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This is the sixth installment of an ongoing series. Please refer to Wrestling on the Third Date, Hiking With Nicole, Waiting for Alice, I’ll Take the Uglier One, and Naked Oil Wrestling (in that order) for what came before.

Within three months we were all living together in Nicole’s new house. My lease was almost up, anyway, so I moved in with my few belongings a week after Nicole did. Alice was able to sublet her apartment easily enough and joined us a couple of weeks later. I was a little worried that actually living together was going to ruin what we had. I mean, before, when the three of us would get together we barely had enough time for the sex before we all had to go back to our lives. Living together was going to bring a new dynamic to our relationships, waking up together every morning, having our meals together, encroaching on our personal space, sharing bills and chores, and all of the other things that led to the ruination of my marriage. To my great relief everything went surprisingly well.

When my daughter was there we were like a normal family. Meals at the dining room table, toys strewn across the floor all over the house, Disney DVDs on the television. The rest of the time… well…

We sat down, the three of us, the day that Alice moved in, and had a meeting. Officially we were going to go over the chores, the bills, etc., but we had all that figured out within fifteen minutes. We agreed to vote on every major decision, and anything could pass with a two vote majority. What we were really interested in talking about was the sexual ground rules. For most of the time Nicole and I were going to share the master bedroom, and Alice was going to have the second bedroom, but I think we all knew it wasn’t necessarily going to be that way all the time.

“If Fred’s not in the mood one night you and Alice can switch places. If I’m not in the mood one night,” Nicole said, and Alice and I smirked at each other. Nicole was insatiable. Neither of us could picture that actually happening. “You two can be together. But if all three of us want to be together,” Nicole continued, “We know that my bed is big enough.”

“To spice things up a little,” Nicole added, “When it’s just the three of us, I think it would be fun to require that all chores be done… naked.”

Alice and I looked at each other again. Nicole was the exhibitionist. I was a voyeur. Alice tended towards being a dominatrix. I don’t think either of us minded mandatory naked time when it was just us around, but I suddenly pictured all of our neighbors with binoculars trying to get a glimpse of a naked Nicole vacuuming. “Okay,” I said, looking at Alice to verify that she wasn’t going to protest, “But I can be dressed when I mow the lawn, right?” Nicole nodded. “Then please try to keep the blinds closed when you’re doing your chores, okay?”

“Oh no, you’re not going to get possessive on me now, are you?” Nicole asked playfully.

“No,” I said… “No. It’s just… I don’t know…”

“Fred!” Nicole shouted to shut me up. “I’m quite happy with the both of you. I’m not going to be standing in the window with my tits hanging out trying to seduce the mailman, and I don’t need to show myself to other people to get off. This will be just for us. I think it will be fun.”

“Okay,” I said, thinking to myself that I would never not have an erection again. Then again, ever since my first sexual encounter with Nicole almost a year ago, I had had almost a continuous hard-on. Nicole was still talking about when we should be naked. We should be naked when we cook. We should be naked when we watch television. We should be naked when we read. I finally had to stop her. “I appreciate the fact that you want us all to be naked, all the time,” I said, “But it’s a little too much. How about we just be naked when we want to be?”

“I’m sorry,” Nicole said, “I just want us living together to be fun and erotic.”

“It will be, I promise,” I said. Nobody else had anything to add, but all of the talk of being naked made us horny, so we skipped helping Alice unpack and went straight to the master bedroom.

I didn’t think that the “naked chores” thing was going to do much for me, until the first time I actually saw Nicole doing chores, naked. I wandered into the master bathroom and there she was, scrubbing the tub, naked. Her ass was in the air, wiggling back and forth with the effort. Before I even knew what I was doing I had my pants around my ankles and my cock in my hand. I watched her work for a minute or so, stroking myself, until Nicole happened to take a peek and see me standing there. I could see her smile, and slide a hand down below herself to rub her pussy.

It was all the invitation that I needed. I closed the distance and grabbed her hips, burying my cock into her pussy in one stroke. Nicole gasped and I grunted, and I started fucking her for all I was worth. I was rarely aggressive, but it did feel good to just step up and take charge once in a while.

