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So there we were… celebrating my birthday at home with friends. Everyone knows Jennifer, my wife, knows how to throw a good party, so everyone that was invited was there, or at least, used to be there.

All throughout the night, Jennifer seemed to be flirting with me. I could tell in her eyes that I was going to get lucky tonight. There were a lot of other clues that evening too. Like when she brought more food out, she positioned herself so that when she bent down to put them on the coffee table, she put her beautiful backside right in my face, and then looked behind her to make sure I knew it was deliberate. There were also the many little kisses she blew to me throughout the evening when she made eye contact from across the room. Once, while listening to someone talk, she made eye contact with me and drew her tongue slowly over her upper teeth like the women in the movies do as a promise of a great blow job.

Yeah. I was gonna get lucky tonight, as long as the night didn’t last too long. Like I said, there we were…celebrating my birthday at home with friends. My wife is horny, and because of her teasing all night, I am too. The kids are in bed, and all we have to do is get rid of the rest of the guests and that woman is mine!

After dropping a few subtle hints like “look at the time!” and discussing how early Jennifer has to get up in the morning to take care of the kids, most people agree that they too need to rise early and the party seems to wind down a bit, but there are always those few at every party that don’t seem to take hints and continue talking and having a good time.

Walking some of our guests to the kitchen door on their way out, Jennifer meets me while I’m getting something more to drink. After the kitchen door closes, she pulls me close to her, kisses me and whispers in my ear “I want you now. When are these people going to leave?”

I could tell she was seriously horny by now. All that flirting must have really gotten her in the mood. While she was kissing me, she rubbed her mound over my penis to let me know she was ready. I also caught a faint wisp of the fragrance of her wet pussy wafting up from under her dress telling me that she must already be drenched under there.

“There are only six of them left,” I respond. “You think they’ll notice if we disappear for a while?”

“Yes they’ll notice! What kind of host do you think I am to skip out on our guests?”

“Well, let’s clear the dishes and see if THAT works,” I offer as a compromise. We both move out to the living room where the last six guests are seated conversing about their favorite TV shows, and we start to clear the dishes. Trevor and Jan (the only woman left except for Jennifer) get up and help us clear the dishes. As we’re taking them to the sink, they both continue in the conversation giving clear indication that they plan to return to the living room as soon as the task is done.

They also were not paying much attention to the task at hand. While putting the dishes in the sink, one of us happened to spill some frosting from the cake on the waist of Jennifer’s dress. Jennifer grabs a washcloth and promptly wets it to take care of the stain as the rest of us clear finish taking the dishes into the kitchen. Now, usually, if the host spills something on their clothes, the party is over and you go home, but not this crowd. Dishes cleared, nobody moved. Hints dropped, nobody moved. Host spoiled, nobody moved.

So there we were, the eight of us celebrating my birthday at home. Me seated on the couch and Jennifer seated next to me, head resting on my shoulder looking like she’s tired, wiping at her waist with the wet washcloth, feet tucked up under her on the couch, and the smell of her horniness in the air. Six other folks (five men, one woman) spread about in our living room.

“I hope it comes out,” Jennifer says loudly, praying that someone will take the hint and go home. “I should probably get it in the wash.” She gets up from the conversation that immediately starts about the best way to get out the stain so it doesn’t become a stain and walks into the other room. After a few minutes of swapping stories about this stain and that stain, Jennifer returns, but has removed her dress kartal escort bayan to reveal a beautiful silky white bra and panty set. She comes over and sits on the couch as if she is still wearing a dress, tucks her feet up under her like she always does, and continues in the conversation.

Relishing in the shocked looks of most of our guests, she leans in and whispers in my ear. “Do you think that they will catch this hint that I want them to leave so I can screw you?”

I don’t think that she could be heard by anyone but me, but right on cue, two of the gentlemen decide that it is time that they went home. Jennifer, ever the gracious host, gets up to get their coats and walk them to the kitchen door. Getting up, it seemed that she made sure to rise in such a way that I got a full view of her silky panty covered backside, and a full nose full of how horny she still was.

Returning to the living room after seeing two male guests out, she seems a bit disappointed that the four guests are treating her exhibitionism with as little shock and as much nonchalance as she is trying to show. She saunters over to the couch and sits on my lap. She snuggles up to me (turning to give the people across the room a great view of her backside) and starts to nibble on my ear.

“Are they EVER going to leave?” she whispers in my ear.

“You can just ask them to leave, ya know,” I whisper back as I slide my hand between her knees.

“That would just be rude,” she replies. “Besides, I think I’m even hornier knowing there are people that can see me in my undies and they don’t run away.”

