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Hi guys, thanks for the feedback on the first chapter! Sorry about the wrong name at the end. If you haven’t done so already, give that a read before reading this.

Got some plans for this story but if there’s anything you want to read more of then let me know.

Again, feedback would be most welcome! Enjoy.


Christmas came and went, and as much as I wanted to, I didn’t manage to see Lucy again over the holiday. It was one of those situations where she had exams after the break so didn’t have many days free, and the days she did have free, I had plans either with other friends or with my family.

Lucy and I certainly spoke much more after Christmas than we did during our first term at university, but there was certainly a different tone to our messages.

One thing we had to look forward to was a flight my parents had given me for Christmas to go and see Lucy. I was going for her birthday, which was at the end of February, meaning it would have been more than two full months since I had last seen her. Despite talking most days, it was still going to be really nice to see her and catch up… and get my hands on those tits again.

There was a definite shift in the way we texted each other – a lot less ‘how was your day’ messages than there used to be, and a lot more along the lines of ‘I wish I was there’ or ‘I hope you’re not having too much fun without me ;)’. This was a side to Lucy I wasn’t particularly used to, but I really, really liked.

One message in particular stuck out for me, which came a couple of weeks before my flight up north. ‘Normally I’d encourage you to cum as much as you’d like, but given that we don’t get to see each other too often I want to get as much use of that big cock as I can. So, for the next two weeks, you won’t cum once. Promise?’

The day of my flight came around and I had kept my promise. I was flying after my lectures on a Thursday and then not flying back until Monday morning, due to those flights being the cheapest options. Not that I was complaining – the more time I got to spend with her, the better.

I got on the flight and I bolted straight off as soon as it landed – given I was only there for three and a bit days, all I needed was hand luggage. I went through security seamlessly, come through to arrivals and see my favourite redhead waiting at the front of the queue.

“Harry!” she exclaimed as she gave me a big hug.

“Lucy!” I shouted back. “God I’ve missed you.”

“Missed you too! Come on, there’s a bus to my halls in four minutes and if we miss that we’ll have to wait 20 minutes,” she said, before dragging me along to the airport bus stop.

“I’m so glad you’re here!” she said after just making the bus. “I know it’s fairly late so if you want you can meet my flatmates then go to bed?”

“If that’s okay with you! It’s been a long old day haha.”

We reach our stop and as we’re walking off the bus, Lucy goes to me, “listen, just so you’re aware, I’m going to need you to pretend there’s nothing more than just friendship between us. Immy had an argument with Megan after she kept bringing random guys back to the flat so we came to the agreement that she would go to theirs but as a result it means we can’t bring back anyone either. Is that okay?” she asked.

“Yeah that’s fine, just as long as I get my fun in the bedroom,” I replied with a wink.

“Guess you’ll have to wait and see,” she replied in turn.

The flat itself was quite nice for a uni flat with a lot more space – there were only only six living in it as opposed to the ten people that lived in mine. The flat was split into three enclaves of two rooms, with each enclave sharing a sink and a shower, with a living area, two toilets and a kitchen at the end of the corridor.

I went to Lucy’s room, dropped my things off and asked if I could have a shower before meeting her flatmates, which she was more than fine with. Once I had finished in the shower, I went through to the living room where I met her flatmates for the first time. Lucy had spoken about them before and I had seen photos of Lucy with them on nights out, but to be able to meet them in person was nice.

Not including herself, Lucy lived with three girls and two boys. Her closest friend was Immy, who was 19, stood at 5’2 with brown hair and a set of brown eyes to match but, unlike Lucy, didn’t have a curve on her body at all.

Another of her friends was Anna. She had a gap year before university so was a year older than everyone else in the group. It turned out was friends with someone on my course at Exeter. She played rugby, as did I, so we had a fair amount in common and got on well, but she wasn’t exactly the sort of girl I’d go for, with a nose slightly too big for her face, thick eyebrows and she was chubby but with a flat chest and a small arse.

Then there was Megan, who the girls said was out with some course mates, and the two boys, Tom and Jake, who seemed shy, reserved and, this may seem a bit harsh, but pretty boring.

My escort kartal first impression was that they all seemed nice enough, even though there seemed to be a bit of animosity from Immy towards me, as though I was stealing her best friend, but that was understandable. We sat and watched The Hangover and we all went to bed once it had finished.

