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Female Ejaculation

Ch. 8 Isabelle: the French Lesson

All the characters in this story are over 18. It is set in England, so the words used are English not American. And this story continues after Heather Chapter 7…

It was a few days after Isabelle had introduced me to oral sex for the first time, round at Heather’s house, that I was startled to hear my mother telling me that she had been talking with Isabelle earlier that morning.

“She said that you’d been very helpful, Andrew, so that’s nice to know. And if you’ve got a spare hour on Saturday afternoon, she’s got a special job for you. I said I was sure you’d like to help her out, and told her you’d be round there about three. You’re not doing anything else, are you? So just be a good boy and see how you can help her out. And remember to be on your best behaviour, because Isabelle is a very well brought-up lady, you know.”

Mmm.. I thought to myself, very well brought up indeed! But I managed to say a polite: “Yes, mum, I’ll go around and help if you want me to.”

So at the appointed hour I went the couple of dozen doors up the road to her house, and rang the bell. Isabelle opened it, smiling her wonderful smile. She was wearing a thin baby blue v-necked cardigan and matching blue round-neck sweater, in a softly smooth wool mixture which clung tightly to her beautifully rounded bosom. I guessed it was angora, or maybe a soft cashmere, brushed to look fuzzy. She had a matching baby blue knitted skirt and dark shoes, and her dark hair was held up in a tight bun. A string of pearls completed the picture of this gorgeous and somehow very glamorous and well groomed mother of two. She certainly was well-brought-up, at least to look at.

“‘Hello Andrew, I was hoping you’d get my message.” she said, her French accent making message sound nearly like massage. But I was getting obsessed. “Come in, please.”

And she beckoned me past so I squeezed by, into the hallway. As I passed she leaned slightly forward, just to make sure my arm brushed slightly against her breast. I was wearing just a T-shirt and jeans, and could feel electricity already.

She shut the front door behind us, while I waited to know where we were going.

“Please follow me upstairs, Andrew – that’s where my special job is that I need you for.” And she brushed past again, and led up the stairs.

I followed, my eyes glued to her tight skirt, moving gracefully over her bottom as she walked upwards. With each step I caught a trace of pantie line, as the wool clung to her rounded bottom cheeks, raising my cock and my desire. She went to the right, into her bedroom.

“I’m afraid Johnny has taken the boys away for the weekend, so I just couldn’t think who else to use for my special treat. Oh, I mean my special job! And your mother seemed very happy for you to come and help me.” And she smiled again, that knowing smile.

The room was stylishly furnished, with a set of mirrors on a dressing table in the window, an easy chair, fitted wardrobe, and of course a large bed, covered with a smooth deep pink throw that looked to be made of the softest wool.

“Come here and stand in front of me.” she said, sounding more authoritative, as she sat on the far side of the bed, beckoning me to stand between her and the dressing table.

“So, how did you like our first time, round at Heather’s?” she asked, looking me straight in the eye. Her French accent is difficult to capture in writing, but the way she looked as she spoke just made me melt and stiffen at the same time. And she was asking me how I liked her pleasuring me? Wow – just wow!

I’d moved around to where she’d said, then stood, looking at her, as she sat there, baby blue-clad arms slightly behind her on the bed, her cardigan buttons straining slightly over her breasts, which she was pushing forwards – as if I’d not noticed already.

“So, did you like what I did to you, hmmm?” she asked again, looking directly at me.

“Well yes, of course, it was just so … amazing.” I replied, somehow reddening at the thought.

“Oh good, I’m glad you liked it, because I need some more of your special vitamins and proteins, my young man, so I do hope you can produce them for me!”

She sat up on the bed, then slowly and carefully unbuttoned her cardigan, looking up at me when she came to the last one, which she slowly undid before letting the wool hang open gracefully surrounding her breasts. Then she put her hands on the bed behind her, so her breasts pushed forward again under the soft blue wool. Her cardigan edges hung down beside her body, framing her chest perfectly. I couldn’t help but be mesmerised by those beautiful rounded blue wool-clad breasts, and the smoothness of the wool broken only by two little bumps where her nipples were sticking forwards. God if only I had a camera!

“OK, my cherie,” she smiled, “Now it’s time for you to take off your clothes for me so I can see you properly. I’ve unbuttoned for you, so now you undress for me. Just strip off completely please, so I can see you standing casino şirketleri there naked!”

