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Hal Brink was seriously thinking of retiring from sex as a recreational activity but he possessed a nagging doubt about that. What if there was nothing on interest on TV, or the movies were crap or none of the guys wanted to hang out?

Probably he was mostly at fault for this anti-sex downer. What had Bessie claimed when splitting? “Oh yeah, ‘You are uncouth with your scratching fingernails and stubble and always trying to push it into the no-no place’.”

Was she mentally deficient?

Hal sighed. Most of the great looking babes these days were nursing babies or had a guy lined up to take them to the altar. The really, really interesting babes left young and just into their sexual up-curve for the big smoke, most without having allowed him entry. What a fucked-up world it was; at least his part of it.

Walking across the street, hands in pockets and mumbling to himself Hal didn’t see the car coming.

* * *

Belinda Meek was checking her new hair styling in the rear-vision mirror when she looked up just in time to see her car run over a guy.

“Ohmigod. Shit!”

The curvaceous divorced music teacher braked heavily and screamed. She pulled out her phone and called emergency services.

* * *

A groggy “Where am I?” was Hal wake-up bleat when regaining consciousness in hospital A&E.

“In Mercy Hospital,” said a bored nurse. “You’ve taken a bit of a thump. The fool of a woman who ran over you has left you with severe lacerations and massive bruising. Doctor thinks you must be made of rubber, not to have suffered major injuries.”

“What about my cock?”

“Excuse me?”

“Did the bitch take out my penis?”

“Oh no, it’s fine, at the ready for that bitch to suck remorsefully, I’d imagine.”

“Can I go?”

“Certainly providing you can walk.”

“I can walk Dummy.”

Hal eased down on to his feet, screamed “OUCH!” and fell, Dummy catching him.

“You have an overnight stay in here pending the medical rounds in the morning to ascertain your road worthiness.”

“Fuck that Dummy. Push me home on a gurney.”

“Please calm down. You are disturbing other patients.”

“Fuck other idiots and their moping relatives.”

The senior nurse he’d labeled Dummy fiddled and then leant over him with a carnivorous grin. She wiped something cold and smelly over his ass…

“Oh Jesus, it’s going dark. I’m going blind,” Hal mumbled as the injection Dummy had just administered took beautiful effect. He thought he was seeing lovely juicy pieces of pink apple pie floating just beyond his reach.

* * *

“Come on Hal, rise and shine, called the Army sergeant. “Get that ass of yours to the bathroom.”

But it wasn’t the Army, it appeared to be a hospital. The hard-ass sergeant turned into a soft-ass pretty babe dressed as a nurse.

“Show us your tits.”

“Oh Hal do I really have to?”


She sighed and dropped the top of her tunic. They were small and cherry tipped. The ‘tat’ between them read, ‘Suck softly’.

Hal grinned and felt heaps better. He told her to get her top back up before her humorless supervisor spotted her.

She said her name was Carole. Carole helped Hall in the short walk to have his crap. It was painfully and his once flawless lightly olive-shaded body – that’s not counting the unsightly hair, scars, freckles and skin eruptions – was now an ugly mix of blue, black, red and yellow toning.

“Did your wife beat you up?” asked Carole, one of those modern nurses who dispense with reading a patient’s chart before interfacing with him/her/it.

Feeling a bit lighter after being on the toilet, Hal walked back to his bed unassisted.

Carole noted that improvement on his chart, A guy in a suit surrounded by a retinue of hangers-on looked at him at 9:10 and said, “Are you ready to go home Mr Brink?”

Hal had no reason to say anything other than yes.

“Right, you may exit here at noon. Report daily to your regular medical consultant.”

It took two weeks to get in to see that bitch of a doctor but halkalı escort Hal kept that to himself, not wishing to be institutionalized a moment longer than noon that day.

His mom arrived looking flustered.

“I’ve taken time off work.”

“Well don’t waste time here.”

She said, “Why didn’t you tell us you were in hospital?”

“My phone, she’s broke, crushed against my chest as the oil pan under the motor slid over me.”

“Christ Hal, you are twenty-five, far too old to be playing on the street. You ought to have been looking harder for a job.”

“You become a little tired of looking for a job when you’re unemployed.”

“That’s enough of that lip. The hospital called to say you will be discharged at noon and none of us knew you were in hospital, all suspecting you’d be in some poor women’s pants.”

“Well you know how it is mom. Parents around the world are complaining the standard of communication from their kids is abysmal.”

“Abysmal? Who gave you that fancy word?”

“Playing computer games mom. That’s where kids get their advanced education these days.”

“Well you take a cab to your Aunt Alice. She’s prepared to nurse you better during the next two weeks. Now you have to promise me you won’t interfere with cousin Megan and cousin Allie.”

