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I was anxious to pick her up at the airport. I bought the largest bouquet I could. It was at least 3 feet long. We had many conversations and agreed that we would spend a week together in Hawaii. Her stipulation was that we had to go ‘dutch’ including the airfare. After agreeing to her wishes, I made the reservations and garnered us a neat package. Time was of the essence as we both had limited vacation periods. It made sense to meet her incoming flight from the Midwest at SFO, and board the flight for Hawaii together. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the area, it’s about a 4 hour flight to the Island of Oahu from San Francisco. As she came down the jetway, I was taken back by how beautiful she was. As a striking blonde it was easy to spot her. She saw me with this huge bouquet of flowers and came right to me. As I handed the bouquet to her, I leaned in to give her a ‘welcome’ kiss. She accepted the flowers and gave me back a ‘hello’ kiss. She really was awesome. Not tall, about 5′ 6″, flowing long blonde hair with a slight flip that framed her beautiful face. It was apparent that she didn’t need any makeup. Her face was flawless with beautiful eyes, high cheekbones, cute little nose, and full lips that were dark toned. Any lipstick would have been totally unnecessary.

She had on a long sleeved white blouse with a spread collar, that accented her slender shoulders, tantalizing cleavage, a tight fitting skirt in black, and a pair of black pumps. There wasn’t the slightest doubt that she had a fantastic body. Slender hips, gorgeous legs, and breasts that jutted out to proclaim ‘they’re real, and all mine’. We had an hour to kill before the flight to Hawaii. I steered her to the closest restaurant/bar and we had coffee and made small talk and tried to catch up on our many conversations we had previously. As we sat there, our hands intertwined with each other we both knew that this was going to be a memorable trip.

The flight was long but we managed to entertain each other with light conversations and personal stories. We had a few drinks and a great meal and as expected, went to and from the lavatories as needed. I took as many opportunities as possible to kiss her. On the first attempt her soft full lips were very responsive to mine. As our lips met, I stuck my tongue out to probe her lips hoping that she would let me, she did. I probed her mouth eagerly with my tongue, and she responded by allowing me to dart all over her mouth, her teeth, her tongue and then she responded in kind. She was responsive and placed both of her hands on my head, urging me on to very passionate kissing. I had visions of extreme lust as we kissed occasionally with the appropriate space between our conversations. After three hours, she sort of curled up against the window with a pillow, and dozed off. I did the same.

The announcement of our approach for landing got us up and alert. As we got off the plane down the ‘airstairs’, no jetway, we were met by beautiful bronzed native gals putting ‘leys’ around our necks with Hawaiian music in the air. Of course, a photographer casino şirketleri was standing by to take pictures of anyone and couples, that would be delivered to your hotel. We posed together, I gave him the hotel and our name. The sweet air was full of jasmine or orchids or both. We grabbed a cab at curbside with our luggage, and checked in to the hotel. We left CA at 2:30 PST, and arrived in Honolulu 11:30 HST. We still had the whole day. It was definitely not a Ritz-Carlton. It was off the main street about a block but within easy walking distance of the beach. As we entered our room, I placed my hands on her waist, turned her towards me, and kissed her with all the passion I could muster. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me with the same passion. This was going to be a great week.

As we broke the kiss, she told me she was going to shower after her long flights and change so we could go to the beach and got into her suitcase and took out what I assumed was her swim suit. I heard the shower running, and unpacked the suitcases and sat down in the chair to let her finish so I could change. I had my feet up on the bed as the bathroom door opened. She stepped out and I caught my breath. OMG, she was breathtaking. She had on a Royal Blue one piece bathing suit that tied around her neck holding up a great set of tits that screamed, sex! She was gorgeous! She stood there with a slight pose, one hand on her hip, one leg slightly forward of the other and asked me if I liked it? Like it, like it, you are fabulous! I replied with a gasp.

She definitely had a body to die for. Her golden hair was tumbling down her shoulders that were creamy white, very pronounced large tits, a curvy waist, great legs and a pert ass. What was not to like? She obviously liked my reaction. I wanted to ravage her then and there. I scrambled up to her and wrapped my arms around her to kiss her again. She tasted like fresh toothpaste. I knew she could feel my hardness against her stomach. She pushed me away and told me to get changed. I went into the bathroom to change and had to maneuver my suit on over my rock hard cock. We slipped on our flip-flops, grabbed the beach towels provided by the hotel, and took the elevator down to the lobby. We bought some sun tan lotion, some water, snacks, and off we went. She had slung the beach bag over her shoulder so I held her other hand, with a huge grin on my face, and we walked towards the beach. She wanted to know why I had such a smile on my face. I told her because she would turn every head on the beach. She giggled, not believing that statement. Boy, did she ever. As we made our way closer to the edge of the water to put down our towels, I noticed deliberately, that everyone on the beach, men and women, looked at her approvingly. She reminded me of Kim Basinger. I was in heaven.