Embarrassed by her directness and her sexuality, I just did what she said. I took off my shoes and socks, feeling my cock rising, then unbuckled my belt before undoing my jeans and pulling them off then dropping them on a chair. Acutely aware of her watching me, I pulled my T-shirt over my head and put it on top of my other clothes. I could feel my hardness pushing forwards already, trapped by the tight cotton of my white underpants.

“Yes, and now for your underpanties too – I want to see all of you my poppet, especially your nice stiff penis!” she smiled.

She seemed to delight in my embarrassment, leaning forwards as I stripped off and watching my cock as its semi-hardness pushed forward out of my pants. So then I was naked, looking at her wool enrobed body as she looked back at my nakedness.

“Mmm… ” she murmured, “I do like to see a good young specimen, and you are certainly a fit young man, aren’t you? Turn around please” she commanded, “And watch the mirror…”

I turned around, then couldn’t avoid seeing myself as there were three mirrors on the dressing table, and I could see my naked body in all of them, cock twitching. Then as I watched, her baby blue wool covered arms came around my waist from both sides, and stroked up and down my stomach. As I watched she stood up behind me, then I felt the warmth and softness of her breasts press into my back as one hand wandered up my chest, and the other down my belly. She stroked and caressed me, squeezing her breasts against me until she could see I was well aroused. Then she stopped for a moment, as if a thought had struck her.

“I’m sorry, you must be very cold standing here naked. Here, put my cardy on. It will keep you warm – and I know you like the feel of wool. Heather was telling me all about you and wool, and the mess you made of her cardigans! Do you like ejaculating on a lady’s sweater, hmm?”

She was obviously waiting for an answer, as she slowly peeled off her cardigan, revealing that her sweater was sleeveless, the tight blue wool now somehow accentuating her breasts even more..


“Well I guess it feels so soft and sexy, and knowing it belongs to someone makes it feel as if they’re helping me, when I’m on my own..” I tried to explain, my erect cock now pushing fully forwards despite my embarrassment.

“So you like the feel of wool against your cock?” she asked, and draped her cardigan over my swollen member, which twitched hard as the soft fibres stroked my shaft.

“Oh! I can see you do!” she said, playing with the cardigan and draping it over me as she watched my cock quiver and twitch.

“I think I’d better give you a little test, my boy. So hold your hands behind your head – go on, do it now!”

And as I did as I was told, she draped the cardigan over my shaft, and stood up in front of me then quickly leaned forward and kissed me on the lips while she gently squeezed my balls at the same time. It felt so ecstatic that I nearly came on the spot.

“Right, my poppet!” she smiled, stepping back. “I hope your balls are good and full for me, so I’m going to leave my cardy hanging over you for a while as a test of your stamina. You must keep yourself hard enough to keep it up for me!”

“I’ll try!” I replied, now feeling so vulnerable but so aroused as the wool brushed against my balls and thighs as I swayed slightly. It was just like Heather had done the other week, but this time Isabelle was in charge.

She had now moved about four feet away, and was eyeing me up and down, still look so stylish in her matching wool skirt and sweater, with her hands on her hips.

“Mmmm, you do look good! I’m sure your mother is very proud of how big you’ve grown! I can’t wait for my two boys to get big enough for this kind of grown up fun. I’ve been wanting to suck them for ages now, but their cocks are still too small. Maybe I’ll ask your mother to start them off, just like I did you. Do you think your mother would like to do that?”

I’m not sure whether it was the thought of Isabelle sucking off her own sons, or my mother doing the same, but somehow I suddenly lost my full erection, and to my horror her cardigan began to slide off my cock. As it moved, the soft wool aroused me just enough to keep it dangling on the end, where it stayed, twitching as my cock hardened again.

“My,” she smiled, “that was a close one – you nearly dropped my cardie, didn’t you? Was it the thought of your mummy sucking my boys’ little cocks?”

“Well, I guess so, it was just an unexpected image came into my head.” I replied.

“So maybe you’ve held it long enough for now, so I think you should put it on for me, don’t you?”

I didn’t know what to say, as part of me longed to feel the softness of the pretty cardigan, but I just felt so embarrassed having to do it in front of her.

