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Please note this is Part C of a 3 part Chapter One. Parts A & B should be read first, otherwise what’s happening here has no context. … There’s also a Prologue (Hayley’s Party Chapter 00) and I’ve posted some follow on chapters (02 thru 05) with more coming.


“Tonight’s the night…Part C”.

“C’mon angel my hearts on fire
Don’t deny your man’s desire
You’d be a fool to stop this tide
Spread your wings and let me come inside

Tonight’s the night
It’s gonna be alright…”

Tonights the Night – Rod Stewart

“Dude, I’m gonna make your girlfriend squeal.” Joe was poised to enter me as he spoke, but he wasn’t even looking down at me. He was looking at my boyfriend, Steve, who was lying on the bed next to us, looking down at me, watching me.

I caught my breath as the promise implicit in Joe’s words echoed inside my head, making my sex pulse wetly as the head of his cock pushed against me, pushed against my entrance, which was already doing its small best to open to him. Steve’s acquiescence to what Joe was intending for me seemed weird to me, but it wasn’t like I was complaining about what was about to happen. I wanted it to happen. I wanted it so much I didn’t care whether Steve watched me or not. I knew Steve was excited though.

One of my hands held his cock as I lay beneath Joe. I could feel it jerking and twitching with excitement in my clasp and my hand wasn’t even moving. When I thought about Steve, which I wasn’t really, it was to think how weird it was that he was excited at watching his best buddy about to fuck me. Me, Steve’s girlfriend. Me, who’d kept Steve out of my panties for so long. Me, flat on my back beneath Joe and panting to be fucked. Mind you, who was I to think it was weird of Steve? I was half out of my mind myself as Joe prepared to take me and I was Steve’s girlfriend after all. It should have been Steve fucking me for the first time. But really, I didn’t care about Steve right then, even if he was right next to me.

I cared about what Joe was going to do to me any second now.

Joe’s face loomed over mine as he turned his attention back to me. His body pinned me beneath him, pinned me in the center of that large old four poster bed like a butterfly on a mounting board. Even resting, most of his weight on his forearms and his knees, he was heavy, not crushing me but definitely keeping me firmly in my place, my small breasts pressed down on by his chest, my thighs spread wide by his, my legs drawn back, my knees brushing his ribs, my heels resting lightly beside his almost motionless hips. I knew I was completely open and exposed for him to take me whenever he chose. I lay under him, waiting and wanting him to take me, a little afraid of the unknown but mostly eager and wildly excited and wanting him to just do it to me.

While I could see his face in the flickering candlelight, while I could feel his body on mine, my focus wasn’t on his face or his body. My focus was almost entirely on that point of contact where the head of his cock gently pressured my entrance. On the spreading apart of my labial lips as his feather-light nudges eased the head of his cock inwards between them. On my own slippery wetness and the way my sex pulsed heatedly with every one of those nudges. On the shivering sensitivity of my labial lips and of my swollen clitoris. On how much I wanted him inside me. A want that must have been written visibly all over my face as I waited for what I knew was coming.

Joe’s eyes held mine, his lips found mine. We kissed gently, a long slow kiss, slightly abstracted on my part, one of his hands brushing my hair back from my forehead. All the time we kissed, his cock was nudging delicately at my entrance, pushing gently at me. I could feel myself slowly opening to him, parting for him, my wetness coating him, each of those gentle nudges making my body tense, making my heels quiver, making me gasp, sending little thrills of fearful expectation rippling through me. I wondered if he really would make me squeal for him. Probably I would. All those other girls in the front seat certainly had. Why would I be the only exception?

Besides that, I wanted to squeal for Joe.

My excitement and my nervousness and my fear rose and rose and rose. Any moment he would take me, I knew. His movements were incrementally more forceful now, no longer quite as gentle. One of his arms was already under my neck, his hand holding one of my shoulders, his other hand brushing my hair back from my face. His mouth lifted from mine, he smiled. I felt his muscles tense. Would this be it? Would it? I hoped so. My eyes widened. My feet felt his hips lift a little, then ease downwards. I tensed. The head of his cock pushed hard against me now. This was no gentle nudge this time. This was it! My entrance resisted, stretched, stretched some more, my eyes opened wider, my mouth opened wide, a rounded “o”, bonus veren siteler my back arched in a last unconscious attempt to preserve the virginity which I wanted so much to lose.