We baked, went in the water, cooled off, frolicked around, and teased each other and baked some more. There was no doubt after a few hours that we were getting a little red. I suggested we leave and we headed back to the hotel. As casino firmaları we entered our room, the A/C gave us quick chill. As we peeled our suits off, I glanced at her and remarked that we were indeed a little red. Not only was she a little red, but the view of her very large, very white tits with the very large pink areolas and small nipples, along with the large V of her pussy hair and the line on her thighs, gave me an instant hardon. She looked at my hard cock and asked me if it was for her. Without saying a word, I reached out for her, kissed her passionately, and let my hands roam all over her ass, and her back. As I kissed her, she reached down with both hands and fondled my stiff cock. As we ended the kiss, I bowed my head to lift and suck on her nipples. I fondled and caressed her other tit as I licked, sucked, teased, and sucked some more. Her tits were at least 36DD’s and were a little pendulous and heavy. After all, no one can defy gravity. I maneuvered her to the bed and as she fell back she scooched up so that all of her was on the bed.

I reached down and spread her legs and was salivating to eat her. Her light brownish pussy hair was trimmed in length, but not in its’ shape. It spread from the inside of her thighs up to almost a perfect triangle and was thick enough that no bare skin could be seen. I love pussy hair. I kneeled down and began to breathe in her scent. It was warm, and sort of musky. I blew my hot breath on her pussy and licked her slit like a lollipop up and down very gently while both of my hands caressed the inside of her thighs, played with the hair, and stuck my tongue in and out of her pussy lips. She giggled and told me to keep going. I took both hands and spread open her pussy lips to reveal her engorged lips and all of her pinkness and her now very excited clit. I was gently sucking, licking, running my tongue all over her wetness and sticking it as deep into her cunt as I could. She was holding my head to her pussy and moaning and whispering to me to keep it up. I could have eaten her forever. I felt her spasms and knew she was going to cum pretty quickly. I kept it up and loved her taste and the sensations I was giving her. She was cumming in great waves.

She was moaning in ecstasy and telling me not to stop and was playing with her tits and tweaking her nipples. My mouth and tongue were getting a little tired from all the activity. I had to stop and come up for air. As I straightened up she laid there and catching her breath told me that she loved the way I ate her and that she had cum three times. I licked my tongue around my mouth to get more of her wetness and she asked if I could please fuck her now. I was only to happy to comply. I got up on the bed between her legs and holding the shaft of my stiff cock, guided it to her waiting pussy. She spread her legs as far as she could, and reached down and spread her pussy lips and urged me to ‘slam that fucker in me’. I slid my cock into her, and felt the wetness, the heat, and the grip of her pussy muscles, and jammed it right up to my balls. I looked down güvenilir casino to see my cock buried in her hairy pussy with my hairy crotch melding with hers. She strained her head to see us and told me to stroke her pussy. I withdrew and re-entered and started a slow rhythm for 5 – 6 strokes. I was nearing the point of no return. I pumped her and was gaining speed and slamming my cock into her and she was panting and saying she wanted me to cum in her. That was all it took, I could feel her cervix, I was so deep in her. I shot two very strong spurts of my cum and a third one not quite as strong, and she had both hands under her ass, jamming her pussy up to meet every stroke.

As we caught our breath, she took her hands out from under her and ran her fingers through my hair and rained kisses on my neck, shoulders, face, eyelids, nose, and my mouth. I had to rest. I had collapsed on top of her, and as I raised myself up to roll off of her, I gazed at her large tits that had splayed to the sides of her chest, kissed her neck, her lips, and bent down to kiss each of her nipples, let out a sigh, and laid down next to her as she moved her legs together to allow room for me. I played with her tits for a moment or two, then ran my hand to her pussy and slid through her wet pussy hair and slid one finger into her slit. She was dripping wet from both of our juices and moved her leg aside to give me room. I slipped two fingers into her slippery cunt and she let out a gasp and told me to wait a minute. I stopped. We definitely needed to get a breather.

We laid there for a half hour as our heartbeats and breathing came back to normal. I must have dozed off. I came awake at the motion over my legs. She was up on her knees, straddling my knees and bending down, started to suck and slurp my limp cock. It came to life rather quickly as she played with my balls and slid as much as she could into her mouth. I knew it was way too soon for me to be able to cum again, she must have known also as she just bobbed up and down on my cock. I ran my fingers through her blonde tresses that now had no semblance of ever having been coiffed. Abruptly, she let my cock plop out of her mouth, scooched up until her pussy was over my face and grabbed on to the headboard and told me to eat her again and taste the cum from both of us. My head was sort of pinned between her thighs so she was in control. She undulated her pussy up and down my face and impaled herself on my stuck out tongue and was saying how much she loved me eating her pussy, and she was going to fuck my brains out all week. I tasted our mingled juices and adored her pussy with my mouth, tongue, nose and had both hands holding her ass as she bucked and came on my face. She spasm’d and convulsed and dropped down the length of my body. She said she wanted to taste our juices and kissed me and stuck her tongue into my mouth to savor our taste. As she broke the kiss she ‘ummed’ over the taste. We fell asleep. Later that evening, when we awoke, we showered together, cleaning every inch of each others body, licking and nibbling, and went out to find dinner. As we sat eating, we discussed what we would do for the remainder of the week. We planned to go sightseeing a lot, and making love a lot. After all, we had been seperated for over 6 months because of our jobs. I truly loved my awesome wife.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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