This had all the makings kartal escort bayan of a “quickie,” so within a couple of minutes I was shooting my load into Nicole. Nicole cried out as her orgasm was triggered by me coming inside her. She turned to me when it was over. “I love you,” she said.

“I love you too,” I replied, and then Nicole turned back and continued to clean the tub, our combined juices slowly dribbling down her thigh.

We moved in during the winter, and it turned out that in the spring we all had milestone birthdays to celebrate. First Nicole’s 35th, then Alice’s 30th, then my 40th all came within two months of each other. It seemed like every weekend there was another huge birthday party with somebody’s family and friends. All of the parties were at our house. Our friends and families all got a turn at seeing how we lived. Our friends, especially those that knew or guessed what was really going on were eager for details about who did what, where, and to whom. When I was being grilled I would only smile and change the subject.

The first time I mowed the yard in the spring both Nicole and Alice decided to have a little fun with me. Our little yard was fenced in and surrounded by trees, so it did afford us some privacy. Knowing Nicole that was a major reason why she chose this house in the first place. My mind wandered as I pushed the mower around the yard, thinking about what outdoor adventures we might have in the privacy of our own backyard, as long as we didn’t draw any attention to ourselves.

Movement in one of the windows of the house caught my attention, and I turned to see Nicole and Alice were both standing in front of our large bedroom windows. When they saw that they had finally gotten my attention, they both pulled their shirts up and flashed me their tits, pressing them up against the glass for good measure. I stared at the show they were putting on, and then furtively glanced around, wondering if there was a chance anybody else could see them. No, there was no way anybody could see into our bedroom windows from anywhere but our yard. I looked back down to try to regain my bearings. Where had I already been and where was I going? I looked back at the windows and only saw Alice standing by her window. She was blowing kisses and swaying her hips seductively. Suddenly Nicole appeared behind Alice and lifted her shirt from behind her, baring her breasts to me again. Nicole began kissing Alice’s neck and fondling her breasts from behind. At that point I gave up all hope of being able to mow the yard in a quick and orderly fashion, and just hoped that as I wandered around the yard aimlessly while staring up at the show that was being put on for me, that I did somehow manage to cut all of the grass.

Alice’s shirt was completely off now, and Nicole’s hands were in her pants. Alice leaned forward and pressed her breasts against the window again, simultaneously pressing her butt backwards and into Nicole’s crotch. Alice motioned to me with her hand, the universal sign for “whip it out.”

I looked around again. Our yard was fenced in, surrounded by a white picket fence six feet high. Trees ringed the sides of the house, obscuring our view of the houses on either side of us, and hopefully their view of us. Behind us was all woods. I was wearing sweatpants, and I would have to pull them down, at least a little, to get to my prick. Back in the window I could see Nicole’s face beside Alice’s. She was a little more insistent. She banged on the glass and I could see her mouth the words “whip it out!”

With a sigh I turned the lawn mower so that I was directly facing the window and pulled my sweatpants and underwear down my hips. I only pulled them down as far as I had to in order to get access to my dick comfortably. It was enough for Nicole and Alice, though. They were shouting encouragement to me that was loud enough to hear, even through the window and over the roar of the idling lawn mower.

I took hold of myself and began stroking. In the window Nicole was pulling Alice’s pants down, leaving her completely naked. Nicole turned Alice around and pressed her against the window, bent over and spread eagled, so that her naked ass and pussy were visible up against the window. Nicole stood beside her and began to finger her aggressively, causing Alice to grind her ass against the window. I stood watching them twenty feet from the window and continued stroking myself, feeling like a dirty old voyeur.

Alice was now undressing Nicole, pulling her top over her head and her pants down her legs. She pressed Nicole forward against the glass, her breasts against the window, and reached around from behind her and began to stroke her pussy. I furtively glanced around again, still wondering if somewhere, somehow someone was watching us. Pushing the thought away again, I increased my stroking and felt my orgasm start to build.

Nicole was cumming now, right up against the window. Her cheek was pressed up against the glass as well as her escort maltepe breasts, her breath fogging up the window by her face. The sight was enough to push me over the edge, and I turned to the side away from the lawn mower and shot my load onto the grass, grunting as I came. When it was over I turned back to the window to see Nicole and Alice cheering, jumping up and down, their breasts bouncing. They each blew me a kiss and disappeared, and I was left to pull up my pants and try to finish mowing the yard.

