.

She lay in Margaret’s spot in the back of the truck taking Jake’s cock while Pa was fishing in the nearby river. Ma was hoping that Jake would plant a baby in her before she went through the change. Another son or daughter would be a blessing in their old age when Margaret eventually went her own way.

“Cum in me son, give your mommy a baby!” Ma pleaded.

Jake pumped another load of fresh cream into his mother’s baby factory.

Margaret was starting to get dressed.

“Whack!” the blow stung across her face.

She was startled; she had done just as they asked.

“Get your sorry ass out of the van.” Dave snarled.

“What do you mean?” Margaret trembled.

Ernie kartal escort bayan slid open the door and threw her clothes out into the dark field.

“We don’t want no whores in here!” Dave yelled.

“But you haven’t paid me!” Margaret complained.

“And we’re not going to!” Dave said pushing her out into the night.

Margaret stood naked in the darkness as the van drove away.

All Margaret could find in the darkness was her bra and top. Her panties and skirt must still be in the van. She started to cry and begin walking towards the distant farm house lights. She was too upset to even salvage the few articles and chooses to remain naked.

Margaret was shivering in the night air by the time she reached the farmhouse. Nervously she knocked on the old wooden door.

The door creaked open and a young lad stood in the doorway beholding the naked maiden.

“May I come in?” Margaret pleaded.

The young fellow quickly brought to poor girl into the warmth of his home. Quickly he got her a rough woolen blanket to wrap around her trembling body. Sitting her in front of the open fire she revealed her tale of woe to her kind savior.

“Will you lay with me?” Margaret asked after she had told here story.

Lars was a simply man having lived the last fifteen of his thirty years alone with his animals on the farm. He was totally out of his element in the company of women.

“I need you.” Margaret begged.

Margaret took comfort in her new found fiend. This lad who was built like Paul Bunyon reminded her of her brother Jake. She needs the reassurance of a friendly cock in her.

Lars removed his clothes to join Margaret naked under the blanket in front of the fire. She felt her soul returning as Lars’ brawny cock filled her void.

“Hold me.” She moaned as her pussy contracted around his love muscle.

Lars is in utopia for it is the first time he has had carnal knowledge of a woman. Warm soothing juices and velvet soft flesh surround his cock. Lars had never imagined what magic dwelled between the legs of a woman.

Margaret’s vagina was gradually returning to its user-friendly state, allowing Lars’ erection to control it.

The epiphany struck her as if it were heaven sent, she was to have this man’s child. Her womb bloomed open like an exotic orchid exposing her eggs to her lover’s sperm.

“Cum in me!” she pleaded.

A miracle took place in the midst of Dave and Ernie’s hostile seed it was Lars’ sperm that gave her womb the fertilization it hunger for. In the twinkle of an eye the dark hair beauty became pregnant.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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