“I think it’s more than not running away, I think they’re hoping for something more,” I say as I slide my hand a little higher up between her legs. “Look at the guys. All three of them have some tight crotches already, and I can see a bit of Jan’s nipples starting to show. They’re making small talk, but watching us.”

Jennifer sits up and joins in with the small talk of the group. I can see her head dart from one person to the other checking to see if they were truly oblivious or were waiting for something more.

“Anyone want something more to drink?” she asks as she gets up from her perch on my lap. She grabs my almost empty glass and begins to saunters out to the kitchen. Amid the few sheepish “none for me”s that come from the guys, Jennifer grabs a few empty glasses from the coffee table in the middle of the room. Jan gets up as well, grabs her and her husband Trevor’s glass and follows Jennifer out to the kitchen.

“Your wife is hot. I wish my wife would do something like that. Damn,” says Trevor as soon as the girls are out of hearing range. The other guys quickly agree.

“She did it as a hint for you guys to leave,” I say, annoyed with their obtuseness. “She hates being a bad host so we dropped a lot of hints and you didn’t catch any of them.”

“Sorry, I’ll take off right now,” said Matt, one of the two single guys left, but as soon as he started to rise to get his coat, Jennifer came around the corner with a full glass for me and a full view of her naked body for everyone else.

“Perhaps the lady might like you to stay for a while longer,” I said to Matt while watching my wife’s breasts bounce freely in the open air as she brings me my drink. She faces me and bends down to put the drink on the table giving me a great view of her breasts and everyone else a clear view of her swollen pussy and her butt.

Still leaning over, she looks over her shoulder and says “Trevor, you were getting a drink, too, weren’t you?” She stands up and walks out to the kitchen again.

I must have looked just as confused as the other three guys in the living room. Did my wife just come out her completely naked just to bring me my drink? I could tell that the other guys had the same question on their face.

A moment later, Jan comes out of the kitchen carrying Trevor’s drink and she, too, was completely naked. Following closely behind her was Jennifer, still naked. Jennifer comes and sits down in my lap again and tries to start the small talk again as before, but no one seems to join in with her except for Jan, who has elected to sit on the chair next to her husband “Indian escort maltepe style” (like she always does when she has pants on) giving the room a full view of her pussy. Seeing that the small talk won’t go anywhere, Jennifer grabs my hand and puts it right on her pussy. She turns to face the rest of the people in the room and starts to masturbate with my hand until I get the picture and continue to rub her clit without her prompting. Jan, not to be outdone, gets up and kneels down next to her husband’s chair, where she unbuttons his pants and pulls out his penis and starts to stroke him up and down with her hand.

The two single guys, Matt and Roger, look bewildered at the sight. On one side, there is a naked woman being brought to orgasm (they hope) at the hand of her husband and on the other side is another naked woman giving her husband a hand job.

Jennifer starts to moan a little bit, catching the attention of both single onlookers. They watch as she rolls her hips to the rhythm of my hand. They listen as the moaning becomes louder. They see the husband’s finger disappear into that warm wetness, they see the involuntary movement of the legs as she gets close to cumming, they can smell the scent of her pussy in the air. They feel the room in their pants growing small as they grow larger. They hear Jennifer moan loudly and see her grab my hand as the moans turn to loud grunts of ecstasy as she cums in wave after wave.

Jarring their attention away from Jennifer’s orgasm is the sounds of Trevor starting to moan to the hand job that Jan is giving him. Jan, also hearing Jennifer’s orgasm, has turned to see what all the commotion was, and in the turning, noticed the two single guys have now focused their attention on her and the hand job she’s giving her hubby. As soon as the single guys look over, Jan swings a leg around and sits on her hubby Trevor’s lap like Jennifer is sitting on mine, but takes the opportunity to guide his hard penis into her waiting pussy. Both partners moan a little as she lowers herself onto him, legs spread wide to accommodate both his large penis and the view for the single guys. She slides herself up and down, slowly at first, but steadily increasing in speed until her breast start to bounce with the rhythm of the thrusting.

Feeling slightly neglected, Jennifer stands up and readies herself to do the same thing where she and I sit. Then she gets and idea. She turns around to face me with a wry smile on her face, bends down as to almost kiss my crotch, giving the single guys a clear and up-close view of her ass and now very swollen pussy, and unzips my pants and removes my dick from its hiding place. She starts to stroke it with her hand like Jan did to her man, and then stops. She walks around the coffee table and walks right up in front of the two single guys. She stands so close, that she is toughing one of their legs each with her leg, putting her pubic mound right below eye level for both of them (and their eyes were on her, by now!), looks over at me and says “Come over here and screw me.”

