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For Women

Helen stood in the dark hallway and listened to the sounds coming from the bedroom. Despite the closed door, she could hear the grunting, moaning, and whispered curses. The squeaking and creaking of the bed together with the occasional slapping of flesh, filled in the gaps. They were fucking. And no doubt enjoying themselves from the sound of it. Suddenly a voice gruffly whispered “I’m cumming…” followed by a soprano “Yes! Yes! Give it to me Daddy!”

Helen turned and slipped back down the hall, downstairs to the living room and out the front door. She got in her car and drove away.

Her husband Ray, had always been flirty and had an eye for the ladies. She’d suspected he’d cheated a few times but she was afraid to give him up. She knew her daughter Sophie had been promiscuous as a teen and often wore skimpy attire in front of her father. Nothing Helen had said to either of them had made a difference. Both had either scoffed at the suggestions or outright denied them. Now she knew they were having an affair. An incestuous affair. They were fucking.

Ray still fucked Helen. He’d fucked her just last week. Now days though it was less romance and more a case of him simply using her. He’d come to bed with an erection and fucked her without any foreplay. Without asking. He never asked anymore. He simply took her when he pleased. To avoid injury Helen often lubed up when she heard him coming up the stairs. She tried her best to please him, but he seldom lasted long and wanted nothing more than to fuck her pussy until he either came or fell over exhausted… and usually drunk. She was thankful that he was never violent. If she ignored him or denied him, he simply jacked off to porn. Sometimes cumming on her as she pretended to sleep. But she had always feared being replaced, so she seldom denied him. She’d learned that it was easier overall, just to spread her legs and take it.

She really liked sex. It wasn’t as enjoyable most of the time, but still… It was nice to feel her man joining with her. Once upon a time, each had sought to please the other. Now Ray sought only his own pleasure. Helen usually masturbated after a good fucking to reach her own orgasm. After a bad fucking, she cried herself to sleep.

Sadly Helen still allowed this pattern or cycle to continue. She had no family to turn to, a job that paid too little, and felt that no one would want her if she did leave him. She found herself once again pulling in to park at a bar across town. She’d been here twice before and had selected it as a place Ray would never come to. It was near the University and mostly populated by students. She chose a seat at the bar and waited a minute for the bartender to get to her.

“What can I get cha?” the thirty something woman asked.

“Dirty martini please, no-wait… Irish whiskey, make it a double.” Helen replied.

A minute later the bartender returned with her drink and paused. “Rough day?”

“You could say that… I caught my man screwing around with-” she paused and then continued, “a much younger woman.”

“Ouch!” the bartender replied. “What happened? What did he say?”

“Nothing, they don’t know I found them. I’m not sure what to do.”

“Toss his ass out.”

“I can’t, it’s his place.”

“Move out?”

“I’ve got little money and nowhere to go.”

“Friends or family?”

“No, no one.”


“Yeah, I shouldn’t be surprised. I suspected he’d been screwing around several times before but…”

“So why haven’t you left him?” the bartender asked.

“Where would I go? And What would I do? I can’t find another man, I mean, look at me! I’m old and fat and he’s…”

“Aw fer fuck’s sake!” the bartender interjected. “You mean you stay because he fucks you and you think no one else will?”

Helen nodded, trying not to bawl.

“Well, that’s bullshit. He’s using you and lying to you and you don’t have to put up with it. Cut him off and get yourself together, then get out.”

“But I can’t! I can’t-“

“Bullshit!” the bartender cut her off, “Look around this room. See those girls at that table? They come here in groups and usually leave as a group, The guys all come here and hope they’ll find a girl to get lucky with. If it’s sex you want, any one of them would happily fuck you. Hell most of them are probably virgins and those that aren’t, probably have only fucked once or twice. Your man has lied if he said you couldn’t get laid by anyone else. Fuck! Lotsa guys like big women and you have huge tits! Hell, these guys are always tit crazy. Show them a little tit and they’ll beg to take you home!”

Helen was dumbfounded. “You can’t be serious! Me? Have sex with one of these… boys?”

“Hey, if they’re in here, they’re twenty-one. So, young men, not boys. And yes, I’m suggesting that you take one of these guys out and go get fucked. You don’t need a cheating man controlling you and lying to you. Go get fucked by one of these guys and I’ll bet it’s a hell of a lot better than what you’ve been getting! If he’s cheating on you, you deserve to get some casino şirketleri on the side yourself.”