The one noticeable difference since the last time we saw each other was that she got undressed and got into her pyjamas in front of me. She was wearing a bright pink pyjama top that reached just below her belly button (I can only assume it was a top she owned before her growth spurt, when it fit like a normal tee shirt) and a pair of short tartan shorts. Nothing exactly sexy, but she still looked unbelievably fuckable.

I didn’t want to make it obvious, but it looked as though her boobs had grown further since I last saw her. “Well shit, who’d have thought this time three months ago that you would be undressing in front of me with 34DDs on your chest.”

“I don’t know if you can tell but I’m not even a DD any more! I got a 34E bra for Christmas and even that’s starting to get too tight for me now. That’s coming up to four bra sizes in six months! I didn’t even grow this quickly during puberty,” she laughed in disbelief.

She wasn’t the only one in disbelief. For a girl that I always thought was pretty but never remarkable when it came to her looks, for her tits to practically double in size in only six months transformed her as a person.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before now – I know we tell each other everything, but I wanted to see your reaction to hearing my tits have gotten even bigger in person,” she said as she started walking closer to me with a mischievous smile. “Besides, maybe I wanted to feel your reaction instead,” she continued, as she reached towards my already rock hard dick.

“Mmm, hard already are we? Just the way I like it,” she said with a wink, as she started to pick up the pace. “I know it’s been a long day for you and you must be tired, so how about you lay back let me do all the work?”

Before I could even get a word out, she went down to her knees, pulled my boxers down and started to purse her lips around the swollen head of my dick.

She started working the top of my head, which was sensitive but she used just the right amount of pressure for me to enjoy the experience. “I’m not sure I can fit my mouth around it all, it’s so thick!”

My dick wasn’t enormous but it certainly did the job. It was 7.5 inches long, which certainly did the job but was hardly porn star proportions, but four and a half inches around. There had been a few girls whom I hadn’t been able to fit inside, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to make Lucy try.

“Oh I know you can. Just imagine how good it’ll feel when you feel my cum go down your throat.”

“Hmm, you’re not wrong.” That was all the encouragement she needed. She stretched her mouth as wide as she could, and started to bob her head up and down.

The only way I could describe the next few minutes was bliss. It was the perfect blow job – fairly wet but not too sloppy, she couldn’t take all of it but went most of the way down my shaft, gagging most times she went down, she worked her tongue around my dick and, most importantly, she was enthusiastic. I could tell she genuinely wanted me to cum – and I was close.

She moved her head up slightly, giving one of her hands space to work the bottom of my shaft and used her other to work her way around my balls.

“I’ve waited two months for this, Harry. Now give this big titted slut the load of cum she deserves,” she ordered.

She moved her lips back onto my cock. “That’s a good girl,” I assured her.

I put my hands to the sides of her head and started to take control of her movements.

“You’re going to take all of this dick, and you’re going to feel my cum go down your throat.”

She took it well, with a pleasant moan as I pulled her head deeper into my groin.

I very quickly found myself about to cum. Just like that, I felt my heavy balls start to lighten one cumshot at a time. Three, four, five cum shots – she took them all and swallowed with aplomb.

“Mmm, much better,” she said with a smile on her face. “I know I said I wanted the cum shot I deserved, but did I really deserve that much?”

“That much and more,” I assured her. “Don’t blame me – you were the one who told me not to cum for two weeks!”

“Blame?! Harry, fucking hell I don’t blame you for anything. That was amazing – I’ve never had that much cum in my mouth and I fucking loved it.”

“Now let me go and brush my teeth and then we’ll get to sleep.”

I pulled her in for a kiss on her forehead before letting her go and brush her teeth.

She came back a couple of minutes later and asked if that was worth the air fare.

“Hmm, nearly! All I need now is to wake up with my dick in your mouth and that’ll be heaven,” I said with a laugh. “But no, very much worth the ticket.”

“Good,” maltepe escort she started, “because this is only the beginning. Three more days of fun to come.”

We both smiled at this, looking forward to the ‘fun’ that was to come, before we said our good nights and fell asleep almost instantly.

As I slept, my head ran wild. My dreams were filled with one girl – Lucy.

