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Part I

Melody watched the fields of Black-eyed Susans, Indian paintbrush and prairie broomweed flash by. Behind them the live oaks provided a somber green backdrop to the vibrancy of July in central Texas. She glanced down for the nth time at the dinner gown she’d bought for the occasion. Its deep red sequins set off the dark honey of her skin and the color was repeated in the dangling chains of garnets around her throat and below her ears. She fiddled with the necklace nervously.

“Is this party absolute necessary, Scotty?”

Her husband’s face turned wistful. She could see that he was making some effort to keep his pale eyes on the road. Obviously, he would rather look at her.

“Sweetheart, I only see three options. We go to the party and embrace the corporate culture or I kiss off any chance of promotion or I go find an entirely new job. The last would be desperate in this economy even if my particular set of skills were more general. The second would hurt a lot in the long run since the real perks and profit sharing start at the next level above mine. And the first worries you. So right now I’m just the pilot. The car is going to the Perkins’ ranch. Unless you give me firm direction otherwise, it keeps going.”

His wife chewed her lips. Scott was right. It had been hard enough for him to land a job doing what he knew well and everything about the company had seemed almost too good to be true, at least at first. Then, quietly, they had started hearing about the ‘corporate culture’, especially about the parties the CEO and his wife threw. Somehow Scott had managed to get employed by a bunch of swingers and anyone who had any plans for advancement was expected to play with them.

“Don’t you know any details? I mean, will there be an orgy?”

“No, I don’t think so. All the men were told to reserve rooms in the better class of motel in the area. At least all the—uh—playtime will be in private.” He ran a hand through his blond crew-cut. “Other than that it’s as much a mystery to me as it is to you. I’ve been told not to worry and that nothing bad ever happens. I don’t know what that means but I can say that I did some checking. PW Associates seems to be an unusually stable company and so are its people. According to what I can find no one ever seems to leave the company or get divorced despite the way they behave. Go figure.”

Melody smiled ruefully. “I guess that’s some consolation. At least I won’t lose you to some red-haired siren.”

“Fat chance of that! This white boy has a real preference to dark meat, my lady, especially yours.”


The heat still shimmered on the pavement when they turned up the ‘driveway’ to the ranch house. White rail fences kept fat Hereford cattle and sleek quarter-horses off the gravel and huge, old pecan trees shaded their route. Evening may have been approaching but it was still hot. Scott parked the car in the wide turn around that fronted the ranch house. Melody thought that for people who were as rich as the Perkins, the house was remarkably unpretentious and homey. True, it had two and a half stories and the front porch was as large as some entire lots but the white clapboards and green shutters spoke of a casual life style that made her fear that she might have over-dressed for the occasion.

The worry was relieved the instant the front door opened and Eva Perkins swept the couple up in an enthusiastic hug.

“Darlin’s, we’re so glad you made it. Melody, what a wonderful dress! When things settle down just a bit you must tell me where you got that. I’d need a different color, of course, but the cut and those sequins? Girl, you are a sight to behold. Why you may even take some of these dirty old men’s attention away from Sonya. She’s the pregnant one in yellow satin? Over by the bar? Just look at all those lechers droolin’ over the little thing. It’s almost enough to make me want another baby—almost! Scott, honey, take your gorgeous wife around and introduce her.”

The modest sized crowd could only be described as brilliant. Every woman, no matter the age, seemed to be svelte and fit and if there was even one man who didn’t spend at least an hour each day in the gym, he was well-hidden. Tuxedos fit close and gowns sparkled though Melody had to observe that a number of those dresses either defied gravity or were held on with costume adhesive. Cleavage and plunging backs seemed the order of the night and there were plenty of hems slit to the waist, as well. If she had any doubts as to the nature of the group, the overt sexuality of the other women made short work of them. Even Sonya Kwan, well into her second trimester, wore her belly like a pair of ‘fuck me’ heels. The evening’s heat wasn’t just meteorological.

After her second glass of fine champagne, Melody began to relax and enjoy herself. The men drifted off to talk about deer hunting, dogs, college football and the Cowboys’ chances for the coming season. The women clustered in little groups where the conversation started with clothes, children and the impossibility of husbands ataşehir escort but soon worked its giggling way down to who did what in the bedroom.