She backs up one or two steps and bends forward, placing a one hand on one knee of each of the single guys. Bending at the waist, she spreads her legs slightly, as I get up, take off my pants and underwear and stand behind her. I look at the faces of the two single guys for just a moment, grab her by the hips and enter her from behind. With eyes open wide and staring into the faces of the single guys, Jennifer lets out an “Aaahh” as my penis parts her lips and slips into her hole. As I screw her from behind, her breasts bounce with my rhythm in full view of the guys.

The single guys don’t know which screwing to watch. The woman who is riding her husband to their left, or the woman who is getting it doggy style and leaning on their knees for support. Finally, Matt gets up some courage and reaches in front of him and caresses Jennifer’s breast. She moans with acceptance and leans forward to make his reach easier, making me have to take a step forward to follow her.

Jan, seeing that one of the guys is getting into the act, motions for the other one to move over next to her. Eagerly he jumps up, almost toppling Jennifer to the floor, and moves next to pendik escort her. She stops riding her husband long enough to unzip Roger’s pants and free his penis from it resting place. As soon as it’s out, she starts rubbing it with her hand and resumes riding her husband.

Jennifer, in the meantime, to keep her balance, has now had to shift her hands to both of Matt’s. Seeing the hand job happening to the side, Matt slips his other hand up to cup Jennifer’s other breast. Not thinking this is enough; Jennifer unzips his pants and frees his dick. She runs her hands over its tip and shaft a few times, leans in and kisses the head, making Matt tilt his head back and moan a little. She slides her hand up and down the shaft a few more time, and then slips her mouth over the tip. She sucks just slightly and then releases. Down again onto the penis, deeper in the mouth this time, she swirls her tongue over the tip as she slides it back out. In and out, slowly at first, but speeding up. It was hard for her to time it right with my thrusting from behind. Sometimes she would go down and miss because of the trusting in her pussy. Finally, she was able to synchronize both men. As my penis slid into her, she would slide her lips down over Matt’s penis, as I would slide out, she would slide her lips up. In the pussy, down the penis, out the pussy, up the penis. In, down, out, up, in, down, out, up. All the while Matt had both his hands on her breasts.

After a very short while of blowing, Matt let go of her breasts as he grabbed her head and push her all the way down onto him and let out an “Aaaahhh” that let everyone know that he was the first guy to climax that night. It seemed as if it had been a long time since he had, because Jennifer had a hard time swallowing all of his cum. Not that she had a choice in the matter as he pushed her mouth down his shaft as he came and didn’t let up until he was done.

I was just about to tell Matt how “uncool” that was to make my girl drink his cum without asking, when Jennifer let go of his dick and took one of her hands and wiped her lips in a gesture that says “that was a great meal…my compliments to the chef!” At least I think that’s what she was gesturing. I couldn’t tell exactly as she was still being bucked around some from my screwing her from behind.

Roger was next to finish, and Jan seemed to want to swallow also, but couldn’t get there. As soon as she leaned over to try to catch some, her husband started cumming also and he held her tight to his dick as Roger spurt over her arm and chest. Jan kept riding Trevor for a minute or two more after he let go inside her to get as much as she could from him. While riding him, she would scoop a little cum off of her breasts or arm with one of her fingers and lick it off, effectively swallowing all of Roger’s cum…one finger at a time.

While Jan was still cleaning her breasts one finger at a time, I grabbed Jennifer’s hips and unloaded deep within her. After I had finished, Jennifer kissed the tip of Matt’s dick as she gingerly pushed it back into his pants. By the time I had pulled out of Jennifer, Roger was already standing and zipping up, and Trevor was straightening his clothes as well.

“Well boys, looks like the party’s over,” Jennifer announced as she stood up straight, hands on hips and cum visibly running down her inner thigh.

Matt and Roger take the hint immediately (FINALLY!) and shuffle themselves as slowly as they can towards the kitchen door. Jennifer gets their coats and walks them to the door, still naked. She kisses each of them on the cheek and gropes their shrunken pouches and she thanks them for a marvelous evening and agrees that “we must do this again sometime soon.”

Trevor and I stay seated in the living room and stare at each other in disbelief at what just happened. Once the single guys have been seen off, Jan suggests that they leave as well with the suggestion of “So, should I put my dress on, hun, or should I just ride home like this? If I ride naked, I’m gonna get cum on your seats.”

“Just like that, beautiful. That will be the best stain of my life!” Trevor smiles as Jennifer hands Jan her dress and they all walk to the kitchen door. I hear the kitchen door close, and Jennifer emerges from the kitchen, still naked, with a huge smile on her face. She comes over to me at the couch, leans in and kisses me passionately on the lips as she begins to stroke my cock again. She leans into nibble on my ear and whispers “Happy birthday”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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