“HHUUNGHHH.” Sweat beaded my forehead as the head of his cock pushed at me, stretched me, wider, then wider still, the head of him an impossible hugeness as started to work his cockhead through my entrance. I knew that this was the moment, this time Joe wasn’t stopping until he was in me.

“You want this Hayley?” He breathed the question without halting his movements.

“Yes … Yes…don’t stop…” I wanted this! I wanted this so much!

“NNNUGGHHH.” Jesus! Oh God! Fuck! Fuck it was big! I forgot all about squealing. I forgot all about holding Steve’s cock. Both my hands clutched at Joe’s back. My body bucked, my feet kicked upwards, my head arched back.

“UUUGGHH.” He wasn’t rough with me but his cockhead was big; the size of a ripe plum. A LARGE ripe plum! I was small, small and delicate. Two of Joe’s fingers had stretched me when he’d pushed them into me earlier, on the dance floor downstairs and then here in this room. The head of him was just so big!

“HHHUUUGGHHH.” Those little groans just slipped from my mouth one after the other as his cockhead continued to stretch the entrance to my sex, stretched it far more than two of his fingers had as he pushed through.

“NNGGHHHH.” His cockhead stretched me so that my hips did their best to jerk my sex downwards away from him into the mattress, an involuntary reaction that accomplished the exact opposite. The springs of the mattress promptly pushed my butt back up, driving me back up onto his cock so that, abruptly, I felt him surge into me past my entrance, felt the entrance to my sex gripping his shaft at the base of his swollen cockhead in a tight clasp where he stretched me around him.

“HHHUUUUGGGGHHHNNNGGGGOOOOHHHHHH.” I didn’t quite do what Joe had said I would do. I didn’t squeal when the head of him abruptly popped into me. I didn’t squeal like those other girls had.

I groaned.

I groaned and I quivered beneath him, my body suddenly taut with shock at the feel of him in me.

His cockhead felt thicker than two fingers in me. A lot thicker. I wasn’t thinking about Steve. I wasn’t thinking about anything now except the feel of Joe’s cockhead inside me and his shaft stretching me around him where he barely penetrated me. I was having trouble breathing. My entire body was sheened with sweat. Jesus, it felt huge in me and I was helpless to stop what was happening. All I could do was lie there spread-eagled and pinned beneath Joe, experiencing it. Joe was paused with only the head inside me, thank god, I could feel my inner lips clamped around his shaft just below the glans. I could feel the swelling glans in me and Christ, it felt so enormous. It felt so huge! I felt so stretched. Nothing had prepared me for this. It felt like somebody had taken the handle of a baseball bat and jammed the end into me. I could feel myself stretched around his cockshaft, stretched like a rubber band.

“HHHHUUNNNNGGGHHH.” I heard myself half-groan, half-gasp yet again, my head arched far back so that I could see the carved wooden posts at the head of the bed. My fingernails clawed at Joe’s back. My feet sank down slowly from where they’d pointed at the ceiling, sank slowly down until they once more brushed Joe’s hips. I could feel myself, tensed, taut, gasping for breath, starting to hyperventilate.

“Relax Hayley, just relax sweetheart.” Joe’s voice was gentle and slow, soothing me, his weight pressing on me, continuing to easily pin my jerking and wildly quivering body beneath him. His hands stroked the hair back from my forehead. He kissed me gently as I panted for breath. Short shallow fast breathes. Thank god he wasn’t moving in me. “Breath slowly sweetheart … slooowly…”

“NNNNUUUGGGHHH.” Jesus, teach your grandmother Joe, I was trying for some control but I really was gasping for breath, just about hyperventilating. I hadn’t been prepared for this! I tried to calm myself, tried to breath slowly but it was hard, so hard to focus when all I could do was experience. I really hadn’t imagined it feeling like this, so big. Big? It was fucking huge! Fuck! Oh Fuck! Fuck oh Fuck!

“Relax Haley, breath slowly … breath slowly … we’ve got plenty of time.” His hands continued to gentle me, stroking me slowly, his breath slow and controlled, his caresses relaxed and gentle, soothing me, calming me.

