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When John walked into the kitchen Kelly was just putting dinner on the table.

“Perfect timing sweetheart. How was your day?” Kelly asked.

“Great. You need to go change.” John said.

“Change? Are we going somewhere? I just put dinner on the table.” Kelly said.

“No we aren’t going anywhere, but we are going to have company after dinner so you need to change.” John said.

Kelly looked at her clothes…they seemed okay to her.

“Who is coming over and what pray tell do I need to be wearing when they get here?” Kelly asked.

“You need to put on a garter belt, black stockings, and your best black heels. You should also slip into those really short shorts that you had on last Sunday.” John said.

Kelly looked at John.

“The garters would be coming out the bottom of those shorts.” Kelly said.

“I know…that’s why you need to wear them.” John said.

“Who the hell is coming over that I need to be dressed like that for?” Kelly asked.

“Nic.” John said.

“Nic? Your cousin?” Kelly asked.

“Yeah. Hurry up and change so we can eat before he gets here.” John said.

Kelly was about to say something, but she stopped. She headed to the bedroom to change as John had requested. She felt ridiculous walking back into the kitchen in high heels wearing black stockings that stopped before reaching her very short shorts leaving a few inches of her legs exposed as well as the garter straps from her garter belt.

“Happy?” Kelly asked.

John smiled. They sat down and started eating.

“John…what exactly do I need to be dressed like this for?” Kelly asked.

“It’s Nic’s birthday…I asked him what he wanted…he looked at me for a minute then he gave me perhaps the most honest answer anyone has ever given me.” John said.

Kelly was worried.

“What exactly did Nic say he wanted for his birthday that has me dressed like this?” Kelly asked.

John saw the concerned look on Kelly’s face.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, Nic didn’t say he wanted to have sex with you…well not normal sex anyway.” John said.

Kelly’s eyes bugged out.

“What exactly did he want then?” Kelly asked.

“He said that he gets off on women’s feet. He said what he wanted most for his birthday was to go through this whole ritual of things to a woman’s feet which would end up with him jerking off onto them.” John said.

“OH MY GOD! You volunteered me to let your cousin cum on my feet?” Kelly asked.

John smiled.

“Yes, but by the time it gets to that point I don’t think you’ll mind…you might even want it.” casino şirketleri John said.

“Like hell I will. Jesus John…what’s wrong with you? Call him up and tell him not to come over.” Kelly said.

“Sweetheart, he’s probably already on his way. It’s not a big deal.” John said.

“Not a big deal? Your cousin is on his way over here to cum on my feet…that’s a big deal John.” Kelly said.

“Okay Kelly…I’ll make you a deal. If you let everything else Nic wants to do happen and still don’t want him to cum on your feet I won’t let him. Okay?” John asked.

Kelly looked at John…she could see him smiling. How could he be enjoying something like that?

“Well…if you promise not to let him cum on my feet if I say not to…” Kelly said.

“I promise.” John said.

“Okay…whatever.” Kelly said.

They finished eating and had just finished clearing the table when the doorbell rang.

“Go on in to the living room…I’ll get the door.” John said.

Kelly walked into the living room while John walked to the front door. John opened the door to find Nic standing there with two bags.

“Hi John…am I early?” Nic asked.

“No, we just finished dinner, come on in. Kelly’s in the living room.” John said.

Nic walked into the living room and set the two bags down by the end of the couch. Kelly was sitting on the couch with her left leg crossed over the right one in a provocative fashion.

“Hello Nic, happy birthday.” Kelly said.

“Thank you Kelly.” Nic said.

John walked over and sat down next to Kelly on the couch.

“Okay Nic…it’s time.” John said.

“Are you sure? I mean is it okay with you Kelly?” Nic asked.

“Of course it’s alright with her…isn’t it baby?” John asked.

Kelly looked at John and saw him smiling. She nodded.

“Sure…it’s fine by me Nic.” Kelly said.

Nic moved to his knees at Kelly’s feet as she uncrossed her legs. He delicately picked her right foot up off the ground. Kelly did not resist as Nic lifted her foot up to the level of his mouth. Nic gently caressed Kelly’s calf and ankle as he kissed the shoe that was on her foot.

Kelly wasn’t sure exactly what Nic planned to do so it was surprising and surreal as she watched him kiss all over the shoe including taking the entire heel into his mouth.

Nic gently slipped the shoe off of Kelly’s foot and began kissing her stocking covered foot. Kelly was amazed as Nic’s lips gently explored her foot. After kissing all over her foot Nic gently put down Kelly’s right foot and picked up her left foot. He kissed casino firmaları all over her left shoe and took it off as well.