As far as our careers went, Nicole and I had regular nine to five office jobs and fairly normal schedules. On the other hand, Alice was in pharmaceutical sales and had a crazy schedule. She was frequently traveling, and as time went on I began to realize I missed her when she was gone. She was no longer my girlfriend’s lover, she was mine, too. Still, when Alice was away, Nicole and I were a perfectly happy couple.

I came home from work one evening while Alice was away, and Nicole was already home. We usually got home at more or less the same time, but it was obvious Nicole had gotten home from work early and not told me about it.

“You’re home!” Nicole squealed, and came charging out from the kitchen to greet me at the door. I was shocked to see her dressed like a 50’s housewife, like Donna Reed or something. She had wrapped a scarf around her head, holding up her long brown hair. She wore a conservative white blouse and a huge poodle skirt. Her waist looked smaller than usual and her bust looked bigger than usual. I guessed that she was wearing some kind of corset under her clothes. Also, she rarely wore makeup, especially around the house, but she had caked on foundation, and rouge, and eye shadow, and mascara. I immediately realized she was role playing, and even though she looked gorgeous, I couldn’t help but laugh at how she had dolled herself up.

Nicole wasn’t going to let my laughter get in the way of whatever she had planned. She kissed me on the lips, chastely, barely even touching me, but shutting me up effectively. “How was your day?” Nicole asked. “Let me take your hat and coat.”

When she said that I started to worry for her sanity a little bit, because I wasn’t wearing either. Still, she pantomimed taking off an invisible hat from my head and coat from around my shoulders, and placing them on an imaginary coat rack by the door. “Here, let me loosen your tie, dear,” she continued, pretending to undo a tie that I wasn’t wearing. My office was business casual, and she knew it. “Take your shoes off,” she said, and to my surprise knelt down in front of me and helped me pull off my dress shoes. As I lifted up my leg so that she could pull off my shoe, Nicole subtly ran her hand along the inside of my thigh. I jumped at little at the touch, not sure what to expect from the situation I suddenly found myself in. Nicole looked up at me and grinned her mischievous, sexy grin. I could sense her telling me, just go along with this, you’re going to enjoy it.

Nicole took my shoes and placed them by the door. “I’ve got your slippers and paper all ready for you, by your favorite chair,” Nicole said. “Sit down; dinner will be ready in five minutes. I made meat loaf.” She gave me another quick peck on the cheek, and then hurried out of the living room. I watched her go, incredulous, and then wandered over to my recliner where my slippers were laid out exactly where my feet would be. A newspaper sat on the coffee table. Nicole really went all out. We didn’t have a newspaper delivered, nor did I read one. Usually when I got home from work I changed immediately and went on the computer or browsed the internet on my phone. I didn’t want to disappoint Nicole, though, so I stayed in my work clothes, sat in my recliner, slid my feet into my slippers, and started idly flipping through the newspaper.

Dinner was indeed ready in five minutes. “Dinner’s ready,” Nicole called out from the kitchen, and a few seconds later she carried out the steaming dish and set it down on the dining room table. I found that the dining room table was already set, and sat myself down in one of the chairs. Nicole helped me slide my chair in, and stuffed a napkin into my neckline to cover my shirt. She gave me a long, lingering kiss, and then cut a chunk of meat loaf and put it on my plate. I was afraid she was going to cut my food for me, too, but she let me handle that myself, at least. I wasn’t used to being doted on, but I tried to enjoy it.

Nicole barely ate, probably continuing to play along with the housewife persona, and with it the impression that they did all of the cooking and cleaning and hardly ate to keep their girlish figures. Instead she chattered on nearly all through dinner. She talked about a soap opera that she watched, conversations she had with her friends, all trivial, superficial things. Nicole was an intelligent, worldly person, and I didn’t particularly like this superficial airhead she was pretending to be.

When dinner was over, she shooed me out pendik escort of the dining room instead of letting me help clean up. “Go smoke your pipe and watch your favorite show,” she said.

“Good lord, you didn’t get me a pipe to smoke too, did you?” I asked.

“Just go relax, darling,” Nicole said serenely as she cleared the dining room table.