“You have my assurance mom. They are clones of Aunt Alice so they are truly safe. Anyways, I’m giving up on sex.”

“You have to be kidding. Did your head get damaged in that run over?”

Dummy came in and recorded Hal’s pulse and temperature readings and asked had his bowels moved that morning.

“Yeah, I moved from the bed to the bathroom and my bowels accompanied me.”

She laughed. “Want me to check your dick – you were worried about it yesterday?”

“Yeah but suck softly.”

Dummy colored and Hal began wondering about checking her out closely when she flipped his covers back, lifted his length, gave it a couple of long licks and said she pronounced it ready for reengagement.

Hal grinned.

He was sipping mid-morning coffee when a pair of great tits not in nursing uniform arrived at his bedside. Recant was another word Hal had picked up, he thought from The Titan Mutant’s Invasion of Earth. The sight of those tits made him wonder if he ought to recant on turning away from sex.

“Hi my dear boy. I’m Belinda Meek. I put you in hospital.”

“Yeah you and who’s army?”

“I was the driver of the car that hit you.”

“God you bitch.”

Belinda turned a cute color of pink and said she was sorry.

“Show us your tits.”

She looked nonplussed.

“Come on, show us your tits.”

Belinda looked around furtively and then displaying huge embarrassment pulled her dress top down half an inch.

“Not good enough. Flop one out.”

The guy in the next bed howled in pain as he attempted the impossible to sit up and watch, forgetting he had a broken back.

Red-faced and practically panting Belinda pulled out a tit. There was rather a lot of it.

“Okay put it back.”

“Why don’t you want to fondle or lick it?” she said in dismay.

The guy in the next bed rang his bell to ask for morphine.

“I judge any woman by her tits. Yours look very okay.”

“Oh I’m very pleased,” Belinda said, appearing very pleased. I’m here to enquire about your condition and your ongoing welfare.”

“Well Nurse Dummy said all systems go and mom is attempting to dump me on to Aunt Alice who’s a real bitch. You see dad is doing missionary work in England and mom works from 5:00 to 1:00 making sandwiches so doesn’t want to leave me by myself.”

“Oh my poor boy. Come stay with me.”

Hal called Aunt Alice to advise he’d made alternative nursing arrangements and she sounded very relieved and said she would advise his mom that he’d be living it up with Mrs Meek. Belinda arrived at noon, looking very attractive in a new bra holding her up firmer and she took her victim to her lair, er home.

Belinda began giving olgun escort Hal a bed bath, sponging around the abrasions. She began on his chest and then her sponge worked Hal’s penis into a keen-looking erection.

“Show us your tits,” Hal croaked.

Belinda obliged and then found them caught around his erection and she lost it completely. She ended by bouncing on his shaft and estimated 450 times and when she left her patient he was totally drained and asleep.

Belinda’s bust-up with her husband began four and a half years ago and she’d not had a man since that fateful night. So she really got to work on Hal although knowing you can’t make up lost fucks. But she had great joy making a pig of herself, Hal supporting her bouncing ass with his hands to avoid his bruised body being pummeled.

After two weeks the bruising was beginning to recede and Belinda had to go away for three nights to work on a judging panel at music competitions. She called in her daughter Daly to cook dinner and stay those nights with Hal who by then was walking around whistling and downloading computer games on to Belinda’s PC. Hal had sorted out the mess he’d found on the hard drive, cleaned out ‘nasties’ and had Belinda purchase DVD’s and set up a Friday night backup schedule, giving Belinda her first ever back up and first ever disk defrag. She was amazed how racy her computer had become. It went even faster when Hal installed extra memory for his computer games she bought for him.

Daly arrived just after 6:00 on the day Belinda had left for the music competitions. The good-looking blonde who shared an apartment with two other young women in the CBD was astonished how well Hal appeared.

He pulled open his shirt. She saw the wide chest and abs and swallowed and winced at the disappearing bruising.

“It was bad, real bad. The medics rated my survival as touch and go.”

“Oh,” Daly, a publisher’s assistant, sobbed. She took the Martini from Hal, had a big sip and her eyes watered as she said, “Wow.”

He smiled and wondered about asking her to show her tits but thought he’d delay that usually acceptable request. Belinda had warned him that Daly was ‘really quite a cold young bitch.”

“Are you gay?”

Daly lurched over her drink and slurped. “God no, whatever gave you that idea?”

“You’ve shown no interest in me.”

“That changed when I saw your chest.”

He grinned sympathetically. “Show me your er chest.”

Another big sip and Dailey’s initial shock faded and she grinned, “You are awful.”

“Daly I haven’t been with a young woman for three weeks and four days.”

“Mom told me you are giving her plenty.”

“Well it’s only polite to fuck your hostess.”

Daly smiled and said she better be a good hostess by starting his dinner. “Pour me another of those bombs.”

