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Big Tits

Val was dead tired when he arrived home. It was late and the house was dark. He quietly made his way to the bedroom, undressed, and slid under the top sheet, trying not to wake his partner, Zoë.

He fell quickly and deeply asleep. He awoke sometime later to the tingling, soft sensation of teeth nibbling lightly on his earlobe, something Z knew drove him absolutely wild.

He gently moaned and shifted his body slightly, feeling himself slowly return to the world, vaguely aware that she was now crouching beside him on the floor next to the bed, her face nuzzled up beside him on the pillow where he had just been dreaming of the two of them together.

In the dream they were on a sandy beach. He was lying on a towel while she stood above him, the sun blazing behind her head like a halo, making it impossible to clearly make out her facial features. She was blocking the sun so that he could look up at her.

His eyes slowly traced her gorgeous, hour-glass figure from the perky, hard nipples of her ample breasts, clearly visible underneath the thin fabric of her bikini top, down along her petite waist and into the sharp curves of her wide hips, where his gaze lingered on the sand clinging to her exposed butt cheek just below the line of the wet swimsuit stretched tightly over her plump, round ass. Even in the dream he could feel the blood rushing to his cock in reaction to the stunning view, which never failed to arouse him.

The ocean waves crashed into the shore in the background as the powerful sun required that he squint a little to stay focused on her glistening body, goosebumps from the gentle breeze visible on the exposed skin of her long, slender legs in the bright light of the lazy afternoon.

They often went for a swim during the hottest days of summer, where they would sit under the ever shifting shade of the tall palms lining the oceanfront avenue and play cards laid out on their beach towels. They would inevitably end up wagering for sexual favors, the loser conceding to participate in the other’s kinky sexual fantasy enactments, joking and teasing each other in playful amusement. Her attempts at a poker face giving him all the more reason to stare at her in between turns. She was as beautiful as she was smart; what a combination. He felt like the luckiest man alive in her presence.

As his consciousness slowly returned to the dimly lit room he realized what she was doing. She was obviously horny, and she was going to have her way with him. He was always ready and willing to do anything she desired, and she desired exactly that of him, and often. She was never afraid to ask, demand, or simply take what she wanted. He loved that about her.

Now here he was, completely naked and barely awake, and she was evidently collecting on the bet she had won a few days prior. She had triumphantly gambled between being obligated to do an all-anal session on camera for his later “personal use” and her getting to use his body while he slept, allowing her to do whatever she wanted and expecting his full compliance should he wake up. “No matter what,” her words echoed in his head. He had lost that round on purpose, eager to find out what kinky ideas she had.

As he collected his thoughts he remembered ataşehir escort the wager and a subtle grin came over his sleepy face. He had half expected to be woken by her shoving a strap-on dildo into his ass, mounting him as he lay sleeping on his stomach, which he sometimes did early in the morning. He now wondered lustfully what she had in mind instead.

She must have gotten up and come around to his side of the bed while he slept. As she sensed him begin to awaken she slowly slid her warm, moist tongue into his ear and swirled it around a few times seductively before whispering, “I want to sit on your face. No, I need to sit on your face!” Her warm breath tickled his wet ear as her tongue lapped at his lobe. “Right now!” she added emphatically, with just a hint of petulant impatience.

She gave his ear lobe one last bite, just a bit harder this time, then began working her way around his neck and up over his chin to his mouth with sloppy, wet kisses as she slid under the sheet and slowly climbed into the bed. She was completely naked. She plunged her tongue deep into his mouth as she straddled his body, his cock already thick and hard, ready for what awaited.

She paused there just long enough to grind her mound up and down along his shaft a couple of times while pressing each of her bouncy breasts firmly into his open mouth before continuing on, climbing further up towards his head, finally pausing with her already glistening pussy lips right in front of his face.

He was wide awake now. His cock was throbbing, his senses very alert. He could smell her wonderful juices which were obviously already flowing.

In real life, just as in the dream she had woken him from, she is so incredibly beautiful; practically glowing and radiating sexual energy, her coy smile hinting of child-like curiosity and alluring mysteriousness, while at the same time clearly reflecting the profound sexual wisdom of her years juxtaposed with an unquenchable thirst for new experience.

Often, as he studiously traced the outline of her lips, he wondered how so much could be conveyed in such a soft, otherwise innocent looking smile. One only had to have those gorgeous and skilled lips wrapped around their cock once to be privy to the secret message they held.

In the darkness, he could just make out her face looking down at him in eager anticipation of what was about to happen, the tell-tale signs of a mischievous grin forming at the corners of her mouth.

He inhaled her thick aroma as she teasingly lowered herself onto his waiting mouth, his tongue just barely parting her lips, then moving up along the crease to locate her clitoral hood, very gently encircling it a couple of times before returning down along the slit again, parting it ever so slightly more.

He repeated this motion a couple of times as she began to moan softly and the juices really began to flow onto his face, down his tongue into his mouth, and all over his lips and cheeks. As he reached her clitoris for the fourth time he gently sucked into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it. She gasped and maneuvered his tongue into her soaking slit by raising her torso, then began wiggling her hips side to side, driving his tongue kadıköy escort bayan deep into her delicious pussy. Once she had herself firmly planted on his face, she reached down and ran her hands through his hair and clenched his head tightly.