After an hour or so of conversation and hors d’oeuvres a bell sounded and the crowd flowed out onto the veranda next to the Olympic-sized pool. It was at that time that Melody felt a tap on her elbow. Scott’s cubicle partner, Annabel Sanchez, leaned in close and spoke softly in her ear.

“Nervous, Melody?”

“Well—yes. Maybe even whatever is the next step up from nervous.”

“I understand. It’s your first time here. And to be honest, I am too, always. This is a good company and a great bunch of people but there are just some men in the crowd I really would rather not have inside me. I’ve become quite the ace blow-job artist because of it and no one has ever complained but I think you will find that this helps, it really does.”

She held up a squeeze bottle to her nose and put a quick sniff up each nostril. She handed it to Melody.

“Here, it’s called PL-6983. The stuff is the only real aphrodisiac in the world. Believe me, honey, it works! You take a good sniff in each nostril now and by the time you need it, you’ll be ready.”

Hesitantly, Melody complied. It felt like the sort of nasal spray she used when she had a cold. There was no scent, no sensation of any kind. Hmpf! It’s probably a placebo. I’ll have better luck with the champagne.

Eva stood up on a platform and rang the bell a second time.

“Now have all the gentlemen surrendered their car keys? Yes? Good. Just to remind everyone how it works, I’ve put all the keys into this big black fish bowl with the velvet over the top? I’ve got all the ladies names in this little ol’ bucket over here? As I call your name, girls, you come on up and reach into the bowl, take out the set of keys and hold it up high in the air so the men can see. The owner of the keys will come up and claim both the keys and you. Those of you usin’ the bedrooms here can just strip down at once but I’d suggest that those whose lovers-for-the-night have rooms down the road should keep your clothes on, at least until you get inside?”

There was a titter of laughter and then Eva called out, “Gloria Fredericks.”

A tall, slim brunette walked briskly up to the bowl and pulled out a set of keys with a three-pointed star. She held it up and three men leaned forward but only one smiled broadly.

“Ah, Gloria my dear, we couple again. And I just happen to have dibs on the bedroom upstairs under the gable.”

He walked up to her with his hand out. She dropped the keys into his open palm and then, smiling, reached up behind her neck. Unfastening the catch, she let her gown drop to the pavement, unhooked her bra from between her delicate breasts and pushed her panties down to her ankles. Now naked she too held out her hand and together they walked back into the house.

Melody gulped. What surprised her most was how calmly the woman had taken it. She had actually stripped down naked in front of a bunch of people that her husband worked with or that she worked with and walked off to be screwed by a man chosen completely at random. This was not the way she understood swingers to operate. At least they usually got to know each other first. But then, the man had said something about “couple again” so perhaps they did know each other, at least in the Biblical sense.

“Sally Ann McDermott”

A compact woman with smile lines, a silver page-boy and a remarkable décolletage reached into the bowl and pulled out a set of keys that Melody found familiar.

“Uh, those would be mine.” Scotts discomfort was palpable.

“Why Scotty,” Sally Ann exclaimed with a grin, “what a nice surprise! Are you upstairs, too? No? Well, then,” she put an arm through his, “we’ll just wander off to your motel together? I can’t wait to be your first company lover.”

“Don’t worry, Melody,” Annabel whispered in her ear, “Sally will take good care of your man and send him home ready to do you tomorrow night. It’s a talent she has.”

“Annabel Sanchez!”

Annabel pulled a set of keys from the bowl and grinned when a patrician voice announced, “Those are mine.”

“Oh! Mr. Perkins, this is an honor. And I assume we will be using the master suite?” She started to undo her clothing even before the company president retrieved his keys.

Mr. Perkins inclined his head in affirmation and when Annabel was completely naked tucked her arm through his elbow and started for the back of the house.

By now Melody was more intrigued than alarmed. In fact, the whole idea was getting interesting, somehow. She was not sure why, maybe the growing tingle between her thighs had something to do with it.

“Melody O’Keefe.”

She squeaked just a bit and clapped her hand over her mouth. This is it. I just hope he isn’t someone yucky. Forcing one foot to go in front of the other Melody put a trembling hand into the bowl and pulled out a set of keys. She noted absently that the key was old, had wings kadıköy escort bayan and said ‘Jaguar’ on the face.

