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All characters are 18 years old or older.

Sorry about the terrible delay. This story begins with Greg’s new assignment as Numenor’s liaison to the White House as well as the Pentagon. We find that there is a cost for moving up in the world. There are a few more installments for this series so far. I am proofreading them even as I post this one. I hope you enjoy and please vote and tell me your thoughts on this piece. If you have any suggestions I am open to your ideas. Without further ado the fourth installment of Hello Mr. Robinson.



It’s been six months since Greg moved from Arkham to the nation’s capital. He has been thrown to the political wolves so to speak. He splits his time between the Pentagon and the White House. He lives out of two residences. During the week he has a room at the Capital Hilton close to the White House and on the weekends he has a nice three bedroom home on the outskirts of the city. The area of Great Falls was very exclusive but with help from Nick, Greg was able acquire the property. It sat on plenty of land and possessed over ten thousand square feet of living space. Even after six months there were still boxes that hadn’t been unpacked.

Bruna had remained in the home office working for Greg’s replacement. Rhea had taken up the mantle of secretary as well as bodyguard. Greg learned about her people the Fae and how a good number of them had been quietly accepted under the Near Human Recognition Treaty. They were considered another Native American people. Unlike the human population the Fae were carefully monitored and often moved into special operation positions due to their unique skill set. Cindy’s first year of college was going well and was testing at the top of all of her classes. Greg was proud that she was doing so well academically. He hoped she was doing equally well in her relationships. After the incident with he who shall remain nameless he crossed his fingers and hoped for the best. Sure she would always be his little girl but he wanted her to be happy.

Mr. Robinson Goes to Washington:

I walked around the edge of the ballroom with Rhea at my left shoulder. She was my ever present shadow and constant companion. One of the servers came around with several champagne flutes filled with the very best wine our host could afford. He was celebrating his thirty fifth wedding anniversary after all. Even after a year of living in Washington D.C. I was still getting used to all the displays of wealth and power. But when you are Nick Shaw’s middle man you get differential treatment. I spent as much time in my office as I did visiting the White House and the Pentagon. I was Numenor’s liaison and that meant I carried the kind of clout that made careers. So I got invited to a shit ton of parties.

The colonial architecture was a delight to see. I loved that particular period of American design. The one time gas outlets had been converted to electric at the beginning of the last century. The lovingly wrought brass fixtures gleamed as they cast scintillating radiance on the dancers and those like me that were milling about the edge of the dance floor. I had to admit I was a little envious of the senator’s home. Granted he was a third generation politician but unlike many of his fellow senators deep down he was a genuinely nice guy. He was one of the few politicians I had been exposed to that I respected. I caught sight of emerald green as Drew Barrington, our host’s seventeen year old daughter, approached with the flash of a brilliant smile and a deep plunging neck line. I won’t say her dress was obscene but it did reveal a healthy bit of cleavage, ass and legs. I kissed her hand when she offered it.

“Hello Roo,” I said greeting her with her nickname.

“Hi Greg,” she replied with a hungry glance. “Are you coming to my birthday party? I’ll be eighteen and legal finally.”

“Tease,” I said and she pouted.

“That’s not true, just because my shrink says I am over sexualized that doesn’t mean I’m a tease,” she blurted out.

“Um… I’ll wait and see if your mom invites me okay,” I replied and she smiled. She flittered away and I couldn’t help but notice that luscious round ass of hers.

“You sir are playing with dynamite,” Rhea whispered in my ear. “She is a senator’s daughter. If you bed her it could blow up in your face.”

“True, but it could also be worth it. I want to break her.”

“Just like you broke me,” Rhea said nibbling my ear.

“We broke each other,” I purred in her ear. “It was a mutual collision of irresistible force and iron hard cock.”

She laughed and we continued mixing with the elite of the nation’s capital. Even though the party was supposed to be about the Senator and his wife there was enough deal making to make me sick to my stomach. I dealt with enough of that during work hours. I was a lobbyist magnet and that was the hardest part of the job. I had to be polite around them and not speak my mind that was an order directly from ataşehir escort bayan Nick. He was a cruel taskmaster. I chuckled and gathered with the others as we prepared to toast the couple for another thirty five years.

