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Kissing Lesbians

Hannah’s Way

This is a work of fiction with a healthy amount of facts. Hannah is a real person, and is like no other person I have ever met. The people you will be introduce to along her journey are also real and most of these adventures actually happened. I am fortunate enough to be her mentor, guardian, her lover and her Mistress. Please enjoy the read and leave a comment, even if you don’t like it. Everyone who has sex in this story is well over 18. **References that are made of ‘my Collars’ for those who are interested you will find them in my profile**

Part 09 — Hannah, Marley, Kerrie and me.

I was up early, well early for me, grabbed myself a coffee from the kitchen. Turned my nose up at last nights dinner plates still waiting to be washed and thought to myself, geez I’m a lazy old cow, I really do need a live in maid of some description. To look after my every need. One day I said to myself, one day.

I waddled on down to my office to confront the emails from all over the place. Normal crap and a host of subscription alerts, last chance to join this group or that group. I laughed as I deleted them one by one. Several emails from ‘people’ unknown to me who tell me they are very submissive, but can’t follow a simple instruction. I put them into a ‘read later’ file.

The one I did want to read had a subject heading ‘Marley’s booking’. Kerrie and I had a very informal greeting habit, and she went straight to the point. They were visiting Hannah the weekend after next, Marley was booked into a motel close by, while Kerrie was staying with the family.

I went into my online calendar and made certain I was free that whole weekend. I hit the reply button and told her I was pleased and to keep me informed.

Kerrie was hesitant at first to expand our communication beyond the chat and video links, modern technology can be scary for us older folk.

The time in New York couldn’t come soon enough. Hannah and I spoke about it nearly every night. I pointed out to her that her boundaries will surely be pushed, but that I wouldn’t let any harm come to her. I also informed her that her pink star would be getting a work out, unlike she has experienced before. She was both excited and nervous. I instructed her to purchase a larger 8″ plug, gave her the link to the one I had in mind, and gave her 24 hours to do so. As always she complied as she showed me her purchase and blushed as I told her to insert it. She squirmed a little but duly entered it into her rectum.

I could see it made her uncomfortable at first and was about to give her permission to extract it when she told me. “Mistress, it feels so big, but oh so good.”

I smiled at her and blew her a kiss. She thanked me and started to rock back on forth on her chair.

“Don’t you dare cum Hannah?” I warned her. “Or there would be extra discipline for you.”

“No Mistress, but it does feel so tight in me, oh Mistress, please may I play with myself?” she was begging me.

I could see it in her face she was getting close. “Hannah, slow down baby, you are getting too worked up.” I could see that she was in no fit state to type or even talk to me, her rocking back and forth increased and before I could instruct her to stop, she reached her crescendo and shook violently as she expelled two days’ worth of neglect.

She threw her head back and put a finger across her mouth like a bridle, to prevent an almighty scream that would be heard throughout the house and brought a lot of unwelcome attention to her play room.

Soon she slumped forward. She looked so beautiful, sweat glistening on her brow and neck. Oh how I would love to have been there. I smiled at her but her eyes were closed, she was breathing heavily, totally content.

Normally at this time, if I was with her, I would pull her across my knees and start to spank her, reminding her of several things.

1. Your Mistress always comes first and always cums first.

2. Never disobey your Mistress.

3. Listen to instructions.

All the while in between slapping her cute pink backside, I would allow my fingers to enjoy her wet scented core, teasing her. Getting her excited once more, while asking her “Who cums first?”

Teaching her to hold on to her climax, to enjoy the sensations as they build.

As Hannah began to come back to her senses, she saw me glaring at her from the other side of the world. I didn’t have to say a word.

“Oh sorry my Mistress.” She cried at me.

I was wearing my sternest of looks, I let it sink in for a second or two before sitting bolt upright, starring at her as I cleared my throat.

“There will be punishment Hannah. I do not like being defied. You must learn that under no circumstances will you ever disobey me.”

She hung her head and mumbled “No Mistress, I’m sorry Mistress, I won’t let it happen again Mistress.”

“Don’t give me lame, weak excuses, they mean nothing to me. Actions Hannah, your actions will show me you have learnt.”