“Come on, poppet,” she smiled, moving towards me and lifting the wool off my shaft. “You’ve done casino firmaları a good job, mister cock!” and she squeezed her hand around the base of my shaft, an exquisite feeling of pleasure and surprise.

“Heather’s also told me all about you dressing up in her cardigan, so I want to see you for myself!”

My mind was racing over just what had these ladies been talking about, and what other intimacies they had shared with each other.

Isabelle just held out her cardigan for me to put on, so I slid one hand down the soft tight blue tube of her sleeve, feeling just so sexy as the wool slid over my arm. Then the same feelings again with the other sleeve.

It felt delightfully soft and warm, slightly damp under the arms, and smelt strongly of her sensual perfume but it was just so unmanly to be wearing it. She came in front of me to button the cardigan up, pulling the sides together as it was really too small for me. She left the lowest button undone, and stood back to look at me, my erection still pushing hard out.

“There, that will be better,” she smiled, as she finished the last button on my chest. “How does it feel?”

I tried to think of a sensible answer to describe the mixture of arousal and embarrassment and sheer naughtiness of wearing a ladies cardigan – her cardigan – and nothing else.

“Err… well it’s very strange, but I suppose it’s your cardigan, and you want me to wear it, so it’s fine.” was all I could mumble. She was obviously enjoying it all.

“Well your poor little cock is getting cold too, isn’t it?” she smiled, skipping her fingers up and down my penis, and sending shivers all through me. “I know – you can wear my panties too for a little while!”

And she lifted her skirt up to her waist, showing off the dainty white cotton panties which clung to her beautiful shape.

“No peeking now” she teased, turning away to reveal the tiny g-string back before she peeled them off and let her skirt slip back down. She held her panties out. “In you step, come on!”

And so I did, and she pulled them up tight over my body, letting the tight elastic snap against my stomach. My cock pushed them hopelessly out of place, but the sensation of the g-string dividing my bottom, and the dampness between my legs, was just so arousing.

“There, now we look like two girls together, don’t we? Two nice matching sweaters, me in my skirt and sweater, and you in my panties and cardie. Let’s have a look in the mirrors.”

And she moved to stand beside me, putting her hand around my waist.

“Come on my little poppet, put your arm around my waist too!”

The feel of her wool-clad waist was gorgeous, and the sight of us both standing there will remain with me forever. Two blue wool-covered bodies, she with bare arms accentuating the blue wool of her sweater and skirt. Me with blue chest and arms – and her tight white g-string panties holding me firmly erect.

She smiled as she looked, then began moving me and looking, turning me round to see me from all angles. Even her touching was gorgeous, arousing me more as I watched and felt her fingers gripping me.

When she spoke, it sounded as if her mood had changed a little.

“Actually, I think I should be very cross with you, stretching my clothes like this, and pushing them out of shape. Just look how you are making my panties bulge. I think I should give you a good smacking on your bottom.”

She sat down on the chair, squirming her bottom as she did so. “OK, you naughty thing, come over here and kneel down beside me. Now bend over my knees.”

I did as I was told, feeling stupid yet hopelessly aroused. Her knees were firm under ‘my’ cardigan, the buttons pressing into me. The tightness of the g-string cut into my body between my legs, and my cock arched against the taut cotton at the front. I looked round and up at her, the powder blue sweater showing off the fullness her breasts, then her arm raised up, and came down on my bottom.

“Ow!” I shouted as she smacked me, “that hurt!” But at the same time my hardness bulged more.

“Well that will teach you a lesson about wearing ladies clothes!” she said, smacking me again. She carried on for six smacks, each one hurting yet arousing me further. Then she smacked a burst of little fast smacks, and soon my bottom was on fire and my cock felt about to cum.

“Oh dear, your bottom does seem a bit red now, I’d better soothe it for you – I might have been a bit too harsh. Here, I’ll rub this baby oil in.”

And I felt cool drops of oil on my bottom cheeks, then drops between my legs.

“There, is that better?” she soothed, sliding her fingers over my naked bottom. It felt wonderful, then I felt her fingers move between my bottom cheeks, separating them. Then she pulled the g-string to one side, and slipped a oily finger right over my anus. I groaned in pleasure.

“Oh, I see?” she said, questioning, “You like that do you? You English boys are all the same – you love a little spanking and anus play. You’re just like güvenilir casino my Johnny!”