“Well, this is my lucky day.” A compact man with a thin mustache walked up to her and with a bow held out his hand for the keys. “Darlin’, I have a room not ten minutes down the road so if you will just come with me to the roadster? And allow me to introduce myself, I am Coral Lafayette.”

“P-pleased to meet, you,” Melody stammered. And since it seemed the proper etiquette for this kind of encounter, she put her arm through his and let herself be led away. Coral put his left hand softly on hers and took her over to a Jaguar CK 120 painted a dark British racing green. He opened the passenger door and gallantly bowed her in. She flushed darkly in response. He certainly seems like a nice man, and a rather attractive one, too. Maybe this won’t be too terrible. The tingling in her loins increased. Maybe it will even be fun. The thought made her blush even more.

As they motored down the road, the growl of the engine and the vibration of the tight suspension reinforced the tingling. Melody was perspiring slightly and it was not just from the heat.

“I’ve taken the liberty of making sure the room isn’t too cold, darlin’. I don’t know about you but I hate making love with cold hands.”

That brought Melody up short. He actually said ‘making love’ not ‘having sex’ or ‘screwing’ or ‘bonking’ or ‘humping’ or any of the other blunter ways of describing the act.

“You—you really mean make love?”

“Oh yes. You see, darlin’, this goes back to when Mr. Perkins and the late Mr. Wallace were fighter pilots over Viet Nam. Thunderchiefs were havin’ a terrible war and getting’ shot down somethin’ awful. Eventually the Air Force came up with a technical solution. Before that the pilots were frettin’ about their wives bein’ left widowed with no one to take care of them. So they revived a tradition that began in WWII, the car key party. It sort of bonded the squadron together real close and made sure that any widow still had a ‘family’ to take care of her and her children. When Mr. Perkins and Mr. Wallace started this company they decided to do the same thing. We don’t just jump into bed for recreational sex, Melody. We make love and care for each other. I think it’s the glue that makes PW Associates the business power that it has become.”

“The PWA management is all in love with each other?”

“Absolutely, darlin’, and my object tonight is to make you love me and to love you. And here we are at the motel where it all begins.”

He pulled into the parking place in the rear of the lodge and handed her out of the car then, as he keyed open the room, wrapped his hand around her one bare shoulder and caressed her back. Her skin was slick with perspiration and he ran his hand down farther to gently cup one buttock and propel her into the room.

Melody found herself trembling as he drew her against him with a smile. The warmth and the scent of his body seeped into her and she laid her head on his chest, surprised at her feelings. Yes, he did seem to be a man both nice and attractive. She wriggled just a little in his arms.

“Melody, we’ve got about an hour before everyone is due back at the ranch. That will be long enough for me to make love to you twice.” He bent his head down to sniff her hair and then her shoulder. “Darlin’ you have the most provocative perfume on tonight. Frangipani is the most erotic scent I know. Let me taste you.” And he took the shell of her ear in his lips and sucked.

Melody had been snuggling until now but at that gesture she suddenly pressed her body hard against his. Damn, Annabel was right. That stuff she gave me works. I want him, Annabel, just like you said I would. I want him inside me!

Coral ran his hands down her sides and slid them into the slits of her skirt. She smiled as she felt him take her thong in both hands and pull it down over her ass and let it drop to the carpet. He stroked the stockings on her thighs.

“And those panties are mine. It’s traditional to take your lover’s underwear home and add it to your collection. Mmmm, you just leave those stockin’s on, honey, and the opera gloves, too. Women do look so elegantly sexy in stockings, gloves and jewelry. Let me see if you are ready, yet.”

His hand ran down the curve of her belly and his fingers found her sex, already swollen and wet. “Well how ’bout that. Our little new girl is already in the spirit of the game.”

Melody raised the fingers of his other hand to her lips and nipped the tips. “Yes, Coral, I’m ready, really ready. Undress me, Coral, then lay me down and love me, love me hard.”

He smiled and unfastened the hook at her shoulder, pulled the front strap from the back and pushed it off and down her body.

“Mercy, Melody, no bra? And waxed smooth? Were you lookin’ forward to tonight or do you always go out this way?”

She blushed again. “Uh—I don’t know. I wasn’t really looking forward to tonight but I guess I just thought it was escort maltepe the right look?”

“It’s a wonderful look, darlin’, and now it’s time for you to get in bed.”