I said these harsh words kaçak iddaa to her in the fiercest of tones that I could muster. But deep inside of me I felt so aroused. I was more than moist, and the aroma in my office was both excessive and very noticeable for anyone who came in. There was no one of course, but if there were they would have known what had been happening.

I made a written note, easier than trying to remember these days, to ensure that I let Kerrie know that there was a sever discipline session required.

So I instructed Kerrie to get a specific outfit to wear. A PVC ‘wetlook’ full body suit, tight fitting, very revealing even though it covered all of her except her head, hands and feet. I told her to get a 3 foot riding crop, and a proper came, not a plastic make believe one, and the biggest dildo come butt plug she could find. Also a mask, a black lace mask. It was important that she look the part to be both threatening and sexy all at once.

Kerrie didn’t hesitate or even ask why, she just did as she was told. I was becoming rather attached to this older woman.

Two days later she sent me a photo of her in her new outfit. She said it made her feel powerful, strong. She also showed me a second outfit she bought, a red and black lace corset, thigh high black PVC boots, complete with riding spurs, and what I can only describe as a ‘Zorro’ mask. This outfit screamed sex to me, nothing to do with discipline, and she looked gorgeous in it. A very sexy outfit, it certainly did send the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

“Kerrie you do look totally delicious in both outfits.” I told her we spoke later in the day.

“I felt so powerful in both of them.” She replied.

“You are becoming a right old dyke you know, before long you’ll be out at all the gay bars eyeing off all those cute little girls looking to be told what to do.” “She blushed as she told me “But Bobbi, I’m not gay.” I smiled at her “Maybe you aren’t but you sure do enjoy fucking other women.” I reminded her.

“Kerrie I don’t want to force you into doing anything you don’t want to do. But you should seriously think about meeting some other women like yourself, you might be surprised just how it makes you feel.”

She looked at me, then looked away before saying, “I do think about it more these days.”

“I wonder why.” I said while smiling at her. “Not too many other mothers out there do what you and Hannah are doing and loving every minute of it, don’t deny it sweetie.”

She blushed and then nodded. “Do you think you could make love to me Kerrie?” I asked her.

“You’re different Bobbi, of course I could, in a blink of an eye. But picking up a stranger in a bar then taking her home for a casual fling, not sure that is me.” She explained.

“Then don’t do it that way.” I told her, “All I’m saying is go out, see these other women, get to meet them and see what happens.”

She shrugged, “maybe someday I will” she said.

“Let’s leave it at that and work out what is going to happen to Hannah next week, shall we?”

“OK Kerrie, this is what you will have to do for me.” I carefully explained in detail how it was to play out. Where Marley would fit in and what her role would be.

“Discipline is a fine art, I am worried that if we let Marley have her way, as she doesn’t yet know where that fine line between pleasure and pain is yet. She might overdo it in her exuberance.” I told her.

“So you will have to practice on Marley first. Mind you the two girls will have a different tolerance to pain no doubt, so what Marley will think is too harsh, Hannah might take with joy.” I explained. “

The cane will inflict the most pain and leave the most marks. Best to inflict it on their rumps and upper thighs, the meaty parts. The pain will stay with them for more than a few hours, maybe even overnight if you do it right. The whole idea with discipline,” I told Kerrie, “is to reinforce the errors that have been made.” I then preceded to explain what had transpired between Hannah and I.

“So you need to keep reminding her, 1. Who cums first, 2. never disobey your Mistress and 3. Listen to instructions.”

“So after every stroke of the cane, you get her to repeat those 3 things to you. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Mistress eeerrr I mean Bobbi,” I smiled at her.

“Now you should be dressed in your full body suit and have both the cane and the riding crop with you. I think it would be better if you do this at the motel and not at home, don’t you?”

“Well my Son in Law won’t be at home, he is setting up a new office in Miami for the next three weeks.” She explained.

“In that case down in the basement would be ideal, any screams and sobbing won’t be heard by all and sundry, hey.” I told her.

We laughed together.

“Here is the hard part sweetie, the night before you should practice on Marley. Remember you don’t need an excuse, you are her Mistress, and she is there to do as you tell her.” I let that statement sit with her for kaçak bahis a short while.

“Do you think you can do that?” I asked.

“I am certain of it Bobbi, in fact just thinking about it is making me, well excited actually!”

“Oh” I stated “Want to show me, just how excited you are?”