Then I felt her pull down my panties, over my bottom. They caught on my cock at the front, so she reached under my belly and eased my cock out, pulling the panties down to my knees.

Now my lower body was naked, and I remained on my hands and knees, leaning over her knees. My cock, now loose, pressed hard into the blue wool of her skirt-covered leg.

“Where was I?” she asked, reaching for the baby oil again.

More cool drops, then she began more beautiful stroking of my bottom with soft round movements and then gentle pinching. One hand moved down underneath me, over my balls to the base of my cock. The other suddenly slipped between my bottom cheeks, slipping over my anus, tickling and teasing. I nearly came on the spot – and she sensed it too.

“Mmm…” she murmured, “You do like this don’t you? A little tickling spanking boy, and no mistake! Well I think you can stand up now. That’s right, just stay right there in front of me, and put your hands behind your head out of the way.”

I did as I was told, watching the full redness of my cock, twitching just in front of her face.

She wiped the oil off her hands with a tissue, then smoothed down her sweater, revealing the soft curves of her breasts with the shape of her nipples now clearly visible. Then she reached towards me, and pulled ‘my’ cardigan straight.

“That’s better,” she said, “Now let me taste your cream, young man – I do hope you’ve been making lots of it for me while I’ve been teasing you!”

And with well-practised movements she put her left hand at the base of my cock, gripping tight with her fingers and thumb. She bent forward and kissed my throbbing bell end. Her right hand just slipped between my legs, behind my balls.

“Now stand still and let me do my woman’s work.” she smiled up at me, before opening her mouth and slipping her head forward right over my cock.

Her left hand worked up and down my shaft, with her head moving in time, first gently and then more strongly. Her right hand explored and teased between my legs, moving closer towards my bottom, then pressing more firmly into me. It was so erotic to have her pleasuring me in so many ways all at once. Just watching her would have been heavenly, but all her touching and fingering and sucking were simply fantastic and I nearly came on the spot again.

As she kept up her sucking and head-bobbing up my shaft, I could feel waves of cum building up inside me, and struggled to keep control. The sight of her neat hair as her head bobbed up and down on my cock, the softness of the blue wool on her body – and on mine – I knew could take it no more.

She began moving faster as she knew I was nearly there, sucking her cheeks in to drain me when I came, and suddenly – all too soon – I felt spasms of orgasm shudder through me as my spunk spurted into her mouth. It felt so wonderful to be pumping and spurting into her mouth, and she was ready and waiting for it, moving her head faster to suck it all out, swallowing my cum as fast as it squirted out, and fingering me more as if to try get every last drop out of me. I was way beyond heaven, panting and gasping as she sucked me off so expertly, swallowing and arousing me till my last drops of cum had pumped into her. She kept sucking hard, and kept going with her fingers and her mouth until my cock began to go limp. God it was amazing.

Then she sat back, licking her lips. “Your cream is excellent Andrew. I can feel it doing me good already!” she smiled, looking up at me and licking her lips. “Now I think it’s my turn for some fun.”

And with that, she stood up and walked over to the mirrors, inspecting herself and straightening her sweater and skirt. She smiled, then lay back flat on the bed.

“I’ve got a little something for you to do now, Andrew.” she whispered, and pulled her knees up towards her, keeping her feet on the bed.

She let her legs fall apart, stretching the blue wool of her skirt, then purposefully pulled her skirt hem upwards. Her thighs looked so pink in contrast, then as she kept pulling her skirt up she exposed herself entirely. My cock hardened again, looking at the soft folds of skin, and realising she must have trimmed herself – no, she was almost completely shaved. Her tiny patch of pubic hair was dark, in a small triangle above her mound: everywhere else was bare smooth skin, soft and inviting folds between her legs. She watched my eyes as her hands stroked her own thighs, moving up towards her body. Then with one hand she carefully separated her folds, and began fingering herself.

“You know how I taught you how to lick Heather?” she smiled at me, now beginning to move her hips rhythmically as she fingered herself: “Well, now its your turn to show me what you have learnt. Come here, Andrew, and kiss my cunt. I keep it specially smooth for tongues to explore… so now it can be your first time to come down on me.”

Still recovering from cumming, but feeling a new arousal, I knelt down between her legs and pressed my lips to her gorgeous naked cunt. She was so warm, and wet and salty as my tongue reached out to lick her, and she quivered in instant excitement, letting out a little sigh.

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