My body clearly agreed with the fun Lucy and I had last night. I dreamed about every possible sexual outcome with Lucy – me on top, her on top, fucking her tits, threesomes – you name it, I dreamt it. As I felt I was starting to wake up, something felt… different… down there.

I looked to the bottom of the bed and I saw Lucy, topless with my dick in her mouth.

“Am I… What?” I couldn’t tell if this was actually happening – was this girl fulfilling an ultimate fantasy or was I actually being woken up by a blow job?

“Morning, sleepy. And no, you’re not dreaming,” she said, lifting her head as she started stroking with her hand instead. “You said that you wanted to wake up to a blow job to make up for the airfare, so it’s only fair that I showed you how pleased I am that you’re here. I know you said you were only joking, but something told me that you weren’t really.”

I mean, she wasn’t wrong.

“Now, let me get back to sucking sir’s big, hard cock and get every last drop of cum down my throat.”

Sir was new, but it was something that I didn’t know I needed. It had established where we were in our relationship – she was my slut whose sole purpose was to make me cum.

Lucy continued to suck with intent. This was surreal. How could I possibly be this lucky?

“I can tell you’re enjoying it, but how would you like it if sir fucked you instead?”

“Mmm, yes please.” I didn’t need to ask twice.

“Are you ready to take all of sir’s big, hard cock,” I asked, before reaching down her body to towards her clitoris.

“Oh you are wet, aren’t you?” I asked her.

“Just for sir,” she replied.

I circled my finger around her clit and she started to moan. I told her, “you’ve been such a good girl for sir, making me cum, so it’s only fair that sir does the same for you. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

She was too entranced in what I was doing for her to be able to reply, however the fact she was getting wetter and wetter indicated that she was enjoying herself.

I started to pick up the pace and whispered into her ear, “you’re going to cum for sir, then turn around, bend over, let sir fuck you like the slut you are and then take all of sirs cum. Is that understood?”

“Yes… Sir… Ohhhhhhhhhh,” she moaned. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee.”

After she came, I turned her round, bent her over and stuck my dick inside her. As she was so wet, I slid right in and started to thrust in and out.

“Oh my god Harry, you’re so thick,” she said between moans.

I moved my hands up from her waist to cup her breasts.

“Mmm, play with them, sir,” she said in response.

Following this, I picked up the pace and I was soon on the verge of cumming inside her.

“Cum in me, cum in me, please sir,” she begged. As I got faster, her breathing got shorter and sharper, as she approached cumming for a second time.

“Oh, oh, ohhhhhh,” she went, as she reached her climax for the second time.

“I need it sir, cum for me. Please, use that big hard cock and cum inside me.”

It only took another ten seconds until I was cumming, only eight hours after five thick cum shots went down her throat.

“Oh sir, there’s just so much of it,” she said as I pulled out.

“You’re the one that does this to me!” I said in response.

As I moved away from her, I started to notice the cum seeping out of her pussy and down her leg.

“Harry I need you to get me my towel – I can’t go to the shower looking like this! What if Immy sees me?!”

She had a good point. The last thing I wanted to do was piss off her flatmates, let alone a flatmate who has had arguments with people about bringing guys back. I got Lucy her towel and left her to shower.

She came back ten minutes later, very much cleaner than she was beforehand.

“Well that was a good way to start the day!” she exclaimed.

“You’re telling me. I could definitely get used to that.”

“You’re not alone there,” she replied, cheekily. “Right, you get in the shower, I’ll make us some breakfast. Scrambled eggs and toast good for you?”

“You know me too well.”

She did – but we were also just starting to get to know each other…

I got in the shower and she went to sort our breakfast.

“So, plans for today,” she started, as she placed the scrambled eggs on top of my toast. “I’ve got an 11-12 and a 2-4, and then after that we’re going to go out tonight in preparation for my birthday tomorrow. So I’ll be back at about 4:15 – in the meantime, you can do what you want. Okay?”

“You’ve got this all planned out, haven’t pendik escort bayan you?” Lucy was a brilliant person, and adding onto that she was unbelievably organised.

“Of course I have,” she replied.

“Well, that sounds good, but how about we meet for lunch between your lectures? Makes sense really, I’d quite like to spend as much time with you as possible,” I explained.