Kerrie stood up and slowly took her clothes off for me, accentuating every movement, she slowly undid ever button on her blouse, and unclipped her bra, holding it against herself as she looked at me. Then let it fall revealing her chest as she tweaked each nipple. I by this time had unbuttoned my jeans and slipped my hand into my knickers.

She then unzipped her slacks at the side and with one hand flipped the button open. She then let her hands slowly remove her navy slacks and pink panties all in one swift motion.

Before long her hands went to her mound, rubbing, circling, pushing and teasing herself. All this time her eyes never left me as she wickedly smiled at me. She pulled aside her labia and started to stroke her lips, her inner lips, a finger running up the length of her slit, and when she reached the top, she caught hold of her button, now exposed as she pinched it, she grabbed it and pulled her hood over it time and again.

“My god Kerrie, and you say you aren’t gay, you certainly play like you are.” I told her. I inserted two fingers into myself and showed her. She moaned with delight as she started to quickly gain some momentum, so much so that I reminded her, “Your Mistress always cums first.” As I raced on she too was increasing her pleasure as we both saw each other reaching our peak. I screamed first but only by a few seconds.

Kerrie was squeezing one of her boobs, as I sat back into my office chair, panting smiling at her and she at me.

“Am I one of your subs too Bobbi?” She asked, I just shrugged my shoulders, “It seems so Kerrie. You seem to enjoy being both it appears.” I smiled at her. Looking into my eyes she lent up to the camera set in her monitor and kissed it.

“I guess when I get over there I had better have a lot of reserves of energy stored up. I think you girls will keep me occupied day and night.” I stated to her.

“So you are coming over are you, any time soon?” She inquired.

“Not sure, maybe in your spring time and summer, I think your winters are too savage for me.” I explained.

“They can be a bit on the extreme side at times, best you stay inside with a love one, and they can help you keep warm.” She smiled as she told it to me. I smiled back in return, knowing full well that being snow bound with Kerrie wouldn’t be the worse experience one could have.

“When will you be seeing Marley again?” I asked.

“Tomorrow night, my time.” She replied “I might dress up for her and start my practicing, what do you think Mistress?” she said that last part with a wicked grin on her face.

“Not trying to tease this old girl are you Kerrie?” Knowing full well she was.

“Who little old me?” Came her retort. I smiled back at her.

“I definitely need to get over there to teach you a lesson my girl. Now I am off to bed myself. I would invite you but I need my sleep and by the time you get here, I’ll be well sated by my own fingers I suspect.”

“Good night Bobbi, thank you for everything and I hope you do get over here to teach me lots of things.”

I took myself to bed to dream of what will be.

The weekend of their visit came around soon enough and I found myself just as excited as everyone else was. Which was a little unusual for me. Hannah and I had spoken often and on various occasions she pressed me for more information on what was to be. I told her to be patient, and not to push her Mistress.

On the Friday night of their arrival, Kerrie settled Marley into her motel room. Making certain she understood all of the arrangements, what she could and couldn’t do. Marley understood.

Kerrie arrived at Hannah’s later that night, well after her grandchildren had been put to bed and promptly settled in. After unpacking a suitcase, she instructed Hannah to go to the basement, get me on a video stream and strip naked. Hannah giggled and trotted off, expecting an evening of fun and lust.

As arranged I was waiting, it was around lunchtime in Australia and 8pm in New York. I was ready when an excited face came onto the screen. A big smiling, excited Hannah, was gushing trying to tell me what she had been told to do.

Behind her I could see the stairs leading down from the main house, and slowly, step by step I watched as Mistress Kerrie appeared in her skin tight, PVC wet look suit, in one hand a real cane, slim, long, and flexible. In her other hand she was carrying a riding crop, leather with a flat 3″ flap, which she was hitting across her leg as she descended. On her face she had a black lace face mask covering her eyes and she had put on a bright red lip gloss, she looked stunning.

Before I could instruct Hannah not to turn around, she had, and was struck by the beauty of her mother. illegal bahis She took it all in. Then turned back to me and mouthed the words……… O M F G She had a smile and wicked look in her eyes. Little did she realise what was in store for her.

I then took over.