I wandered back into the living room and turned on the television. I looked around for a pipe, but was somewhat relieved that I didn’t find one. I didn’t smoke and wasn’t about to start just to help make Nicole’s fantasy a little more realistic. There was a big, important hockey game on that evening, so I settled in to watch it, in my usual position, sitting forward on the recliner chair, so I could be as close to the action as possible. All the while I could hear Nicole cleaning up in the kitchen. She was breaking her own rules by not taking her clothes off, I mused, but she was obviously not done with her role playing yet.

Eventually she emerged from the kitchen. “Are you comfortable?” She asked. “Can I get you anything?”

“I’m fine, thanks,” I said.

Nicole pulled the handkerchief off of her head and let her long brown hair fall across her shoulders. She sat down on the couch beside me and reached down to pull off her heels. I took note of the black stockings she was wearing underneath her poodle skirt. “Are you sure there isn’t anything I can do for you, darling?” She asked.

I could start to see where we were going with this. She was trying to be the perfect little submissive housewife and let me do whatever I wanted to her. Strangely enough, in our three person dynamic, I was probably the most submissive of all of us. I wasn’t submissive in the BDSM sense; it was just that I was happy to be told what to do sexually. And although I call Alice a dominatrix, there really wasn’t very much BDSM activity going on. Alice just thrived when she was in charge. She got off on it. When it was just me and Nicole, I usually let Nicole decide what we did and how we did it, because she was the more creative and aggressive of the two of us. However, here was Nicole taking on this submissive role and looking to me to tell her what I wanted of her. Well, what did I want? I asked myself. I had had a long day at work. I kind of just wanted to sit and watch the hockey game. “I’m fine, thanks,” I said again, afraid that I was disappointing her but not really confident enough that I could play the role she was hoping I would play.

“Oh, darling,” she said theatrically, and I turned to look at her, afraid that I had upset her. “You’ve had a rough day,” she continued, jumping off of the couch and around behind my recliner. “You need a massage.” She grabbed hold of my shoulders and began to rub and knead them. It was, honestly, probably exactly what I needed from her right then, and I took a deep breath and leaned back in the recliner. She continued to rub my neck and shoulders with her strong and talented fingers for five or ten minutes, until I felt like all of the tension had left my body. “Is that better?” Nicole asked, and slowly slid her hands down over my chest and down to my stomach. If I wasn’t going to be aggressive, she was going to seduce me. I could feel myself growing hard as her hands approached my waist, but they stopped.

“Yes, thank you,” I said, “Much better.” And I meant it.

“Oh, but you’re still tense!” Nicole cried, and rushed around to the front of the recliner. She paused to push her long brown hair back behind her shoulders. “Let me make it all better,” she said. Without another word she knelt down between my legs and began to undo my belt. I looked down at her, and she grinned at me, the wonderfully dirty smile that she had. Nicole undid my pants, and slid her hand into my underwear, pulling my swelling cock out. “I know I’m a good Christian housewife, but I read in Cosmo that this is the best way to please your husband,” Nicole said, and this time I did manage not to laugh out loud, but just barely. Nicole was about the furthest thing from a ‘good Christian housewife’ that I could imagine. She was, of course, bi-sexual, and otherwise sexually adventurous. She was career-minded, swore like a sailor, and had two small tattoos, and only had that few because I kept talking her out of getting more. I liked her smooth, unblemished skin, and I didn’t want there to be less of it. “I only hope the girls in the knitting club don’t find out about it,” Nicole continued, taking my cock in her hand and stroking it, “Although I bet that slut Betty Wilson does it for her husband all the time.”

That line made me laugh out loud. I decided to play along with her. “Now sweetie,” I said, “Don’t go gossiping about your neighbors. That’s not very Christian.”

“I know,” Nicole said, “But sometimes… sometimes I just want to be so… bad. Would you like me to be bad?” She asked seductively.

In order to play the role Nicole wanted me to play, I had to think not as myself, the middle-aged divorced pervert, but as the wholesome young 50’s husband to her ‘good Christian housewife.’ I struggled to think about how somebody who grew up sexually repressed in that era might respond. “Suh… suh… sweetie,” I stammered, as she lowered her head toward my cock, “What are you doing?”

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