After kissing Kelly’s left foot he kissed up her ankle then up her calf, past her knee, and to the top of the stocking. Kelly was getting more and more nervous the higher Nic got, but she finally realized why John wanted her to wear the short shorts. Nic released the garters and started slowly peeling the stocking down kissing his way down the exposed flesh of her leg as he went. He removed her other stocking next leaving Kelly’s feet and legs completely bare.

Nic took his time in kissing every last bit of both of Kelly’s feet. Kelly was nervous yet oddly aroused to have such intimate attention paid to her feet. She was taken completely off guard and was amazed by the sensation when Nic opened his lips and took her big toe in his mouth. Nic started sucking on Kelly’s toes on at a time swirling his tongue around them while they were in his mouth.

After licking and sucking all 10 of Kelly’s toes Nic reached for the two bags he’d brought with him. He pulled a towel out of one and put it on the floor beneath Kelly’s feet. He pulled a large tub out next and poured bottled water into it. He pulled out a bottle of special soap and a soft sponge.

Nic gently took Kelly’s right foot and lowered it into the water to wet it down. He then squirted some of the soap onto her foot, wet the sponge, and began gently washing her foot. He scrubbed between her toes, all over the bottom of her foot, all over the heel, all the way up to her ankle. He rinsed it in the tub of water, dried it with a second towel, and then gently lifted her left foot to begin washing it as well.

Kelly sat there confused. All Nic was doing was washing her feet, yet it was incredibly erotic. With her legs open like they were she was glad that John had insisted on shorts instead of a skirt.

When both of her feet had been washed and dried Nic moved the tub of water away and pulled out the things he’d need to give Kelly a pedicure.

Kelly had been getting pedicures for years, but she’d never gotten one in her own living room with her husband sitting beside her. Other than the odd setting and the fact that it was her husband’s cousin giving her the pedicure there was nothing unusual about it. Yet even the pedicure was arousing for some reason.

When Nic had finished the pedicure Kelly looked down at her feet…her toes had a deep ruby red polish on them. She lifted her eyes…first to Nic’s crotch…then to his face. She could see anticipation and pleading from both. She güvenilir casino simply nodded.

Nic needed no further invitation. He opened his pants and took out his cock. He started stroking it. It was easy to see that he was trying to hold back but was on the verge of cumming and could go off at any second. Kelly raised her feet and held them together. Nic looked down at her freshly painted toenails and let go. He jerked himself over the edge sending several spurts of cum out onto Kelly’s feet.

The cum hitting Kelly’s feet brought her back from the trance she’d been in. She immediately got nervous again. She felt John squeeze her hand. She looked over at him and saw him smiling…he nodded. He then turned his eyes back to her feet so she turned her eyes back as well.

What Kelly saw surprised her. Nic had finished cumming on her feet and had moved to licking his cum back off of her feet. Seeing a man lick his own cum off of her feet gave Kelly a strange sensation. She wasn’t quite sure that it was arousal, but it wasn’t disgust either. It was something exciting…she was sure of that.

When Nic had finished licking his cum off of Kelly’s feet he immediately started gathering up his supplies without saying a word.

“Thank you.” Nic said.

He stood up and headed for the door.

“Nic.” Kelly called after him.

Nic turned.

“Happy birthday.” Kelly said.

Nic smiled and left. As soon as the door was closed Kelly punched John in the ribs and ran to the bathroom and jumped in the shower. John followed slowly behind her and found her using the hand shower to spray her feet to rinse away any cum that Nic had missed with his tongue.

“So…was it that bad?” John asked.

“No…I mean I guess not. It’s never happening again though.” Kelly said.

“Of course not. I made that clear to Nic. Was it unpleasant?” John asked.

“To be honest it was kind of exciting. I don’t know whether it was because you were there watching someone else do something like that to my feet or if it was what he was doing or what, but it was exciting. I wasn’t getting off on it…it’s not like I almost came when he did or anything, but it wasn’t an unpleasant experience.” Kelly said.

“Well I’m glad that it wasn’t horrible for you because it was easy to see that it was a dream come true for him.” John said.

“Yeah…he might have to have that smile surgically removed. I’ll give him credit. He did a hell of a job on this pedicure…I think I’ll cancel the appointment I had for Saturday. I don’t need one now.” Kelly said.

“See…Nic got an amazing gift and we saved some money on your pedicure…everybody wins.” John said.

Kelly laughed.

“I’m gonna go finish cleaning up the kitchen.” Kelly said.

She toweled herself dry, got dressed, and went to the kitchen. John smiled and then went to help her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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