Helen struggled with the idea. Yes, the sex with Ray was disappointing more and more often, but still… Why would a young guy want to fuck her? Was it true that they would fuck a forty-something fat woman just because she had big tits? Would it be worth it?

“I don’t know… How are you so sure any of them would want to have sex with me?”

The bartender sighed. “Look, You’re what? Forty? Forty-two? I’m thirty-eight and every night I get hit on. Most of ’em only try a couple of times before giving up, but there’s always a new guy who tries. And hell, I’m only a C cup, you’re what? At least a double DD? Bigger?”

“Uh… F to G cup…” she replied.

“Damn!” the bartender replied. “Look, answer me right now. Do you want to get laid tonight?”

Helen considered it a moment. She hesitated and then recalled the sounds of passion coming from her daughter’s bedroom…

“Y-Yes, yes I do!”

The bartender smiled. “Good. Now let’s see… Hmmn… First, lose the wedding rings. Good, now you need to show some cleavage, here let’s do this.” And she reached over the bar and unbuttoned the first three buttons of Helen’s blouse. “There, that’s better. Now you slam that drink back and leave the empty glass sitting there and see what happens.”

As the bartender walked away, Helen took a deep breath and then killed the drink. Her head swam as the liquor hit her system and she pushed the glass aside. How could she trust this woman? Did it make sense to try this? It was stupid to think that a young guy would want to hit on her when there were other, younger women about. Besides, even if one did, how could she compete in bed? Ray used her. They fucked the way Ray wanted. It had been ages since she had been an equal partner in bed and she couldn’t remember the last time she had instigated and led the way. Had she ever? Had she ever truly had sex the way she wanted? Had she ever made love?

Lost in her thoughts she was surprised by the voice at her shoulder.

“Excuse me, could I buy you a refill?”

“Huh? Oh! Yes, please.” Helen responded as she eyed the young man joining her. He was probably barely twenty-one but looked younger. He was short, probably 5’9″ or so, and looked a little chubby, not fat but not athletic either. He wore glasses and had brown hair and baby blue eyes. He also had a nice smile.

“My name’s Kevin,” he said.

“Helen, pleased to meet you, Kevin.”

“Pleased to meet you, Helen.”

The bartender came over and dropped off two refills and Helen noticed that this time it was on the rocks and not a double. She winked at Helen before she left.

“So, if you don’t mind my asking, you look a little down tonight Helen.”

“Yes. Well, I just found my man screwing another woman. A much younger woman. I’m trying to decide what to do about it.” she replied, surprising herself with her frankness.

“Oh shit! Excuse me, but… wow. That’s gotta hurt.”

“Well I guess, but I’ve suspected it for a while. Still, things have been going downhill for some time now.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. No woman deserves to be treated like that. I… I guess it happens, but I just find it hard to believe that a guy would cheat on a woman like you.”


“Well, I mean you’re so pretty and seem so nice and all. I mean why cheat when you’ve got a lovely woman already?”

“Who? Me? Really?”

“Yes, really. God, that sounds like a corny pick up line. No, I mean it. I think you are very pretty and…” he paused searching for words.

Helen turned a little in her seat to face him. She saw his eyes drop to her tits and pretended not to notice, gazing instead at the far wall.

“It would be nice to truly believe that,” she said softly. “It’s been ages since I really felt pretty… or sexy… I just wish I could feel that way again. Even just pretending for a while…”

“I-I’d like to do that for you,” Kevin said. “Make you feel pretty, desirable and sexy… If, you’d let me.”

Helen looked at him and saw he was a bundle of nerves. “Really? You’re a handsome young man, why would you want to do that for me?”

“Because it’s true, you are pretty and I think you need someone to remind you that you are. No pretending necessary.”

“So you’re saying that you want to make love to me?”

“If you’d let me, yes. Yes, Helen, I want to take you home and spend the night making love to you. Maybe it’ll help, maybe it’ll mean something… maybe not. But I guarantee I’ll do my best to make you happy, even if just for the night.”

Helen saw the sincerity in his eyes and felt a sudden urge to believe him. She took a drink, “Okay, let’s go.”