“Hannah” I said, to draw her attention back onto me and away from the all in black goddess behind her. “Remember some weeks ago, two I think. You were disrespectful to your Mistress. You knew there would be some discipline to come. Well the time is here. It is a pity I can’t deliver it myself. So Mistress Kerrie will be acting in my stead.”

“Yes Mistress, I did say sorry Mistress and it wasn’t on purpose Mistress.”

“All well and good to say now, when confronted with a night of discipline.” I told her. “But you must learn, you need to live up to my expectations, not down to what you think is acceptable.”

“Mistress Kerrie, she is all yours. I will sit back and enjoy what is happening in front of me. Remember Mistress Kerrie, if you spare the rod, you spoil the child. Now begin.”

There is a two seater couch up against the wall right in line with the feed, so with the tip of the cane Hannah was directed over to it, to bend right over the big thick arm of the couch, her back side was up in the air.

Without warning, a whish came down and a red mark was left against the right cheek of her buttock, No whimper, no sound. I saw Kerrie look over her shoulder and smile at me. She then went up to Hannah and whispered in her ear, as I saw her hand caress the welt on her cheek and it was then I saw Hannah’s first movement. I think a finger may have penetrated her rosebud.

Kerrie stood back and another whishing sound came down across her right thigh, it was harder this time as I saw her jump a little. This time I heard Kerrie instruct her daughter to open her legs. She stood behind her and let her hand seek out Hannah’s core from behind. She moved back and forth for a few seconds. Kerrie then asked as very simple question.

“Who comes first Hannah?” And before she could answer, the cane came whipping down even harder on her left rump. This time it brought a muffled murmur from Hannah.

“My Mistress comes first, my Mistress. I’m so sorry my Mistress.” She was almost crying. “Crocodile tears Hannah.” I told her.

Kerrie looked over at me and I nodded to continue. I am not normally a cold hearted bitch, but this was a lesson that must be learnt. Showing any sort of disrespect, intentionally or not, is not forgiven. All subs must know their place.

Karrie once again brought the cane down firmly, but alternating it around her four parts. The tears she shed were no longer crocodile tears but those of pain and hurt.

“Mistress Kerrie” I called out, She looked over her shoulder at me with a smile on her lips. “I think you need to administer some pleasure in between those strokes.” I informed her.

“Oh yes, I got carried away there for a while.” As she moved over between her legs forcing them open even wider now. I saw her lean over and start to rub between Hannah’s legs.

“STOP.” I stated “You have to make it special, Mistress Kerrie, so she remembers it and you have only touched on one indiscretion so far.” I told her.

“Yes, of course Mistress Bobbi, I hadn’t forgotten I was just enjoying the work out.” She said with a grin

“Turn over Hannah, rest your backside on the arm of the couch, let your head rest on the seat and your legs dangling over the arm of the couch, so you mound is facing upwards, out and proud.” I told them collectively.

“Now Mistress Kerrie, this is about inflicting the right amount of pleasure with your riding crop, the flat section to gently tap away on her hooded button, tease it out of its hiding place. So gently does it, to start with.”

I then spoke to Hannah, her tears were real, her face wet and glistening in the hash light of a 60 watt incandescent light globe. “Hannah my love, tell me what I told you.” I demanded.

She turned her head towards me, trying to smile through her obvious pain. “My Mistress always cums first, that I should listen to instructions and be obedient.” She told us.

“You see, you don’t listen to me do you?” I reminded her “That wasn’t what I said at all.” At that point I nodded to Kerrie, who started to tap gently on her mound, making certain she made contact with her clit. Hannah arched her back and tried to raise her backside off of the arm of the couch. Kerrie kept tapping away, faster and firmer. Hannah moaned and squirmed.

“Stop now Mistress Kerrie, and let’s see how moist my sweet sub is. Just run a finger along her lips for me. Slowly.”

Kerrie smiled and moved between Hannah’s legs, she then used her index finger to slowly tease her labia, stopping and starting inch by inch. Hannah’s chest was heaving, as her mound tried to get her mother’s finger to impale her, but Kerrie stopped every time Hannah’s hips thrust upwards. I could see the effect on Hannah’s face, one of sheer desperate desire to be fucked hard and fast.

Kerrie showed me her finger, it was so so wet and shimmering in the bright light. She was very worked up as I smiled, I blew her a kiss and told her to continue.

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