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Big Tits

He was sweating as he thrust his hips wildly fucking her on the seat of the big truck. She moaned loudly. This was the culmination of months of longing, chatting and hot phone sex.

It started innocently enough, well not really! Even in retrospect there was nothing innocent about them. They met on an internet dating service for bored married people. She was looking for boys and some cyber fun and he just wanted to get laid.

The story of his life! All his waking moments were filled with thoughts of fucking. He loved pussy, he loved to lick it, to touch it, to smell it but most of all he loved to fuck it!

She on the other hand loved cock! All she thought of all day was sucking cock, playing with cock and having a fat one pounding inside her. She loved to fuck. She couldn’t help but think back on all the times she’d dreamed of having his cock inside her and now her well-endowed stud was properly plowing her.

Such is modern technology, answer an ad in the paper on a whim and bang you are in trouble. Ass deep in trouble. They were, both married, both with no intention of anything but cyber play or a quick fuck. And here they were hopelessly, helplessly in lust/love. They couldn’t keep away from one another. The distance they lived apart meant little to them. They were constantly online together or on the phone. They talked not just of sex and things sexual, but hopes and dreams, lives past, loves lost. Anything and everything that came to mind. But sex was a huge part of their talks. They both were lusty souls; neither had ever been faithful to a partner. One person wasn’t enough for their needs. But, maybe this time, they always thought that when finding a new mate. No no this time really was different. Both were sexually needy and they were compatible.

He was married, she was married. And they were crazy about each other. Insanely passionate!

And here they were finally together after months of agonizing over one another. She picked him up at the airport, but discretion did not permit any real contact there. They got into her truck silently, neither of them looking at each other, so deep was the passion. Not a word was spoken. You could feel desire in the air; it was real chemistry the kind you think you will only read about till it happens. The were out of the parking lot for about 3 minutes before she turned the truck down a little used side road, excitement driving her to make unusual choices. She stopped the truck after a few moments and turned to him,

“Baby I can’t wait for the hotel.” She could barely gasp out the words. “Please lets just fuck now. No games no niceties, just rip our clothes off and fuck”

He didn’t even answer, he just turned to her undoing his seatbelt and grabbing her face between his big long fingered hands he began to kiss her roughly, passionately. She returned the kiss with equal ferocity and began pulling his shirt over his head; he let go her face and finished taking his shirt off. She began to lick his tan neck and chest with a lust she didn’t know she possessed. She was wild like a feral cat, hissing with desire clawing at his pants now trying to undo his zipper. His breath was already ragged; he pulled her tshirt over her head, revealing her heaving chest with its heavy breasts encased in uplifting black lace. He ripped open the front fastener and instantly grabbed a large erect nipple between his teeth and tugged. She gasped.

She could wait no longer and pulled her pants down, inhibitions and nerves completely shed. He pushed his pants down and pulled her up and laid her over the seat facing the rear of the truck. He leaned over her and bit her gently on the neck and fed his cock into her waiting dripping pussy. It went in with little difficulty and he started to slide his cock in and out slowly, but the passion was too much and he began to bang away hard and fast. She was squealing with pleasure, calling his name over and over as she came and came again. He continued fucking her and very shortly she felt his body stiffen and he groaned out loud as he unloaded his passion fully into her warm centre. They lay across ataşehir escort the seat for a moment or two exhausted by their spent passion.

She was so full of love and joy she couldn’t believe the feelings she was experiencing. He fell off her reluctantly. But coming to his senses he realized they were sitting ducks naked in the truck during the morning. She came slowly out of her stupor and slid down the seat herself.

They looked at each other and laughed.

“Well hello to you too!” he grinned boyishly at her. “Pleased to meet you Harriet.”

She blushed like a schoolgirl and realized she was still half-naked in her truck with a virtual stranger. She wiggled back into her clothes.

“What next.” she panted still exhausted from her mighty orgasm. He smiled and did up his pants,

“More of the same but in a more comfortable spot.” He grinned and buckled up his seatbelt. “Do you know somewhere we can go?”

She just grinned back at him, nodded her head and started the truck again. She pulled out of the little used byway and headed toward the centre of town and the motel room she had booked for him.

The truck pulled into the parking lot and up near the office door where she sat nervously while he got out of the vehicle and went into register. It seemed an eternity he was gone. She was nervous and excited and her knickers were soaking wet again, she felt a tingling in her spine. This was going even better than she had dreamed it would. She felt like a naughty teenager again, not a cheating wife, this felt good and it felt so right. There could be nothing wrong with this; nothing bad could feel this good. She sighed a contented sigh and leaned back in the seat.