Ten minutes later they were in his small apartment. Kevin was lucky in that he had an apartment all to himself, no roommates. He closed and locked the door and Helen saw his hesitancy, he was unsure how to proceed. She set her purse on the floor next to the sofa and took him by the hand. She smiled at him and stepped casino firmaları in close, tilting her head and offering her lips. He kissed her and slowly embraced her. She felt her breasts press into him and sensed his excitement. She reached up and ran her hands through his hair. His kiss was nice. He was gentle, nervous certainly, but not completely inexperienced. His hands felt nice, one on her upper back, the other on her hip. Helen broke the kiss and turned her head. Taking the hint, Kevin’s kisses roamed over her cheek, to her ear, down her neck, onto her throat…

Helen sighed deeply. This was incredible. This was what she craved. She guided his head to her cleavage and began working the remaining buttons free. She tossed the blouse onto the sofa as Kevin’s hands slipped around to the bra clasp. He managed to disengage all five hooks and Helen pulled away a step to drop her bra.

Keven stared at her massive tits with his mouth hanging open. Helen nervously covered them with her hands, but he gently pulled them away.

“My god, they’re beautiful!” he said and gently reached out to touch them. Helen sighed at his caress. “Absolutely beautiful…” he said softly. Helen was doubtful. They were bottom heavy and had stretch marks and blue veins. Her nipples were introverted pink dots in her large, tan, oval areolae. They were not the tits she had been so proud of twenty years ago…Yet he seemed to not notice. He bent to kiss them and Helen felt a warm glow start. It had been ages since Ray had paid attention to her breasts and she had forgotten how good they felt when kissed and caressed. While his attention was on her breasts, Helen reached back and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. Taking him by the hand she led him to the bedroom.

Helen sat on the bed and pulled Kevin close. She began unfastening his jeans as he pulled off his shirt. When Helen tugged his jeans down, she hooked her thumbs into his briefs and pulled them down as well. Kevin’s cock sprang upright once freed and Helen smiled. It was a nice cock. At about seven inches or so it was much like Ray’s, however, Kevin was much thicker. But where they really differed was the nice big knob Kevin had. Helen touched it and Kevin gasped. Oh, okay, so he wasn’t very experienced, she thought. Helen gently grasped his cock in one hand and kissed his knob. Kevin sighed as she slipped it past her lips and sucked. She teased it with her tongue and listened as Kevin moaned. Sucking on the knob she stroked his shaft with one hand as the other reached around to cup his ass and squeeze. Helen realized that she was taking charge. This young man would do whatever she wanted, following her lead, and it empowered her. Her nervousness was replaced by confidence and the idea that she was making love to a strange youth she had picked up in a bar thrilled her. She was twice his age, married, a mother, and yet here she was, in his apartment sucking his cock! For her, this was all so naughty, daring, risky, wild, and insane. There was even a sense of taboo. She had been raised to submit to her husband and stay faithful. Hell, her mother had even regarded oral sex as a perversion. And Helen was excited by it all She wanted this cock inside of her and she wanted to feel an orgasm flooding her.

Helen grasped his cock at the base with her finger and thumb and began bobbing her head up and down on his shaft, her tongue stroking the underside. Kevin moaned louder and louder.

“Oh fuck!” he said a minute later, “I’m gonna cum!”

Helen decided to take it and sucked on the knob as she stroked his cock again. She felt the cum spurting up his cock beneath her fingers and it exploded into her mouth. Helen tilted her head back and closed off her throat as she took all of it in her mouth. When he finished, she swirled it around with her tongue. It truly was a mouthful. It didn’t taste bad and his reaction as he watched made it worthwhile. Finally, she swallowed and grinned at him.

“Oh wow! What a delicious, huge load!” God, Kevin, that was incredible!”

His beaming smile told her she had him captivated. He would do anything to please her. Helen shed her panties and lay back on the bed. Slowly she spread her legs, yet shyly covering her pussy with her hands. She was surprised to find herself quite wet.

“Your turn,” she said softly as she exposed her womanhood to him at last. “I want to feel your mouth on me.”

Keven lay between her legs and kissed her furry mound a few times before slowly working his way down to her wet pussy. He inhaled deeply and sighed.

“God, you smell great…” His tongue licked her seeping fluid, “And taste even better!” Kevin apparently had some experience with cunnilingus and very soon had Helen purring in delight. She squeezed her tits and tugged on her nipples as his hands caressed her hips and thighs. His tongue was lapping her juices and teasing her clit with skill and Helen knew she’d be cumming soon. My god, she thought, it had been ages since she’d felt this level of pleasure.

Kevin did his part and enjoyed it too. Helen güvenilir casino finally cried out, her body twitching and jerking as she came. Kevin rose up and slid forward quickly, Grasping his rigid cock in one hand he thrust it into her spasming pussy and shoved it in deep while she was still cumming.