Melody lay down in the center of the king-size bed, her dark skin against the white sheets and watched Coral take off his tuxedo. Her eyes grew wide and her mouth curled up at the corners. She ran her tongue across her lips. Coral was definitely fit and she was happy to see that he wore a well-filled pouch instead of plaid boxers. Then he was beside her on the sheets. When he leaned down to smell her perfume again Melody ran her tongue along his neck, savoring the slightly musky flavor of his skin and the salt of his sweat. One hand palmed her breast, warm to the touch, and tweaked the nipple. She twitched in melting response.

“I’m ready for you, Coral,” she whispered, “all wet and slippery. I want you inside me all hard and eager. Love me, Coral, love me hard.”

He rolled over on top of her and she lifted her knees. The blunt knob of his cock pressed against her sex and slid in. Melody gave a little moan and a sigh. She pushed her hips up.

“Oooh! Pound me into the mattress, Coral. I want you so bad.”

He smiled and began to drive in and out. She looked into his eyes as he thrust. As the excitement rose she felt like he was drawing her up into his eyes, pulling her soul up to blend with his. Melody had felt like this the first time Scott made love to her, marking her as his forever she thought. Now she knew that he was just the first of her loves. How many more might there be she could not know but she was sure there would be many. I’m going to be shared. My lovers will hand me from one to the next and when it’s my turn, I’ll strip naked in front of the company and go off to be fucked just like Gloria and Annabel did. It’s my fate. I can feel it. Her tension rose until it was unbearable and when the orgasm hit she screamed.

Coral smiled, the sweat dripping from his face onto her breasts. He reached back and pulled her knees up against her chest and drove deep into her body finally jetting his seed into her with a roar.


She lay spooned against his chest and belly, humming contentedly in the afterglow. His hand absently stroked her breasts and ran down her belly then circled her hip and started over again. Nothing makes me feel safer than a man’s arms around me. She began to understand what Coral meant when he had said he wanted to make love to her to make her love him. It was working. Her hand wandered back behind her to cup the smooth skin over his balls.



” Do people in the company ever—I mean, do they meet—uh, informally. Like outside the company parties?”

“Well, there a few couples we see privately. We just leave the kids with a baby-sitter and get together somewhere we can trade off for a while. I guess that means the answer is ‘yes’. Why?”

“Because—because I don’t want to have to wait a whole year to be with you again, that’s why. And I was hoping that maybe Scott would like your wife or something?”

Coral pushed his hips against her butt. She felt a stirring under her hand. Her eyes grew wide again.

“Oh, you won’t have to wait a year, darlin’,” he whispered, “In fact, you won’t have to wait five minutes. How about you just get your pretty little self up on your hands and knees, hmm?”

Melody complied at once. She felt him get between her shins and run his hands all over her bottom before stroking her labia with his cockhead. She shut her eyes and dropped her head to the mattress with a smile on her face. He entered her all in a rush and she moaned. Then a sharp slap on her butt made her squeal.


He spanked her on the other side and then set up a rhythm. Thrust, slap, thrust, slap. The pressure inside her and the sharpness of the spanking were a new set of sensations. After a couple of protests, Melody stopped her complaints and the squeals turned to excited whimpering. The heat on her buttocks was spreading down between her thighs until she cried out just as Coral grabbed her hips and with a final shove filled her again with his semen. He leaned over her back and whispered, “I love you, sweet Melody.”


When they returned to the ranch house, most of the other couples were cuddling together. Sally Ann sat on Scott’s lap. She was naked again and had pulled his shirt off, stroking and caressing his chest and running her face against his. Coral sat down next to him and pulled Melody onto his thighs, deliberately pulling her dress up to show that her panties were safely stowed elsewhere, probably in his coat pocket.

“Is she as good as he is?” Sally Ann asked with a leer.

Melody blushed again as Coral responded. “She’s a definite hottie, Sally Ann. The O’Keefes are gonna fit right in with PW Associates. The naughty thing even asked if people in the company ever met outside of official functions.”

Sally Ann reached over and tapped Melody on the tip of her nose. “See, darlin’, it’s like I told your hubby. We’re not fuck-buddies here, we’re lovers, all of us. And yes, we do meet ‘informally’ on occasion. So the next time I feel like bein’ shared by some stalwart men, I’ll make sure you bring your Scott along. You just make sure you get your share of sharin’, too.”

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