“OOOOOHHHHHH.” Oh fuck, it was easy for him to say relax. My mouth was working like a gaped fish. Moving, but nothing was coming out but the odd uncontrollable noise. I wasn’t exactly making sense here. I looked up at him blindly. This wasn’t wat I’d imagined it would be like at all. Finally my voice worked. Just. “Fuck … OOOHHH … ohh fuck … It’s so big … it’s so big Joe …”

He kissed me again, smiling. What the bedava bahis fuck was he smiling for? “Yeah, it’s big … relax Hayley … your little cunt’s so tight girl … it’ll all fit in you … eventually …” There was that smile of his again that said he knew. He knew and he was enjoying what I was going through, he was enjoying what he was doing to me. My breathing was slowing now, I was getting used to the feel of it inside me. Well, used to the feel of the head of his cock inside me anyhow. Fuck, how could it all possibly fit into me? This was just the tip of him? What about the rest? I knew how long he was. I’d held him in my hand. I’d taken that cock in my mouth. I knew how much of him was in me. Not much. Eventually, he’d said. How long was this going to take? Jesus it felt so fucking enormous! A fresh outbreak of sweat sheened over my body at the mere thought. I felt myself trembling. A wordless little whimper crossed my lips.

“You’re okay now Hayley, see, you’re getting used to it already.” His voice was so gentle and caring. I wanted to be okay. I wanted to be more than okay for Joe. But fuck, I wasn’t getting used to it! It still felt way too big to fit all the way up inside me. What the fuck was I doing? I’d wanted this? I knew I did, I still wanted this, I wanted him all in me, but fuck… I so wasn’t getting used to this! Jesus.

“Oh god … … don’t move … just wait… ohh fuck … ohh fuck Joe.” My voice quivered like my body. I was helpless jelly beneath Joe and I had no control over what was happening to me. None at all. “Let me … let me get used to it… please… please Joe” Although I had no idea how I was going to get used to it. Now I understood some of those stories the girls told about guys with big cocks. Fuck! What had I done? What was I doing?

Joe kissed me again, tenderly, not moving, waiting for me as my breathing slowed, slowed some more. Now he kissed me again. All I did was open my mouth. My whole focus was on the feel of him in my sex, where I clasped him inside me, where my entrance gripped his shaft at the base of that swollen head, an enormous intrusion between my thighs where he entered me. I clung to him, unable to think of anything else. Was I getting used to him in me? It didn’t feel like it. His mouth lifted from mine at last. He smiled. He stirred inside me, easing back just a little. I could feel myself, feel myself where I clasped him moving back with him, clinging to his shaft, held on him by the ridge at the base of his glans, stretching.

He stopped. I waited, heart pounding, then I gasped as I felt him move gently inwards, a thick intrusive pressure pushing into me, stretching me inside, his weight pressing me wonderfully flat as I tried to arch my back, pinning and spreading me beneath him. I’d never felt as helpless as I did in those moments while he pushed his cock a little further into me for the first time. I could feel myself stretching around him as he pushed just a little further inwards. It was uncomfortable, but it didn’t actually hurt. I felt stretched though. Definitely he was stretching me as he worked it a little further up inside me.

“Hhuuuhhh… Ohhh … Joe … Joe … OOOHHHUUHHH!” He stopped moving with that last far louder groan. That was a relief, but also not, because only a small part of him was in me. Despite everything I really did want all of him in me. I blinked tears from my eyes.

Joe touched his lips to mine, a brief caress before he spoke. “Hayley, I think we need to give you something else to think about right now.”

“Huuugghhhh?” I wasn’t really capable of more than simple noises. Very simple noises. I had no idea what he was talking about. What else was there to think about? How could I possibly think about anything else? This was all new to me. It was impossible to think about anything else. Or in my innocence, so I thought.

“Yeah, we need something to take your mind of my cock for a minute, something to help you relax” His lips touched mine briefly again before he looked around. “Hey Steve, you still with me here dude?”

“Uh, yeah, what?” Steve sounded breathless. His voice reminded me that Steve was here with us, it wasn’t just Joe and I.

“I need you to give Hayley’s tummy a little massage for me dude, she’s all tense.” Joe raised himself up, holding himself up on his arms, touching me only where his thighs brushed mine and where his cock joined me. I lay unmoving, suddenly embarrassed, my knees drawn back, exposed to both Joe’s eyes and to Steve’s, the head of Joe’s cock inside me, his cock a thick shaft jutting inwards, joining our bodies. I wanted to look down, to look at where he joined me, to see what that looked like. I couldn’t raise my head. All I could do was breathe. But I heard Steve’s indrawn breath as his eyes looked down to where Joe entered me.

“Looks hot doesn’t she Steve? You can see how stretched her little cunt is round my cock can’t you dude. Now rub her deneme bonus tummy.”