Helen gasped at the sudden intrusion but pulled his face to hers and kissed him. She tasted her own wetness and was thrilled by the passion he exuded. She raised her thighs and stroked them along his as she held onto him until her orgasm faded.

But it faded only a bit, as Kevin began to slowly stroke in and out of her sodden pussy. Helen reveled in the exhilaration of being fucked by a thick, young cock while still in the afterglow of her orgasm. His cock filled her as she had never been filled before and every stroke felt wonderful. She lifted her breasts and Kevin kissed and sucked on them. As he picked up his pace, they began to bounce and jiggle as only huge, natural mammaries can.

“That’s it, that’s the way… uhhummm… Oh yes baby, oh yes. Oh, that feels so good, ” she cooed. “You’re such a good fuck. I love it! Oh yes… it’s soooo good.”

Kevin was amazingly good. He held a steady rhythm and Helen loved feeling his thick cock stroking in and out of her. In the past, Helen had more orgasms by direct clitoral stimulation, less from internal stimulation, but, damn, this felt so good that she thought she might be able to cum again. Sure, she had always enjoyed a good fucking, but she usually required masturbation along with the fucking to reach orgasm. Yet Kevin’s cock felt so good and the thrill of fucking the young man, the taboo of having an affair, added to her excitement. She decided to push the boundaries, be even naughtier.

“Fuck me, Kevin, fuck me good. That’s it, yes, that’s it. God, you have such a big cock!” she said, “Fuck me faster, make my titties bounce.” The young man pumped a bit faster and harder. “Oh yes! Look at them bounce! Do you like it? Do you like watching my titties bounce? Suck on them, here… yes… Suck hard baby.”

Helen used one hand to hold a tit to his face and the other to press his head into it. She raised her legs up and spread them as wide as she could, giving him a better angle and he penetrated even deeper into her pussy.

“Oh yes, oh yes, please me, baby, please me. Fuck me hard, fuck me good, fuck me deep!” she moaned. “I need it, god, how I need it! Fuck me!”

Kevin redoubled his efforts and was soon pounding her pussy harder and faster than she’d ever had. His cock filled her like never before and she felt the hot rush of her next orgasm getting closer and closer. Helen waited until the last possible moment and then as her climax hit her, she wrapped her legs around his waist and held on for dear life. His cock was in so deep that she felt him pressing against her cervix. Her pussy spasmed and convulsed, squeezing his cock like a fist and Kevin came. His cock exploded and spurt after spurt of hot cum blasted out into her. Both lovers were moaning and groaning in ecstasy as their bodies trembled and shook. Helen felt his cum leaking out and running down her ass. God, how much cum was it? It felt warm, wet, wild, and wonderful. She did this. She made him cum. She made him cum and she’d had one of the best orgasms of her life at the same time. Damn, but this felt great! Why the hell shouldn’t she feel this way more often?

Finally, Kevin began to relax and sat up. As his cock slipped from her pussy, a flood of cum seeped out. Helen reached down and ran her fingers along her slit, playing with it. She held up her hand and gazed at the warm goo that covered her fingers. Kevin stared at her as she did and on a whim, Helen brought her hand to her mouth and sucked off the cum. She could tell this excited him and repeated it with the other hand. Then she used her fingers to scoop up some more and massaged it into her titties like lotion.

Helen pulled him down next to her and rolled onto her side. She kissed him passionately and their tongues wrestled. Kevin’s hands roamed over her ample body, caressing every inch of her. He seemed oblivious to her belly and thick waist. Or, was it more that he treated it like the rest of her body? That was it, she realized. To him, flesh was flesh, and thrilling to touch, no matter where it was or how much there was. He not only didn’t care that she was big, he relished it. His mouth roamed anywhere he could reach and his hands never stopped searching her body.

Helen felt the joy of an appreciative lover and almost cried. They loved like this for a long time and Helen was thrilled to find that the young man was able to get hard again relatively quickly. Helen hadn’t watched porn, but Ray had, and she’d glimpsed enough from time to time to get curious about some things. Now that she was free to do whatever she wanted, one of those ideas came back to her. This time she swung her leg over and mounted him. Helen guided his cock once again to her pussy and slid down onto his shaft. Her tits hung in his face and Kevin kissed and squeezed them as she rode him. Helen was in charge and loving it. She ground her pelvis against him and moaned in pleasure. She rode him hard, cooing encouragement and praise, then rocked forward onto her knees and buried his face in her massive tits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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