The passenger door opened suddenly and startled she sat up bolt upright, it was him. She sighed deeply again this time from relief. He smiled and dangled the old fashioned type key in front of him and said,

“124 baby”

She felt another shiver run through her body and end in her nipples, she started the truck and drove the correct spot then killed the engine. They walked together into the room she was so excited she was shaking and her pussy was dripping again. He opened the door and motioned her to go ahead of him. She walked into the already cooled room and shivered, as much from anticipation as the air conditioning; she knew they would soon warm each other.

He turned to here and grinned his big toothy grin and spoke

“So?” Leaving the question open ended and hanging in the air.

She blushed suddenly shy. He held a hand out to her and as she took it, he pulled her deeply into his embrace, she lifted her head to meet his gaze and flushed with heat she reached her lips up to kiss him. They kissed deeply, slowly with great longing. She gently bit his full lower lip and sucked it into her mouth; she could feel his manhood rising again in his shorts. Pressing urgently against her. She reached for it but he pulled her hand away.

“No no baby lets go slowly this time?” he almost questioned her and began raise the soft blouse over her head, she shuddered when he planted small wet kisses and nibbles on the top of her now nearly exposed breasts. His lips enflamed her passion. She was his to have, she wanted to kiss him all over and be kissed all over. Taking her closer to the bed he sat her down on the edge and removed her outer clothing, leaving her in just the bra and panties he had sent for her to wear. His hand stroked the crotch of her panties feeling her wetness through the silky lace. She arched toward him wanting him in her body like nothing she had experienced before. She was overwhelmed by her response to him; she was in heat with desire she hardly knew herself, so desperate did she feel.

She moaned aloud, surprised at the sound of her voice.

“Take off your things.” He demanded in a gruff voice husky with passion. She looked him in the eyes and she removed her bra, his hand had slid under the edge of her panties feeling her bare smoothness, he said to her “let’s leave on the panties for now.”

She only nodded her voice kadıköy escort bayan failing her in her neediness. She still held tightly around his neck with her arms raised high, he grinned at her and slid a finger along her opening slit and told her

“My my my who’s the wet girl?” he teased her, his fingers dancing over her pussy and finding her clit flicking it gently. Again she shuddered close to orgasm already. “Oh you like that? Mmmm I thought my little girl might!”

He slid a finger forcefully all the way into her drenched pussy and went straight for the g-spot. She came on his hand instantly her whole body jerking with the force. He continued plying her pussy with his finger taking it out of her pussy he put it to his mouth and sucked every bit of her essence from it, grinning at her.

“You like that, don’t you baby?” He said still smiling as he slid the finger back inside her and bent over to suckle at her fully engorged breasts, nipping and biting gently at the hardened raised nipple. She quivered and whimpered like a puppy her whole self wrapped up in his hands and mouth. She had never felt like this with a man before ever ever in her life she was a wanton totally enveloped by lust and passion, she orgasmed over and over again. He finally released her and laying her on the bed climbed up onto her body and licking her open panting mouth he slid his hard cock in where his fingers had just been and began to stroke slowly gently teasing her more.

She moaned loudly into his mouth

He groaned and fucked her harder with each stroke all the way in and all the way pulling it out very slowly slamming his full weight hard going back in. He rode her hard this way then he went as fast out as he went hard in. Over and over he drilled her body till she was nothing but jelly. He stopped and withdrew, she whined softly, and he turned her over and pulled her up onto her knees and chest. He immediately drove his cock hard into her exposed pussy and fucked her slowly, so slowly. She was insane with pleasure. He leaned into her and said

“Let’s go into the bathroom”

She knew immediately what he meant and moaned nodding her head in agreement. Willie helped her to her feet and they walked together to the bathroom kissing and touching while they walked, they didn’t stop to turn on the bathroom light but left it bathed in the soft light from the hallway. Willie let go Harriet’s hand and sat on the toilet, his legs apart to form a seat for her. She straddled his rigid cock and felt it enter her deeply as she sat down her legs on the outside of his.

“Let it go now,” he almost begged.

She squeezed hard trying to urinate knowing she had to go, she had held it all day in anticipation of this act they had discussed so many times before. Finally her flow started and she peed hard and long on him. She was exhilarated. Willie was groaning deeply more guttural than before.

