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Helpless I

It still felt weird dating Roxy Stone, the 5’7″, absolutely gorgeous, 53-year-old, divorcee, with almond shaped hazel eyes, thick collar length curly auburn-red hair, a solid 155-pound figure and wore a 36GG cup bra, since her daughter and son were both older than me. She was the most attractive and bustiest woman in town. We had been together for a little over six months, and I was madly in love.

So, when she asked for help at BBW Apparel I was more than willing to help. I just liked being around her. I showed up at her store in the strip mall at the edge of town close to the interstate.

As always, she looked very desirable in her tight black knit top, shiny red spandex leggings and worn red sneakers. We were going to reorganize the store, that specialized in selling clothes and undergarments to bigger more full-figured women and lately men.

I rode my black ten-speed from S&M Lumber where I worked as an assistant-manager and in charge of the paint department. The lumber yard was only four miles away and I liked to stay in shape. Roxy claimed she liked to see me in my black t-shirt, canary-yellow bike shorts and white running shoes. I am 5’6″ tall and have a well-toned and tanned silky smooth 142-pound frame, baby-blue eyes and thick wavy golden-blonde hair and am constantly teased about being a Cub Scout because I look so ‘cute’, so get looks in my spandex bike shorts and pants. Roxy likes my thick circumcised 9″ penis and smooth egg sized balls that the form fitting shorts don’t conceal too well.

After eating Chinese food at the China Clipper went to work. It was 6:30 when I stepped into the storage room and grab a few boxes of brassieres. I felt my huge cock struggle in my stretchy yellow bike shorts knowing that any woman that bought one of the bras would be very buxom.

“Don’t move or say a word.” Someone whispered from behind.

I felt cold steel against my back! I wet my shorts from güvenilir bahis fear and concern. I was worried about Roxy.

The robber placed a pair of white cotton panties in my mouth, almost playfully. He pushed me into the main store.

“What are you doing here?” Roxy asked with concern!

He tossed her a pair of white panties and pointed his revolver to my panty packed mouth.

“Please don’t hurt us.” Roxy pleaded as her bladder failed her. Between fear and two glasses of Diet Coke had caused both of us to have accidents!

“Gag yourself Red!” He ordered loudly!

Roxy did as she was told. He then tossed her two white spandex cloths. She wrapped one over her full red lips twice and then wrapped the other one over my full mouth three times. I got serious wood as she removed two pairs of control-top pantyhose from packages.

The 6’1″ robber wearing a nylon over his head ordered her to secure my hands behind my back with the pantyhose. If not for being a real robbery being bound and gagged by the buxom redhead was a real turn-on. I was stiff inside of my urine-soaked spandex bike shorts. She tied my ankles together. The muscular 190-pound robber wearing black jeans, sweatshirt and black sneakers looked a size small on tested the pantyhose around my wrists and seemed satisfied. He gave my firm round derriere a hard smack and tied up my older girlfriend the same way I was restrained. He wrapped another spandex cloth over our lower faces, more for his entertainment. We were made to hop into the back room.

He helped us to the floor against a wall. He then began to grab some boxes. He made a dozen trips as we sat still and watched silently. He had us out of his way, so we didn’t think we would be harmed. To my surprise Roxy seemed to take the robbery in cautious stride. I got hard as I looked at Roxy’s ample bosom that looked two cup sizes bigger because her shoulders were pulled back because of the pantyhose güvenilir bahis siteleri around her wrists. I wanted to touch her so much.

Things were quiet for about ten minutes. Suddenly we heard another man and woman talk to the man who was responsible for binding and gagging us. The nylon stocking masked woman looked in on us quickly then joined the men.

Roxy meowed with disappointment as they proceeded to loot the store. They had three vans behind the strip mall and took anything of value. For three hours the trio stole enough clothes, lingerie, shoes and accessories to open a new store. Every time we considered trying to free each other someone would look in on us, and all three of the robbers made sure we saw their guns. I wet myself a second time, this time out of need.

Roxy became very nervous and to my and the woman robber’s surprise blasted the loudest most potent smelling fart we ever heard and smelled! It almost made my eyes water. The 5’10” woman robber wearing a shiny red spandex catsuit that emphasized every inch of her 160-muscular pound figure laughed as she held her nylon covered nose! The long-haired blonde woman who wore a 40DD cup bra helped Roxy to her feet and rubbed her perfect rotund bottom seductively. Roxy gushed more amber pee in her spandex legging as she let loose a few rancid smelling farts! The smell could peel wallpaper off walls and made my eyes water.

“Does Mrs. Big Tits have to go poops?” The woman teased. “Oh dear. What should we do?”

Roxy meowed angrily through her panty stuffed mouth. Even with her mouth muzzled the curse words were easily understood. She shook her pretty gagged head vigorously as the foul smell filled the room! I was rock hard in my piss-soaked spandex bike shorts. The mean woman pressed a gloved hand over Roxy’s flat but full belly.

I looked up and saw the seat of my buxom girlfriend’s stretchy leggings balloon out prominently! Roxy meowed iddaa siteleri and moaned as the shiny bronze, lumpy bowel movement almost split her leggings apart at the seams!

To both the woman robber and my surprise the gorgeous redhead climaxed as the last of the four-melon sized fecal deposit settled in her overworked leggings! The room stunk so bad the two men looked in the room and quickly left waving their hands frantically!

The woman sat Roxy on my lap! I came as the hot, smelly toilet blocker squashed against her bottom! I loved the way the squishy poop felt against my cock! The horrible odor was intoxicating!

The store was silent. The robbers finally left. He meowed and tried to push Roxy off of me. She realized that we were alone and rolled off of me. It took a few tries, but I was able to get to my feet using the cinder block wall. I wet my shorts again and decided to grunt, push and fart out a hot, smelly, semi-solid, shiny golden-brown torpedo between my smooth tight egg sized balls to my upper bum crack! I spurted a second time as the last of my four-grapefruit crap pile settled in my stretchy shorts!

I felt Roxy bump her firm poop packed bottom against mine! She had intense climaxes and even added some odorous poop in her too full and ruined once shiny red leggings!

She then began to panic! I did also but calmed down enough to took for escape. The fire alarm behind the checkout counter looked like an opportunity. I carefully hopped to the wall and after six tries hit the alarm!

Ten minutes later the town fire department showed up. We were rescued in the nearly empty store. Three quarters of her stock was stolen.

Fortunately, we found some items to wear after an hour of questions by the local police.

When we got to Roxy’s comfortable white ranch house with red trim, we showered together and had the best sex during our half year relationship. I never enjoyed intercourse so much in my young life, she was a sex machine! I was sore for the next week, but happier than ever.

Despite just being bound and gagged with her during the store robbery was still her hero, since I was smart enough to use set-off the fire alarm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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