There was nowhere he could go now. He was physically locked into the most beautiful task he had ever been given the privilege of completing. He loved bringing her to orgasm with his tongue. She had often told him how different and more intense it was compared to getting herself off or coming from penetration.

He loved the way she would stiffen and quiver, a quiet, tender moan of pleasure emanating from her each time he lightly passed along the side of her clit with his tongue, her soft reactions slowly giving way to a loud, frantic cadence of shorter and shorter bursts until her breath caught as if she were dying. He knew to go extra slow and gently lick right over the hood of her clit with a flat tongue as she began to orgasm, which would assuredly drive her over the edge into pure ecstasy.

Usually, after bringing her to climax this way, she would begin to desperately beg and then outright demand he immediately fuck her with long hard strokes until she was absolutely red in the face and shuddering, her body jerking in spasms as she yelled out loudly with each thrust, “Oh, my God! Oh, my God!”

Eventually she would get so turned on she would say things she was otherwise too proper to utter aloud, like, “Yeah baby, drive that fat cock inside me! Harder! Pound it in there!” while clenching his ass cheeks and pushing him into her in a frenzy, the sloppy wet sounds of her pussy juices being displaced by the hard thrusts of his wide mushroom head clearly audible, even above her cries of pleasure.

By this point her own lubricating juices were pooling thickly at her taint, which he would then reach around under her ass cheek to smear onto her pulsating asshole over and over as her vocalizations intensified. Then, using her own juices as lube, he would push a finger or two resolutely up through her contracting sphincter, only stopping once he was deep in her tight ass, causing her to squeal in pleasure and yell something like, “Oh yeah, baby! Oh, Yes!” in a high pitched, very drawn-out fashion. This would invariably drive him over the edge, ready to blast a thick load of semen deep inside her wet pussy.

Sometimes he would jump up quickly to shoot it into her eager, open mouth, right onto her waiting tongue. She would rise urgently to meet him, getting into position to accept his load greedily. She would gobble it all down and continue licking and sucking the mushroom head of his thick cock, staring him in the eyes while running her tongue into the slit and around the contours until he couldn’t take the intensity of the pleasure anymore and would pull away, groaning desperately.

She would smack and lick her cum coated lips and swallow every last drop before invariably trying to go back in for several more licks, her eyes shifting between his facial expression and the swollen, pulsing prize before her. He swore she had once whispered, “Yummy!” under her breath, but she had denied it later, when the heat of the moment had passed.

The escort maltepe intensity each of them seemed to bring to pleasuring one another other was beyond anything he had ever encountered, and he suspected she felt similarly about it, although the carefully cultivated and slightly conservative appearing, mature, professional woman vibe she gave off when she was clothed hinted at none of that – unless you knew the source of that sparkle in her eyes and could decipher the almost invisible, yet powerfully communicative nuance of her smile.

On this occasion, he is readily licking and sucking as he inhales her delicious aroma, the pussy juice flowing freely as she grinds herself onto his face and moans with increasingly wild abandon atop him. He reaches up and cups her vivacious breasts firmly, which only intensifies her response. She is practically bucking on his face at this point, clearly enjoying his effort. He is in heaven.

He remembers a conversation she had initiated the day before about dying during sex and what a great way to go out that would be, and he confirms that is definitely how he wants to go, saying silently to himself, “It just doesn’t get any better than this.”

Out of curiosity he tries smothering himself in her pussy, pulling her down onto his face as firmly as he can, grasping her curvy thighs and crushing his mouth and nose into her fold. She realizes what he is doing and joins in, grabbing his head and forcing him deeper into her, enveloping him in her soaking pussy, clenching him there firmly between her thighs and holding tight.

Everything goes dark. He passes out with his tongue deeply driven into her pussy, his nose unable able to get sufficient breath in or out past her wet, swollen clit.

He rouses sluggishly to the faint yet distinct aroma of her ass in his nostrils. He knows this smell well, and secretly delights in it’s taboo allure. As he opens his eyes he ascertains she has turned herself around and is now seductively rubbing her asshole lightly on the tip of his nose, tickling herself with his soft warm breath, her sopping pussy firmly planted over his mouth. He must have been unconscious for a couple of minutes, he realizes as he feels his now flaccid cock begin to grow again as he processes what is happening.

She realizes he is awake and bends towards his half-erect cock, taking it fully into her mouth while pushing her firm little asshole right down onto his mouth. She immediately begins swirling her tongue around his quickly hardening shaft. He can feel her hard nipples grazing to and fro across his stomach as she moves her mouth frantically up and down his shaft and shifts her head from side to side. He can hear her starting to gag as his cock swells, filling her mouth beyond capacity. She tries forcing it down her throat as it stiffens, struggling to breath as she does so, her saliva running down his ball sack in copious rivulets.

He instinctively sticks his tongue out and gently licks her tightly puckered sphincter just as she moves to the head of his now throbbing cock and opens her mouth so that he can hear she is sucking up an enormous amount of pre-cum from the tip. As she swallows it, she very clearly says, “Yummy!” He can hear her lips smacking with the sticky goo. “Yummy, indeed!” he moans into her ass as he slowly worms his tongue up into her soft, fragrant asshole and reaches around to firmly grasp her ass cheeks and drive her down onto him once more.

“I have died and gone to heaven!” he proclaims to himself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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