A severe bolt of adult thinking pierced Hal. He cautioned himself to let it be… to wait for Daly to make the move.

They conversed well over dinner, Hal finding out in detail what Dailey did with her life and she found his life appeared to have been built around avoiding work, seducing women and playing computing games. He told her how he’d converted her mom’s computer from being a slug to being one on steroids, so to speak.

After they’d cleared away after dinner she said, “I really think computer games are dumb. Could you show me one that perhaps could shimmer a little interest in me?”

Hal switched on the computer and grinned between clenched teeth at the shock shock the background image gave Daly: two muscular men in a DP with a slender big-tit blonde babe.

“How disgusting,” Daly said, moving away from him a little. “I can’t understand why my mom would allow you to degrade her computer in this manner.”

“It’s your mom’s choice. Here take a look at the selection I offered her. My instruction was to find something really sexy.”

And sexy they were. Hal heard Daly’s breathing rate increase and she moved şişli escort so close their shoulders and hips were touching.

“Like any of them.”

“Ohmigod, do I what? I didn’t know photographers could pose couples to look so beautiful when having sex.”

“Yeah, great huh. We tend to remember the grunting, the sweating and release of fluids.”

“Yeah, I mean no. No I don’t. Oh god what am I saying?”

“I think what you meant to say was yeah.”

Daly breathed in deeply and said, yes. That is correct. She stood and removed her top and bra and asked what did he think.

“Art in motion. Incredible.”

She gasped and sat beside him not dressing and asked for a game demo.

Conservative restraint gripped Hal and he chose, ‘Searching Druidland for Princess Obeil’.

“The little Princess’s mother Queen Shebail and her protector Captain Axel go to Timmerland to search for Obeil who was kidnapped by Baron Bruzzter who’d killed Obeil’s father when snatching the kid. You take this controller and play the Queen and I’ll control the actions of Axel and Bruzzter who is aware they’d arrived on his planet.”

Daly screamed ‘No!’ when Bruzzter had managed to disarmed Axel and as Bruzzter aimed his lightening bolt to kill Queen Shebail Axel jumped in front of her and was killed.

Daly watched in amazement as Shebail grasped her pendant. She turned translucent green and touched Axel on the forehead and he returned to life, armed, and the battle recommence.

“Oh how amazing,” Daly sobbed, and looking slyly at Hal, eyes fixed on the screen action, murmured, “Please hold me.”

What happened after that is what always happens after a woman goes after sex.

Locked in long a tongue-caressing kiss, the thirty-year-old baby-faced Daly parted her knees and guided Hal’s hand onto her inside thigh. From there it was up to Hal and he wormed his way forward until he’d sunk two fingers in deeply and Daly groaned the single word, “Bed.”

She was taken there.

Daly pulled off her panties while Hal was dropping his pants and briefs. Her eyes widened at the strength of his erection that even Hal conceded was only at the top end of average size. But he knew how to use it well and soon had Princess Daly gurgling in pleasure at being rescued from possibly a drought of sexual mistreatment by the organs of various males During the next three hours his organ visited every crevice in her body with a few naps in between to revitalize.

“Oh you’re a darling young man Hal,” she said possessively, holding him as she finally fell asleep.

They were at it again early morning and when Daly finally dragged herself off to her office, saying she’d call.

Daly called at 9:30.

“Can you come in for an interview at 11:00?”

“Come where and for what?”

“My office, to meet our office manager. She’s been thinking of firing our lazy and insolent and incompetent IT manager for sometime. I told her I’ve found her a lazy and insolent but smiling and probably very competent IT guy.”

“But I’ve had no formal training.”

“Well the outgoing guy had a degree and certificates but he proved to be next to useless. We are a smallish office and you’ll pick it up. You will have two assistants – one is computer savvy, the other is the fetch and carry person.”

Hal rubbed his chin. “You make it sound if I have the job.”

“You practically have it. Just impress the office manager and then the director of admin and it will be yours.”

“Does this tie me into you?”

“Not at all. You can come and go as you please, but before you go I’d like a few more sessions like I had overnight.”

“That’s no problem. The problem is holding down a regular job.”

“You’ll have to grow up sometime Hal, so why not now? If you are employed you won’t be wandering around streets to be knocked down by dangerous women drivers like my mom.”

“Yeah but if that hadn’t happened I wouldn’t have got to you. You can really fuck Daly and somehow you manage to talk to me as if we are equals. I kinda like you.”

“Steady on baby, you are beginning to sound rash. Ask for me at reception at 10.50.”

“Um Daly?”

“Yes baby?”

“If I win this position do we move into a rented apartment.”

“Yes darling. And our first priority will be to buy a great bed.”

Hal said and it must have a great shower with places to get leg thrust.

Daly said ooh, weren’t the getting themselves sorted.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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