I looked around and wondered for the thousandth time why was I here. I didn’t like most of these people. They were so disingenuous and like piranhas if there was blood in the water they’d tear each other apart. You walked a tight rope when you worked in D.C. and you had to watch every word and every action. I was one of the least favorite popular people especially among the businesses that made their money in oil, aviation or transportation. The cold fusion plants that were being built worldwide as well as the blink transportation system weren’t very popular. For the people building the infrastructure they would profit not just from the infusion of money but the thousands of jobs created. I liked that we were putting people back to work and sticking it a certain minority. We still had the official ribbon cutting ceremony to launch the New York – London connection. As the other sites came online there would be more and more people switching over from airplanes to the blink system.

I wonder how they will react to the miracle of teleportation. Will the religious zealots call it dark magic and godless technology or will they accept it as the majority hopefully would? That reminded that I had to leave for Arizona in the next few days to check on the progress of the construction there. I pushed that thought out and continued my meandering through the mob of well-dressed assholes. I got a drink and found a quiet corner to watch and observe. I saw Roo and her best friend Moxie stealing a bottle of champagne and slip out the open French doors. I never raised a finger to stop them or spoke a single word to anyone else. Let them have fun while they can.

They were both world class gymnasts thanks to their parents. I learned from both of them that the only reason they started training was to please dear old mom and dad. That is not to say they weren’t gifted athletes. I had seen footage of them in competition and they were both very good. I felt bad for the pair and any other kid that is shoved onto a path that isn’t their own. I was a father and let Cindy choose her own way and respected her decisions even if I didn’t agree with them. She might disappoint me from time to time but it was her life to lead and from everything that I could tell she was happy.

I spotted the fat tottering figure long before he reached me. I did my best not to let my disgust show on my face. The senator was heading a group of likeminded politicians to try and block the legislation that would allow the blink system to be adopted by the American people. It was their last hurrah to try and derail clean energy and cheap transportation. Our paths were on a collision course so I steeled myself and walked over to the pudgy politician to face the music.

“Evening,” the Senator that shall remain nameless said.

“Senator,” I said wishing I had said no in becoming the liaison for Nick.

“I have a bone to pick with you,” he said in his breathless manner.

“This is a celebration,” I said trying to escape.

“Not so fast,” he growled his jowls shaking as he spoke. “You’ve been avoiding me.”

“Not exactly,” I said explaining my position quite clearly. “I have a lot on my plate and I have to sort things by priority.”

“So you are saying that I don’t rate your attention?”

“If you have issues please speak to the Joint Chiefs and the President. They are eating up all my time.”

“You and your boss are ruining this country,” he barked at me.

“What a fine watch you have Senator,” I said redirecting his train of thought.

“I just acquired it recently,” he replied his color returning to normal.

“May I?” I asked as I reached for the fob watch in his vest pocket.

He nodded and I removed the watch and examined the sterling silver case. It was a gorgeous time piece. I pressed the stem opening the cover. The watch face was clearly German as was the inscription on the interior cover. I didn’t speak a syllable of German but my other half translated it on the fly. I stifled a shiver of disgust when I read the dedication. I closed the watch and caught a flash of gold from the Senator’s left hand vest pocket. Before he could stop me I returned the watch to its pocket and snatched the large gold coin from its hiding place. He let out a growl of disapproval but I didn’t care. Stamped onto one side of the coin was a rural scene. There were rolling hills with a hint of buildings off in the distance. The singular distinct landmark was the thin ribbon of smoke rising from behind the buildings. I turned the coin over and physically flinched. I looked up at the Senator as he snatched the coin back and returned it to the pocket I had taken it from. The reverse side of the coin bore a large swastika as well as the double lightning escort kadıköy bolt of the infamous Nazi SS.

“Where the hell did you get that Senator?”

“There was an auction,” he smiled like some venomous serpent. “It is a fine addition to my collection.”