“I wanna fuck you now!” his passion exploded. They jumped up together and almost ran to the bed where she sat on the edge of the bed and lay back. He entered her on his knees at first then lifting her legs over his shoulders as he stood up. He went mad, fucking her like a wild animal would fuck its mate, rutting, groaning and finally bellowing loudly as he came stream after steam of hot cum into her waiting cunt. She was screaming as she came over and over. No man had ever taken her like this. Never once in her life had she experienced such passion.

They continued to slowly pump their hips together easing up as the passion slowed itself down. He laid down on her and grinning like a kid kissed her gently on her eyelids, her nose and finally on her swollen lips gently tugging at them with his teeth. The wonderful slow kissing and gentle touching was threatening to build into heated need again and he regretfully pulled himself from her body saying.

“Come on sweetheart, time for a bath. That stuff can sting your skin if you leave it on.”

They enter the bathroom and he drew a bath for her, she entered the hot water with a sigh of relief, her body was aching from escort maltepe the battering they were giving it and her skin was getting stingy. She soaped her self and stood to rinse. He got in after her and filled the tub again and he lay there playfully splashing and laughing with her sitting on the edge of the tub.

She was in heaven; the moment was even more intimate than the fucking had been. They talked and laughed and as the water became cool he stood to dry with the towel she handed him. She found herself looking at his beautiful body, long, lean, tanned. Everything a girl had always been told she wanted and she did. Harriet reached her arms up around the strong neck and on tiptoes kissed his beautiful full lips.

Willie reached down and picked her, he carried her effortlessly back to the bed and there they lay in each other’s arms, resting and relaxing. Touching and kissing, with no urgency, gentle cuddles soft lips on eyelids. Harriet was melting like a soft chocolate in the warm sun. She felt herself becoming one with his body and his thoughts.

She slowing slithered down his body to where his now flaccid penis lay against his tanned leg, she opened her warm mouth and enveloped the entire cock. She slowly licked and suckled at the now ripening organ smiling as it filled more and more of her mouth, now tickling the back of her mouth demanding entrance to her throat. She opened wider and swallowed taking in as much of his meat as she could, when she began to gag a little she could hear him groaning loudly and she valiantly tried to take more into her throat, she reached down to tickle the balls that were now tickling her chin and he groaned again. She smiled coyly to herself and let the cock slide out of her mouth. She stroked it hard for a moment or two as she positioned herself above him then releasing her hand from his cock she slid it quickly inside her ready waiting cunt.

She smiled down at him and began a slow sensual ride; she played with her nipples for him to see and continued riding slowly. Then she leaned over him and kissed him, her tongue fully imbedded in his mouth. He kissed her back then pushed her away to suckle on her breasts as she fucked him.

He reached back and shoved a long lean finger in her ass and started to rub his cock through the wall between the hot forbidden zone and her pussy. She wasn’t sure who was enjoying it more, her or him. She loved ass play but wasn’t sure he did.

She was about to find out. He squirmed out from under her and reaching under the pillow he pulled out a bottle of lubricant and squeezed it all over her ass and his cock. He turned her over and raised her ass high in the air and began running his fingers in and out of her now lubricated anus. She was loving it, but she was nervous, his cock was pretty big, not huge but bigger than anything she had ever tried to take up the ass.

He leaned over her shoulder and asked

“Are you ready?” His breath hot on her neck, “I want to be in your ass now girl.”

She nodded her consent unable to speak.

He firmly placed his cock head against her slightly opened starfish and began to push. She pushed back against him and the cock just popped right in. He was in! He was finally in her ass. Oh how she loved this moment, she loved him so much, she wanted him so much, and now here he was, live in person, naked and fucking her in the ass! She almost lost her mind with desire. She reached down and played with her clit as he pounded hard in her ass. He fucked her hard and long, with no mercy, it was heaven she was screaming in mind blasting pleasure. As he came she looked around to see his face twisted in orgasm and she came again just watching him. No one ever told her sex could be like this, she never wanted the moment to end and milked his cock hard with her ass trying to keep him in there, but eventually he became soft and slid out her open butt leaving a trail of sticky cum behind.

Languidly they lie together kissing and hugging, she was almost in tears totally incoherent but then he looks at the clock and they both realize their precious time together is over and they must part. They barely spoke as she took him back to the airport. He kissed her goodbye so tenderly with so much love, that she drove away crying, dreaming of the next time they could be together and with that thought she began smiling through her tears.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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