“Sounds wonderful,” she said, “there’s a great Mexican around the corner from campus if that suits?”

“That sounds great. Now, can we eat before our food goes cold?”

“Haha sorry! Eat!”

We ate our food, I then did the washing up as she went to her room to get ready for her day. As she left the kitchen, Immy came in.

“Morning Lucy! All okay?” she asked.

“Morning! Yeah, all good, tired though!”

Immy came through the door and saw that I was doing the washing up. “So he’s still here?” she asked, coldly.

“Hey, be nice! Yeah, he’s here until Monday morning,” Lucy explained.

“Oh, okay,” Immy replied.

What had I done? She seemed so nice to everyone else apart from me, as though I’d pissed in her morning cup of tea.

“Oh well, she doesn’t need to like me,” I thought to myself.

I washed the plates and pot before quite quickly heading back to Lucy’s room.

After our lunch, the rest of the day went without incident – everyone was excited for Lucy’s birthday night out later that evening.

The guys all got ready first, so had started drinking before the girls got ready. When Lucy came through, the conversation stopped.

She was wearing a dark green, sequined strappy top, with a pair of black skinny jeans and some small black heels. This doesn’t sound exceptional, except on Lucy, the low cut top left her with six inches of cleavage exposed.

“Someone’s on the pull,” Jake said.

“As if I’d go on the pull whilst Harry was here! I thought the top looked nice on the model online so I ordered it. I just wasn’t expecting it to be this low,” she explained.

“If you say so,” Jake replied.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her – she looked incredible.

Just before heading out, Lucy and I went to get our coats which were in her bedroom.

“So, what do you think?” she asked.

“Lucy, this is so unlike you! I don’t think I’ve ever seen you wear a low cut top. But yeah, you look incredible,” I answered.

“Thought you’d like it, that’s the reason I bought it. I wanted to see the reaction I’d get from you.”

“Well, you’ve got a reaction,” I said, pulling her hand towards my erect dick.

“Harry! Not now! We’re about to head out, promise you can have as much fun with these tits and the rest of me later. Now get your coat,” before she picked hers up, went out the front door and got in a cab.

We got to the club and Lucy quite quickly received a lot of interest from other guys. She shooed them off, pointing to me and explaining I was her boyfriend (even though I wasn’t) in an attempt to get them to leave her alone.

We all had a great time and managed to get the DJ to play Lucy’s favourite song at midnight as she turned 19.

“Harry, come with me,” Lucy whispered into my ear not long after midnight.

“Sure,” I said, grabbing her hand as she worked her way off the dance floor. She snaked her way around the side of the club as we walked through a door into what was a small cupboard.

“Where are we, what’s going on?”

“Just shut up and let me get your cock out,” as she took off my belt, undid my jeans and pulled it out of my boxers.

“At least we’re starting off your birthday the right way.”

“I’ve wanted to do this for so long, but I’ve always been worried that I’d get caught. But right now, I don’t actually care about being caught, I just need you to cum for me.”

I couldn’t tell if it was the alcohol, the sexual chemistry between us or a bit of both, but we were both uncontrollably horny.

“Ooh, look how hard you are for me already,” she bragged. “Is it these big, soft tits that get you hard? Dancing around in a low cut top, bouncing all over the place, deliberately wearing a bra that’s too small, just so they look as big as possible for you?”

“Given that we’re still out and there’s no mirror here, you’re not allowed to cum on my face,” which, as disappointing as it sounded, was a perfectly reasonable suggestion. “So how about you fuck these tits and cum all over them instead?”

I took off her top to see her wearing a black strapless bra which was comically small on her. “I know,” she said, “I don’t think it fits any more either.”

‘Understatement of the year,’ I thought to myself.

“34C. This fit so nicely at the beginning of the year. Can you believe it? Now it barely covers my nipples.”

“Have you ever fucked anyone with tits this big?” she asked as I put my cock between her tits, which felt like soft pillows around it.

“Mm, does that feel good sir? Are you ready to cover these big tits with your cum? They’re sooo ready for you and your thick, hot cum, sir.”

That was all I needed. My cock practically exploded upon hearing those words. For the third time in slightly over 24 hours, I had ejaculated harder than I ever had in my life. This time, there was a downside to this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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