“Next you are going to tell me you have the Spear of Destiny squirreled away somewhere.”

“I wish,” he said chewing his lip in an almost sexual way. “No that little distinction is held by someone else at this little soirée. Does that surprise you?”

“Yes and no, the fact that it actually exists does surprise me. The fact that someone here owns it doesn’t surprise me one bit. It’s like owning a Faberge Egg except it reputedly pierced the body of Christ.”

“I thought you of all people would be a god fearing man. I am surprised to hear you have doubts. You are right of course. There was no messiah but there was someone far more interesting. Have you ever heard the term ‘broken’ tossed around? Ha, I thought not. There are few that have so don’t feel bad. They are the genetic offspring of the gods. Look at it as a kind of genetic lottery, every ten generations or so a child is born with unusual abilities and every one hundred generations a child of rare and powerful attributes comes along. They are called the broken because they still possess human traits, poor things. There are cults that actually track down and breed known decedents of the broken. They hope to create one to do their bidding. Can you imagine such a being? It isn’t some kind of comic book hero but a carefully groomed leader to rule over the weak and stupid.”

“If what you are saying is true senator, what would happen if a being like that was born with a good nature and decided to help people instead?”

“Bah, what a waste that would be,” he said his features scrunching up in disgust.

“All a matter of perspective, just like that fine timepiece of yours… I think your constituents would be appalled to discover you were in possession of it.” I said shaking my head in disgust.

“That is none of their business besides you are the one they see as a threat to their livelihoods. They have kept me in office for nearly thirty years now.”

My other half pulled up the senator’s voting record over the last ten years. I quoted him chapter and verse about how he and his cronies had already done quite a bit of damage themselves. The fat fucker took a few steps back as if I had struck him. I didn’t finish until his color was the same as that of his starched white shirt. I dared him to make another appointment with me just before I turned and walked away. Rhea whispered in my ear how proud she was of me.

“I hate fuckers like that oversized piece of… how is our generous host doing tonight?” I stammered as I switched gears seeing Senator Barrington standing there.

“I have never seen anyone put the esteemed Senator from New York in his place so quickly. Pity you are already working with the White House. I’d hire you in a heartbeat or vote for you.”

“Pardon my language sir but hell no,” I said and he actually laughed. “I love my job until I have to deal with the likes of people like him.”

“Have you seen my daughter? It is almost time for the toast.” He asked and I winced. “What?”

“I didn’t see her and Moxie take some fresh air,” I said and he frowned.

I walked away not wanting to hear the dire threats he was going to level at Roo. When he found her drinking, the shit was definitely going to hit the fan. I made my way back to the ballroom where the toast would be given and after that I could leave having fulfilled my obligations. The servers passed out the champagne and I noticed crimson cheeked downtrodden Roo as she followed her dad to the center of the ballroom. William Casper, a longtime family friend, raised his glass and silence fell across the room. He turned to the couple and eloquently spoke of love, fidelity and companionship in his toast for another three decades. Those assembled cheered the couple and I looked at them and noticed something wrong. They were both smiling but there was something off about Dawn’s smile. I couldn’t put my finger on it, call it intuition.

‘Is she okay,’ I asked my other half.

‘Her heart rate and temperature are elevated and I suspect she is ill. It could just be something simple. I would have to access her medical files to be sure that something more serious isn’t at work here. Shall I?’

‘Yeah, I think I understand why Roo has been acting so agitated.’

‘Oh dear,’ the A.I. stammered. ‘There is a report from her oncologist.’

She had cancer. Aw crap, I really liked her. She was one of the few honest and caring individuals in the system. I sipped my champagne and turned to leave. Rhea led the way but the room was packed and we had to take an indirect route towards one of the exits. By the time we got there the Senator’s wife was waiting for us. Had she caught my expression? I watched as she pursed her lips and maltepe escort shook her head.

“I know that look Greg,” she said. “I need you to stay tight lipped about this.”

“Dawn… I… if you need anything you know that I am there for you and your family,” I replied and she nodded. She pulled me into a hug and those around us just thought she was thanking me for coming. “I know you can beat this thing.”