Steve did as he was told, one hand moving on me in a gentle circular massage, caressing my tummy, almost but not quite touching my sex where I clasped Joe in a vice-like grip. Oh sweet Jesus! My boyfriend was massaging me while Joe had his cock in me. This was strange. Strange? This was weird! But somehow it was also tremendously exciting, even as I felt that slow burn of embarrassment spread from my face down my neck to my breasts.

“Play with your breasts for me Hayley.” Joe’s voice was soft, soft as silk, so persuasive. I obeyed without thought, moving my hands up jerkily to cup my breasts, to stroke them with my fingers, to toy with my swollen and aching nipples as Joe and Steve watched me, as Joe’s cock held itself still in me, a solid shaft of heated steel poised to impale me. I held my breasts, running my thumbs over my nipples, shivering and breathing hard as Steve’s hand circled on my tummy, circled and dived lower, dived down all the way to where my sex was stretched around Joe’s shaft, his fingers finding my clitoris and teasing it in passing, his fingertips tracing my sex where I was stretched like a rubber band around Joe’s girth. I could see Joe’s eyes watching my hands, looking at my breasts as I teased my nipples.

Steve’s fingers moving on me where Joe entered me were starting to drive me half crazy. How could he do that? How could he bear to touch me there where his buddy’s cock entered me? I was Steve’s girlfriend, not Joe’s. Steve should have been jealous that it was Joe’s cock there and not his. Steve should have been upset that after so long where I’d kept his hands out of my panties, he was finally getting to touch me there only with Joe’s cock poised to take me right before his eyes. How could Steve watch this happen so calmly? How could he see Joe’s cock going into me with such meek acceptance? I turned my head a little to look at his face, only to see his gaze focused raptly on my sex.

My heart leapt, half-choking me as it dawned on me that Steve really was getting off on watching Joe take me. That look on his face as he looked at Joe’s cock going into me, the rapt excitement there, told me he was as excited by what was happening to me as I was having it happen. In the back of my mind I’d been feeling guilty at what I was doing with Joe in front of Steve. Now, as realization dawned, that guilt was washed away in a flood of excitement. With a little gasp, I spread my legs wider apart so that Steve could see more. More of me. More of my sex. More of Joe’s rigid connection to me. I wanted Steve to see that. I wanted to display my body to Steve, I wanted in that moment to give my boyfriend what he seemed to want just as I was giving Joe what he wanted. In displaying myself to Steve, was I getting what I wanted? I wasn’t sure about that but I was certainly getting Joe’s cock and I definitely wanted that.

Joe picked that moment to move, easing back just a little and then pushing in further. My back arched again, Steve’s hand pressed against my stomach, I gasped, just a little whuff this time as I felt myself stretched a little. But this time Joe didn’t stop, he moved and moved and moved again, an infinitesimal easing out and then in, pushing just a fraction further in with every movement. All the time Steve’s hand caressed my tummy, stroking me, gentling me, pressing down on me when my body quivered or when Joe intruded just a little more than I could take without that involuntary arching of my back.

I knew I was starting to get used to this as I felt Joe’s movements slowly becoming more lengthy inside me without any major discomfort. There was a good two inches of his cock moving in me now, sliding backwards and forwards within my sex. His shaft moved through my entrance, sliding thickly into me, pausing, easing just a little further into me before withdrawing, making me whimper with each movement as I looked up at him. My hands circled my breasts slowly. Steve’s fingers stroked my tummy in slow circles, massaging me, relaxing me.

Joe glanced from my face to Steve’s. “Can you feel my cock inside her dude?”

Steve’s fingers massaged me, digging into me as Joe moved. “Yeah, yeah I can.” Oh fuck! His fingers moved down, down to where Joe entered me, slipping over my labial lips as Joe slid himself into me, pulled back, slid into me. How could he do that? I slid one hand down, down from my breast over my tummy, hesitated a moment, then slid my fingers down to touch myself, to feel Joe sliding into me with my fingertips. To feel Steve’s fingers touching me there. I shivered with excitement as I felt Joe’s cock sliding in and out of me. It was happening. I was really doing it. Joe looked down at me.

“Feeling more relaxed now Hayley?

“Yes… Yes” My eyes were half-closed as Steve’s fingertips ran over my clitoris, tracing little circles on me as Joe moved in and out in a slow rhythm. I watched him as he smiled and slowly lowered himself back down onto me, one arm sliding back under my neck and shoulders, his weight firm on me as he continued to move steadily. It felt good. It felt very good and I found myself wanting more. He nuzzled my ear, his voice soft.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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