“Damn straight,” she growled. “I have an Olympic champion to keep on a tight leash. You need to come and take her mind off what is going on. She collects plushies.”

“Got it,” I said. “I’ll be there.”

Rhea and I left. I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. Why do the good ones have to go through this shit? Rhea took the lead as we headed for the front door of the Senator’s home. I waited patiently as she scanned the driveway and waited for our car and our driver to arrive. She even checked the back seat to make sure everything was fine. It was a pain in the ass but a necessary evil when you worked in Washington. Paranoia was the norm and it kept you alive. The drive back to the hotel room I was renting was uneventful if a little down beat. I was still thinking about Dawn and how sick she was. Despite what the news says there are some very honest and hardworking people in the political arena. Dawn and her husband the Senator were two such people. They came to the Capitol to make a difference and have fought tooth and nail for a lot of positive legislation. I was glad I knew them and would be on my best behavior at Roo’s birthday party.

“She really does have a fine ass,” Rhea said out of nowhere.

“Who,” I asked as I turned to look at her.

“The forbidden fruit,” she purred. “She’ll be eighteen and ripe for the picking. I bet she has been practicing just for that first time with you.”

“You have an evil streak,” I said and damn it if my mind didn’t snatch that visual of Roo’s ass as she walked away. “How can I possibly do that with her mom being sick and all? Besides, they trust me and it would just wrong.”

“Well, first you take her into your arms,” Rhea said placing her head in my lap face up. “Next you pull her close and you kiss her. The rest will follow. My first time was a nightmare. A girl should be able to look back and remember losing their virginity with a gush of romanticism and being fucked rotten.”

“What was your first time like?” I asked and she giggled.

“I took on three of the stable boys in a hellish romp that lasted an hour or so. They never stood a chance.”

“I repeat, you are evil to the core,” I said smiling down at her.

“Speaking of my core,” she purred as her fingers touched my face. “I am fucking soaked.”

I laid a hand on her upper thigh and ran it slowly towards her womanly heat. By the time my hand settled over her belly she was shaking. Rhea rolled over and shifted so that her ass was over my lap. I smiled as I ran both hands over her ass cheeks. She purred and her ass rose like some sensual feline. I bent my head down and lightly nipped her left cheek. Rhea let out a squeal of delight.

“You’re thinking about her ass aren’t you?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about… maybe… okay I can’t help thinking about that firm round bottom of hers.”

“What about my firm round bottom?”

“Oh my, you do have a really nice ass!” I said and she growled at me.

“Are you telling me that you are just now noticing my ass?” She asked trying to stifle the giggle bubbling up from deep inside of her.

“Nope, after seeing the beauty of your eyes I was snared. But I have to admit that when you turned around that first time I wanted to pounce right then and there.”

“You say the most romantic things.”

The next twenty minutes were a fine warm up for what was to come in the hotel room. Without warning the limo slowed and came to a sudden stop. I looked up and saw the small crowd standing outside the front of my hotel. I told Rhea what was going on. She pouted and sat down next to me. My driver asked me what he should do. I told him to pull up front and I would handle it. I could tell they were reporters but why they were there I had no idea. I glanced down and frowned at the pronounced erection tenting my tuxedo pants. Rhea giggled, leaned close and whispered in my ear. My cock deflated before she was done talking. I looked at her and made a face.

“You are really mean,” I told her as she busted out laughing. “You are a sick twisted fuck!”

“I know,” she said proudly. “I will breathe life into your cock later have a little faith.”

“I trust you.”

The vehicle came to a halt for a second time. The driver got out, walked around to my door and opened it. I stepped out and offered Rhea a hand as she exited the limo. There were two camera crews and the others held out digital recorders. There was a dash for positioning and the limber co-anchor for the local NBC affiliate stood before me with her cameraman off to the side. She placed the mike in my face and asked me what my opinion was.

“About what,” I asked blinking in confusion.

“You haven’t heard,” she asked and I told her I had no idea why they were here.

“The senator,” she said. “You haven’t heard about his suicide.”

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